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A powerful change

A POWERFUL CHANGE NEW LEXUS DRIVING EXPERIENCE, BOLD NEW DESIGN The all-new GS 450h completely redefines the performance sedan. Powered by the world’s most advanced Full Hybrid drivetrain, it accelerates incredibly quickly and is exhilarating to drive. Handling is precise and engaging, thanks to an all-new chassis and suspension, while the GS 450h also offers the additional refinement of all-wheel steering. Inside, the spacious cabin sets new benchmarks for comfort, craftsmanship and advanced technology. This includes the widest multimedia screen available today, sophisticated relaxation features for the front seat passenger, and class-redefining driver support technologies.


ARRIVE WITH PRESENCE NEW L-FINESSE DESIGN, CLASS-LEADING AERODYNAMICS The GS 450h sedan has been created using a bold, new version of our L-finesse design language. Starting from scratch, our designers have given the GS a totally new look, the focal point being its dramatic, purposeful front spindle grille. Jewel-like headlights greatly enhance driver vision, while LED daytime running lights give it an unmistakable aura. In profile, the car’s muscular stance contrasts its lean waistline and long streamlined cabin section, to give it unique presence and exceptional roominess for up to five occupants. Underlying the powerful form, extended wheel arches hint at superb, dynamic handling. Innovations that contribute to the car’s class-leading aerodynamics include smooth underbody covers and closable vents on the radiator grille, with fins on the rear lights increasing driving stability and reducing wind noise inside the cabin.




CLASS-LEADING FULL HYBRID PERFORMANCE, EV MODE Benefitting from over a decade of Lexus leadership and innovation in Full Hybrid technology, the GS 450h delivers breathtaking performance, thanks to its powerful Lexus Hybrid Drive. Comprising a 3.5-litre V6 direct-injection Atkinson Cycle petrol engine and two high-output electric motors, this intelligent partnership develops 343 DIN hp for a thrilling drive. Acceleration is smooth and incredibly rapid (100 km/h in 5.9 seconds) yet fuel consumption has been reduced by more than 20% to 5.9 l/100 km, and CO2 emissions have dropped to 137 g/km. Select EV (Electric Vehicle) mode and the GS 450h drives in near silence, using no petrol and emitting zero CO2 or NOX. However, this new Lexus Full Hybrid is very practical too; the hybrid battery occupies minimum room, resulting in a generous 482 litres of boot space.




GS 450h F SPORT DYNAMIC ATTRACTION F SPORT STYLING, 19-INCH ALLOYS, LEXUS DYNAMIC HANDLING The new GS 450h F SPORT is unmistakably dynamic. Witness the aggressive F SPORT front-end styling – that integrates upper and lower honeycomb grilles – the 19-inch alloy wheels, and the discrete rear spoiler. Inside, the cockpit features a 16–way sports driver’s seat, aluminium pedals and scuff plates, with the steering wheel and gearshift finished in perforated leather. Developed at the Nürburgring by the team that perfected our LFA V10 supercar, the GS 450h F SPORT offers an incredibly precise and exciting drive. This is thanks to leading edge technologies such as 356 mm 2-piece front brakes and Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS). For even more thrilling performance, an additional breakthrough on the GS 450h F SPORT is ‘Lexus Dynamic Handling’ that networks AVS, Variable Gear Ratio Steering, Dynamic Rear Steering and Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management.





OUTER BEAUTY, INNER CALM SPACIOUS LUXURY CABIN, 18-WAY ELECTRIC SEATS In its capacious and tranquil cabin, the GS 450h will keep you perfectly relaxed, even on the longest journeys. Behind the beautifully crafted steering wheel, the sumptuous driver’s seat has 18-way electric adjustments for total comfort. Meanwhile, your front seat passenger can enjoy the luxury of an electrically extending seat cushion for extra thigh and calf support. The GS 450h is exquisitely finished too: witness the subtly pronounced stitching on the instrument panel, door trim, centre console and gearshift lever. Another Lexus breakthrough is the intelligent, energy-saving electronic air conditioning that only cools those seats that are occupied. Additionally, world-first nanoeŽ technology releases electrically charged ions into the cabin air. Not only good for your skin and hair, this also helps deodorise the upholstery.




