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PORTFOLIO Lexuri Arregui Corrales

This portfolio shows a selection of projects completed during my final year at university. Already at a very young age, my interest in a combination of creativity, engineering and craftmanship inspired me to become an architect. This inspiration grew to become a passion for spatial design. I find it particularly interesting to work on complex design challenges in which the relationship between the built environment and the users is carefully thought through in all scales. With the works in this portfolio I aim to give an impression of my skills and knowledge.

EXHIBITION SPACE Chair exhibition gallery Finzels Reach building, Bristol

6. Project 2:


Exhibition Space

Plans As a response to my feedback I added context and background to the plans and Balanced the design of my proposal so it doent look “empty”


6. Project 2:

Exhibition Space

Short Section As a response to my feedback I made the sections darker to make them stand out and added texture to the walls

6. Project 2:

Exhibition Space

Long Sections As a response to my f church and added text

feedback I made the sections darker to make them stand out.changed the position of St. peter’s ture to the walls

ARTIST HOTEL Hotel to promote interaction between artists and locals Knowle West, Bristol

// THE RIBBON Using design and construction, we aim to facilitate the notion of exchange through the design of a ribbon structure that will begin on the busiest road in Knowle West.This means that even though the main part of the Artist Hotel and units are behind the media centre, this structure acts as an inviting and atmospheeric pathway into the main site. The ribbon also acts as a canopy for design, activities and exchange. Thanks to the continuous winding strip of blue, artists and community will not only be able to trade food, goods and clothing, but it will also create a platform to exchange skills, knowledge and experiences.

// THE ROOMS The hotel rooms will have a simple design using modular architecture. These units comprise of a series of panels with different features. Each panel will consist of a set of box joints on each side, allowing them to fit together and create different combinations. The panels also provide a canvas for artists to design and decorate. Using a system of flitch plates the panels will be able to slot into the flooring in several ways. Furthermore, as a means to give back to the community these mobile structures will allow local people to rent or buy the panels to create units as an addition for their own homes. As a result, the ribbon and the modular panels work together to create a space were exchange is promoted.

The Rooms

The ping-pong table

TIME LANDSCAPE Bristol community garden Temple Meads, Bristol

Train stations are inextricably realted to time. Clocks are always oresents in platforms, everything is to the minute, ruled and controlled by this measuring unit. Time creates a rhythm, a monotonous movement of coming and going where commuters repeat the same patterns over and over again. days blur together and the idea of time loses its meaning and acquires a negative connotation. time is not enjoyed anymore, the action of commute becomes a race where time is the opponent. In contrast with the distorted perception of time in Temple Meads, the proposed community garden is a metaphor of life and the relevance of time. the design will grow and degenerate as time goes by. a seasonal and changing space that will allow people to notice the course of time and hopefully change the negative perception of missing a train and turn it into an opportunity. a landscape to create beautiful moments where new meets old and passing of time is celebrated.

// CONCEPT The topography was selected from the existing contour lines in Bristol city. They belong to different areas where greenery is the key element, such as Cabot Tower or the banks of Avon river. The contur lines are adapted to the site in order to crate a topography that allows to experience and explore the building from a new perspective. The main existing circulation patterns cre-

// rotated and scal

ated by commuters are maintained and carved in the topography. // topography of Bristol

//selected areas

// final t

1. Topogrpahy

2. Select circulation areas

3. Cut through

4. Remove

led topography on site

topography on site

Thank you for your consideration

Portfolio | Lexuri Arregui  

Selection of interior architecture projects

Portfolio | Lexuri Arregui  

Selection of interior architecture projects