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The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13

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Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News


Fiestas and Upcoming Events HERE WE give you some of the most relevant dates during which something of general interest is happening on the island. Don’t be afraid to visit these events or even to actively participate in them, most are open to everyone and anyone. When wanting to visit a fiesta, always remember that most activities take part during the morning and then restart from about six pm. We are in Spain and both lunch and siestas are almost religious customs which all Canarians take extremely seriously. Also take into account that the big days will inevitably be during the weekend. Be adventurous and enjoy the Island like one of the natives! Three Kings Night in Triana 5th January Evening Don’t miss out on the fantastic atmosphere on this fabulous shopping street the night prior to Three Kings. Romeria de Los Labradores 20th December. All day. Typical Canarian parade with carriages, Santa Lucia. Maspalomas en Navidad, II Encuentro Infantil 20th December, 11 till 19.00 hours. Plaza del Camellero and Centro Cultural de Maspalomas. An infinite number of activities related to Christmas for the younger ones of the family. Maspalomas Three Kings Parade 5th January, from 10.45pm, open to all Main parade 17:00 hours from Castillo de la Luz to Perez Galdos Theater. Las Palmas Three Kings Parade 5th January, from 16.00


Arrival of Three Kings by helicopter at Maspalomas football stadium 17.00 Parade begins through main street of San Fernando Market until 1.00am between Calle Tejeda and Avenida de Galdar Solidarity Market, organized by the Charity Canarias with Mozambique. 4th December till 5th January. Friday from 17.00 till 21.00 hours. Saturday, Sundays and Bank holidays 11.00 till 21.00 hours. Arinaga peer. Playa de Arinaga. Municipal Christmas Carol Singing 20th December, 19.30 hours. San Sebastian of Aguimes Church. Aguimes. CLAPSO Theater Company presents, “Alice in Wonderland” 26th December, 19.00 hours. Victor Jara theater, Vecindario. Musical interpretation of this well known story. Belly Dancing, by Sabah Group 21st December, 17 hours. Plaza Saulo Toron, Las Palmas. II Agroalimentaria en Navidad 18th till 20th December, 10 till 21 hours. Plaza de Canarias, Products from our lands to our tables. 22nd Traditional Christmas Concert by “Los Gofiones”. 18th December, 21 hours. Plaza Santa Ana, Las Palmas. Traditional Canarian Music, free entrance.

Culture and Handcraft Market 20th and 27th December, 10 till 14 hours. Plaza del Pilar Nuevo, Vegueta, Las Palmas. New Years Eve Bell Chimes 31st December, 24 hours. Las Canteras Beach, Las Palmas. Join the thousands of people who flock to welcome the New Year in the streets. New Years Eve Bell Chimes 31st December, 24.00 hours Maspalomas skating ring organized by the Ayuntamiento Trini Borrull presents “The Nutcracker” 21st and 22nd December, 17.30 and 20.30 hours. Centro Coreográfico de Las Palmas. 6€ Entrance fee. Canarian Typical Christmas Bakery La palmera de Tunte, C/ Los Reyes Catolicos nº 13. Monday to Saturday 6.30 till 20.30 hours, Sundays 7 till 15 hours. Tlf – 928 12 74 28. Expocision Pancho Guerra and his Time 4th till 28th December, 11 till 18 hours. Lighthouse Keepers House, Maspalomas Lighthouse. Free entrance.


The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13

Local News

Cribs on the Island Tradition of the Crib During the Nativity period, Spaniards will include as part of their Christmas decorations a small crib re-enacting the birth of Christ and the offerings brought to him by the three kings. As part of the Christmas celebrations which will take place around the island, many public and private enterprises will set up cribs of large dimensions using Canarian characterisation in some cases or even life size representations with real animals and people. Here’s a list of some of the main displays which will take place on the island; don’t miss the chance to see them and enjoy them in the same way that the local Canarians do.

Centro Insular de Turismo (Tourist Office); Yumbo Comercial Centre; Playa del Ingles. From 12th December till 7th January. Monday to Friday; 9am till 9pm and Saturdays 9am till 1pm. Templo Ecumenico; Plaza Maspalomas. From 8th December till 15th January. Monday to Sunday; 5pm till 9.30pm. Faro 2 Comercial Centre; Campo Internacional. From 15th November till 15th Jan. 24 hours a day.

Belen Monumental; Parque Juan Pablo II; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Covering over 500 m2 along a 40 metre walk, thousands of mechanical figures clothed with typical Canarian clothing recreating this wonderful crib using well known streets of the city of Las Palmas. 17th December till 7th January; 24 hours. Museum of Piedras de Ingenio; Villa de Ingenio. With well over 40 years of tradition it is an extremely popular crib to visit amongst Canarians with over 2,000 visitors per day. 1st December till 10th January. Daily from 9am till 6pm.

Cercado de Espino; Village Square. Life Crib represented by the locals. 20th December at 8pm.

Plaza San Gregorio Crib; Telde. Also very popular due to the fact that it represents the Canarian identity like no other. From the first week of December, 24 hours.

Parque San Telmo; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. A very traditional representation accompanied by a massive Christmas tree close to the well known commercial area of Triana. 11th December till 7th Jan. - 24 hours. San Juan de Dios Crib; El Lasso; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This crib is specially symbolic as it is located in this institution dedicated to child welfare especially those with disabilities. 8th December till 6th January, 10:30am till 1pm and 4.30pm till 7.30pm.

AS PART of the Christmas decorations in Spanish houses we always include a recreation of the birth of baby Jesus Christ in his crib in Bethlehem. Today these are composed of small figures which are placed in a scale size model of a crib, usually decorated with small lights. It is believed this tradition was originated in 1223 by Francisco de Assis, who was the first to recreate the scenery of the crib in Italy, although he did not do it with figures but real people and animals. There are several factors which we need to know about before we decide to include one in our homes; we should always include a figure of the Virgin Mary and Joseph, and of course between them the crib where Jesus lays, but the figure of Jesus will not be placed until Christmas Day, as it is said that this was the day when he was born. Behind them there should always be a figure of a donkey and a cow lying on the floor, these are based on the passages by Isaac referring to Israel.

Las Canteras Sand Crib; Las Canteras Beach; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Popular due to its originality and size, as it is exclusively made from water and the sand of this spectacular beach. 4th December till 7th January. Monday to Thursday 10am till 10pm and Friday to Sunday 10am till 11pm.

In addition we should have figures of the Three Kings of the Orient with their camels, as it was they who presented Gold, Incense and Myhrr to Jesus after his birth. Some people place these figures at a distance from the crib to recreate their journey to Bethlehem, and then they are placed in the main scenery on the 6th January. We can also include a figure of an angel on the crib which represents the guardian of Jesus and he who warned the Kings of King Herods’ deceit as he asked them to inform him of the whereabouts of the child in order to also pay his respects, when he really wanted to kill him. A relatively new figure, which is now a must, is the one of a shepherd defecating, usually placed on a hidden side of the crib. This figure has its origins in Cataluña and Valencia and is supposed to symbolise the fertilisation of the land bringing good fortune. Although peculiar, the “caganar” as it is known, is now an essential component of the crib and even accepted by the Catholic Church. Today, families complement their cribs with all sorts of additions, farm animals, shepherds, barns, mirrors in the shape of rivers, mountains, sand, etc. The choice is endless, so go ahead give your house a new decoration which is not only is wonderful sight but also tells us all a story. Tito Cabral

Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News

Canarian Bakery at Christmas As in every country of the world, Spain has its typical Christmas specialties which all the family can enjoy during the festive period. In the whole country as well as in Gran Canaria thousands of people eat, “Turrones and Polvorones”, these two Christmas sweets are consumed extensively and are considered the best sweet products. Traditionally Turrones are made from almonds, honey and sugar, either in a soft or hard variety depending on your taste. Polvorones are also made from almonds or cinnamon, but today you may find a vast range of different varieties of these two specialties, chocolate, lemon and egg yolk are just some of the flavors used. Apart from these every community in the country also has their particular treats; I went to a traditional bakery in San Bartolome de Tirajana to find out more about the ones in Gran Canaria. “Panaderia de Tunte” is located in the centre of the mountain village of San Bartolome de Tirajana, and is managed by 36 year old Marco Ramirez Baez, who inherited the family business from his father, and who in turn inherited it from his grandfather, founder of the business in 1948. Currently he manages two bakeries, the second located in the neighboring village of Santa Lucia, where they make their traditional bread, “pan de puño”, using traditional firewood ovens. But when Christmas comes Marco adds to his extensive range of baked products with Canarian Christmas cakes.

“Mantequados”, are also extremely popular during the nativity period, although they are consumed all year round. This almond biscuit is especially appreciated by children who don’t seem to get enough of them.