WORLD’S WIDEST MULTIMEDIA DISPLAY, REMOTE TOUCH The new GS 450h delivers sophisticated luxury and comfort, thanks to an ergonomic cockpit separated clearly into Display and Operation zones to minimise driver eye movement. The car is fitted with a 12.3-inch multimedia display, the world’s widest. Using our next-generation Remote Touch device, you can interact with the car’s advanced equipment to navigate using high-definition maps, or enjoy a hometheatre experience with the 17-speaker Mark Levinson® Premium Surround system. Attention to detail is everywhere on this impressive new Lexus. Take, for example, the full-LED ambient white cabin lighting and precision-engineered LED analogue clock that forms a beautiful centrepiece on the instrument panel.



ENGINEERED FOR ENJOYMENT NEW CHASSIS, MULTI-LINK SUSPENSION, DRIVE MODE SELECT Our GS 450h Full Hybrid delivers the most engaging and pleasurable drive ever offered by a Lexus performance sedan. You’ll enjoy sharp, accurate steering and excellent control when cornering. And, on the motorway, world-class high-speed stability and Lexus ride comfort. This improvement in driving performance has been achieved in a number of ways. The chassis is stiffer and has been totally re-engineered, while the all-new suspension includes a more compact rear multi-link design that greatly increases boot space. The car also has powerful new brakes and offers leading edge technologies such as Adaptive Variable Suspension and Dynamic Rear Steering. The new GS 450h also features Drive Mode Select that allows you to conveniently switch between ECO, NORMAL, SPORT S and SPORT S+ driving modes, maximising either the vehicle’s environmental efficiency or tuning its dynamics for a sportier drive.



PROGRESS WITH CONFIDENCE LEXUS NIGHT VIEW, ADVANCED PRE-CRASH SAFETY The new GS 450h is equipped with the most technologically advanced safety and driver assistance systems available today. For more driving confidence at night, Lexus Night View displays an infra-red image of the road ahead on the 12.3-inch multimedia screen, while Blind Spot Monitor uses radar installed in the rear bumper to warn of overtaking vehicles that you may not have noticed. To help you concentrate on driving, Head-Up Display projects navigation and performance data onto the windscreen and Lane窶適eeping Assist keeps you from drifting out of lane. First seen on our LS luxury sedan, award-winning Advanced Pre-Crash Safety detects the possibility of a collision and alerts you before activating Pre-Crash Brake Assist and Pre-Crash Seatbelt pre-tensioners if required. Finally, ten airbags and an incredibly strong passenger safety cell combine to minimise injuries in the event of an impact.



REDEFINING QUALITY HAND-SANDED PAINTWORK, ‘TAKUMI’ CRAFTSMANSHIP The GS 450h completely redefines build quality for this kind of performance sedan. You’ll sense it when you first touch the precision-machined aluminium audio controls or beautifully stitched leatherwork. Or stroke the car’s gleaming paintwork. This is wet-sanded by hand after each foundation coat (a time-consuming process normally reserved for coach-built cars) and checked by eye as well as digitally to ensure a perfect finish. Equally impressive, the GS 450h’s steering wheel is painstakingly laminated from indigenous bamboo, hinting at the car’s unique environmental credentials. Built at our award-winning Tahara plant, on the same line as the LS flagship sedan, the entire GS production is overseen by Lexus ‘Takumi’ personnel. These master craftspeople rigorously check that every car meets our standards for smoothness, before each is taken for a final 30 km test drive.



LEXUS HYBRID DRIVE For exhilarating driving and exceptional environmental performance, Lexus Hybrid Drive intelligently combines petrol and electric power. The Power Control Unit seamlessly delivers optimum output from the highly-efficient 3.5-litre V6 Atkinson Cycle engine and two powerful electric motors. It also charges the compact battery through regenerative braking or by converting surplus energy into electricity.

