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Golfing Paradise

The proud winners of Spain’s first PowerPlay tournament

GRAN CANARIA has tremendous potential as a year round destination for golfers. This is the view of Peter McEvoy, one of the top figures in world golf who was visiting the island to help launch the new PowerPlay tournament format. Peter took time out from his busy schedule to have a chat with The Canary News about his impressions of the island and the tremendous prospects for PowerPlay worldwide. The name “McEvoy” has a tremendous cache in the world of golf. Not only is he Chairman

of Selectors for the Great Britain and Ireland team and former Walker Cup Captain and England Golf Captain but he is also the most capped golfer in the history of the English amateur game, with 153 appearances for his country. Latterly, Peter has focussed on the development of the sport; working on both golf course design and ways in which to bring the game to a wider audience. His unparalleled knowledge of the game and his undoubted talent for innovation were the driving forces behind PowerPlay. Continued on page 28

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Upcoming Events HERE WE give you some of the most relevant dates during which something of general interest is happening on the island. Don’t be afraid to visit these events or even to actively participate in them, most are open to everyone and anyone. When wanting to visit a fiesta, always remember that most activities take part during the morning and then restart from about six pm. We are in Spain and both lunch and siestas are almost religious customs which all Canarians take extremely seriously. Also take into account that the big days will inevitably be during the weekend. Be adventurous and enjoy the Island like one of the natives! XVIII Encuentro Nacional de Salto the Pastores 2009: 4th till 8th December, Ayagaures. Traditional Shepherd Jumping with poles. Monte Cristo de Gran Canaria. Christmas Exposition. Till 16th December, Wednesdays and Saturdays 11 till 18 hours. Ayagaures Valley Nº 85. 4€ entrance fee. Gran Canaria South Party 18th December, 23 till 05 hours ExpoMeloneras 928 12 80 00. For more info: XXI Cicloturist International Meeting Maspalomas. Till 7th december. For more info – Canarian Typical Christmas Bakery. La palmera de Tunte, C/ Los Reyes Catolicos nº 13. Monday to Saturday 6.30 till 20.30 hours, Sundays 7 till 15 hours. Tlf – 928 12 74 28. Panaderia Fataga, C/ Los reyes nº 16. Evey Day 9.00 till 14.00, Tlf – 928 79 83 00. Expocision Pancho Guerra and his Time. 4th till 28th December, 11 till 18 hours. Lighthouse Keepers House, Maspalomas Lighthouse. Free entrance.

Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News



British Consulate Open Day The Canary News was pleased to attend the Open Day for British residents in Gran Canaria held by the British Consulate in Playa del Inglés on 17 November. It proved to be a very useful session and was well attended by a wide range of people who have chosen to escape the UK weather and make a home here on the island. The new British Consul to the Canary Islands, Matthew Vickers opened the presentations by outlining the work of his team and stated what the Consulate can and can’t do for you. The work handled by the Consular team in the Canaries is substantial and it has to cope with 3m British tourists and an estimated 80,000 registered British residents. This leads to the Consulate having to deal with 4,000 visitors, 15,000 ‘phone calls, 2,000 written enquiries and 2,000 assistance cases per annum. One of the key objectives is to provide help and support in times of distress whether this be as a result of falling sick, being a victim of crime or otherwise facing an emergency. Mr Vickers urged all British residents traveling or living overseas to register with The Foreign Office’s LOCATE service so that they can be traced quickly in the event of a major disaster. It is simple to do but you must update your details once a year ( Two specialists from the Consulate’s Pensions and Benefits team were on hand to outline entitlements and dispel some common misconceptions about what can be claimed when you are living in Spain either pre or post retirement. Probably the most important piece of advice was to inform the

Department of Work Pensions that you have moved or are moving to Spain. Failure to do so may mean that UK benefits or pension are stopped simply because the DWP is unable to get in touch with you. There were also some interesting points presented on healthcare entitlement under the Spanish State System which The Canary News will be returning to in future editions.

The Consulate Team was joined by Sarah Rogers of Age Concern España who gave a presentation on the work of her charity. You can read more about this on page 18. The afternoon ended with a welcome opportunity to speak to the experts individually on particular problems or advice required and many of those present took advantage of this. If you would like more information, a useful starting point is the Foreign Office website dedicated to UK people living in or visiting Spain:


The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12

Local News

Traditional Christmas Cribs on the Island Market in Vegueta.

With Christmas just around the corner it is time to think about decorating our houses; tinsel, fake snow, Christmas tree and if you have lived here long enough maybe a crib. This decorative item is essential in every Spanish household during the nativity season, representing the birth of Jesus Christ. Usually it consists of a model of the crib in which can be found small figures of the baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Joseph, a cow and a donkey and the three kings from the Orient. In some cases these will be complemented with shepherds carrying small sheep, and an angel which usually sits on top of the crib and other small animal pens with pigs or even ducks and hens. In honour of this Christmas ornament Vegueta, in Las Palmas, is hosting again its Crib and Crib complements

market offering the public all sorts of figures and complements for their own representations of the birth of Christ. The variety is extensive, with all sorts of sizes and styles represented. Due to the modern times we live in, customers tend to look for more fashionable alternatives to this traditional custom, and this is definitely the place to find it. Another very popular characterization of the components of the crib is to decorate them using traditional Canarian clothing. This very popular option is usually picked due to the strong feeling of belonging that Canarians all share about their origins and where they come from. So we encourage you to put up a crib as part of your Christmas decorations this year, and, in doing so share the customs of all Canarians during the nativity period. By Tito Cabral

Greener Christmas In Las Palmas THE CITY of Las Palmas will use 85% less electricity in its Christmas decorations this year when compared to last. This spectacular achievment is not the result of Christmas magic but rather through the use of replacing traditional lighting with the more modern, less polluting and very lowlight LED (Light Emitting Diodes). A total of around one million micro bulbs have been used in creating this year’s Christmas decorations and the big switch on was done in the city’s Santa Ana district by children Marisa and Daniel supported by a children’s choir and the acting mayor, Nestor Hernandez. Jerome Savedra, the mayor rushed back from an overseas trip to make the celebrations on time. In total, the electrical power to be used by the decorations until Three Kings’ Day will be 130,544 watts.

During the Nativity period, Spaniards will include as part of their Christmas decorations a small crib re-enacting the birth of Christ and the offerings brought to him by the three kings. As part of the Christmas celebrations which will take place around the island, many public and private enterprises will set up cribs of large dimensions using Canarian characterisation in some cases or even life size representations with real animals and people. Here’s a list of some of the main displays which will take place on the island; don’t miss the chance to see them and enjoy them in the same way that the local Canarians do.

Centro Insular de Turismo (Tourist Office); Yumbo Comercial Centre; Playa del Ingles. From 12th December till 7th January. Monday to Friday; 9am till 9pm and Saturdays 9am till 1pm. Templo Ecumenico; Plaza Maspalomas. From 8th December till 15th January. Monday to Sunday; 5pm till 9.30pm. Faro 2 Comercial Centre; Campo Internacional. From 15th November till 15th Jan. 24 hours a day. Cercado de Espino; Village Square. Life Crib represented by the locals. 20th December at 8pm. Parque San Telmo; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. A very traditional representation accompanied by a massive Christmas tree close to the well known commercial area of Triana. 11th December till 7th Jan. - 24 hours. San Juan de Dios Crib; El Lasso; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This crib is specially symbolic as it is located in this institution dedicated to child welfare especially those with disabilities. 8th December till 6th January, 10:30am till 1pm and 4.30pm till 7.30pm.

Belen Monumental; Parque Juan Pablo II; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Covering over 500 m2 along a 40 metre walk, thousands of mechanical figures clothed with typical Canarian clothing recreating this wonderful crib using well known streets of the city of Las Palmas. 17th December till 7th January; 24 hours. Museum of Piedras de Ingenio; Villa de Ingenio. With well over 40 years of tradition it is an extremely popular crib to visit amongst Canarians with over 2,000 visitors per day. 1st December till 10th January. Daily from 9am till 6pm. Plaza San Gregorio Crib; Telde. Also very popular due to the fact that it represents the Canarian identity like no other. From the first week of December, 24 hours. Las Canteras Sand Crib; Las Canteras Beach; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Popular due to its originality and size, as it is exclusively made from water and the sand of this spectacular beach. 4th December till 7th January. Monday to Thursday 10am till 10pm and Friday to Sunday 10am till 11pm.

Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News

Maspalomas LAN party As part of the II Youngsters Week, the Ayuntamiento of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, organised an innovative event which gave youngsters 43 hours of ADSL internet access at a speed of 100 Megabytes. This took place from 20th-22nd of November in La Ronda Comercial Centre in San Fernando. It attracted well over 60 participants who came along loaded down with their I.T. equipment. The idea behind this initiative is for youngsters to learn and share knowledge between them during the three days that the event lasts, each of which paid a nominal fee of 5€. It also aimed to demonstrate the use of new technologies, as well as the correct use of internet. Youngsters were encouraged to participate by taking along their own computers but were also given the chance to participate on-line in PS3, PES2009, Wii, Counter Strike, and Counter Strike 1.6, thus involving them in tournaments with other people from all over the world. Watch out for the next event in our Upcoming Events list and make sure you don’t miss the next one! By Tito Cabral


Local News

Evangelical English Church, Playa del Inglés International Evangelical Church, Puerto Rico

CAROL CONCERTS Playa del Inglés Tuesday 8 December at 19.00 Diamonds Bar, Yumbo Centre Puerto Rico Wednesday 9 December at 18.45 La Bolera, next to McDonald’s


Sunday 20 December 11.00 in Playa - 12.30 in Puerto Rico

CHRISTMAS COMMUNION Christmas Day, 11.00 in BOTH churches. Please join us.

NINCO World Cup The island of Gran Canaria had the privilege to host this year’s NINCO World Cup, an event which to all Slot Car Racing enthusiasts is a must in their particular events calendar. Slot Racing is a larger version of Scalextric, comprising two categories the NINCO 1/28 & 1/32, representing the scale of the model cars to the original sized vehicles.

All in all, this made for a very competitive field of entrants. The Italian Team composed of Mario Arturi, Tommaso Melioli and Marco Rambelli were finally declared winners of the 1/32 scale category, thus repeating their victory in the same category in 2007 and becoming the only team to achieve this feat in the history of the event.

This event is considered the most important slot event in the world and brings together the best drivers from all over the globe who have been participating in qualifying tournaments all year in order to represent their country in this grand final. Representatives came from as far afield as Argentina, South Africa, Sweden, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. It was also good to see a couple of teams from Gran Canaria participate.

In the other category, the Spanish team made up of Josep Cardona, Roger Castellví and Raúl Sánchez, took the first position on the 1/28 scale, completing a total of 490 laps. It should be pointed out that the Spanish national team was closely followed by the Canarian team “Ponce Motosport” with a total of 486 laps! By Tito Cabral.

Do YOU have a story to tell us about the Island? If so please call: 928 774 818 Or email:

Origins of Las Palmas

in Vegueta


Archaeological excavations near the Cathedral of Santa Ana, in Vegueta, the oldest part of Las Palmas, have revealed evidence of the city’s origins. Construction work on the area’s pavement and sewerage system has given archaeologists the chance to investigate remains which have been underground for centuries. Amongst the most important finds is an ancient water canal in San Marcial street, probably used for the transportation of drinking water from the valley of Guiniguada to the military camp which used to be located around the San Antonio Abad Chapel area. This camp, was built by the Castellan troops under the orders of Captain Juan Rejón in the year 1478. Other items found in the canal have been animal bones, broken ceramic pieces, as well as a Castellan and Portuguese coin dated at the end of the XV century. The latter fact has enabled archaeologists to date the site. In addition to these finds, the site has also revealed the foundations of walls which are believed to have been

part of the San Martin Hospital, which was demolished and moved to its current site in the San Jose district during the XVIII century. Near these walls it is believed that another church and cemetery will be located as indicated in documents in the city archives. Technicians working for the Ayuntamiento of Las Palmas will be responsible for the final decision of what will happen to all of these discoveries. Amongst the alternatives, they are investigating the possibility of pedestrianising San Marcial street and leaving the canal site in full view of passers by, after taking the necessary actions to preserve it. The final decision will not be taken until after the results of the excavations and their interpretation are made public. By Tito Cabral


The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12

Local News

Blume Attracts 750 Participants Over 750 participants from 11 different countries congregated on the island of Gran Canaria in the 49th International Blume Gran Canaria Gymnastics Festival. Competitors from all different ages entertained thousands of Canarians and foreigners alike with their exhibitions and demonstrations all over the island. So it was yet another success for this internationally recognized event named after the Spanish gymnastic champion

Joaquin Blume, who tragically died after a plane crash 50 years ago. The venues chosen covered the whole geography of Gran Canaria and so ensured full coverage of the event by giving all the population a chance to enjoy the skills of these sportsmen and women. Furthermore, there were no entrance fees and this was especially appealing in these times of economic crisis.