Taking into account his foreign customers’ tastes, the bakery has also started to produce their versions of other countries cakes, including “Alfahores”, a South American specialty filled with a soft caramel filling and covered in chocolate. They also produce Lynz Eyes, an Austrian Christmas biscuit filled with red currant jam, and Marco has even attempted to bake his own Panettone, an Italian traditional Christmas dessert, which has had very good feedback from his customers. He adds to his great selection by “importing” local Christmas products from another bakery in Tejeda, these include polvorones and marzipan which are extremely popular. In turn he sends his products to Tejeda so that both businesses complement each other. With all this there is the possibility of offering his customers the opportunity of putting together Christmas hampers;adding wines and liquors, all produced locally, and making this option an extremely unique present for our loved ones. Tito Cabral

In Gran Canaria the most traditional of the Christmas sweets is the “Trucha de Navidad”, a parcel made of a type of puff pastry and filled with either “cabello de Angel” a pumpkin and syrup filling or with sweet potato. These are glazed with egg yolk and baked in the traditional oven, a treat no one must miss out on.


Local News


The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13

Local News

Christmas Greetings from The Managing Director I am sure you will agree that The Canary News has changed considerably over the last few months, and all for the better may I say. Feedback from both advertisers and readers is very positive and as you’ll have noticed in our last edition, new larger clients like the airlines, have decided to advertise with us.

AS 2009 draws to a close, many of us will look back on what has been a particularly hard year for tourism here on Gran Canaria. The British holidaymaker, awaited with eager anticipation, expected to arrive on our shores during the months of June, July and August, never came. Recession is still the ‘buzz’ word with countries’ governments telling us it’s all over and we’re all bouncing back. Really? I wonder where they get their information! Unfortunately, many of our struggling small businesses have finally had to admit defeat; faced with rent increases, product price hikes and the lack of tourists and residents with money to spend, they close their doors for a final time. My heart goes out to these brave individuals whose only crime is to try and earn a decent living. Some of the Canary Islands have fought back by introducing a variety of cost cutting exercises, but alas not us on Gran Canaria. However, enough of the ‘doom and gloom’, let us learn from the experience of this last year and look forward to the coming year with the hope that the government on our island has listened to us. Let us look forward to the return of the European tourist with money to spend; attracted by low cost flights, competitive hotel rates and a good choice of ‘value for money’ restaurants and finally the guaranteed sunshine we have to offer.

Kays’ Comfort Corner still brings a tear to your eye, and is much loved, Nina with her great articles on Scandinavian happenings, Jo with her wonderful tales surrounding her family, Danny our surf boy ‘with attitude’ Nico, our high flyer ‘designer with a difference’ and finally our very own Tito Cabral who flies about the island non-stop, bringing stories and photos on local events and happenings, as only he can do.

So, let me end by saying a big thank you to the team who make the newspaper what it is, and wishing everyone, including our advertisers and readers a Very Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, God Jul, Fröliche Weihnachten, Vrolijk Kerstfeest, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Genna D’Cruz Managing Director, The Canary News

Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News



Importing Goods to the Canary Islands The Pitfalls Explained AS WE are well into the Christmas season of buying and ordering items from outside Gran Canaria, we felt that the following article supplied by Phoenix Trans Internacional would prove beneficial to both individuals and businesses. It will also come in quite useful to businesses who will be re-ordering stock for the coming year.

the wooden pallets used to transport items must also be treated with special chemicals, or the pallets will not be allowed into the country. Phoenix Trans International explained to me that they use special plastic pallets when exporting to Australia.

If you are considering importing any goods to the island, it is recommended that you check for any restrictions first. It is usually better to come to the island and get advice from a reputable company rather than enquiring in the UK. Most companies, although knowing the basic rules would not necessarily know the specifics pertaining to the Canary Islands.

When importing fresh spices into Gran Canaria you must have a Certificate of Origin from the producer or the spices will be destroyed. There are also products which are allowed to be imported, but the quantity is restricted and again certificates must accompany the products. Many people ship their belongings by container, and they normally load their own. However, it is recommended that you obtain advice about what can be put into the container before loading. Alcohol is restricted, so if you are shipping your own bar, or a quantity of wine, be careful as all containers are now x-rayed so you will be found out and the importation charges can be huge, or you could simply have them confiscated. Even if you declare your alcohol content it can cause more problems that it is worth.

Many goods have special restrictions, whether it’s importing a car, boat, personal items or goods such as food and drink. For instance, you can only import potatoes from Spain or the UK as potatoes from other countries may have blight or be infected with insects which are not native to the Canary Islands. One poor person imported potatoes from Germany, his potatoes were destroyed and the container disinfected. Customs then gave the importer a huge bill for the sanitation and he had no potatoes. A very expensive mistake! If you wish to import a pre-fabricated house, you must be very careful about where it was built before shipping it to Gran Canaria - and the paperwork must be correct. If the building was built outside the EU, for instance, and a lot of these buildings are built in Russia, it could be refused entry into Gran Canaria and sent back to the original port. The main reason for this would be the wood has to be treated with chemicals and preservatives accepted and agreed by the EU. When importing into Australia,

If you are shipping a car or motorbike with your personal belongings these need to be declared, and your transport company will require a packing list to ensure that you have nothing in the container that can cause a problem at Customs here in Gran Canaria. If you are shipping a car there are three options; first shipping your car in a closed container – in this way you can also load your car with personal goods and these will be safe. Secondly, you can ship your car in an un-sealed container so that the port terminal can

load and unload the car at each end – for this option they will need your car keys as well as the paperwork, but items can go missing in transit, such as radios etc. The third option is roll on/roll off – again this means that your car goods can be subjected to theft. Also if you are shipping any extra large vehicle or machinery you need to check that your container can pass under bridges for delivery. No matter what you are importing, it is always better to get advice from Gran Canaria beforehand to ensure a safe and easy passage, especially if it is anything unusual. I have had personal experience with trying to import hair products from America. These were simple products exported and accepted all over the world. Yet three months later the products were still held at the Customs in Gran Canaria whilst they tested and sampled and generally refused to release them. In desperation I contacted the American supplier who refunded my money because of all the problems I was having and said they were going to look into the situation themselves. Problems at Customs could cost you a lot of money in import and port charges. Your goods may sit for months before either being released to you, destroyed or even shipped back to the original port, at your expense. So what you think is a money-saving exercise at the outset could cost you dearly at its’ final port of call. So speak to the professionals first, contact Phoenix Trans Internacional today. See their main advert below for contact details. Debbie Wenn


The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13

Letters to the Editor

Please write to us and The Canary News will award the Letter of the Week a Free COMBO meal at Fusion Restaurant & Lounge Bar in Arguineguin (See advertisement below for address) The Canary News reserves the right to edit your letters and accepts no responsility for readers’ opinions.

Dear Sir,

Letter of the week Dear Editor, As a regular reader of The Canary News I must say I am pleased to see the number of charity advertisements increasing and especially the ones for abandoned animals.  It seems with the increase in British, German and Scandinavians deciding to settle on Gran Canaria more and more people are now becoming aware of this big problem of animals either left on the roadside or just to fend for themselves after being thrown out by their uncaring owners.   I was driving through the hills above Mogan and saw quite a few of stray dogs all looking for food and shelter and indeed one poor little things ran into a hole in the cliff when I approached it.  You could tell it wasn’t wild and had been abandoned quite recently.  With a little coaxing it finally came out, and after a nervous five minutes approached me where I fed it the remains of my packed lunch.  I was so tempted to take it home with me but my other dog and cat would not take kindly to a stranger in their midst.  So I reported it to one of the charities who promised they would try and look for it.  I don’t know what happened but I do hope they find it and it’s taken care of.  Best Wishes for Christmas, Maud Best wishes to you Maud. Let’s hope your little friend has found a good home. Ed

In your current edition you ran a story entitled ‘A Morning In The Life Of ‘  by Debbie Wenn. It related to Werner Wildmoser of Phoenix Transport Internacional.   She refers to a ‘ spare - parts car ‘ warehouse, in Pozo Izquierdo. As the owner of a classic German sports car living in G.C., I am finding it impossible to locate a certain part - even in the U.K.   I would therefore be extremely grateful if you could provide me with details of this spare - parts warehouse, ‘phone number, address etc, so I can attempt to source the part. I’ve had the car garaged for nearly twelve months now !  Yours eternally grateful  Marc Cohen   Marc, we have sent you the full contact details by email. Hope you managed to get fixed up. Ed

Then we have the Scotland problem. The S.N.P are slowly draining the pot to look good but are not supplying the solution to filling the pot up again, I suppose they expect England to bail them out or the Right Honourable Connery to fly back from BermudaScottish? and prop up the look- good mob. No wonder more British people are going over to the B.N.P, without stating the obvious our country seems to be over flowing with many nationalities- who pays for all of them that do not work, cannot find work or there is no work available? We all know the answer. But hey it is Christmas so let us find our piggie bank, break it open buy the kids their presents and hope that 2010 will be better for us all.