LOW EMISSIONS CO2 emissions from just 137 g/km are remarkable for a luxury performance sedan with 343 DIN hp and rapid acceleration. In EV (Electric Vehicle) mode, the GS 450h drives near silently and emits zero emissions.


DRIVE MODE SELECT You can tune the performance of the GS 450h by choosing between four different driving modes, which range from ECO to SPORT S+. Or simply press EV mode to use purely electric power for shorter distances.

EV AND ECO With the battery sufficiently charged, EV mode lets you drive at lower speeds using just the electric motor. ECO blends petrol and electric power for increased speed, while minimising emissions and fuel consumption.

SPORT S AND SPORT S+ Switch to SPORT S and the Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain provides faster throttle responses for a more engaging drive. And in SPORT S+ continuous electronic chassis control delivers exceptionally dynamic handling.


12.3-INCH MULTIMEDIA DISPLAY The new, high resolution, 12.3-inch multimedia display is the widest available in a series production vehicle. Driver and front passenger can interact with multiple display screens using Remote Touch, while voice commands also control a number of applications. The split-widescreen is optimised for simultaneously viewing two types of information, for example large map display and DAB radio station information.

HARD DISK DRIVE NAVIGATION With crisp and clear graphics and an array of mapping options, Hard Disk Drive (HDD) navigation is intuitive to use, reacting swiftly to user input. Combined with Dynamic Route Guidance it can also suggest alternative routes to avoid traffic delays. Maps covering the vast majority of the European road network are conveniently stored on the HDD and can be updated by Lexus Authorised Retailers.

DIGITAL MEDIA You can synchronise multiple digital applications to the multimedia display. For example, simply download your smart phone’s entire address book and scroll through it on the display. Or view and operate your iPod® or other multimedia devices via different display screens.

3-ZONE CLIMATE CONTROL Featuring world first nanoe® technology, the GS 450h cabin is divided into three electronically controlled climate zones. Front seat occupants input their individual settings via Remote Touch or the front panel, while rear passengers control their zone using a dedicated panel.



ADVANCED PRE-CRASH SAFETY Millimetre-wave radar can detect potential obstacles ahead, with the driver being immediately alerted to a high risk of impact. Where collision is unavoidable, the brakes are applied automatically if necessary. All-speed Adaptive Cruise Control uses the same radar technology to maintain your pre-selected distance behind the vehicle ahead.

DRIVER MONITORING Utilising built-in Charge Coupled Device (CCD) digital cameras with near-infrared LEDs, the Driver Monitoring System can detect if the driver’s eyes are shut or if they are averted from the road ahead. Warnings are then activated as appropriate.


LANE KEEPING ASSIST This innovative technology helps prevent the driver from inadvertently drifting out of lane, by way of a warning and the automatic application of a brief corrective steering force. It can also provide subtle steering torque adjustments to help recentre the new GS 450h within the lane.

HEAD-UP DISPLAY Vehicle data, such as current speed, is projected directly onto the windscreen within the driver’s field of vision. Simplified navigation commands, audio settings or other selected vehicle data can also be viewed within the Head-Up Display.

BLIND SPOT MONITOR Radar devices mounted in the rear bumper detect vehicles in adjacent lanes that are not visible in your door mirrors. The moment a vehicle enters this blind spot, the driver is warned by a signal in the relevant door mirror(s).

F SPORT FEATURES The new GS 450h can be specified as an exclusive F SPORT version. Distinctive, motorsport inspired exterior styling and unique interior detailing create a highlytuned sense of sporting intent.

BESPOKE INTERIOR A new leather design and vibrant garnet red have been developed exclusively for the F SPORT. Other unique and distinctive items include aluminium inlays and drilled sport pedals, as well as F SPORT scuff plates.