Blume Gran Canaria organized its first festival 49 years ago, with the aim of breaking down the perceived barriers which naturally exist on our somewhat isolated island. Its inaugural event included just one local club compared to the 250 different clubs and associations which take part at present. Further to this, the event now attracts a total of 750 participants when it only attracted 19 first time round as well as moving from a couple of hundred to well over 40,000 spectators now. A growth which has made the Blume a firm date on the calendars of gymnast from all over Europe and achieved the recognition by the former president of

the Olympic Committee Juan Antonio Samaranch, as being one of the most important gymnastics exhibitions in Europe. After this hard work and following the European recognition achieved, the organising committee has formally put in a bid to celebrate the XV World Gimnastrada in 2015, and in consequence is now one of the four final candidates. Gran Canaria will be competing against the likes of Helsinki in Finland, Lillestroem in Norway, and

Göteborg in Sweden, the final decision will be announced in a ceremony which will take place in May 2010 in the city of Chiba, Japan. If Gran Canaria is successful it will mean that well over 25,000 sportsmen and more than 7,000 visitors will attend thus making our small island the centre of the gymnastic world for the event’s two week duration. By Tito Cabral

Apology In the last edition we inadvertently named the new British Ambassador as Mr Chris Paxman. This should in fact have been Mr Giles Paxman. We apologise for any confusion caused.

GARBO’S goes Glay

GLAY, the Gay and Lesbian Association of the Yumbo Centre is holding its first ever awards ceremony at Garbo’s on Friday 11 December. Not only will this be a glittering occasion with awards going to best bar, showbar and drag queen etc but the event will raise much needed funds for Maspalomas Gay Pride to be held from 3-9 May next year. Unusually for Gran Canaria, this is a lunchtime event but it’s not surprising when you consider that most of the members of GLAY have busy evening time businesses to run. The importance of the occasion is indicated by the fact that it will be televised on Channel 1 and co-hosted by Roberto Herrera. Tickets are expected to go fast for this black tie event which features a traditional Garbo’s show so book yours using the contact details shown in the ad on this page.

Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News



Phoenix Trans Internacional The ‘One Stop Shop’ for Transportation of Your Most Prized Valuables between Countries READERS OF The Canary News may recall that we previously published articles provided by Phoenix Trans Internacional. With the agreement of Phoenix, we have decided to repeat the articles for the benefit of our many Scandinavian, German and British readers who may have missed them. Phoenix Trans Internacional was started more than 10 years ago by Nicole and Werner, a husband and wife team originally from Germany. During that time they have built up the company which now enjoys an excellent reputation for efficiency and helpfulness. They are a ‘One Stop Shop’ for anything to do with importing

who can communicate in more than four languages. As you would expect, Phoenix have the facilities to cater for every eventuality. A large secure warehouse, the mechanical equipment to ensure safe loading and unloading of containers; lorries and vans of all sizes, but even more important, specialised climate controlled vehicles which are used for particularly valuable items like paintings, antique furniture, grand pianos etc. which need to be kept at a constant temperature. They can store anything from the minimum of 5 cubic metres up to 10,000 cubic metres from as little as 25€ per month. All contents are insured whilst in their storage facilities. Nicole and Werner explained to me that there have been many so-called ‘specialist removal companies’ who have taken customers’ money under the pretext of providing a first class service at much lower prices. Unfortunately, these poor mis-guided individuals then find that their goods are blocked at the customs or never even arrive, only to turn up weeks later at the various car boot markets around the island! Phoenix specialise in transporting items such as yachts and high value cars to and from Europe (articles to be featured in future editions of The Canary News). The also have specialist transporters to deliver your yacht to the marina.

and exporting any items from house contents to cars, motorbikes, luxury yachts and large unique industrial equipment. They have the knowledge and the patience to deal with the Canarian Customs, their paperwork and bureaucracy both in the port of Las Palmas and at the airport, and employ specialist multi-lingual staff

British School

South Open Day The Canary News is pleased to print below a list of the people and businesses who donated prizes to the raffle at the School’s recent Open Day Aparthotel Maracaibo Puerto Rico Bella’s Bijoux C.C. Faro 2 C.C. Jumbo Bofrost

There are just so many pre-requisites when importing items into the Canary Islands that it’s a minefield for someone who doesn’t know the rules and regulations. With good planning and a brief consultation with a specialist, the customer not only saves money in the long run, but also invaluable time.

Bar Restaurant De Volendammer C.C. Cita, Playa del Inglés

Rejuvena Puerto Rico

Fotografía CMS Fusion Restaurant Arguineguín   Mabecan   Mac Marketing S.L.   Multiacuatic, Glass Bottom Boat, Puerto Rico   Nario’s Bazar  Peluquería Trazos   Bäckerei Zipf

ReproSystem Reprografía y Sistemas Medina Hernández Restaurante El Gaitero Bco. Agua la Perra Puerto Rico   Restaurante Saffron Playa de Mogán   Restaurante Valentino’s C.C. Europa, Puerto Rico   The Print Shop San Fernando 

Nicole and Werner Wildmoser

So, if you are moving abroad, or just looking for safe secure storage of your valuables whilst away from Gran Canaria you could not find a better and more reliable company than Phoenix Trans Internacional to take away the stress and worry, knowing that your valuables are in safe hands. Look out for their articles in future editions of The Canary News, and see their advert below for contact details. By Debbie Wenn Viveros Tejera  UniSafari   Sally Geltner Arguineguin Sport&Spa Familia Golf San Agustin   Sioux City    Nico Designs   Orquídea Club Spa, San Agustín


The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12

Letters to the Editor

Please write to us and The Canary News will award the Letter of the Week a Free COMBO meal at Fusion Restaurant & Lounge Bar in Arguineguin (See advertisement below for address) The Canary News reserves the right to edit your letters and accepts no responsility for readers’ opinions.

Letter of the week As a recent arrival on the island it came as a pleasant surprise to me to see Christmas decorations going up in Puerto Rico. It just seems such a contrast to the palm trees and the sun. I am looking forward to enjoying a Christmas dinner outdoors this year but, much as I like the exotic feel of things, we have decided that we simply cannot go without the traditional turkey with all the trimmings. So, I’ve spent the last few weeks tracking down all those essentials and putting in orders with friends who have been going back to the UK on holiday in recent weeks. It’s all part of the fun I suppose but maybe we will try out a more Canarian feel to the celebrations come next year. Andrea Stevens, Puerto Rico Ed - I guess that a taste of home appeals even more at this time of year although it may be a poor substitute for absent family and friends.

built it is said to be going to discharge waste out to sea through a pipeline to the South of Castillo Del Romerall. Information is needed as to what type of plant it will be.

organisations that work hard to remind people that the dangers are as great as ever. Having said that, it was good to see the number of red ribbons on display last Tuesday, so let’s not forget.

If there is any suggestion that it will be raw sewage it will pose a direct health threat to all who swim and the risk of fecal matter being encountered by swimmers would be high bearing in mind the prevailing wind and tides! Even modern plants that treat the sewage before discharge may present a problem. Even though it is treated it still puts large amounts of material into the sea that can encourage algae growth causing things like red tides, oxygen loss leading to destruction of sea life. This is something I am watching closely and is only the latest threat to this particular area of the island. Name and address withheld

Ed – This is an important day in the calendar and it was unfortunate that The Canary News did not mark it in the last edition.

Ed – Let’s hope that the authorities apply some common sense in this situation.

Plans for the small sewage treatment works

World AIDS day

I wonder if your readers know about the plans for the small sewage treatment works at the south of the village of Castillo de Romeral which discharges to sea?

I would like to remind everyone that World AIDS day took place on 1 December. It’s not just an event for the Yumbo, as some people seem to think. We live in close proximity to the continent of Africa where the disease has reached epidemic proportions in some countries. Nearer to home, we must not forget the safe sex message either personally or by supporting the

It is proposed to build a larger sewage treatment works close to the village although I have not heard anything further about this for roughly a year. However, if

Art In Arguineguín IN A recent edition of The Canary News, we featured Sally Geltner as our Canarian Character, where we mentioned Sally’s forthcoming exhibition and were delighted to attend the Opening Night on 20 November.

Especially enjoyable and informative are the articles by Tito Cabral. My doesn’t that talented gentleman get about? It makes you wonder whether all that travelling and writing leaves him any time for a private life. Perhaps he would write us a short article about himself. By the way, is there anyone left on this island who is still bored, despite your good advice? Why not come and visit the TARA car boot sale, which has just moved to Plaza del Pino, Arguineguín on Saturday mornings from 9 am. As a buyer and a seller myself, I can guarantee that you will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and great bargains for Christmas. You will also be helping TARA to help distressed animals. British Maria, Playa del Cura ED – maybe I can coax Tito into writing something about himself. Further details about TARA can be found in our Classifieds section at the end of the paper.

World Day against Domestic Violence I have mentioned in other articles the value that Canarian people place on community solidarity and how ready they are to get together and join forces for the benefit of others. World Day to Eradicate Domestic Violence took place on 25 November and, as always Canarians have not allowed the occasion to pass unmarked.

The event was held in a popular Arguineguín Café bar, Wine & Marmalade, and it was encouraging to see a large number of guests; many of whom had heard of the occasion in The Canary News. Not only were the walls lined with Sally’s original paintings but also on display was a selection of her unique hand crafted jewellery, which were being snapped up as Christmas presents for family and friends.  It was heartening to see a number of “sold” stickers on many items of her work.  Visitors were made to feel very welcome with Italian wine and delicious canapés and Sally, ever the gracious hostess, took great pride in mingling with the guests and discussing the results of her wonderful imagination.  The exhibition is on until January so why not take a trip to see Sally’s work for yourself or access her website: Congratulations Sally on a splendid show.

Here’s another appreciative note from an avid reader!

As a result Canarians, flocked to the numerous events that took place around the island, including presentations and exhibitions of the stories of those who have been victims of this violence which should concern all of us and not just those who suffer it. Further to these events, several ayuntamientos from around the island organized workshops, discussion groups and information points about this sort of violence and how to tackle it in order for to eradicate it from our society. It is a shame that whilst our laws are getting tougher, women and children are being more protected and our society is more conscious about domestic violence that it still occurs frequently. It no longer shocks us to read any more about a case or even see it on the news. It is up to all of us to educate and teach that we are all equal and that conflicts or insecurities are not solved with a fist but with love and care, and I for one know that it is all of our responsibility to help eradicate this 21st century disease. Unfortunately the Canary Islands stand almost at the front of the list with the highest number of cases of domestic violence in Spain and it is in all our hands to help and reduce number of cases which occur daily around us. Sally Geltner and Don McAlpin, Editor, The Canary News

By Tito Cabral

Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News

with Theresa Coe Por qué means WHY, (and also ‘because’). So ¿Por qué vives aqui? (why do you live here?) could be answered with porque me gusta el sol (because I like the sun). Dónde [don-deh] is WHERE, indispensible for asking: ¿Dónde está el baño? (where is the bathroom/ toilet?). Or you might want to ask ¿Dónde vives? (where do you live?) or ¿De dónde eres? (where are you from; or word-for-word: from where are you?)

Lesson 8 Do you come here often? Christmas – or Navidad is fast approaching, and with it many celebrations that provide the perfect opportunity to draw Spanish people into conversation. You could start by asking:¿Te gusta la fiesta/la música/la comida? (do you like the party/music/ food?). Te gusta…? means ‘do you like…’ while me gusta… means ‘I like’ (literally, me it pleases). Or you could ask for a light: ¿Tienes fuego? (literally, have you fire?) However if you want more than yes/no answers, try out some of these key words para hacer preguntas (in order to make questions). Qué [keh] means WHAT, as in ¿qué hora es? (what time is it?) or ¿en qué trabajas? (in what do you work?) and of course ¿Qué tal? (how are things?) or ¿Qué pasa? (what´s the matter/what´s up?)

Cómo is HOW, but ¿Cómo? alone translates as ‘sorry?’ as in ‘I didn´t understand that’. Of course we can ask ¿Cómo estás? (how are you?) and answer muy bien/un poco mal, ¿y tú? (very well/a bit unwell, and you?) ¿Cómo te llamas? [coh-moh teh ya-mmas] is a common way to ask someone´s name, (literally, how do you call yourself?) Cuándo [kwan-doh] means WHEN, as in ¿Cuándo es el festival/el concierto/el carnaval? (when is the festival/concert/carnival?) or ¿Cuándo es la próxima guagua para Las Palmas? (when is the next bus for the capital?) Quién [key-en] is WHO, for example ¿Quién es tu amigo/amiga? (who is your male/female friend?) or ¿quién desea [dez-eh-ya] una copa más? (who desires another drink?) Cuál [kwall] is WHICH. So ¿Cuál es tu favorito, el vino tinto o el vino rosado? translates as ‘which is your favourite, red or rosé wine?’ However, the Spanish also use ‘which is’ where we´d ask ‘what is’ for enquiries such as: ¿Cuál es tu número de teléfono? (what´s your phone number?)


Spanish Lessons

Cuánto [kwan-toh] in the singular translates as HOW MUCH. Remember ‘how much is it?’: ¿Cuánto es? You could also ask: ‘How much wine do you want?’¿Cuánto vino quieres? Note that cuánto is ONLY for singular things, such as time and money: ¿Cuánto dinero tienes? (how much money do you have?) Cuántos in the plural means HOW MANY for countable things. For instance, ¿Cuántos hijos tienes? [kwan-toss ee-hoss tee-en-ess] allows you to ask how many children someone has.