Merry Christmas SANTA

Politics- when will this lot in London grow up, their recent publication of expenses would make you laugh but wait Mr Darling will fix it all for us over the next 4 years ,yawn, doubt it, he will not be sitting in the big office with a company car for much longer, but

Well Santa, you don’t pull any punches do you? I always thought Santa was really kind and thoughtful, only joking and although we may not agree with everything you say, we take your point. Merry Christmas and have a mince pie on us. Ed

Flor de Pascua POINSETTIAS FIRST came from Mexico when Dr. Joel Poinsett, the first US ambassador to Mexico, brought the plant back in 1828. The Mexicans had long revered poinsettias because they resembled the Star of Bethlehem, the place documented in the Bible as the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Did you know that the poinsettia flower has neither red nor white flowers? The leaves are red, white or variations thereof, and the flowers are the small yellow blossoms in the center.

what about the lot that may replace them are they any better? Do not think so! Why?-Simple they are all out to feather their own nests and take the big fat pensions and run while we the ordinary man and woman pay for their trip.

In Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, the plant is called Cuetlaxochitl meaning “skin flower.” The Aztecs used the plant to produce red dye and as an antipyretic medication. Today it is known in Mexico and Guatemala as “Noche Buena” or Christmas’ Eve. In Spain its known as “Flor de Pascua” or Easter Flower in English. In both Chile and Peru, the plant became known as “Crown of the Andes”. The plants’ association with Christmas began in 16th century Mexico, where legend tells of a young girl who was too poor to provide a gift for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. The tale goes that the child was inspired by an angel to gather weeds from the roadside and place them in front of the church altar. Crimson “blossoms” sprouted from the weeds and became beautiful poinsettias. From the 17th century, Franciscan friars in Mexico included the plants in their Christmas celebrations.

Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News

with Theresa Coe the centre) and take a healthy swig on the ‘a dentro’ (‘down the hatch’ – literally, to the inside). Sharing Christmas traditions

Lesson 9 Christmas comes but once a year – though the most important day in Spain is el 6 de enero (the 6th of January) when kids finally get to open their presents. It is of course the day the three wise men delivered their own gifts and so is known as El Dia de Los Reyes Magos (the Day of the ‘Magic’Kings). Make a toast While celebrating the festive season, whether on Nochebuena (Christmas Eve), el Dia de Navidad (Christmas Day) or Nochevieja (New Year´s Eve – or ‘oldnight’) there´ll be many opportunities to raise your glass. While ¡Salud! (good health) is what the Spanish usually drink to, a fun alternative is the chant: ¡Arriba – Abajo - A Centro - A Dentro! You raise your glasses on the ‘arriba’ (up), lower them on the ‘abajo’ (down), clink together on the ‘a centro’ (to

Last issue we looked at how to make small talk by asking questions. After asking ‘¿Qué se come aquí el Dia de Navidad?’ to find out what is typically eaten here on the 25th, you might want to explain that the Brits traditionally opt for el pavo asado (roast turkey) with las coles de Bruselas (the all-important brussel sprouts) plus of course las papas, chirivías y castañas asadas - roasted potatoes, parsnips and chestnuts….mmm - ¡Qué rico! A yorkshire pudding could be described as una especie de buñuelo, (fritter) as no equivalent exists in Spanish cuisine. Why not ask if your Spanish neighbours also send Christmas cards (¿Envias tarjetas de Navidad?), and give many presents to their loved ones (¿Das muchos regalos a tu familia?). Then there´s el árbol de Navidad - ¿natural o falso? (the Christmas tree – natural or fake?). Find out if they like to hang up ornaments and fairy lights - colgar adornos y luces de Navidad - as part of their decoraciones para la casa. Maybe you´ll follow the Spanish tradition and tomar las uvas (take the grapes – eating one for each of the last twelve seconds of the year). This week´s verb: ¿Te gusta…? Curiously, there´s no direct translation for ‘to like’. Instead the Spanish refer to things that please them, making GUSTAR an indirect or back-to-front verb.


Spanish Lessons

So if you hear ¿Te gusta la Navidad? (literally: you it pleases, the Christmas?), you could answer sí, me gusta, (yes, me it pleases!) or no, no me gusta (you have to say the ‘no’ twice as the first one is your yes/ no answer, while the next bit shows how easy it is to make a negative statement – just sticking a ‘no’ before the verb or action word). If asked ¿Por qué no? (why not) you might want to say porque [por-keh] es muy cara/estresante/ cansada (because it´s very expensive, stressful or tiring). However, si nos gusta la Navidad (if we like Christmas), we might want to describe it as una temporada divertida – especialmente para los niños (a fun season – especially for the kids). Note that where we´d often form an adverb by adding ‘ly’ (as in: ‘normally’), the Spanish add -mente, allowing us to form words like: normalmente and possiblemente (possibly). So as feliz means happy, felizmente means happily. And on that note, ¡Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo! Learn for free with the BBC I´ve sung their praises before but the fun interactive beginners´ course at spanish has been updated and now forms 24 bite-size steps or pasos to get you understanding and speaking the language. Helping you to find your way, order meals, introduce yourself, and understand predictable things that people will say to you, this free course is designed to last 12 weeks.

If you have any questions or comments relating to this column or the Spanish language in general: Please email


The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13

Family Life with Joanna Calderon

Celebrating Three Kings Day THE 6TH January is the day that the Spanish celebrate the festivities of the holiday season. Known as Epiphany or Twelfth Night to the English, the 6th January is also called Kings Day here in Spain or El Dia de Los Reyes, and it is on this day where children are gifted presents in celebration of the birth of Jesus. Reyes Magos The three Kings are mentioned only in the Bible in the Gospel of Mathew which says that they came “from the east to Jerusalem” to worship the Christ, “born King of the Jews”. Due to the fact that only three gifts were recorded, tradition states that there were three Magi, although the text in Mathew doesn’t actually state a number. The Magi, Wise Men or Kings were said to have paid particular attention to the stars as part of their religion, and they gained an international reputation in astrology. In fact the term Magi was applied to the occult in general because of the use of astrological sciences and this in turn led to the English term, Magic.

Across the world and the Eastern Church, a variety of names have been given for the three that visited Christ, however in Western Culture since the 7-8th Century, their names have been given as Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar. Celebrations Thankfully, for my children it’s another day to receive a present so they aren’t so put out by that, however it is also a chance for us to recognise and embrace other countries traditions rather than being steadfast about our own.   These Three Wise Men of the East brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh after having followed the strange star in the heavens warning them of the birth of Christ. This star of course took them on a journey to the stable in Bethlehem.   Perhaps this is a true reminder of what Christmas is really about, rather than our Father Christmas (bless him). St Nicholas, Father Christmas or Santa was actually created as a figure of the Gift Bringer of Christmas in a poem by Ben Jonson in 1616 called ‘Christmas his Masque’, a far more recent tradition that we realise.   When in Spain So how can you join in with the celebrations this year? Well, some families place a statue of one or all of the Three Kings in their house, so that you know ‘it’s not over yet’ – ‘faltan los Reyes’. As with our tradition of Father Christmas, The Three Kings only arrive if the children have been good all year and will pass by the house if the children are awake. Traditionally, the night

before, the children will place grass or hay in boxes under their beds for the camels and when they settle down to sleep the children may listen out for strange noises, or the sound of camel’s hooves. ‘Los Reyes’ arrive before dawn and leave presents for the children, while their camels snack on the grass that has been left for them. During the day there are often processions through the streets where the people dress up as the Three Kings, passing through and scattering sweets to the awaiting children. Often accompanied by Shepherds or animals, some of these parades can last for hours and if you’re ever in a country where you can see one it is well worth the visit. In Las Palmas they will hold a parade and if you would like to attend and enjoy this wonderful custom with your children, (or even if you’re just a big child yourself,) check with the local Tourism office of where there is a parade near you.   Whatever you decide to do, have a wonderful Dia de los Reyes, and remember to put some grass under your bed the night before, as you just never know…   Los tres Santos Reyes, los tres y los tres, Los saludaremos con divina fe. Los tres santos Reyes, yo los sé contar, Gaspar y Melchor y el Rey Baltasar. Llegan con cautela, la Estrella los guía, se sientes sus pasos, en la noche fría. Señores, adiós . . . doy la despedida, al corazón santo, dulce de María. Señores adiós porque ya nos vamos, todos los presentes pasen feliz año. -- Traditional Puerto Rican song ---

Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News


Business Advice

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Great & Glorious TARA Supporters One and All THIS ABOMINABLE recession is brutally upon us. 26+% percent of our neighbours are on PARO in the archipelago. Unemployed ex-patriots are fleeing the island and abandoning their beloved pets. Charity donations and volunteers are falling off as fast as the economy sinks. More animals in Gran Canaria need a human helping hand than ever before. What to do? We suggest a celebration! Celebrate our good weather; celebrate our animal friends; celebrate the animals TARA and her supporters have been able to save in 2009. Dance to the music; Eat, drink, and be merry - for life is a cabaret if only we see it that way! If you go to one year-end party this holiday season, let it be the TARA 2009 Year-End Celebration! The fabulous venue (The Barbacoa - at the top-o-the-hill in EUROCentre, Puerto Rico) has been donated by the always

generous animal welfare supporter, Andy Maconochie. Andy is also donating the sumptuous buffets for vegetarians and carnivores alike, the service staff and three top rate shows. TARA supporter musical artists are donating their entertainment talents. Several thousand EUROS in prizes for raffles have been donated by local businesses supporting TARA. That means generosity pays for this party - while every centimo of the €10 entrance fee will be used to save abandoned animals. So please plan on spending one night celebrating life in Paradise - one night with enthusiastic TARA supporters revelling in what’s right about life instead of what’s wrong! Saturday, December 19th, is the night - 1900 hours (7pm) is the time! Don’t worry, be happy! Be there - or be square! Thank you - as always - from the sentient beings you will be helping.