F SPORT STEERING WHEEL As you grip the perforated leather steering wheel, with its F SPORT logo, there is a tangible sense of being at-one with this high performance sedan. It demands driver involvement.

FRONT STYLING AND GRILLE With its distinctive honeycomb grille, the eye-catching front of the F SPORT makes a bold and assertive design statement.

REAR STYLING The rear spoiler not only improves downforce and aerodynamic efficiency, it also adds a final, dynamically stylish touch to the exterior of the F SPORT.

19" ALLOY WHEELS The exclusive F SPORT design 19"alloy wheels are shod with low-profile tyres for exceptional cornering grip. 356 mm disc brakes ensure immense stopping power.





Saddle Tan


Topaz Brown


Saddle Tan

Topaz Brown



Ebony (gloss finish)

Walnut (matt finish)

Light Grey




INLAY* Black (gloss finish)

Bamboo (matt finish)

* Black gloss inlay is specified with fabric and leather. Aluminium is specified with F SPORT leather. The three wood inlays (Ebony, Walnut and Bamboo) are available with semi-aniline leather. 26




BLACK (212 S)*










* Solid colour Please note: the F SPORT is only available in White Pearl, Sonic Silver, Crimson Red, Black and Mercury Grey. 29



FUEL CONSUMPTION (l/100 km) 343 / 252


3456 V6 / 24 Dual VVT-i Petrol, 95 octane or + 290 / 213 @ 6000 345 @ 4800

Emissions level Combined


ENGINE Capacity (cm3) Cylinders / valves Valve mechanism Fuel type Max. power (DIN hp / kW @ rpm) Max. torque (Nm @ rpm)

AC synchronous, permanent magnet 200 / 147 275 650

Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) 240 650

TRANSMISSION Driven wheels Transmission

Rear-wheel drive Electronic-Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT)

Front Rear

Front Rear

250 5.9 4.8

Double wishbone Multi-link

Rack and pinion 5.3

WEIGHTS (kg) Gross vehicle weight Kerb weight (min.-max.) Towing capacity (w/brakes) Towing capacity (w/o brakes)

from 2305 to 2325 from 1820-1855 to 1825-1910 1500 750


CAPACITIES (l) Fuel tank Luggage compartment - with tyre repair kit* - with temporary spare wheel - with full size spare wheel

* Figure quoted includes the under floor storage area in the luggage compartment. Please note: the information presented is based on manufacturer’s preliminary data which is subject to change without notice. Please consult your local Lexus Authorised Retailer and/or for further information updates. 30

Ventilated discs Ventilated discs


Cd value

PERFORMANCE Max. speed (km/h) 0-100 km/h (s) 80-120 km/h (s)


Type Minimum turning radius (m)

HYBRID BATTERY Type Number of battery cells System voltage

Euro V from 137 to 145


MOTOR GENERATORS (MG) Type (MG 1 & 2) Max. output (DIN hp / kW – MG 2) Max. torque (Nm – MG 2) Voltage (V – MG 1 & 2)

from 5.9 to 6.2

66 482 465 n/a

1455 mm

1590 mm

1575 mm 1840 mm

1125 mm

2855 mm 4850 mm

870 mm

THE NEW GS 450h Please contact your nearest Lexus Authorised Retailer or national Lexus website to find out more about the new GS 450h.


2011 Lexus Europe* reserves the right to alter any details of specifications and equipment without notice. Details of specifications and equipment are also subject to change to suit local conditions and requirements. Please enquire at your local Lexus Authorised Retailer of any such changes that might be required for your area. Note: vehicles pictured and specifications detailed in this brochure may vary from models and equipment available in your area. Vehicle body colour might differ slightly from the printed photos in this brochure. For further information please visit our website: Taking care of the environment is a priority for Lexus. We take many measures to ensure that during the lifecycles of our vehicles – from design, production, distribution, sales and service to end-of-life – their environmental impact is minimised. Your retailer will be happy to provide more information on end-of-life vehicle requirements. * Lexus Europe is a division of Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA. Printed in Europe, November 2011

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