Pronunciation reminder ‘Qu’ in Spanish ALWAYS sounds like the English letter ‘k’, (think of Manuel in Fawlty Towers responding to every request with ‘Qué?’) while ‘cu’ makes the ‘kw’ sound used in cuándo, cuál and cuánto. Note that while we normally stress the second-to-last syllable, in words such as ‘número’ and ‘teléfono’, the accent tells us to put the emphasis in a different spot, as marked.

Top Tip: Tune in! The radio station Las 40 (Cuarenta) Principales, ‘the top 40’, can be found at 94.4Mhz and plays current Spanish and English pop hits. Find a Latino singer you like and follow the cd sleeve lyrics, or download them from the web. Para mí, Juanes y Shakira son fantásticos. You can effortlessly extend your vocabulary this way as it´s easier to recall new words picked up from catchy tunes.

If you have any questions or comments relating to this column or the Spanish language in general: Please email


The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12

Family Life with Joanna Calderon

Making your own Christmas special! With the economy being the way that it is, perhaps it’s time to be a little bit economical with our plans for Christmas. I’m not suggesting that you buy half a Turkey or skimp on the veggies, (although I have no problem in not being force fed a brussel sprout!) No, what I am thinking is more along the lines of making lots of mess with the children, and creating splendid works of art and decorations that your children can send to relatives, that will have grandparents still finding glitter on the floor in June next year. I have to confess I love all the glitter and the glue, and my boys certainly love to paint – so this weekend we are in for a treat as we are preparing to make Snowflake and Snowmen Christmas cards, and Pom-pom Snowmen to put up in the windowsills. Be prepared for a small bomb site once everyone has finished, but if your children are anything like mine they just love to get involved and they love the thought that they are creating something for Abuela. It is also a really great way to spend an afternoon with your children – as they get so much out of spending time with mum and dad this way, and they get so much enjoyment out of seeing what they are capable of achieving – my boys love the praise I give them for their lopsided painting, and to be fair it’s always a genius work of art for me.

Snowmen Pom-Poms

If you have never made a pom-pom before, then you’re in for a treat. Once you’ve made one, you’ll have a house covered in them to start your own Christmas Fair with. You’ll need cardboard, 4 Circular items that

can be traced around, (5cm and 2 cm – 3cm and 1cm), Wool, Scissors, Craft Glue – and Decorations, you can use pipe-cleaners, wobbly eyes, glitter – whatever you feel like. 1.Cut out the cardboard – use the 5cm and 2cm size items to draw round to make 2 donut shapes with a hole in the middle, then again with the 3cm and 1cm size. 2.Wind your wool – Place the two sizes together (don’t glue them), thread through the wool, and start winding round the donut to cover all of the cardboard. 3.From donut to pom-pom – When the rings are nearly full of wool, cut the wool round the edge between the pieces of cardboard. You won’t be able to cut it all in one go, just a bit at a time. Then ring a length of wool between the two pieces of cardboard trying the pompom together. 4.Making a body – Glue the large and the small pompom together – then decorate as you so desire – little black hats, carrot noses can all be glued on to make your Snowman!

Snow Shakers

I found this on the internet while searching for something else – however this seems so easy to do, and will just delight my boys for hours. Empty, clean jam jars, distilled water ; Glycerine; Liquid detergent; Jug and spoon; glitter – white or silver are best for snow, but red or green are also festive  and Christmas decorations (such as model santa or snow man) to put in jar  and strong, waterproof glue: 1.Fill jars: Use a jug to pour the distilled water into the jam jar. Add two teaspoons of glycerine and half a teaspoon of detergent. 2.Add glitter: Spoon approximately five or six teaspoons of glitter into the water. 3.Attach decoration: Use a blob of waterproof glue to securely stick the decoration to the inside of the jam jar lid – an adult should do this for younger children. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly. 4.Secure lid: Carefully screw the lid tightly into place. The jam jar should be watertight, but you can also seal it around the edge with a layer of craft silicone sealant (available from craft shops).

Other Christmas ideas;

Make your own stocking with some felt, glue and glitter – add a pom-pom for Rudolph’s red nose! Tree Toppers – Make a cone shape in place on your tree, and decorate it as your own fairy! Make a batch of Salt dough – and paint to make Tree Decorations – recipes for Salt dough are very easy to find on the internet. Good luck with all that decorating – and even better, when they are finally exhausted and are holding onto their new pom-poms in bed, you can help yourself to a mince pie or two, and admire your very own Santa Snow Shaker!!

Making your own Christmas decorations: “It is a really great way to spend an afternoon with your children – as they get so much out of spending time with mum and dad this way, and they get so much enjoyment out of seeing what they are capable of achieving.”

Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News


Business Advice

Thousands of business owners and managers turn to business coaches every day but why? We put this and other questions to 121 business coach for their response. So why are so many businesses using a business coach? Yvonne Saunders founder of 121 said “Maybe it would be easier if I illustrate a true example. Rosa started her business out of her home, in fact from the garage. She made money, but not as much as she felt she should. She was frustrated that she couldn’t find time for her family and her social life had disappeared. That’s when a friend suggested that a small business coach would help focus her on her business priorities and bring back a work life balance” So it seems people come to coaching to improve their personal skills and business results. Is this a typical way to come to business coaching? Yvonne replies “This is a typical situation; normally business owners don’t start out using a coach. They usually come to coaching when they’ve had some success and they know they could be experiencing much more. The trigger seems to be when they need a little

knowledge, a little nudge to do the right things and are ready to listen. The best coaching in the world won’t help you if you’re not ready to be helped.”

How do you know if you’re ready for coaching? When you see coaching as an investment in yourself and your success.

Our readers also wanted to know when is the best time to engage a business coach. 121 suggested maybe asking yourself these questions would help:

Are you ready to pay the price? Coaching isn’t free mentally, physically or financially. You need to put in time and effort to gain results. Business Coaching is not regulated in Spain so check, have

Are you ready to listen to the things you need to hear? A professional coach will ask you things you haven’t thought of and push you to think outside of your comfort zone, this can be scary, as it often involves change. Sometimes it means admitting you’ve made some bad decisions and choices but, owning up and moving forward is the aim. Are you ready to take a hard look at your business? Even the best coach can’t help you if your business can’t deliver quality to enough people at the right price. Sometimes a business simply can’t succeed because the market is too small or too hard to reach.

they set up and run successful businesses? With who, where and how long have they trained as coaches. 121 offers a free initial assessment, so look for similar offers before engaging. So what happened to Rosa? It seems after some soul searching and research she did engage 121 once a week. It was hard work implementing systems and controls and a marketing plan but, as Rosa’s business grew she began reaping the benefits of success. Coaching took her business and life to a whole new level. So it seems coaching is not a magic bean. You have to work at success every day but with persistency, consistency, and support your beans will grow.

121 Business Coach offer The Canary News readers a free assessment session to help you identify what course of action would be right for you and your business or go to and download the free success wheel quiz which quickly identifies the area you will gain the most from or email your questions to or call us on Tel: 965 744 015

When you buy on price, you can never be sure. It is unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little. When you pay too much you lose a little money – that’s all. But when you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought is incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The Common Law of Business Balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot. It can’t be done! If you deal with the lowest bidder it is well to add something for the risk you run. And if you do that: you will have enough to pay for something better. John Ruskin (1819-1900)


The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12

Scandinavian Scene

with Nina Blaefell

Christmas Fair at the Norwegian Church The 18th & 19th November saw the annual Christmas fair at the Norwegian Church in Arguineguín. In addition to a Christmas lottery there was the sale of items made by various craft groups connected to the church. There were handmade Christmas decorations & little Santas.

There were also knitted mittens and socks which may be a little warm for here but great presents for those back home. Christmas embroidered table cloths and napkins were very popular along with the Christmas dishtowels. When The Canary News visited there was a steady stream of customers and the café area of the church was also very busy. The fair is an annual tradition to raise funds for various church activities.

Upcoming events Lucia procession On Friday the 11th December the Swedish school will be participating in a Lucia procession through Ikea.

The procession starts at 6pm. The Lucia procession is a great Swedish tradition so go along and see the children carry the lights, a tradition that lights up the dark nights before Christmas.

Christmas fair at the Swedish School On the Sunday the 13th December the Swedish School will be holding their annual Christmas Fair between 5 & 8 pm. There will be the sale of traditional Swedish Christmas food and a Christmas lottery. The children of the Swedish school will also hold another Lucia procession at 7pm. The Swedish school is located next to the Roca Rojas apartment complex in San Agustin.

Christmas party at the Norwegian School On Wednesday the 16th December the Norwegian School will be holding a Christmas party at 5pm. In the run up to the party the School will be collecting donations towards the Food Today project to help locals in Arguineguín. The children of the school will also be bringing a present each to give to the local children.

Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News



Open Day at the British School South On 28th November the British School South celebrated their first Open day in their new location, which they moved to just over three years ago. These modern and ample facilities welcomed students, parents and visitors alike in a relaxed atmosphere. The Open day put on display the magnificent organization and educational facilities and gave the students and teachers a different and fun day to the usual hustle and bustle of books and school bags. The event was presided over by Steve Hardes Head of The British School of Gran Canaria, Lyn Cabral Head

Teacher of the British School South and Debbie Davies Trustee of the Board of Governors of the British School. It was Debbie who cut the ribbon in order to officially inaugurate the school and declare the party open. It was all hands on deck for the staff and some of the parents who helped in the planning of the event and on the day itself. People poured in with food and drink which would later be served to all the attendees. Curries, Oriental food, Spanish specialties, a split whole pig,

burgers and hotdogs cooked on a griddle and a massive variety of cakes and desserts, made up the menu which everyone could sample at a nominal price. Further to this, a bar was set up where parents and children could refresh themselves with a cold soft drink or even a beer, Left to right: Debbie Davies, Lyn Cabral, Steve Hardes as well as sample prize winning cheeses or nibble at some simultaneously held, giving participants local olives. As part of the activities for a chance to win all sorts of different the younger ones, two bouncy castles prizes ranging from toys to a star prize were set up and, as expected, the queues consisting of a 200€ voucher for El Corte for these seemed endless from the very Inglés. All the funds raised are destined first moment. In addition, children were to further the improvement of this non given a chance to participate in a ball profit making school. throwing competition with a prize for A fun packed day which children, parents the highest score. and teachers enjoyed and participated in with enormous enthusiasm. The Other activities were also organized tremendous amount of hard work that for the participation and enjoyment of went into this event was reflected in all, these include face painting, hair the excellent result. An effort which no braiding, a book club stall packed with doubt goes into the everyday classes fun books at bargain prices, count the and activities in this school which today jelly beans in a jar, guess the weight of prepares the younger generations for the Christmas cake and guess the teddy tomorrow’s future. bear name. A tombola and a raffle were By Tito Cabral


The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12

Las Palmas

El Mercado Central de Las Palmas He explained to me that the market was on two levels. The first, where the produce was the best on offer and the second, still good, but not as ‘pretty’. I was left speechless by the variety, prices and display of all manner of fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, fresh spices and general consumables to be had. HOW MANY of us have been to the Mercado Central of Las Palmas? I for one, had never visited this wonderful indoor market before today. As part of my journey with the knowledgeable Werner of Phoenix Trans Internacional, we stopped at the main indoor market of Las Palmas, where local Canarian people shop for their fresh produce. As we parked, in the usual ‘microcar only’ underground car park, I was looking forward to stretching my legs after four hours on the road. I didn’t really expect to find anything exceptional to see in the usual market, as many people had already explained to me that the best produce on Gran Canaria was for export only. As Werner led the way, I found myself on the first floor of an immaculate indoor market.