Happy Paws and Claws TARA Volunteers +34 607 671 617 Mobile


The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13

Scandinavian Scene

with Nina Blaafjell

Local Residents helps the Less Fortunate The Asoc. De Vecinos Las Lomas de Arguineguin is an association helping those who need food and can not afford it themselves. In recent months due to the global recession this number is higher than ever and the association is currently helping 80 local families every week. The families receiving help must register with the association and then come to the association’s premises in Arguineguin to collect their food weekly. Jenni Hymoff Koeppel is one of volunteers who organise the project. She explained that the Spanish social security and unemployment benefits are not nearly enough to support a family and that their rent or mortgage costs alone are usually much higher than the benefits they receive. Most of the families the association helps have not previously had any problems but the current economic situation and in turn the lack of jobs available has resulted in a significant rise in those who need help. The local Norwegian community in Arguineguin have been instrumental in funding the association. Two of the Norwegians helping the project are Eli Waage and Rønnaug Johansen who were there the evening the Canary News visited. They spoke of the importance of helping those in the local community who need it. They consider themselves lucky to be able to live here in Gran Canaria but also to come from a country currently in a better position and with a more comprehensive social security system enabling them to help those here who are less fortunate.

local children. Mariann Lillefuhr from Radio Noruega was also there the evening I visited, and is another local Norwegian who is passionate about the cause. She has been using the radio station to raise awareness of the project and to encourage other local Norwegians to help. Recently a concert held by the Norwegian Club Choir and the Choir of the Norwegian Church was recorded by Radio Noruega and later a CD was produced. The proceeds from this CD will benefit the association and is available to buy at the Norwegian Church, the Norwegian Club, Christina’s Exchange in the main shopping centre in Puerto Rico and the Restaurant Zona Verde in Puerto Mogan. Jenni stresses the need for more food donations as the number of people the association helps rises. The association has been helping local families but also many other nationalities who have been in need. Personally I was very moved by the amount of time and effort all the volunteers put into the project. At the moment the association does not have a drop off point for food donations in Puerto Rico and I have now volunteered to collect any donations at my premises located in the Europa Center in Puerto Rico. I would therefore like to encourage all local residents, bars, restaurants and shops in Puerto Rico as well as those of you on holiday to donate any food items you don’t need or use to this worthwhile cause. You can drop of items at Puerto Rico Diving Center in the Europa Center in Puerto Rico which I will forward to the association. Nina Blaafjell

Lucia Celebrations at the Swedish School

The fundraising is done in many ways and some of it is done through the Norwegian Church in Arguineguin. Profits from certain church events are donated to the project as well as individual donations from Norwegians who live locally. The Norwegian School in Arguineguin are also taking an active part in fundraising, and in the weeks leading up to their Christmas party on the 16th December, they have been actively collecting money at the school. They will also be bringing presents to the party that are to be given to

On Sunday the 13th December the Swedish School in San Agustin held their Christmas Fair. The 13th December is Lucia day in Sweden and children at the school were holding their own procession. At 19.00 the children appeared from inside the school with the traditional lights and singing the Lucia song. They then entertained the many visitors with some traditional Christmas songs before parading around the school playground area, again singing the traditional Lucia song. In addition there was food and drink available to buy as well as Christmas gifts made by the school children. Lotta Olofsson, the principal at the school, was very pleased with the turn out. All proceeds from the evening will be used for the benefit of the children at the school. Nina Blaafjell

Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News

- Julenisse Norwegian Santa Claus WHILE SANTA Claus comes from America (really established as a Coca Cola advertising spokesperson in the 1930s) and St Nicholas comes from Germany, the Julenisse come from the Norwegian forest — just behind the family barn. While there are entire communities of nisse who come in all shapes and sizes, the Julenisse is a kind of cross between Father Christmas and a nisse. The most characteristic features of Norway’s answer to Santa Claus are his red stocking cap and long white beard. The Julenisse wears knee breeches, hand-knitted stockings, a Norwegian sweater and a homespun jacket. On top he wears a heavy fur coat — it can get cold in Norway in the winter. He is jolly and happy, but can also be stern and even not very nice. If you don’t stay in is his good books through bribes, he can sabotage your happiness in any number of ways.



beer and lefse on Christmas Eve. Many farms would make up a bed for the nisse on Christmas Eve and the honorary place at the table stood ready and waiting for him. Children grow up believing in this person. A friend or relative dressed up as Julenisse comes to the house with a sack of presents on Christmas. In “naughty or nice” Santa style, he asked the famous question, “Are there any good children here?” When the Christmas porridge is put out in the barn on Christmas Eve, it is gone the next morning.

The older generation believed the nisse was the original settler of the land. His primary duty was to protect the land and buildings. He kept the farm in good order and would be helpful as long as he got his Christmas porridge or Christmas

Local TV Star Wins In a previous edition we told you how local resident Marcel Vandenzande was a local TV star after taking part in the Dutch/Belgian version of Survivor, Expeditie Robinson. The programme was shown every week at Wigwams bar in Puerto Rico. As the weeks passed Marcel was still retained his place in the programme and when the final was shown on the 3rd December, he was one of the participating contestants. At this point there were five people left. One lady had immunity and was guaranteed a place in the final, another woman won a game in the previous episode so was given a place in the final then it was left to three men, including Marcel, to battle it out for the last available place. The three man had to complete a course of challenges including a puzzle to release three wooden blocks which they needed later in the game, a mental puzzle to rearrange numbers into the correct order, build a high straight tower using blocks which had to stand for a certain time and finally start a fire which they needed to use to light torches which they had to throw at a target in the water to start another fire. Nail biting does not even begin to describe the events and at times it looked like Marcel would not be able to catch up, then he was ahead, then behind again until he finally managed to ignite the target and win this challenge.

Marcel Vandenzande

However, it did not end there, he was now in the final along with the two women but the contestants which were voted out previously were now brought back to vote for the winner. As the votes were cast it was still unclear who would win until the final votes were revealed and Marcel was declared the winner. After many days trekking through jungle, eating frogs and iguanas, having little food, loosing lots of weight and taking part in many difficult challenges he won the competition. He was interviewed for Dutch television and has been featured in many Dutch and Belgian publications so is our very on celebrity. Despite the challenging conditions Marcel maintains that he enjoyed the experience and is very happy that he took part in the programme. Well done Marcel!

The Norwegian Church in Arguineguin has the following programme for Christmas & New Year : Thursday 24 December 14.00    Family service held in the Catholic Church in Arguineguin 16.00    Christmas Eve service held in the Catholic Church in Arguineguin 19.00    Christmas Eve at the Norwegian Church premises  Coffee, cakes & entertainment Children € 5 & Adults € 10     Friday 25 December    18.00    Christmas day service held in the Catholic Church in Arguineguin

Sunday 27 December    18.00    Christmas party at the Norwegian Church premises - € 5 per person Thursday 31 December     20.00    New Years Eve party - 10 € per person                                 On the 26 December and on the 31 December during the day the church will be closed. On the 28 & 29 December the church is open from 11.00 – 19.00 and on the 30 December from 11.00 – 15.00

The Swedish Church in Gran Canaria has the following programme at Christmas : Thursday 17 December 19.30 The church’s choir will hold a Christmas Concert in the Temple Ecumenico en Playa del Ingles Thursday 24 December 11.00 Christmas prayers followed by food at the Swedish Church premises in San Agustin 23.30 Midnight Mass in the Swedish Church premises in San Agustin                   Thursday 31 December 14, 2009  18.00 New Years prayers in the Swedish Church premises in San Agustin


The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13

Las Palmas

Round The Island By Global Bus cliffs with sheer drops to the sea, before dropping down into Puerto Mogán. Arriving after only 40 minutes, there was plenty of time to take some coffee and toast, sitting quietly in the morning sunshine by the lovely Puerto Mogán marina.

Travelling by local public transport can be a good way to get the local ‘flavour’ of an area. A private tour coach trip, with an on board guide, usually visits only selected highlights and certain tourist shops. To travel on the local ‘Global’ buses around Gran Canaria in a day seemed like an interesting challenge. From reading the southern area bus information leaflet I found it was possible to travel up and down the coastline of Gran Canaria by local bus. One bright sunny Wednesday morning, a little after 9.00 am, I hopped aboard the number 32 bus in Playa del Ingles heading west. With only 6 other passengers, we headed quickly along the GC1 motorway, through the road tunnels, and then along the top of the

At 11.30am, I boarded a smart, new looking short length bus; the 5 times a day route 38 north to San Nicholas. We soon passed through the small town of Mogán, and started steadily climbing into the mountains in the Parque rural del Nublo. The bus made two interesting diversions into the villages of Veneguera and Tasarte, dropping off local Canarians after their morning shopping trip to Mogán. Just 90 minutes later, I and 3 other passengers were set down, in the middle of some road re-construction, on a dual carriageway in the outskirts of San Nicholas. Not so friendly! San Nicholas at lunchtime, on a hot, sunny day was very quiet, but there was over an hour before the next bus journey, so plenty of time to walk around, stopping for a drink and a sandwich in a local bar, and taking in some of the local flavour of the town. Promptly at 2.00 pm, the infrequent 101 bus arrived at the same San Nicholas ‘bus stop’, collected

a handful of passengers, and started its journey to Gáldar. After a seaside stop at Playa de la Aldea, the bus headed north west. The route along the Arden Verde is truly spectacular, running the length of the west coast, high above the sea. The many twists and turns of the road, climbing up and down the mountains, is quite hair-raising. Travelling by local bus was no exception. The driver obviously knew the road well. He also knew how to blow the horn on the bus! Perhaps this is why I was the only passenger on the bus after El Risco until we reached the harbour town of Agaete.

I felt quite exhausted! A spectacular journey in so many ways, with fantastic scenery, but a pity that there was a fast schedule for the timetable. From Gáldar there are frequent buses skirting along the north coast into Las Palmas. I took a busy 103 bus, and after some 50 minutes was again on my feet walking in Las Palmas. Near to the San Telmo bus station, was a life size exhibition made up of parts of a train which is planned to run a on new express rail service south to Playa del Inglés some years hence. But for today’s final journey, it was by bus to reach Playa del Inglés. The excellent number 30 bus runs every 20 minutes in the week, directly via the GC-1 motorway. And so by 7.30pm I was stepping off the bus in Playa del Inglés, after about 1 hour journey.

After winding our way through the narrow streets of this pretty town, we collected some more passengers for Gáldar. Some 90 minutes after the journey started, the bus was turning into Gáldar bus station; end of the journey.

So after travelling on just 5 buses, spending just under 14 euros (using the 20% discount card), the day had been definitely very interesting, exhilarating and a little tiring, but well worth it! Article kindly supplied by one of our readers - Paul Landymore

Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News

‘The Canarian Lawyer’ Credit cards I was robbed of my the purse and with it my credit cards. I did not inform my credit card company until five hours later. If they have used my cards, must I pay what they spent with it? You must follow what it says in the contract terms and conditions according to the conditions of the European banking sector. These say that the cardholder will not assume any responsibility for the fraudulent purchases after informing of the loss or robbery and will assume the payment of 150 Euros maximum of the fraudulent payments that take place, before communicating the loss or robbery. The law does not indicate a time limit before reporting the loss or theft. Running out of gasoline on the motorway If I run out of fuel on the motorway, can I request assistance? Yes. In fact it is covered by the car insurance if attendance on the motorway is included. Check your insurance policy details False Banknotes I went to put money into my savings bank and they detected that a bank note was false. They said to me that

Your Questions Answered

they will retain that bank note and that they will not credit my account with the amount. Shouldn’t they give it back to me instead of retaining it? No. If a bank detects a false bank note, they must retain it. The proprietor of the bank note can demand a receipt to the organization that retains the bank note, with the purpose of being able to recover its’ value if finally it were found not to be false. This question will be decided by the National Centre of Analysis of the Bank of Spain where the bank note is sent to be studied. On the other hand, to give somebody a false bank note and being conscience of it is a crime, if one is able to prove that it has been carried out with the clear intention and will to swindle. ESTHER RIVERO RODRIGUEZ MIGUEL MENDOZA MARTIN SEND THEIR GREETINGS And hereby inform you that the Law Firm RIVERO & MENDOZA is at your full disposal providing professional and effictive legal advice and support in many areas including civil, mercantile, labour and criminal matters. The whole staff of the firm is fluent in German, English and Spanish and is

there ready to have a close and direct communication with their clients. They would also like to inform you about their office in Mogan where their professional services are also available at : Paseo de los Pescadore, 35138 Playa de Mogan Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-14pm

Web and Computer problems? a serious printer issue and we suggest contacting the printer manufacturer for additional steps and/or instructions on repair or replacement.

Q. What can I do if I’m unable to get the printer to turn on and/or print properly. Printer does not have power indicator First, make sure that the printer is on. When a printer is on it should have some type of light (usually green) that indicates that the printer is receiving power and is on. If you do not have any indicator light make sure the printer is connected to a working power outlet by verifying each end of the power cable. Next, press the printer power button. If after following the above steps your printer still cannot get a power status indicator it’s likely you’re encountering


Cables not connected properly Your printer should have two cables connected to it. The power cable and the data cable, the power cable should have already been verified as being connected if your printer has a power indicator light as mentioned above. Make sure the data cable (parallel cable or USB) is also connected from the printer to the computer. Printer error (orange or blinking light) After your printer has completed its initial startup you should have a solid green light. If the light indicator is blinking or orange often this is an indication of a printer error. For example, this could indicate a paper jam, issue with the ink or toner cartridge, or other serious error. Because there is no standard to what a blinking light or orange light means, if you’re getting either of these we suggest referring to the printer documentation for troubleshooting steps or methods of

Finally they would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010 determining what the status indicator is reporting. No paper or paper jam Without paper your printer will not be able to print. Make sure you have paper in the paper loaded into the printer paper cartridge or tray. Next, verify that no printer paper is jammed or partially fed into the printer. If you have one or more pieces of paper stuck in the printer these will need to be manually removed before the printer will print again. Inkjet printer ink related issues Often when you’re encountering an ink related issue you’re printer status indicator light (mentioned above) should be flashing. If this is not occurring you may want to simply skip to the next section. However, if you’ve recently inserted a new ink cartridge you may want to try the below suggestions. Printer self tests Most printers have a way of printing a test page. This page allows you to determine if the printer is physically working or not. This test is usually accomplished by

holding down a series of keys. If you are not sure if your printer has this feature or how to perform it refer to your manual or visit your printer maufacturer’s website. In addition to testing the printer using the printer self-test Microsoft Windows users can also perform a software selftest to determine if their computer is able to see the printer and it’s able to print. Follow the below steps to perform this test. Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, 2003, and Vista users 1.Click Start, Settings, and open Control Panel. 2.Double-click the Printers or Printers and Fax icon. 3.Right-click on the Printer you wish to test and click Properties. If you do not see your printer listed your printer is not installed. 4.In the Printers Properties window click the Print Test Page button. 5.If the printer is able to print a test page, you’re printer is installed and setup properly. However, if you’re unable to print in other programs it’s possible that the program you’re attempting to print from has issues.