The quality was nothing like that which I am used to in the South of the Island. My real ‘bug bear’ in the south is the lack of choice of real lettuces. Before coming to the island I was accustomed to choosing from top quality Lollo Rosso, sheep’s head lettuce, Romana, etc. etc. yet here it was, displayed in all its glory and as fresh as though it had been picked that morning! Firm, sweet salad tomatoes; the best I’ve ever seen of new potatoes (and readers I can guarantee the best I have tasted on this island), cauliflowers, small and firm as they should be, peppers galore, fruit – ripe and ready for the eating, oh and the mouth watering cuts of meat on offer with, I might add, a picture of the different parts of the animal for those

who don’t know the Spanish word. We continued our walk amongst the different aisles and came across a stall which sold fresh herbs of every kind, a stall which sold 15 different kinds of eggs, cheeses galore, and finally the best fresh fish on offer. You know what they say, if you can smell the fish, don’t buy it! No ‘fishy’ smells anywhere, just loads and loads of different kinds of fish, caught daily and taken straight market. We walked up to the second floor and, although it was supposed to be ‘second grade’, housewives were swarming around the different stalls; all as before, vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices – a gourmet’s dream. Wandering around the other stalls, you could find the traditional cobbler, wonderful fresh bread and pastry, fresh flowers and finally the unmistakeable aroma of freshly ground coffee – made

to your own preferred combination. I left with a feeling of contentment having finally found a market on Gran Canaria which offers me top quality, at the best prices and the best service. It is well worth the journey to Las Palmas to shop for quality but at reasonable prices. The Mercado Central can be found on Calle Barcelona/Valencia not far from El Corte Ingles. Happy Shopping! By Debbie Wenn

Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News

Your Questions Answered

‘The Canarian Lawyer’ Torn jacket as a result of dry cleaning I took a jacket to the dry cleaners and it was returned to me with the lining torn. I was told that it was already ripped. Have I right to compensation?  Yes. The state of the garment should have been checked by the dry cleaning employee at the time you took it in to be cleaned. If the corresponding receipt you received does not mention any defects or damage on the garment they cannot then say that it was already ripped. The cost of repairing the damage to the jacket has to be paid by the dry cleaners. If they refuse claim via the usual form. Damage in a bar   My shirt was splashed with wine in a restaurant. What rights do I have?  According to regulations, damages can

be claimed when a business fails to meet it obligations or has demonstrated negligence in carrying them out. Therefore, a claim is possible in these circumstances and the full cost of reparation should be sought.   Sharing the cost of residential care   Our mother is in an old people’s home. It is very expensive (2,800 Euros per month) and, initially, my sisters and I agreed that we would share the cost. However, my sisters now say that they cannot afford the cost anymore and I have paid the charge on my own for the last five months, but now my savings have run out. What should I do?   Present a claim in the Court of Instance reclaiming from your sisters their share of the cost that you paid on their behalf. and ask for a ruling to be given about

what they should be required to pay in the future. Before doing this, ask them by burofax to pay their part or you will have no option but to take them to court. If they insist that they have do not have sufficient income and that they cannot pay, the law states that each family member should pay such costs in proportion to their income. Purchased family flat with family money   When my husband and I bought our flat, my in-laws contributed almost all

Web and Computer problems? Q. How do I regain computer hard disk space? A. Run the Disk Cleanup option

Q. Why do Windows programs stop responding? A. This may happen due to a conflic-

tion of software or hardware resources between two programs, lack of system resources, or a bug in the software or drivers. If this happens, a user can generally press the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys on the keyboard to open the “Close Program” window or open the “Task Manager” window and click the “End Task” button to terminate the program. If another window opens, click the “End Task” button again to confirm stopping that program. It is important to realize that when a program stops responding any work that has not been saved will more than likely be lost when end tasking a program. Unfortunately, there is no alternative.


1.Open My Computer. 2.Right-click on the hard disk drive that you wish to regain hard disk drive space. For example, right-click on the C: drive. 3.Click Properties. 4.Within the General tab, click the “Disk Cleanup” located next to the pie chart. 5.Windows will scan the computer for all files available to clean up. 6.Once in the Disk Cleanup window check each of the boxes (except “compress old files”) that are taking disk space and click OK and then Yes if you wish to proceed. When performing a Disk Cleanup you’ll have an option to compress your hard drive. We strongly recommend users do not compress their hard disk drive and/ or compress their old files. Uninstall old programs or games no longer used Additional suggestion for Windows 2000 and Windows XP users: Window 2000 and Windows XP keeps all the necessary files needed to uninstall any of the updates ever installed on your computer. Often this is several dozen updates that can take up several hundred

the money to pay for it. If we were to separate, who owns the flat, my husband alone or the both of us? If your in-laws donated money towards the purchase, the flat is owned by both in equal parts because it is classed as community property. If the money was donated to their son only, excluding you expressly, the flat is your husband’s property. The answer, therefore, depends on having that proof. If nothing is specified, it is clear that the flat was purchased with community money, as the donation is considered as having been made in favour of both spouses. Sale of flat by mentally infirm mother   Can we cancel the sale of our mother’s flat by citing her mental incapacity?  Yes, if you can demonstrate that the consent for the sale given by your mother was flawed. In situations such as this, it is presumed that the person has sufficient mental capacity from a legal point of view., Therefore, the decisions a person takes are assumed to be legally valid unless it can be proved or judged otherwise and sometimes over 1 gig of space on your hard disk drive. Disable System Restore Windows XP and Vista users can also decrease the default space utilized by Windows System Restore and often gain several additional gigabytes of hard disk drive space. See the below steps in customizing this feature. 1.Click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and open System Restore. 2.Within the System Restore window, click System Restore Settings. 3.Within the System Restore tab you can either check the Turn off System Restore on all drives to completely disable this feature, or click the Settings button and decrease the space usage, which we would recommend. Disable hibernation If you turn your computer off instead of using hibernation mode you can disable this feature to free up a lot of disk space.

Q. What should I do when a computer freezes? A. An easy way to determine if your

computer has frozen is by pressing the Num Lock button on the keyboard and

watching the Num Lock light to see if it turns off and/or on. If you’re able to get the light to turn off and on and are running Microsoft Windows, press CTRL + ALT + DEL and attempt to end task the program. Make sure the computer really is frozen Although the above Num Lock trick is a good indication on whether or not the computer is really frozen, it’s still always a good recommendation to give the computer at least a minute before turning it off. After waiting a minute, reboot the computer if it’s completely locked and will not recover. Keep in mind that all work being worked on is going to be lost and cannot be recovered if the information has not been saved or automatically saved.


The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12


Saving the Canarian Palm A few days ago the 1st Canarian Palm Tree Conference was held in Vecindario. Over 100 specialists from all over the world were gathered together in response to the serious problems which this symbol of the Canary Islands is facing. The aims of the Conference were to pool expertise and come up with solutions to the plagues and illnesses affecting the tree. The Canarian palm, “Phoenix Canariensis”, is a tree which is unique to the Canary Islands and is a symbol of our natural landscape appreciated by all. It is so widely appreciated that it has become a species exported in great numbers to all corners of the world including Iceland, Croatia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina and even California where it is especially appreciated by the rich and famous. As a result of this some specimens have been imported back, especially from North Africa, carrying diseases which did not exist in the Canary Islands before. These have caused the numbers of native specimens to fall dramatically over the past four years as the local palm trees have no natural defences against these alien intruders. The islands of La Gomera and Gran Canaria hold the largest numbers of Phoenix Canariensis in each of their protected areas with a total of 120,000 and 90,000 specimens respectively. As the Mayor of Santa Lucia de Tirajana pointed out, “Our Municipality holds the largest populations of Canarian Palm. This is both a privilege and a large responsibility”, he continued, “This Conference should help to prevent Canarian Palm Trees from being introduced from abroad, especial those from Africa which are causing the most damage”. He was

referring to the more than 20 diseases which are impacting on the existing populations; most of which originated in other countries where the palm tree is cultivated. Two of these diseases are in fact lethal and “Picudo Rojo”, (Rhynchorphous Ferrugineus) is worthy of mention due to the aggressive way in which it affects this symbolic tree. Experts pointed out the fact that it is on Gran Canaria were the species is suffering the most, even to the point of considering it an endangered species. Experts attending the conference have all agreed that

closing the borders of the islands and prohibiting the importing of this and other palm trees are immediate actions which might give the Canarian Palm Tree a chance of survival. The conference also offered advice on the importance of properly training Palm Tree climbers and collectors of seed, as it is an essential element in the control of disease and the prevention of damage to the plant. The overall training should also include knowledge on genetic diversity and the ecology of the tree. Those tending the trees should be trained to collect samples from the tops of each specimen in order for later analysis of the genetic populations. This will help ensure the maintenance of the species and preserve it. A part of the conference was dedicated to the commercial uses of these trees. Its trunks have traditionally been used in the manufacturing of animal stalls, bee hives, doors, chairs, soles of sandals, ropes, toys, baskets, hats and even food for animals, as well as the importance of its sap from which palm honey and Guarapo are made; two extremely important elements in the confection of traditional canarian desserts. The conference ended with an open day in Vecindario Plaza where several workshops and activities were set up for all to enjoy. The idea was to involve the general public and encourage awareness of the importance of preserving the species as well as its many uses in traditional handicraft articles and even in cooking. The activities included finger painting and planting seeds for the younger ones, palm tree climbing and a traditional game, resembling hockey, called “tapoyo” played with elements made

from the leaves of palm trees, for the adolescents. An exhibition of craftsmen who utilise the palm tree to make all sorts of household and decorative elements was also present thus giving visitors an insight into these dying trades and a chance to purchase some examples of their work. All in all a fruitful conference which will hopefully encourage both public and private efforts to save and preserve this magnificent tree so that it can continue to be enjoyed both now and in the future. By Tito Cabral

Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News

Moya - A Journey Inland CONTINUING OUR series on places to see, I decided to take a trip to Moya, which after the spectacular fresh spring waters of Firgas, was quite a contrast. Moya is an area of rugged landscapes and belongs to the province of Las Palmas. Located in the north of the island the town of Moya is 25 kms away from our capital, and lies in the heart of the mountainous region known as Doramas. This region derived its name from the Guanche (the Aboriginal people of the Canaries) leader who was proclaimed guanarteme of Gáldar because he led the fight against the Spanish invaders in the war of 1478-1483. Doramas was assassinated in 1481 by the Conquistador, Pedro de Vera.and in the top part of the city is the Cave of Doramas; the final resting place of this brave and courageous warrior.

In pre-Hispanic times Moya was an area where few of the Aboriginal people decided to settle owing to its’ high annual rainfall and fairly low temperatures. The surrounding terrain, although quite dense, wasn’t easy to farm, but a small number of families eked a

living out of selling wood, herbs and wild fruits to the travelling cattle farmers, who stopped at these settlements whilst seeking better pastures between the North West and coastal area. However most of the Aborigines decided to make their homes along the coast, either living in the natural caves or hacking out artificial caves in the imposing cliff sides. It is here that evidence has been found as to how these original settlers made their living; making pottery, tanning animal skins, and using sea shells as plates and decorations. As part of this region’s historic past is the ‘not to be missed’ Casa Museo de Tomas Morales. Home of one of the most famous ‘Modernists’, he was also known as the ‘Poet of the Sea’ and visitors to this wonderful museum can still see his original manuscripts, collection of letters, period furniture and a portrait of the author painted by Cirilo Suarez. The museum holds an annual poetry competition in honour of Tomas Morales and fittingly the award has been called Premio Tomas Morales. Admission to the museum is free and can be found on Plaza de Tomas Morales.



The Tilos de Moya is an ancient ruin which, history tells us, the warrior Doramas took refuge in after attacking the Spanish Conquistadors, and dotted throughout the countryside are the remains of the occasional Spanish ‘finca’ or farmhouses. Azuaje, is such one and boasts that its’ pure water is famous for its healing properties. So, a very different area, not as densely populated with forest as it used to be, but peaceful, much cooler good for trekking and rich in the history of the original settlers of Gran Canaria. And finally, Moya is known for its’ special iced sponge cakes, a real treat to all you travellers with a ‘sweet tooth’. Enjoy! By Debbie Wenn


The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12

Twitters from the Atlantic with Barrie Mahoney

A Pair of Shorts and a Toothbrush As much as I love visiting friends and family in the UK, the necessary flight fills me with dread, which is why I avoid this tortuous ordeal as much as possible. No, it is not the actual flying part, nor the possibility of catching pig flu from all that recycled air, nor being crammed into airport buses like sardines.

No, my horrors begin when packing my suitcase, or several in my case, a week or so before the trip. Recent luggage restrictions are ridiculous; after all, my washbag alone is almost the entire weight allowance. Add to that all the necessary thermal underwear, gloves, scarves and gadgets that are essential for a trip to the UK, and you will understand the soul searching that I have to endure. Yes, I know, I am not alone in my whinging and I do fully understand all about global warming - as if an extra shirt or two would make any difference...! A good friend of mine recently decided to take me in hand when he heard of my forthcoming flight. “You will be wearing vests, so take just three shirts. Make each one last for two days and then go to the launderette,” he replied impatiently after hearing of my obvious distress. Hmm, and a good dose of deodorant, I thought to myself, but not wishing to appear ungrateful I continued to listen to his good advice. After all, my friend was an ex-marine who had travelled throughout South East Asia for several months

he continued to smile broadly, although the breadth of the smile was thankfully restricted by the brace on his teeth. “That’s impossible,” I replied. “Anyway, ten kilograms at £5 per kilogram is only £50. You are trying to overcharge me, young man. “Not so, sir. If you pre-book your excess luggage before your flight then you can have it for £5 per kilo. If not, it is £10, sir.” I no longer liked the way he referred to me as “sir”. It had an evil resonance about it. “What rubbish,” I spluttered. “How can I possibly foresee what the overall weight of my luggage will be until I have completed my trip. How can I judge that beforehand?”

with little more than a pair of shorts and a toothbrush. He taught me how to roll and not to fold my clothes. Did I really need to take an electric shaver, electric toothbrush, hairdryer and iron? Two weeks later I was standing at the dreaded Gatwick airport, queuing to have my bags checked. I had suffered two weeks of just three shirts, visited the launderette twice, had plenty of showers and used lots of deodorant. No one had commented about my wearing the same items of clothing for two weeks and I stood with confidence in the queue waiting my turn. “Had a good trip, sir,” came a friendly voice from a spotty youth wearing a smart uniform. This chirpiness took

me back a little as both age and experience has taught me that such chirpiness from anyone official in airports throughout the world usually means trouble. “You’re a little overweight, sir,” continued The Spotty Charmer, grinning broadly. I thought he could have chosen his phrasing a little better. After all, I have been wasting away on a diet for three months or so. “How much overweight?” I snapped coldly, not about to indulge in pleasantries.“Ten kilograms, sir. You must have bought a lot of stuff in the UK. I hope it’s worth it because that little lot will cost you £100.” The Spotty Charmer had suddenly become officious and demanding in his voice, but

“Well, that is your problem sir. Will sir be taking anything out of his case or will sir be paying by credit card?” “This is preposterous,” I exploded. “Sir will certainly not be taking anything out of his case,” I retorted, reluctantly offering my credit card. “That’ll do nicely,” beamed The Spotty Charmer, whisking the card out of my hand and into his evil machine. I sighed, knowing when I was beaten. How my friend had travelled the length and breadth of Asia with a pair of shorts and a toothbrush I shall never know. If you enjoyed this article, take a look at Barrie’s website: or read his latest novel, ‘Journeys and Jigsaws’ (ISBN: 9781843865384).