The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13


The “Fat One” Signals Christmas IF IN Spain Christmas had to be given a sound, it would have to be the lottery drums and the chanting of the children of San Ildefonso, singing the numbers of the National Lottery Christmas Special. Each year on the morning of the 22nd of December the whole country waits with baited breath for this unique draw which fills all Spaniards with the hope that their number will be chosen as “El Gordo”. “The Fat One”, as it is literally translated, is a top prize of 3 million euros per series or three hundred thousand per ticket which equals the same. Spaniards spend at least 20€ to buy a ticket which creates a pre-Christmas buzz. Work colleagues and friends will form small groups in order to participate together with several different numbers, because this is what makes this draw so special; it manages to spread the prize money amongst lots of different people, giving many families a taste of happiness. Television and Radio stations will all transmit the draw live giving everyone a chance to listen to the action, especially when one of the children singing the numbers

interrupts the draw to announce a big prize. The prize money is spread amongst 13 top prizes as well as 1774 smaller ones known as “Pedrea”, which we all hope for after finding out we did not get the big one. If we have not had any luck we still get a chance with the second draw before Kings Day called “El Niño”, or also known as the National Health Day due to the comment we all make if we have not won anything, “Well at least we have our health!” Try your luck and participate in this draw, sharing the hope of becoming a National Christmas Lottery winner, and hopefully we will see you on television with a bottle of cava in one hand and your winning ticket on the other. Good Luck! Tito Cabral

Noche Buena - A Family Affair Noche buena is the night of the 24th December, and in Spain is considered one of the most special of the whole year. If you have lived here for a few years you will have noticed that on this evening all the streets are deserted and almost all businesses are closed. That is because everyone is in their homes with their families sharing this magical night which brings them all together. We all recognize the smell of Christmas as soon as we walk into our familys’ home; our mother will normally be in the kitchen preparing her Christmas Eve specialties; the table will be decorated for the occasion and the children are usually running around the house. Those who work or live far from home will have returned in order to spend this night with their loved ones, even married couples will take turns with whose family they spend this magical night with and it cannot be spent with anyone else, but the family. Christmas carols will be playing, an event fact which automatically transports us back to our childhood as these are always the same. Now we are all together and dinner can be served. Each community usually has their typical dish, here in Gran Canaria it’s the roasted kid, but before that we all usually share a common starter composed of

the best fresh shellfish money can buy, and in most cases king prawns are the main starter. We accompany all the food with good wines, a Spanish dining table would not be one without these, and to finish off we will crack open a bottle or two of cava. No celebration can take place without this. In the middle of the table, as dessert, a large tray will be placed with “Polvorones & Turrones”, this truly being the taste of Christmas at any Spanish table. Today we all exchange presents as Santa has entered our lives from abroad, this moment is especially looked forward to by the younger members of the family, who will immediately start playing with their toys and games, whilst the adults will continue the evening singing Christmas carols together. In my case we also write a small wish for the coming year on a paper star which after reading out to all we hang from the Christmas tree. Now that you are in Spain why not celebrate this night like a local, and even if your family is far from you try and share it with friends or your partner and become one of us to celebrate the night before the birth of Christ. Feliz Navidad! Tito Cabral

Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News



New Year Custom and Celebrations in Gran Canaria NEW YEARS Eve represents both the end and new beginning, and in Gran Canaria, as the rest of the world, it is celebrated in many ways. As with many cultures, Spaniards share some traditions and rituals which take place only on this night; most in order to attract good fortune and luck into their lives; to summarise it’s a night where no amulet goes amiss!

The celebration of New Years Eve begins with a family dinner, again displaying the best produce that the family can afford, as well as several bottles of cava. The tables will be decorated with “Cotillones”, a party bag which contains hats, whistles, confetti, trumpets and other bits and bobs which help to create a party atmosphere. But what makes

this evening special in Spain are the rituals and customs which take place. To begin with it is customary to wear red underwear on this special evening, this is extremely important as red attracts good luck. In some cases it can be replaced by wearing a red ribbon around the left wrist or even pink underwear, but only in leap years. Spaniards also welcome the New Year with the lucky grapes; we eat one grape with every chime of the bells at midnight, ending up with a total of twelve in our mouths; a hard but necessary ritual which attracts good fortune and ensures a good year. The tradition is believed to have originated from Alicante back in 1909, where a group of farmers found themselves with an excess crop of grapes and invented this particular custom in order to sell them. Today apart from conventional grapes, we may see tinned and bags of lucky grapes already counted and prepared on the shelves of supermarkets. Another theory is that it was the Jews who first invented this custom, as apparently they like to give away grapes at the end of the year for each hour they have spent with you. In times of economic crisis attracting money is of essence to all, and again the New Year offers the possibility to carry out the necessary

rituals in order to achieve this. Firstly we can put some bank notes in our shoes; it is believed that by walking on money we will attract it. In addition we can also place an item of gold in our glass of cava, taking good care not to swallow it as it is necessary you finish the contents before taking it out. Candles also play an important role on this night, golden ones attract money, blue can help you change jobs, yellow ones will bring good fortune to your business, and purple ones are supposed to change negative energy into positive. Other rituals include standing on your left foot during the chiming of the bells in order to start the year with the “right foot”, if you want to go on a voyage you should pack a suit case, and at 12.15am you have to walk out of the door and back in again. You could replace this last ritual with simply having a train or airplane ticket in your pocket but apparently it is not as effective! So there are a great number of rituals which you can do in order to ensure a good 2010. Who are we to say that Spaniards are mad for believing in these; after all it has been a tough year and we all need to believe in something which will at least comfort us! Happy New Year! Tito Cabral

The Three Kings from Orient ALTHOUGH DUE to influences from foreign countries the figure of Santa Claus is gathering more and more followers in Spain, the custom has always been that the Christmas presents are brought to Spanish children by the Three Kings of the Orient. Gaspar, Melchor and Balthazar, riding their camels, journey across the Spain and the islands with their helpers delivering toys and presents to all the children who have been good. The tradition comes from the bible stories of the Three Kings who visited baby Jesus and paid tribute to him in his crib in Bethlehem, presenting him with Gold, Incense and Myrrh. It is not clear how far back this catholic customs goes, but it is one that dominates in Spanish speaking countries, especially in Latin America.   Traditionally children write  a letter with their list of preferred toys and presents, and have to explain how well they have behaved during the past year in order to have their wishes granted. On the night of the 5th January, Epiphany, the children will leave their shoes in a  certain spot and the morning after this is where they will find their presents. As with Santa, it is customary to leave a small offering in the form of typical Christmas cakes “Polvorones and Turron” for the kings when they arrive, so they can regain strength and continue their journey delivering toys and presents to all the children in Spain. It is also usual to leave water or milk for the refreshment of their camels. However, if any child has not behaved well the Three Kings will leave a bag of coal instead of the presents, but today the coal is made with sugar as a practical joke.

Usually, in main cities and even small villages the three Kings arrive with their caravan of presents enabling the children a chance to see them, and give them their letters personally. It is at this moment when the magic of the Three Kings becomes real to thousands of children, who with astonishment and excitement, eagerly await the arrival. The Kings arrive on their camels then take their place on the thrones so that they can receive the children.

In the city of Las Palmas, their majesties are received by the Mayor of the city where they arrive by boat, they are then escorted through the main streets greeting all who have travelled to see them, turning the city into a huge celebration. Ironically, with the introduction of Santa a healthy rivalry has been developing between him and the Three Kings, always “fighting” to see who brings the best presents! Tito Cabral


The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13

Twitters from the Atlantic with Barrie Mahoney

Barrie’s novel ‘Journeys and Jigsaws’ (ISBN: 9781843865384). - Book 1 From Teacher to Drag Queen which is now available on the island. Just call: 928 729 277 and we will get a copy to you. Price 13,99 euros. An ideal Christmas present! © Barrie Mahoney

A Bit of a Wrench at Christmas Airports do give me problems. Whether it is excess luggage or simply that the wretched security alarms will just not stop bleeping whenever I enter their territory; it is always an annoying and often embarrassing experience. My recent visit to the UK was a case in point.

Last Christmas, I was tempted to purchase a new kind of adjustable spanner. It was marketed heavily on television and in the national press and after a sorry incident with our downstairs loo - I won’t go into detail here - and many hours of grappling with all manner of antiquated tools, I decided that if I had one of these new ‘super spanners’ the job would have been done in a flash. Sadly, despite dropping many unsubtle hints to my partner, it did not appear in my Christmas stocking last year. After Christmas, none were to be seen in the shops and it was my brother who came to the rescue. He would order one from Amazon and would give it to me, as a Christmas present this year, when I returned to the UK. Why he could not have had it posted direct to me, I did not like to ask and so I looked forward to collecting the magic tool during my next visit to see the family. “Now then sir, is this your bag?” came an officious sounding voice at Gatwick Airport security. I had just been frisked by a security officer and had thought that my ordeal was over for the time being. I nodded. “Would you mind coming over to this table whilst I empty your bag. We have just x-rayed your bag and

you have two suspicious items inside. I would like to examine these items more closely and in your presence.” I was beckoned to a nearby table whilst the security officer donned rubber gloves and began removing all the items from my bag. “My, sir certainly likes his toys, doesn’t he?” frowned the security officer as he removed a laptop computer, three mobile phones, various adapters, Tom Tom navigation unit and accessories as well as a number of cables, dongles and plug ins. He frowned again as he retrieved a number of small Christmas presents carefully packed by an elderly relative. He waved one of the small items in the air. “This is one of them. Do you know what’s inside?”