Age Concern España Most of you will have heard of the UK charity, Age Concern, but it may be news to you that it also operates in Spain. At the recent British Consulate Open Day in Playa del Inglés (see page 3), The Canary News was delighted to meet Sarah Rogers who is the Country Casework Manager working on the Age Concern España / British Consulate Partnership Project.. Sarah explained that, “Age Concern España” is a registered charity which exists to promote the wellbeing of older people and help to make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.” The charity originated in the Balearic islands and has since expanded to include 5 organisations based in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Costa Blanca Sur and Estepona. “Through our network of English speaking volunteers, we are able to provide direct services for residents and tourists who are over 50 years old and are in need. We are also committed to integration in Spain and are developing stronger links with Spanish organisations. We also work closely with Age UK/Help the Aged, the British Consulate and the Department for Work and Pensions.” Sarah’s function within the project, as the Country Casework Manager, is to create a high quality, comprehensive

casework service across Spain through the collaboration of various agencies, including the Foreign Office, through its Consulates. Sarah continued, “We concentrate on working with people aged 50+ and provide services designed to assist with all of the typical difficulties associated with ageing such as failing health and mobility, financial constraints and often isolation and loneliness.” It is a fact that the Spanish social welfare system is not as comprehensive as in the UK which means that often family units are relied upon to provide care for elderly relatives. “Many British nationals living in Spain do not have families here or are estranged from their families in the UK and so this essential element of support is missing. This combined with a lack of knowledge of the Spanish language means that people often find it difficult to access Spanish public services and get the help that they so desperately need. Age Concern España have designed services (such as the casework service / lifeline

volunteers / hospital visiting /various clubs / transport / social event / food parcels etc) to help alleviate many of these problems. Across Spain, Age Concern España provides a Casework and an INFOLINE service (902 00 38 38 (local call rate) between the hours of 10am and 2pm). INFOLINE is a gateway into the casework service and it also provides a basic advice and signposting service. The service currently operates on a restricted basis however due to lack of funding. Sarah said that, “Our caseworkers within the Casework service can identify which benefits older people may be entitled to and how to claim them, they provide support and advice, and liaise with other organisations and charities to assist those in need. Locally‚ Age Concern provides a range of direct services for older people. Through our LIFELINE service, we make home and hospital visits‚ liaise with social services, lease care equipment, and arrange various social activities.” The project, although fronted by Age Concern España, aims to bring many other local organizations (both expatriate & Spanish), town halls, and other agencies together to provide a more coherent and

comprehensive service for older people in need. An important announcement made to those present at the Open Day was that Sarah is looking to recruit more volunteers to assist with this objective. She explained that “In Gran Canaria, we currently have no presence and so I am looking to extend our casework service to assist the British elderly population on the island.” It should also not be forgotten that Age Concern España is a charity organization, and is looking for potential sponsors/ donors in order to help train the casework volunteers and provide funding for the INFOLINE service. They will be pleased to hear from you. Further information can be found on the charity´s website:

and you can contact them by email at or the number above.

Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News


Canarian Cookery Spanish Rabbit Stew Hunter-Style Recipe - Conejo a la Cazadora Rabbit is served often in Spain, at home and in restaurants, especially in Castilla. It’s easy to find in markets in Spain and the Canary Islands, fresh or frozen. Domesticated rabbit is tender, without a strong flavor like its wild cousin. Rabbit is high in protein and low in fat, making it a great choice as a main course. If you want, substitute chicken and you’ll still be dipping into the rich sauce for more! Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 55 minutes Ingredients: 1 rabbit (approx. 2.5-3 lbs) or 3 lbs Chicken 4 oz. Spanish Serrano ham 1/2 large yellow onion 2 large garlic cloves 1/2 lb. white mushrooms

1 large ripe tomato Spanish virgin olive oil for sautéing 4 sprigs Italian parsley 2 tsp dried thyme or 1 sprig fresh thyme 4 oz. cognac 8 oz. dry white wine 8 oz water Preparation: This rabbit stew recipe makes 4-6 servings. Peel and chop the onion and garlic. Cut the ham into small pieces and set aside. Rinse and cut tomato into small cubes. Rinse all dirt off mushrooms, then trim stems and slice. Chop 2 sprigs of parsley and set apart. Remove rabbit from packaging. Rinse and pat dry. Cut rabbit into 8-10 pieces. Salt and pepper all sides. In a large, heavy-bottomed frying pan, heat 3-4 tbsp olive oil on medium; sauté onion and

garlic. When soft, add the ham cubes. When onion is translucent, remove onion, garlic and ham from pan with a slotted spatula and set aside on plate for later, keeping the oil. Add some olive oil to the same pan and brown the rabbit on both sides. Remove from frying pan. Pour any oil left in frying pan into a large casserole or stew pot. Place rabbit and onion mixture into pot and mix. Add chopped parsley and dried thyme to pot and stir. Place on medium heat. Add the cognac, white wine and water to rabbit and mix. Simmer uncovered for approximately 30 minutes and add chopped mushrooms after 15 minutes. Stir in mushrooms and continue to simmer for another 15 minutes. If necessary, add a bit more water while simmering. Serve with home-fried potatoes or rice. Spanish stews or casseroles such as this are traditionally served with rustic bread.


The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12

Health and Beauty

Up where we belong!!!! With Christmas around the corner it’s nice to see local businesses doing their bit for charity. With this in mind, Graham of Rejuvena in Puerto Rico is proud to announce his pantomine style show, A FAIRY’S TALE to be held on 22nd December in Molly Malone’s in the main Commercial Centre. It promises to be a Christmas showstopper with not one but two performances on the same night. It sounds

like this is going to be a fun night with children’s favourite fairytale and Disney characters taking centre stage. The story line is original, in authentic pantomime style and guaranteed to have you all in stitches. Working with a small cast and the support of the staff and owners of Molly Malone’s, Graham is putting together a show filled with flair and creativity and is pulling out all the stops to ensure a great night. The song and dance finale should have you rolling in the aisles with laughter. Tickets are on sale at Rejuvena only and are very limited so please book early. Still not happy? GIRLS get your glad rags ready on the 23rd December. Graham is putting together yet another show just for you. After an amazing reaction to their last show, “In the Bag”, Rejuvena was overwhelmed with requests for more of the same.

So Graham was set to work to create his own collection of ladies outfits; from summer wear to evening gowns. Miss Sinead Ryan, Molly Malone’s very own diva, will hit the catwalk supported by local models, wearing the creations of Graham, aptly named after his friends and family. For one night only, this stunning collection  will put you in the Christmas spirit, and the search for you Christmas outfit could be over. Many of these limited edition and individually designed outfits will be available to purchase on the evening. Tickets are available now but are limited. Call Rejuvena to make sure that you get yours. Looking forward to seeing you there. In the shows, Victoria and Adele will join with Graham in showing you just what the Rejuvena team can do for you

in their salon. Christmas and New Year bookings are going fast so please book now to avoid disappointment. See the Rejuvena ad for contact details. Oh, and of course, not forgetting the aim of all this fun. Rejuvena has asked The Canary News to choose a children’s ward in a local hospital and use the money raised to donate books and toys. We will update you on this in the New Year.

Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News

A Morning In The Life Of ... IT WAS with anticipation that I met up with Werner Wildmoser of Phoenix Trans Internacional as we have had such good feedback on the articles they supplied to us, and I was looking forward to seeing first hand the slick operation and service they provide.   So, it was quite a surprise to be asked to meet him at Vecindario, Monday morning, 8.30 am prompt, and ‘please bring your camera’.Getting into a Mercedes, which has seen better days,’ Werner proceeded to talk to me in broken Spanish/German/English about the island of Gran Canaria and how he wanted to share with our readers the best places to buy items which were never advertised, but which we all have a need for at some point in time.The first stop was an incredible ‘spare-parts car’ warehouse, in Pozo Izquierdo. It was absolutely huge, with every single item you could think of lining the shelves. All numbered, all makes and all at ridiculously low prices. It looked like any scrap yard you would find in the UK, and for the owner of a car who needs a replacement air conditioning unit or brake liners etc. etc. instead of paying the exhorbitant price of say 100€ he can pick the same up for a mere 10€; Ok, second hand agreed, but still ‘spare-parts car’ warehouse, in Pozo Izquierdo perfectly functionable. We then went on to the Salt Factory, Wind Surfing Club and generally toured the area of Pozo Izquierdo, with Werner pointing out the various places where you could buy food, houses, and cars at greatly reduced prices.   A man of extensive knowledge, Werner has lived on Gran Canaria for nearly fifteen years, and, as we made our way towards the hills overlooking Las Palmas, he told me a little about his past life. A member of a very affluent German family, Werner recalled his times as the owner of several quality restaurants in Munich, where he learned the trade from start to finish, spending many years refining his skills in this area. Having been there, done that and worn the t-shirt many times over, Werner decided to come to Gran Canaria and hence Phoenix Trans Internacional was born. An astute businessman, Phoenix Trans Internacional soon became one of the top companies to provide a complete door to door international removal service, but he has however also retained many businesses back in Munich, where he hopes to return in the future.   We travelled high into the hills overlooking Las Palmas and soon arrived in the area around the town known as Santa Brigida which, some of you may know is a complete contrast from the plains of the coastal areas. Lush green foliage surrounded us with imposing, very expensive villas dotted around the hillsides.  Werner proudly pointed out the German Ambassador’s home and then we moved on to the exclusive golf course in Bandama. Next we marvelled at the skilled horsemanship carried out by a member of the riding school in this chic and fashionably exclusive area; indeed the Beverley Hills of Gran Canaria. Wealth oozed out of every pore.  

German Ambassador’s home

Werner Wildmoser


Canarian Character

The small town of Santa Brigida is immaculate, tranquil and reminds one of bygone days. Werner explained that crime was virtually non-existent here with the local police on the alert at all times. We stopped at many, many places on route; Werner giving an explanation and pointing out the places of interest, where to buy goods at the best prices, who you should speak to and above all, not to be afraid to ask the locals if you need something.

An education indeed; as we wound our way back towards the GC-1, I was reminded that there are sides to Gran Canaria that our visitors seldom see and started looking at Gran Canaria in a new light. Actually there are places on this island where you can get good bargains, where people are still willing to direct you to the right places, and where time and money has not influenced decisions made. The meeting with Werner has spurred me on to seek out and report on the many places, we the inhabitants of this glorious island can go to find the best prices, top quality and engage in a dialogue with the locals. See my first port of call ‘Mercado Central’ in Las Palmas. Thank you Werner for a fascinating morning! By Debbie Wenn


The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12

Health and Wellbeing

THE POWER OF PROTEIN Celebrity Nutrition Advisor and Famously Fit Editor shares more secrets!

Protein is critical for the functioning of the body! · Your body needs incoming protein on a continual basis to repair and maintain all of its critical systems · Your muscles, immune system, and every enzyme in your body are composed of protein · Every day, your body loses protein constantly · Without protein all critical body functions begin to run down But here is where the real power lies if you are trying to lose weight. Protein is vital because it stimulates the hormone Glucagon, important in carbohydrate metabolism. Glucagon has a major role in maintaining normal concentrations of glucose in blood, and is often described as having the opposite effect of insulin. The great thing is that, unlike insulin, glucagon is not associated with disease and illness! · Glucagon raises low blood sugar. · Glucagon puts the metabolism in burning mode. · Glucagon converts protein and fat to glucose. · Glucagon causes dietary fat to be used for energy. · Glucagon releases fat from fat cells to be used for energy. · Glucagon reduces cholesterol production. · Glucagon causes the kidneys to release water from the body. · Glucagon causes artery wall cells to return to normal. · Glucagon stimulates the use of fat for energy. The most important step to controlling insulin and promoting Glucogen is fulfilling your body’s unique protein requirements. By controlling your intake of protein and spreading it throughout the day, you can constantly produce glucagon to take on a more significant role in the management of blood sugar and therefore insulin production.

And there is yet another secret! Protein sends signals to the brain that you are becoming satiated – carbohydrates do not! So eat protein with every meal and you will feel fuller quicker!

Sources of Protein Protein is formed from amino acids. Many of the 21 amino acids can be made by the body, but the nine essential amino acids must be provided by the diet. Natural sources of protein come from things that used to move – meat, fish, birds, insects, etc. these contain all of the essential amino acids required by the body. However, we have to remember that some protein sources also contain fat (the bad type) and also higher levels of carbohydrates – increasingly so because of the way in which farm animals are themselves being fed!