I had no idea, but suddenly realising that this was not the correct answer, I replied, “A potato peeler. I cannot get a good one at home and Auntie Gertie thought we would like it.” The security officer smiled. “Hmm, yes, it feels like it. It would be a pity to open it, wouldn’t it? It would spoil Auntie Gertie’s surprise. I’ll x-ray it again and see.” This time he was being remarkably helpful and I thanked him. After a moment or two he returned to the table with a spring in his step. “Yes, that’s it. A potato peeler it is, but don’t tell Auntie Gertie I told you.” He laughed heartily. “Now what about this other item?” The security officer proceeded to remove the last items from my large and heavy bag. “Hmm, now if I am not mistaken, I think you will find that this is the problem.” He triumphantly held my brother’s Christmas gift - my new adjustable spanner - in the air. “You cannot take this on board, sir. This wrench is a potentially dangerous weapon.” “You cannot be serious,” I responded angrily. “It is not a wrench, it is an adjustable spanner,”

I protested, but sensibly recognising that a dialogue about the Oxford Dictionary definition of both spanner and a wrench would not be entirely appropriate at this point. “Look it is still in its plastic packaging. You would need a strong pair of scissors, if not a sharp knife, to open it. We all know that any self respecting terrorist would only consider carrying out his dastardly deed with a pair of nail scissors or a nail file, but I cannot see any terrorist wanting to use my spanner without first removing it from its plastic packaging. To do that they would need scissors or a sharp knife which, as we both know, are banned,” I added triumphantly. This was the wrong response and for a moment I thought that I was about to be arrested. The security officer frowned. “This item, sir, is a dangerous wrench and in the wrong hands it could be a lethal weapon just as it is, plastic packaging and all. I have no alternative, but to confiscate it. You will just have to tell your Auntie Gertie that we are sorry, but she really must not send you back on flights with dangerous items in your hand luggage.” Dear Auntie Gertie, who died long ago I might add, would be spinning in her grave if she knew that an innocent potato peeler and an adjustable spanner, attributed to her generosity in the spur of the moment, were considered even possible threats for an act of terrorism. Now her heavy handbag and sharp stiletto heels were an entirely different matter... Sorry, Auntie! If you enjoyed this article, take a look at Barrie’s website:

Besugo de Navidad al Horno The night of the 24th December is the big night for all Spaniards during the Christmas festivities, it is a night where the whole family gets together to enjoy a very special meal and exchange gifts. Food as always is the star of the night; we all make an exceptional effort in order to assemble a dining table like no other in the year. Shellfish, the best Serrano Ham and other delicacies will be enjoyed by thousands of Spanish on this very special night. Traditionally in most parts of the country it is customary to serve “Besugo”, Sea Bream, cooked in the oven with a tomato sauce, if you would like to give your Christmas Eve a Spanish feel here’s another recipe for you to try: For 4 people: 2 medium sized sea breams, approximately 600 grams each 1 kilogram of tomatoes 1 glass of white wine The juice of 2 lemons and 1 sliced 1 bay leave 3 heaped table spoons of bread crumbs 3 garlic cloves 1 bunch of parsley Extra virgin olive oil 1 fish stock cube Salt and pepper

Peel and chop the tomatoes, cook with some olive oil in a pan until they become a smooth but consistent sauce. If you like put it in a blender in order to get a smoother texture and season to taste. Meanwhile, season the Sea Bream with the salt, pepper and the crushed fish stock cube; ask your fish monger to clean the insides and descale the fish, but ensure you leave it whole. Put the lemon slice inside and place in an oven dish, add the lemon juice and drizzle with oil. Place in a pre heated oven, 180º centigrade, and cook for about 10 minutes. After 5 minutes, add half the glass of white wine. In a mortar crush the garlic and parsley until they become a paste, incorporate this to the bread crumbs and mix. Take the fish out of the oven; cover the fish with the tomato sauce and then the bread crumb mixture. Add the rest of the white wine and place back in the oven for another 10 minutes. Tito Cabral

Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News


Canarian Cookery

Baifo al Horno -Oven Roasted Kid In the Canary Islands Christmas also brings some traditional and typical dishes, ranging from savoury specialities to a wide variety of sweets and cakes. On the night of Christmas Eve many Canarians will be having roasted Kid for dinner. This coincides with the fact that goats give birth between the months of November and December. If you would like to join them with this traditional dish here’s how it’s done.

Take a roasting dish and put on a high heat, add some olive oil. Rub the meat with the salt and pepper and seal the legs of kid in the roasting dish until golden all over. Remove the meat from the dish and put to one side. Add more oil to the roasting dish, slightly cook the garlic slices, then add the onions and peppers and sauté until translucent. Add the red wine and saffron and reduce slightly.

Ingredients for 4 people; Slice the potatoes and tomatoes and add to the dish, mix all the ingredients together with the thyme and bay leaves. Put the meat on the mixture and cook in a pre heated oven, 180º centigrade, for about an hour and twenty minutes.

2 legs of kid about 800 grams each, Tito Cabral use another cut if you prefer 30 grams of sliced garlic 200 grams of finely sliced onion 200 grams of finely sliced pepper 200 grams of tomato 1 sprig of thyme 2 bay leaves 320 grams of peeled potatoes 1 glass of red wine Extra virgin olive oil Saffron Salt and pepper

Traditional Christmas Chestnut Seller


The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13

Health and Beauty

Christmas Beauty Tips With the festive season now upon us,The Canary News decided to give you ladies (and some gentlemen!) a few handy tips on how to look gorgeous over the next few weeks. Q: I’ve got a few parties to go to over the next few weeks and I’m worried about oily shine ruining my make up. How can I control the shine without resorting to face powder which I don’t like? A: Do try one of the mattifying lotions that are around now. They contain micro-sponges that absorb oil and don’t clog pores. Be sure to clean your face thoroughly before applying you lotion in place of your moisturiser. If you can get hold of it Philosophy’s ‘Never Let Them See You Shine’ is a good one at around which you should be able to find in the cosmetics department in El Corte Ingles. Q: I like the result of exfoliating my face but I’m worried about doing it just before a big night out as it sometimes causes blotches. When should I do it ideally? A: If you are experiencing blotchiness it’s probably because you are a little too heavy handed with the product, scrubbing a little too hard. Or it could be that the product you are using is too harsh to begin with. Many exfoliators contain harsh gritty particles that can do more harm than good. Don’t be tempted in to buying at the cheaper end of the market, especially if you have sensitive skin. A good quality exfoliator could be used every day with no ill effects and certainly should be safe to use before any big party. Invest in quality product from the big named brands or try Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish which gently removes dead skin cells on a daily basis. Q: I want my nails to look really great for the big office night out this Christmas but unfortunately I have some yellow staining. How do I shift it? A: That’s easy! Simply squeeze a lemon into half a cup of water and soak for a few minutes. Rinse and repeat every two days for a week and the stains will disappear. Alternatively dissolve a denture cleaning tablet in some water and soak nails for five minutes. Works a treat on nicotine too! Q: I suffer from really dry lips but have managed to get them looking really good at the moment. Trouble is I don’t want to spoil them again by over doing the lipstick. Any suggestions? A: You need to avoid wearing long lasting lipsticks, which tend to be drying. The more gloss a lipstick has the better. Try one of Christian Dior’s Sheer collection My all time favourite lipstick ‘Sheer Pansy’ is a colour that will suit most people and is truly kind to lips. You will need to apply a sheer lip colour more often than a staining kind but a good quality one will have better staying power. Also make sure the lip balm you use does not contain camphor. This ingredient is in many lip healers but can actually irritate some people’s lips. Q: I’ve had too many late nights recently and my complexion is looking a bit dull. How can I look like I’ve had an early night even though I haven’t? A: Try one of the new brightening creams in the shops at the moment, such as Estee Lauder’s ‘Spotlight Skintone Perfector’. If you only need a light moisturiser you can use this instead, but if you tend towards dry

skin use a moisturiser first. You could even mix it with your usual foundation to give it a fresher, dewy look. Q: I have quite a lot of open pores. Is there anything I can do to minimise them? A: Unfortunately the answer here is no. You can however stop them from getting any worse. Avoid the temptation to keep wiping them with harsh toner. This will remove the oil but will send the oil glands into overdrive, producing more oil making the pores increase in size. Also, this area does not need to be moisturised so avoid adding any when you do the rest of your face. It’s best to clean this area with a gentle but effective liquid such as Liz Earle’s ‘Instant Skin Boost Tonic’, which contains soothing and cleansing ingredients such as aloe vera. This will keep pores free from oil without the need to replace moisture.