Low Fat Protein Sources Egg whites, Shrimps, Tuna, Clams, Mussels, Turkey Breast, Lobster, Trout, Chicken Breast, Crab, Salmon, Protein Supplements (see below), High Fat Protein Sources, Beefsteak, Pork loin, Bacon, Butter, Cheese.

Protein Supplements Another good source of protein is from supplements. Whilst supplements should not regularly replace natural sources of protein eaten at main meal time, they are an excellent choice for a top up snack and after exercise.

Protein Supplements are mostly a blend of the following: · Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate · Casein · Egg Albumin · Soy The reason why a blend is preferable is that it provides a variety of amino acids over a wide time span for maximum absorption, thus continuously feeding cells. Famously Fit endorses the supplements provided by Sci-MX. Why? First and foremost, they supply quality products! As a member of HFMA (Health Food Manufacturers’ Association) Sci-MX products are of the highest quality and WADA (World Anti Doping Association) compliant making them safe for use by professional athletes. Their shakes have science at the forefront of their formulation but letting nature in is important to Sci-MX. There are no artificial flavourings with the chocolate flavour containing premium Dutch cocoa powder, strawberry from real freeze-dried strawberries and vanilla contains vanilla essence from Madagascar. No artificial colourings or preservatives are used either! Feature supplied by Ann Mather, Executive Editor/Nutrition Advisor, Famously Fit Sponsored by Sci-MX (


Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News

OK! MAGAZINE FULL OF FAMOUSLY FIT PEOPLE! EXERCISE WORD PUZZLE WITH TV’S GLADIATOR WARRIOR Across: 1. The first word is something bright you see in the night sky

5. This targets the stomach region & is performed lying on your back




7. Sit against a wall at 90° & you will know what this is

10. Athletes do this on a track

4 5




2. Usually perfomred on treadmill but can be done outdoors also 3. You’re surrounded by water & may require armbands


4. If you have 2 tins of beans you can do this anywhere with your arms 

6. Done at school as a club or team ... Olympics Ready! 


8. This can be done by yourself or with the dog 

9. You usually begin lying on your front & drive the body away from the floor



Exercises Across:




The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12


by Kay Owen

The story of... One day when in high school I saw a new boy from my class walking home carrying a mountain of books. His name was James. “Why would anyone rightminded bring home all his text-books on a Friday? He must really be a “nerd” I thought. I had quite a weekend of football and partying planned so I just shrugged and walked on. Suddenly I saw a gang of boys running towards him. They knocked his books out of his arms and tripped him up. His glasses went flying, and he ended up in the mud about ten feet away. He looked up at me and I saw this terrible sadness in his eyes. My heart went out to him as he crawled around feeling for his glasses. A lone tear trickled down his cheek. I picked up his glasses and handed them to him. “Those kids are a pain”, I said, “they need to get a life!” James simply said “Thanks...” then slowly there appeared this beatific smile on his face. It was one of those heartfelt smiles that showed real gratitude. I helped him pick up his books, and asked him where he lived. He named the street... just two away from mine. We talked all the way home, and I carried some of his books. He turned out to be pretty cool. I asked him if he would like to play football with my friends. He said ‘OK’. We spent all weekend together and the more I got to know James, the more I liked him. Monday morning came, and there was James with that huge stack of books again. I stopped him and said, “Boy,


you are really into building some serious muscles carrying this pile everyday!” He just laughed and handed me half of them! Over the next four years, James and I became best friends. He was always top of the class. I teased about being a swot. We talked about going to college. James decided on London and I was going to Leeds. I knew that the miles between us would never be a problem... that we would always remain friends.

of our actions...even the simple ones. I am living proof that one seemingly small gesture can change a person’s life forever. And it has taught me to reach out the hand of friendship to others, to touch their hearts... and to let them touch mine” he concluded.

By this time he was one of those people who attracted others like a magnet wherever he went. All the girls loved him....sometimes I was dead jealous!

As the season of goodwill approaches, maybe there is someone out there who has been tripped up – someone floundering for their glasses in the mud of life. Someone just waiting, metaphorically

James was asked to address the school on the last day of term; our final speech day. I was glad it wasn’t me! When the day came I saw that he was nervous so I gave him a ‘high five’ and said, “Hey pal, don’t worry - you’ll be just fine!” He looked at me with his own special look (the really grateful one) and smiled that certain smile. “Thanks,” he said.

James went on to become a skilful surgeon. His own life saved... he now spends it saving the lives of others.

speaking, for somebody to help them carry their books, or to invite them to play football, or just to try standing in their shoes for a while.

May we each find opportunities to offer our best gift this Christmas ---- the hand of true friendship. And may we seek no gift in exchange - other than being on the receiving end of that special look of gratitude and that oh - so - certain smile. “Friends are angels who lift us up and carry us....when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”


On the platform James cleared his throat, and began; “Today is a time to say a huge thank you those who helped us all make it, especially through the tough years. Our parents and teachers of course, but mostly our friends. I am here to tell all of you that being a real friend to someone is the best gift you can ever give them.” I just stared at James in disbelief as he told of the first day he and I met...and how he had planned to kill himself over that very weekend. He spoke of how he had cleaned out his locker so his mother wouldn’t have to do it when he’d gone, and was carrying all his books home for the last time. He looked hard at me and flashed me once again that special grateful smile. “Thankfully, I was rescued,” he said “My friend saved me from doing the unspeakable.” I heard the gasp go through the assembly hall as this handsome, popular boy told the whole school about his weakest moment. I saw his parents looking at me and smiling that same grateful smile. Not until that moment did I realize its depth and meaning. James continued “I believe that God gives all of us divine appointments... opportunities to impact each other’s lives in times of need. We must never underestimate the power

Across 9. Offensive (13) 10. Mineral spring (3) 11. Arm coverings (7) 12. Festive occasion (4) 13. Payment for travel (4) 15. Vends (5) 17. Grasp clearly (7) 19. Vows (5) 21. Excavate (3) 23. Artist’s support (5) 24. Forsake (7) 25. Duck with soft down (5) 27. Stalk (4) 28. Hire (4) 30. Pertaining to Siam (7) 32. Find the sum of (3) 33. Recreational park (9,4)

Down 1. Labour force (4,5) 2. Expel (5) 3. Performs (4) 4. Ill (8) 5. Whine (6) 6. Recedes (4) 7. Started again (9) 8. Discontinue (5) 14. Religious writings (5) 16. Pertaining to the sun (5) 18. Dutch city (9) 20. Prostration caused by overexposure to the sun (9) 22. Person who gardens (8) 26. Trader (6) 27. Remove hair (5) 29. Having the same value (5) 30. Run-down part of a city (4) 31. Consumes (4)

Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News



ARIES Mar 21 - April 20 You know that you have much to be grateful for, especially in regards to your relationships. You’ll show people indirectly how much they mean to you. Some will need you to spell it out, though.

CANCER June 22 - July 23 Get ready to show off. You’ll dress with attitude, put yourself in a social mood and then connect with just the ones you need to know. You will impress all, including yourself.

LIBRA Sept 24 - Oct 23 Telling people that you are thankful for their friendship is the ideal way to celebrate today. It could feel weird at first, but just do it. Once you start expressing your heart, it will get easier.

CAPRICORN Dec 23 - Jan 20 People feel fantastic around you. You have a way of arranging your environment to bring in the good vibes. Plus, you’ll say just the thing that makes others feel acknowledged and understood.

TAURUS April 23 - May 21 The morning sun seems to shine just for you. And the people who will gather around you, strangers and friends alike, will seem to have a special affection and respect for you. All is as it should be.

LEO July 24 - Aug 23 You may not agree with the exact order of things or understand why they turn out the way they do, but you take great pleasure as it all unfolds. You’ll go to sleep tonight with a glad heart.

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22 One way you show your gratitude is to actually use the gifts you were given. In fact, this is the best way that you or anyone else could honor the great spirit that animates you and all things.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19 When you make your day about gratitude and togetherness, the food turns out great. But if you worry too much about the food and forget the gratitude, there will be issues. Stay focused on what matters.

GEMINI May 22 - June 21 You were born with the gift of gab and will use it to lighten the mood wherever you go. You’ll also introduce people to one another, and your efforts could even produce a love match.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sept 23 Hopefully, you were up early today. If not, stop and take some time to plan your proceedings. Running things through in your mind first will guarantee the success of your whole day.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 22 You’ll be modest, perhaps even shy. But if you’re not ready to enjoy the attention you’ll get for your own accomplishments, you will still be eager to celebrate others.

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20 You’ve traveled to be with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while, or they’ve journeyed to be with you. You may, in this process, realize why you live so far apart. Still, saying “thank you” is a prayer that is always heard.

Thought for the Day Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.--Theodore I. Rubin



The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12


Rally Maspalomas Football After the nine timed sectors, the final victory went to the experienced racers Alfonso Viera and Victor Perez who in their Ford Focus WRC, repeated their win of last year with a time of one hour two minutes and twenty five seconds. Whilst they drove a relaxed race they were far from repeating their record times from last year. The current off-road Spanish champions Yeray Lemes and Samuel Vega took second position in their Honda Civic, just four minutes and sixteen seconds behind the winners.

THE RALLY Maspalomas has positioned itself as one of the most complicated and yet charismatic trials in the Gran Canaria Rally Circuit. The 36th race promised a spectacle and the fans were not disappointed. The trial, which consisted of 9 timed sectors, ended with a total of 25 drop outs, from a total of 74 participating teams, a fact which proves the toughness of this emblematic race.

They were joined on the podium by Jose Luis Barrios and Eloy Rivero who arrived third in their Subaro Impreza Sti. At the start of the race, Barios and Rivero had tried to fight it out for second place but later played it safe in order to secure their well deserved third place. The fact that only forty nine of the teams finished the race confirmed the toughness of this race, which is now considered one of the most spectacular in the Canary Islands’ Rally calendar. Congratulations to all the drivers and the organisers for giving the fans another spectacular race. By Tito Cabral.

After the corresponding technical verifications the drivers left from the foot of El Faro de Maspalomas to start the race from the town’s football stadium. The race took them through the mountainous roads of the municipal of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, adding to the drama of the race.

Union Deportiva Las Palmas Update

Local side U.D. Las Palmas are still struggling in the 2nd division, following their 1-0 defeat by the Sevillian team Betis last week-end. The Yellows will next face C.F. Villareal B at home and fly to Cadiz the week-end after, having to prove to their fans that they can still fight for a place to gain promotion to the first division next season. The latest loss leaves them in 15th position in the table. Although this situation is not ideal, the team feels confident of their chances and the opportunities to take points during their next matches. The team’s technical staff has asked that the fans be patient and remain calm and are confident that the hard work being put in by the players will soon start to pay dividends. The team has also announced the immediate opening of its second merchandising shop in the commercial zone of Triana, next to the Monopol Commercial Centre. The shop will open daily from 10 in the morning till 8 in the evening, except on Sundays. It aims to replicate the big success of the first shop which opened in the current stadium in the 7 Palmas area. The formal opening took place on Wednesday the 3rd November and the event was attended by members of the club’s governing body and some of the current players, in order to show their support of this 60 year old club and its colours. By Tito Cabral

World Cup Seeding for England FIFA HAS confirmed that England will be one of eight seeded teams when the World Cup draw takes place on Friday 4 December. They will thus avoid favourites Spain and Brazil, who are two of the other seeded sides, in the group stage. Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, holders Italy and hosts South Africa make up the remaining seeded nations. The 32 qualifiers will be assembled into eight groups on Friday in Cape Town when the draw is made for next summer’s tournament from 1745 GMT. England are ranked only ninth in the Fifa world rankings, but their impressive qualification campaign has been rewarded. Portugal, currently ranked fifth, and France (seventh) had problems making the big tournament in South Africa and have thus missed out on the seedings - which reflect October’s positions in the official table rather than the November ones. France, who controversially qualified in a play-off against

Ireland with a Thierry Henry handball, won the tournament in 1998 and were beaten finalists last time in Germany. Portugal eliminated England in their last two major tournaments, both times through penalty shoot-outs. The eight seeds will all be in pot one, with the remaining three pots drawn on regional boundaries. Each will face one team in pot three - a team from Asia, north or central America, or Oceania one team from pot three - which has five African and three South American sides - and one from the exclusively European pot four. A worst case scenario on Friday would arguably see Fabio Capello’s side take on France, Ivory Coast and the USA, while a far easier proposition on paper would have England facing Slovenia, Algeria and New Zealand. Fifa said in a statement: “Hosts South Africa will be automatically positioned as A1, the other seeded teams will be drawn into the other groups B-H, but will always be in position “1” of their group.

“Groups will be drawn from A to H and the positions in the group will be drawn for pots two to four. “Geographical criteria will also be respected, meaning that no two teams from the same confederation will be drawn in the same group (except European teams, where a maximum of two will be in a group). “For example, South Africa cannot play the African teams from pot three and Argentina and Brazil cannot be drawn against the three remaining South American teams.” FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke said there was no agenda against France as a result of the play-off controversy from their game with the Republic of Ireland. Valcke said: “In the past the seedings have been determined by a mixture of world rankings and performances in past World Cups but this time the feeling was the October rankings most closely represented the best teams in the tournament.”

Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News


ATLANTIC RALLY DRAMA We reported in the last edition on the start of the high profile 24th Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) which saw 218 yachts from all over the world poised to cast off from Las Palmas destined for St Lucia in the Caribbean.

Consistent sailing is the key to a fast Atlantic passage and this is just what the front runners in the race have been doing since leaving Las Palmas on 22 November. The racing crews’ hard work has seen average daily runs of over 260


nautical miles on the larger yachts, and now 3 boats are joined in a push for the finish line, with the potential of a new ARC record a tantalising prospect for the first boat home. The lead boats need to arrive before 18:12:30 UTC on 03

December to beat the existing record of 11 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes and 30 seconds set by Rinaldo Del Bono’s maxi Capricorno in ARC 2006. Heading the pack is Swan 70 Stay Calm (Tim Hyder, UK) with 833 nautical miles to run,

closely followed by the Wally 80 Bagheera (Kemal Cingilliogle, Turkey) with 840nm remaining, and just a little further behind is the Russian crewed Volvo 60 Big One, with 864nm to go. All the yachts in the ARC RORC Racing Divisions are being tracked by Yellowbrick Iridium trackers, giving accurate positions every two hours. Predicted arrival times based on the latest VMG for the lead boats, give Bagheera the lead by a panther’s whisker from Stay Calm, though these positions could easily change before they reach the line in Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia. Both yachts are in contention for the course record, with Big One also still a possibility for the honour.   Predicted winds for the next few days show ENE/E 13-18 with occasional gusts up to 25 knots; perhaps not as strong as the ocean going racers would like, but is it enough to get them to the line ahead of the course record? We shall see.... Apart from the start of the race, there was some local interest and drama when one of the entrants Auliana II had to be abandoned and the crew evacuated following the loss of the yacht’s rudder in the early hours of Monday morning last week. The crew made landfall in Arguineguin in the middle of the night having been rescued by the offshore lifeboat.  Our very own Danny Alcock was there to welcome them ashore and help them out with getting somewhere to sleep (it was around 2 am). They have since returned to sea to try to rescue the yacht and intend sailing her back to shore, probably at Pasito Blanco.


The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12

Front Page Story

Continued from front page Before talking about PowerPlay, Peter McEvoy, was keen to express his favourable impressions of Gran Canaria. It was his first visit and he had nothing but praise for the climate, the scenery and the range of golfing facilities on offer. With the tournament being held at Anfi Tauro, Peter was struck by the spectacular mountainous backdrop and the first rate nature of the course. With doing its best to bring Gran Canaria to the notice of European golfers it is also to be hoped that Peter can do the same through his connections with the great and the good in the game. He felt that there is room for substantial growth in the numbers of golfers making the island their holiday destination of choice. The inspiration behind the PowerPlay format came from the success of short versions of other sports such as 7 a side rugby and, more recently, the phenomenal success of 20/20 cricket. Time is becoming an ever more precious commodity these days so Peter, with a few colleagues, set

Peter McEvoy and editor of The Canary News, Don McAlpin

same day, the first ever PowerPlay tournament took place in Kathmandu in Nepal; an indication of the worldwide potential of the game. Indeed, 2010 will see the first ever televised game take place with many of the big names in golf competing. And back on Gran Canaria, the first PowerPlay tournament attracted a field of 25 entrants, all eager to try this exciting new way to play. The winner on the day was John Hetherstow followed by Aran Doherty in second and Jeppe Fristad in third. Maria Castillo Dologaray was the highest placed of the ladies in sixth. If you would like to try PowerPlay out, why not take part in the regular Saturday tournament? Call Anfi Tauro on 928 560 462.

about devising a short form of golf which halved the time of a normal round but retained the excitement inherent in the game. Close contact with the Royal and Ancient, the governing body of the game, ensured that golf purists would be happy with the new format. Basically, in PowerPlay Golf, each green has two holes instead of one, with a black flag denoting a more difficult pin placing and a white flag the easier one. Over nine holes, players have to make three powerplays where they have to go for the harder option. The Canary News looked at the rules in more detail in our last edition and they can also be found at the game’s website: And so, in February 2007, the first game of PowerPlay took place with the guinea pigs being 16 golf journalists and there was nothing but praise from the players. Since then, the game has gone from strength to strength. The main focus for the marketing effort has been in English speaking countries with 140 courses in the UK, 14 in Australia and 30 in South Africa set up for the format. Last Saturday’s tournament at Anfi Tauro was something of a coup for organiser Gary Stevens, of, as it is the first in the whole of Spain. Interestingly, on the very

Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News


CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING To place a classified advert, simply fill in the coupon on page 31 and drop it off at Properties Abroad, near Santander Bank, C.C. Puerto Rico. Email: or Tel: 928 774 818


(Escaleritas). 90mS Three bedroom apartment for sale. Close to CC La Bellena and local amenities. Ideal for families. 111,000 EUR. Private sale 662 345 910. PUERTO RICO Two bedroom apartment for sale in sought after El Valle complex. Well maintained partially furnished. Large terrace and balcony. Parking space included. 218,000 EUR. Private sale: 928 726 708

PROPERTIES FOR SALE - AGENTS A HOME IN THE SUN GRAN CANARIA Sales and Rentals wanted for waiting clients Tel:928 142 675 or 605 421 213 Email: (JUL16) —--------------------------Arguineguín, Patalavaca - For rent Apartment, 2 beds., communal pool 990 Euros per month 1718 ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** ***Call now 928 150 650 or visit*** Maspalomas, El Tablero - For rent Flat, 1 bed 500 Euros per month 20918-RS ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** ***Call now 928 150 650 or visit*** Castillo del Romeral Duplex, 3 bed(s) Two steps to the sea 189.000 Euros 21203-DG ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** ***Call now 928 150 650 or visit*** Arguineguín, Center Flat, 1 bed(s) New construction in the centre, very close to the beach 136.000 Euros 21290-LE ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** ***Call now 928 150 650 or visit*** Puerto Rico, West Hill Studio, bed(s) Magnificent opportunity!!!! 59.900 Euros 21356-LM ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** ***Call now 928 150 650 or visit*** Playa del Inglés Apartment, 1 bed(s) Apartment with views to the

dunes and sea 72.000 Euros 21419-MV ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** ***Call now 928 150 650 or visit*** Puerto Rico, West Hill Apartment, 1 bed(s) Fantastic sea views 85.000 Euros 21453-LM ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** ***Call now 928 150 650 or visit*** Playa del Inglés Apartment, 2 bed(s) Excellent investment 109.000 Euros 21467-MV ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** ***Call now 928 150 650 or visit*** Mogán, Pueblo Penthouse, 1 bed(s) Good Oportunity! 59.500 Euros 21545-TB ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** ***Call now 928 150 650 or visit*** Playa del Cura Apartment, 2 bed(s) Large terrace and wonderful views! 115.000 Euros 21588-TB ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** ***Call now 928 150 650 or visit*** —----------------------------Apartment at the street down to the beach! This apartment is renovated and furnished. It consists of: One bedroom, bathroom, livingroom, kitchen and large balcony. Very good location only a few footsteps to the beach. Price: 120.000 Euros Europa Real Estate 928 765 813 info@europa-immobilien. com PLAYA DEL INGLÉS, OUTSTANDING BUNGALOW WITH GARAGE AT THE BEACH PROMENADE. This unique dreamhouse with aprox. 100m2 living area and largeprivate garden consists of livingdiningroom, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large terrace and solarium with spectacular view to the dunes of Maspalomas and ocean. The bungalow is equipped with all luxury. Heated community swimmingpool.PRICE: 588.000, Euros Europa Real Estate 928 765 813 info@europa-immobilien. com PLAYA DEL INGLÉS,

BEAUTIFUL AND QUIET TOPFLOOR-APARTMENT NEAR THE BEACH. This two-room apartment is situated in a very central and quiet lacation in the heart of Playa del Inglés. Completely renovated and furnished. Very well maintained building complex with large pools and tenniscourt. PRICE: 120.000 Euros Europa Real Estate 928 765 813 PLAYA DEL INGLÉS, TOPFLOOR APARTMENT WITH UNIQUE VIEWS. Breathtaking seaview to the dunes and lighthouse of Maspalomas. Bedroom and livingroom have access to the exeptional large dobble terrace with whole-day-sun. The beachpromenade is at one-minut-walking distance and several shopping centres are nearby. Sufficient parkingfacilities available. PRICE: 126.000 Euros Europa Real Estate 928 765 813 PLAYA DEL INGLÉS, BUNGALOW WITH GARAGE Excellent and quiet located bungalow on a closed plot that offers perfect privacy. It exists of: 2 bedrooms, livingroom, full fitted kitchen, bathroom, 2 large terraces and private garage. This respected bungalow complex is very quiet and centrical situated and has a large pool and tenniscourt. Low monthly community costs. PRICE: 276.000. Euros

Europa Real Estate 928 765 813 SAN AGUSTÍN, GROUND FLOOR BUNGALOW WITH LARGE TERRACE AND SEAVIEW. This bungalow forms part of a small private complex with pool. The beach of San Agustín is only 3 minutes walk away and also the shopping center is nearby. The bungalow consists of: 1 bedroom, livingroom/kitchen, bathroom and a terrace of 24 m2 with sea view to the beach of Playa del Inglés. The monthly comunity costs are only 40 Euros. PRICE: 138.000 Euros Europa Real Estate: 928 765 813 SONNENLAND, Duplexbungalow, consisting of one bedroom, bathroom, builtinkitchen with separate storage- /washingroom, livingroom with winterterrace and garden terrace. Completely furnished and equiped with many extras(s.a.airconditioning, telephone etc.) Complex with community-pool and restaurant. PRICE:120.000 Euros Europa Real Estate 928 765 813 info@europaimmobilien. com VECINDARIO, Family house without community fees. This wonderful townhouse is situated near the large and well known shopping center “Atlantico”. With seperate study, guest room, barbecue space and a fantastic sun

terrace. Including all possible luxury equipment. PRICE: 195.000 Euros Europa Real Estate 928 765 813 SAN AGUSTÍN, RARELY SALES AT FIRST BEACHLINE.Chalet with 240 m2 living area and 120 m2 terrace. Completely groundfloor, luxurious. Furnished, Garage. Wonderful views directly on the ocean. PRICE: 1.700.000 Euros Europa Real Estate 928 765 813 MASPALOMAS, UNIQUE VILLA WITH GUESTHOUSE This, with the latest modern technics, extraordinary well equipped real estate, offers you for example, a built-inwhirlpool in the swimmingpool and a private cinemaroom. Plot: 1.000 m2, livingarea: 300 m2 PRICE: 1.800.000Euros Europa Real Estate 928 765 813 —------------------------------------For Sale: Playa del Inglés Beautifully refurbished villa in the centre of Playa del Ingles. Very private property and not overlooked at all. This villa has a private solar heated pool and a barbeque area as well as a roof terrace. The villa is air conditioned and heated throughout and is also fitted with an alarm system. The property is sold fully furnished and ready to move into. Rare opportunity! Ref. PI640. Price: €565,000. Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES Maspalomas Beautiful bungalow on a very quite

complex in Campo de Golf. The whole complex has been beautifully reformed. The property could easily be made into a two bedroom. Large garden area and very well kept communal areas and swimming pool. There is also a children’s play area. The bungalow is sold furnished. Excellent value for money! Ref:MP634.Price:€120,000. Tel: 928141202. DREAM HOMES Tauro Beautiful villa in Anfi Tauro set between the two golf courses. Private pool with a decking area and a barbeque area. This property has been refurbished and has the bedrooms adjoining. Marble floors throughout, air conditioning and heating, centralised vacuum system and even includes a jacuzzi in the main bedroom suite. All bedrooms are ensuite. Luxury accomodation in a very desirable area. Ref. TR632. Price: €985,000. Tel: 928141202. DREAM HOMES Playa del Inglés Beautifully refurbished duplex with two bedrooms, 1 full bathroom and a cloakroom. Very homely feel and nice sized new kitchen. The property has a very spacious living area and is sold fully furnished. There are marble stairs and a beautiful ceramic flooring as well as air conditioning in all the rooms. Excellently situated only mins from the beach and the Yumbo shopping centre. Very quiet and well kept

Contact us to share your news and celebrate your anniversaries. See page 31 for more information


The Canary News - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - Issue 12

Puerto Rico Excellent opportunty to buy two flats for the price of one! One bedroom apartment (also with smaller room which can be used as a small bedroom or an office) with a comletely seperate one bedroom apartment below. Either one can be rented out whilst you live in the other or they can be combined to make a nice size duplex. Communal pool. Great value! Ref.PR623. Price: €132,000. Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES

Tafira. Fantastic villa , 5 Bed, 4 Bath. Chimney and Private Garden with huge terrace of 219m2. Garage for 3 cars. Unfurnished and available for long term rental. Ref: TA583. Price €1,600 Month. Playa del Inglés Luxury 1 bed apartment near Playa Del Inglés. Luxury 1 Bed apartment nearYumbo. Fully furnished & equipped, 550€ per month + electric. 646 096 917.


FOR RENT: Maspalomas Nice cosy duplex with garden area to the front. Completely refurbished throughout and fully furnished and ready to move into. Property of 60m2 and has one bathroom upstairs and another downstairs. Quiet complex in a quiet residential area. Ref:MP635a.Price:€500/month. Tel: 928141202. DREAM HOMES

(JUL02)3 bed Luxury Villa Meloneras Sleeps 6 luxury villa long term let 1200€ per month Fab, safe complex with pool, onsite shop, restaurant (JUL02)3 bed Luxury Villa Meloneras Sleeps 6 luxury villa long term let 1200€ per month Fab, safe complex with pool, onsite shop, restaurant and bar, near beach and Faro shopping Call: 687 152 470 (JUL02)

Maspalomas. Very cheap rental for cosy bungalow in Maspalomas. Monthly rental price includes all bills. Nicely kept complex with swimming pool, childrens pool, childrens park, tennis court and gym. Only a few minutes walk to the Faro II shopping centre and about 15 mins walk to the beach. Ref:MP633.Price:€425/month. Tel: 928141202. DREAM HOMES Las Palmas Wonderful frontline apartment in Las Canteras. Well positioned building. Five minutes from the market, restaurants, bars and parks. Sea views. Wooden floors in the bedrooms, air conditioning, fully furnished with fully fitted kitchen and double glazing. Ref. LP585. Price: €1,300/month Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES Pozo Izquierdo Fantastic Duplex in Pozo Izquierdo. The property has four bedrooms (the third bedrooms was turned into a dressing room), three bathrooms, a private garden and air conditioning throughout. Beautiful state-of-the art Italian kitchen. There is also a large garage as well as front and back terraces. Excellent condition. Ref. : PZ542a. Price: €950/month Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES Taurito Apartment for rent in Playa de Taurito. The apartment has one bedroom , a kitchenette and a balcony. Located near to the beach and the resort centre, with its shops, bars and restaurants. The complex offers a swimming pool and a sun terrace. Price includes the costs for water and electricity. Sea views and views of Mogan in the distance. Ref. TR537. Price: €450/month Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES

Dunes. Light and Airy, Air Con.with dishwasher, Washing Machine etc. Marble floors, only steps from the beach. Ref: MP546 Price €1,000 month. Tel:928141202. www.dreamhomesgrancanaria. .com

complex. Great value for money. Ref. PI630. Price: €168,000. Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES

San Fernando, 2 bedrooms in spacious house. Shared kitchen/lounge, roof terrace. Own shower room. TV, DVD, ADSL. 5 mins from all amenities. 300/350€ per month fully inclusive of all bills. Tel. 928 760 143 or 626 306 826 Sonnenland. 1 bedroom apartment. With terrace, pool and seaview. Includes, TV, washing machine. Fully furnished. EUR 450 pcm. all inclusive. Tel. 665 520 979.

Guesthouse Meloneras Rooms available in modern Meloneras guesthouse with Sky and internet on great complex with pool, shop, restaurant and bar near beach, shopping, nightlife 200€ per week per room (2 can share 100€ each) 500€ per month long term (2 can share 250€ each) Call: 687 152 470 (JUL02) Apartments & Bungalows To Rent from 475€ Contact: HOME IN THE SUN Tel. 605 421 213 Puerto Rico, spacious 1 bedroom apt for rent. Large bedroom with fitted wardrobes, livingroom/kitchen, bathroom with washing machine, large terrace. Close to CC europa. 480€ per month, water and electricity included up to a limit. Available 1st October. Tel:928756989 after 6pm Anfi Tauro, 3 Bed Luxury Duplex, Golf Facing, Fully Furnished, Jaccuzzi, Community Pool, 1200 pcm. Tel: 687153645


Roger’s Ramblers meet every Tuesday from Mid October to the end of April. On average walk is about 4 hours with areasonable amount of

Sudoku solution

Maspalomas. Beautiful Bungalow, 1 Bed, 2 terraces in a complex with Communal Pool. Very Quiet and clean, only minutes from Faro 2. Monthly rent includes Water, electricity and cleaning. Ref: MP603 Price €800 Month. el: Dream Homes: 928 141202. Maspalomas. Fabulous 1 Bed Apartment, refurbished overlooking Sand

QUALIFIED BRITISH ELECTRICIAN 17th Edition TEL.648 437 794 – 692 309 680 TEL. 928 725 222 FREE QUOTATION!! No Job Too Small

ascentand descent. All walks are free and at your own risk. If you areinterested contact Rambling Roger on 928 798150 or 666 170 553, or by email at


Have Red 2 seater settee as new, will exchange/sell. Need 3 seater any colour VGC. Comfortable. Cash adjustment available. Tel 928560129 Zanussi ZD23 Fridge/Freezer (3.5) White New Unused H168 W55. €225. Tel 671192457 Dishwasher Corbero Suprema New Unused White. €225. Tel 671192457 Cot, Bedding, Mini, Bouncer, Changing Station, Library, All from El Corte Inglés. Excellent Condition. Stacey Williams. Tel 928 726 941 Almost new SONY BRAVIA KDL 40V3000, 40inch,bought 9 months ago €1200, incl paperwork. Yours for ONLY €700 Call Tomas 666987495


Wanted: Fiat Punto with Mechanical problem - From 01, or other small car, clean body, Reg in Gran Canaria. Tel: 629 645 591 Toyota RAV4 1998, Automatic transmission, AC, like new tires,4x4, 2 door, good condition, dark green, ITV till SEP 2010 for only 3500! Call Tomas 666987495

Mecanics Health

Ginseng on Gran Canary! Come and visit the only Ginseng Garden at Maspalomas, Monte Leon! Only one tour per month: Saturday, December 5th, 2009, 11am - 5 pm For more information call Joerg: 692 764349 or mailto:


Free tandem bike rides for blind people or people with any other physical disability who are unable to ride a bike by themselves.  Also free excursions into the mountains in my car for people in wheelchairs together with a companion. Minibus trips can also be arranged at an agreed reasonable cost.  For more information call Franz at 699 124 985. WANTED. Second hand books, in good condition, to be sold in support of Registered Childrens’ Charities 1) RUBBISH DUMP CHILDREN in Cambodia 2) ORPHANS/ SCHOOL projects in China. Please drop books off at Bar Wine and Marmalade, Arguineguin. donations gratefully received. Contact Together we can make a difference Drinking Problem? International, English speaking AA meetings every Friday at the church in the Kasbah (door on the left hand side) Playa del Inglés, 8.30pm. Monday 12pm in

San Fernando, behind Market Maspalomas and Tuesday 7pm at the Catholic Church (enter by the stairway on the right hind side), Behind the taxi rank next to the police station. Do you believe that you have a problem with alcohol? Perhaps you are looking or some help? Alcohol Anonymous meet in Telde on Mondays and Thursdays from 20.00 until 21.30.

Call 928 202 638 TARA CAR-BOOT SALE EVERY SATURDAY - 9 AM AT Plaza del Pino, Arguineguín Free Entrance for shoppers and registered charity car-boot sellers. Non-charity sellers DONATE only 5 Euros for each stall. Please bring your own display supports. Come and enjoy the friendly atmosphere at the TARA Community Car-Boot Sale to find the best purchase bargains in town and help abandoned and abused animals to boot.To donate useable toys, clothing, household items, furniture, books, sporting help our fund-raising efforts please contact us. Contact Sanna Tel: 620 978 709; Email: sanna@taraanimales. org to pick up your donated items if you cannot deliver them to the car-boot sale. Volunteers always gladly welcomed. TARA Animal Respect Association, A registered, Non-profit Canarian Animal Charity Tel: 607 671 617 Email: Web: PARADISE LOST - located between Arguineguín and

Puerto Rico. Take the Balito exit (#1 Bus) and continue to the BIG CIRCUS TENT TARA Animal Charity Shop 200 sq. mtrs. In Arquinequin 67 Tanausu near Pino Seco family park Monday thru Saturday 10am till 4+pm Donated items at great prices! 607 671 617 or TARA Charity Dog Pension HOME AWAY FROM HOME Beautiful Location – Your Pet Cared for By Dog Lovers Low Prices – Great Care 607 671 167 Arguineguin Cultural Society meets every Thursday at Tío Pepe bar from 20.00 at the C.C. Ancora in Arguineguín. As mentioned previously in TCN, the group were looking for a place to build up our string puppet stage and to train people in

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Issue 12 - Friday 4th - Thursday 17th December 2009 - The Canary News

ADDICTIONS ALCOHOL & DRUGS Let us help you overcome your problem in a painless way. Contact us for a confidential consultation It can make a real difference On your road to recovery Tel: 928 934 097 Mobile: 619 391 040 Email:

the making and operating of string puppets. The group has now found a suitable place in Arguineguín and if anyone is interested in joining them please call Peter on 639 229 414 and go to the meetings on Thursdays. Grupo Montañero de Mogan. Every Sunday all through the year this group arranges guided walks in the magnificent mountains and beautiful valleys of Gran Canaria. The walks are guided, and the members come from all over Europe,

BUY, DONATE, SWAP BOOK LIBRARY All proceeds go to The Red Cross. Cristina´s Money Exchange, Local 261, Phase 1, CC Puerto Rico MON TO FRI 10am to 8pm SAT 10am to 1.30pm For appointments please tel 928 561 771 and also many Canarian members. Meeting place: Commercial Centre Ancora, Arguineguin. Time 08.00. Departure 08.15. Leaving from San Fernando (Viuda de Franco) 08.00 or 08.30. For more information call before 12.00 on Fridays 689 919 580 Can you spare a few hours each week to help feed stray

and abandoned cats in San Agustin? There are special feeding places, all the cats are sterilised, have names and are very healthy. Of course, we will buy the cat food. We only want help to give the food to the cats.Please call Christina on 928770 019 for more information. Join the library in Maspalomas with your NIE number and passport and picture or residencia. No charge. English books and other European languages too. Also free internet access.!! The library hours are 8.00 am till 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm to 10 pm Monday to Friday. Biblioteca Municipal Maspalomas, Casa del Cultura Maspalomas, Avda De Tejeda 72 Phone 928 720 035 Amigos contra el Sida is a charity that provides support for people with HIV and Aids and has information about sexually transmitted diseases Amigos contra el Sida - Friends against Aids Av. Alejandro del Castillo, Mercado Municipal, 2º floor San Fernando Maspalomas Contact: 695 578 004 Timetable: Tuesday and Thursday - 9:00 to 15:00 hour. Amigos contra el Sida Calle El Escorial nº 7, Vecindario


Different activities every week in the local Puerto Rico area - Meet other mums with children of all ages. Call Jo Pike on 639 153 547 You can even leave a message on their ‘face book’ wall!

Teléfono: 928 149 570 Timetable: Monday to Friday - 9:00 to 14:00 hour. Website: Support Maria Templeman’s Dog Rescue. You can find Maria’s stall in Arguineguin market on Tuesdays and Mogan market on Fridays. You can also find Maria in Maspalomas market next to the big, main flood light on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Money raised from Maria’s stall goes to funding dog rescue in Gran Canaria, including vet and kennel fees and re-homing dogs.


FARO 2 MARKET 15 & 29 Nov, 13 Dec. BOOKS sold in support of Registered Children’s Charities (Home and Abroad) Over 500 books from 1 Euro. Also book donations wanted can collect - Contact or drop books off at Wine and Marmalade Bar in Arguineguín

THE CANARIAN PRO BREASTFEEDING runs a Support Group every Wednesday from 6pm until 8pm at the Centro de Estancias Diurnas (the daycare centre for the eldery behind the swimming pool) Anyone needing help and support concerning breastfeeding can also call 637 564 296 (leave a message if there is no answer with name and telephone number)


Is your child talented? can he or she sing and dance? We are looking for children to take part in our Christmas Pantomime.Auditions will be held locally,For more information please contact Graham on 696 552 022 or email


Bi-lingual lady seeks English native tongue people to exchange Spanish classes/ conversation for English conversation practice. Please call Gloria on 928 714 390 or 650 403 640.

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING To place a classified advert, simply fill in the coupon on page 31 and drop it off at Properties Abroad, near Santander Bank, C.C. Puerto Rico. Email: or Tel: 928 774 818

Text (print in Block Capitals). Lineage, 32 cents per word inc 5% IGIC. Minimum of 15 words. (4.80€). BOXED ADVERTs

1 mod = 17€ (40 x 42mm)



2 mods = 34€ (83 x 42mm)


3 mods = 50€ (126 x 42mm)


(prices inc. IGIC)

Eating Out Employment Items Wanted

Name: .........................................................................................................................................................

For Sale

Address: .....................................................................................................................................................


Tel No: .................................................................... CIF/NIE No: ........................................................... Number of inserts: ................................................. Date from: .............................................................. Date until: .............................................. To place a classified (lineage) advert, simply fill in the coupon above and drop it off at PROPERTIES ABROAD LOCAL40B PHASE 3 C.C. PUERTO RICO NEAR SANTANDER BANK or ALADDINS CAVE LOCAL 82 C.C. ANCORA CENTRE ARGUINEGUIN. Private classified adverts must be pre-paid cashDEADLINE 12 NOON FRIDAY

Pets Properties - Private Sale Property - Agents Health Miscellaneous


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The Free Canary Newspaper in English, edition 12, 4 december 2009

The Canary News, edition 12  

The Free Canary Newspaper in English, edition 12, 4 december 2009