Dark circles spoil the look of the eyes and consequently the over all look of the face. But makeup is the tool that can successfully and very easily hide these and make your eyes look beautiful. Remember that if makeup is applied in the right manner then it can enhance your beauty by highlighting what is good on your face and hide the flaws. Dark circles are a very common problem and they can be overcome very successfully if you follow the following tips and suggestions. Clean your face and then apply a lotion. Make sure that the quantity of the lotion is very small. Let the lotion set and sink into the skin. It will take few minutes. This step is very important as it will help the makeup to glide on very smoothly and evenly and in addition it will keep the lines and wrinkles of the face from being magnified. Then you need to put a very small drop of the concealer on the tip of the middle finger and dab it very gently and carefully on the dark circles. Use outward motions and rub it very gently across the skin. Make sure to blend it very well to avoid an artificial look. Then the face is ready for the normal make up. Apply the foundation as usual, but make sure to apply a very thin layer of it. Blend it with the concealer carefully and properly. Then the next step is to apply the eye shadow. Make sure that the color of the eye shadow should be such that it lessens the purple or blue look under the eye area. Instead of blues and purples, go for browns, taupe or even gold, which will not only hide your dark circles but also make your eyes look very beautiful. Follow the above things very carefully and you yourself will find that as if you do not have any dark circles at all. Seriously, those dark circles can be very successfully and naturally hidden under the cover of the make up. This will enhance the beauty of your face and make you look more attractive.

Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News


Canarian Character

Pepe Benavente Canarian Singer Extraordinaire FOR THIS weeks’ Canarian Character we have chosen to talk about Pepe Benavente, and we have done this because of two main reasons; firstly they don’t come more Canarian than Pepe, he lives, breathes and eats Canarian. Pepe is a very popular local singer and his songs reflect that love and passion which he feels for these islands, and this takes me to the second reason which is that he has recently released a Christmas Carols cd using his characteristic style to sing them. He was born 56 years ago on the island of Tenerife, and since he was a very young boy he was considered to have an enchanting voice, and would frequently be asked to sing songs for the entertainment of adults and children alike. He soon started to feel a passion for music, so much so that he confesses to have neglected his academic studies a little too much! This, like so many other Canarians, forced him to begin his working life as a teenager, following in his father’s footsteps as a welder in the shipyards in Santa Cruz. Motivated like no other and with a

constant wish to get better and learn, Pepe put his name down for every single training course he could get his hands on, in order to increase his abilities and knowledge in the welding world. With the years Pepe became very well known and appreciated in his trade, one he would be involved in for 33 years. But although his main activity for making money was welding, Pepe never detached himself from the music world; during the last three decades he has been a member of several successful bands which entertained many Pepe Benavente crowds. They mainly performed in local Fiestas but soon his name started to become well known much to the delight of his many fans. Only 5 years ago he was forced to take a decision, as his music abilities started to create a very high demand which was beginning to conflict with his work. Pepe knew that the welding work he was doing was not exactly the ideal situation to take care of his voice, so he hung up his welding equipment, grabbed his

Fuze Bar, Yumbo Centrum A WARM and friendly welcome will greet you at the newly opened Fuze Bar (formerly Toby’s) which is located on the ground floor of the Yumbo Centrum. Jo and her team have been working hard towards bringing you a bar that will entertain you. Live entertainment is now on with Lesley Daniels every Saturday night, and they plan to develop the bar into seven days of fun filled entertainment whilst still keeping their prices competitively low. Each week will also see a game show night to raise funds for GLAY. Fuze are currently open from 19.00 until late, with plans to open during the day to offer hot beverages along with the rest of their offers. After managing bars, shops and function halls for 19 years for a company in various locations around the world, from the freezing rocky islands in the Falklands to the soaring heat of the desert, Jo decided it was time to venture out alone. The question was... where in the world did she want to be? Jo researched a number of locations before booking a flight to Gran Canaria. Having never been to Gran Canaria before September this year, she was amazed at the wonder of the island and the friendly people she has met so far. Jo viewed a few locations within Playa Del Ingles and very soon instinctively knew it was the Yumbo centre she wanted to be in. The Yumbo felt right because of the atmosphere and the sense of community spirit Jo explained, and so the deal was sealed. The team at Fuze Bar includes Vic who has been her closest friend for 10 years and work colleague for the last 2. Tina Colada is the excellent hostess who entertains their customers with her wit and personality. And last but certainly not least is Ritchie whose support from the beginning has been invaluable. They have set up a facebook account as “fuze bar” where you can contact them or find out what is happening weekly. Also you can meet people who have visited Gran Canaria. Send a friend request so they can add you to their list of friends. So why not go along and listen to the fabulous Lesley Daniels whilst enjoying one of your favourite drinks at great prices.

microphone with two hands and started out on his new, exciting venture. For the first time he started performing “solo”, his humility allowed him to perform almost anywhere, there is no place which is not good enough for Pepe Benavente. This soon proves to be the best decision as he starts to develop a very close relationship with his audience; he is frequently seen singing amongst them, looking into their eyes and shaking their hands. It is this closeness which he has that really makes you look up to him and does not consider himself a superstar, who cannot be spoken to or touched. Pepe transmits humbleness, accessibility, solidarity, and closeness to his viewers and fans. He is obviously doing something right as he has released 10 Cd’s in the last 5 years as well as the numerous live concerts and appearances which are countless. In addition, we usually get a chance to see him on local television programmes, without forgetting his popular own Talent searching show named “I want to be like Pepe!” But even with this extremely impressive musical curriculum, Pepe keeps his feet firmly on the ground, he understands like no other that he is who he is due to his fans, and feels extremely fortunate

for the way his life has progressed. His appreciation is so that to my surprise his gigs, where he doesn’t get paid, are usually more numerous than those which he does get paid for. It is not rare that Pepe will travel to a particular organisation or even a private house and perform some songs for no payment; his strong religious beliefs make him want to give back to the community as he feels he has received so much. I for one was pleasantly surprised by Pepe Benavente, and must admit that his style of music is not exactly my cup of tea, but I now understand the secret of his success; basically Pepe has not stopped being an outstanding human being with his increasing popularity as a singer. Tito Cabral


The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13


GLAY Awards at Garbos expected of Garbos.Whilst the audience was streaming in, a video was shown of the previous 2009 Gay Pride parade through Playa del Ingles, featuring of course the fantastic Toyah Willcox who was the star of the show for Gay Pride. Costumes galore, some good, some risqué and some just completely over the top, but everyone having a good time. As the show opened with the usual talented vocals of one of the ‘waitresses’ the audience was ready to participate with good humoured banter and participation. We listened to a number of popular tracks from various artists, all performed to perfection by the staff of Garbos and then the first awards of the day started. Derek Payne, a member of GLAY, and Master of Ceremonies for the afternoon introduced the first section for nomination of ‘Bar of the Year’, the winner being Wunderbar; next was bar person of the year which was won by Fred of Center Stage, and to complete this first section the last nomination was for hotel/complex of the year which was won by las Espettada.

THE CANARY News was invited to participate in the Awards Ceremony at Garbos on the 11th December, black tie show. As usual, Garbos staff put on a spectacular show in aid of the next Gay Pride on Gran Canarias 2010. Our waiter and host for the day was Alex, who told us how the next few hours would progress and as one of the main support singers in the show looked after us with the usual attentiveness

Throughout the awards and show all the ‘terrible smokers’ gathered on the terrace, meaning that half of the venue emptied, and this is where we managed to find time to talk to the participants. What really struck me was the friendliness and good humoured banter exchanged between so called rivals. Each congratulated the winners and there was no bad feeling between them. I managed to get a couple of minutes with the fabulous Lesley Daniels (who performs at The Gallery and Fuze) and she told me that sadly she is returning to her native Scotland as the distance between herself and partner is just too great. However Lesley will be returning to Gran Canaria for holidays and hopefully to regale us once again with her unbelievable voice. As the afternoon continued, many awards were

presented, many people acknowledged for their hard work in support of Gay Pride and GLAY until finally the top awards; Nightclub of the Year went to Heaven, Entertainer of the Year - Andy Martin of Sparkles, Waiter of the Year - Lola of Sparkles, Drag Queen of theYear – Tammy. Nominations for best Cabaret Showbar included Garbos, Rickys Bar but once again

Sparkles took the crown. It was a great show, a happy and constructive event which hopefully will fuse the businesses of the Yumbo Centre together; working for the entertainment of all to ensure that Gran Canaria remains the fun and happy place to visit. Debbie Wenn

Bahia Feliz, at only 5 minutes from Playa del Inglés! For info and tickets ask your rep, reception or call us directly: 928 15 70 60

Roscon De Reyes As part of the Christmas celebrations in Spain, the 6th of January represents one of the most important for the children,as this is the day they wake up to their presents left by the Three Kings. As part of this Catholic tradition Spaniards celebrate this day by having a very special breakfast, “Roscon de Reyes ”This is a type of baked cake usually filled with whipped cream, custard, or “Cabello de Angel” a sweet filling made from pumpkins. When divided into portions, those who are eating it might find one of two presents inside it; a small figure which makes them king of the house for the day, or a broad bean, which dictates that the finder has to pay for the Roscon. Usually these cakes fill the shelves of shops and supermarkets, but if you feel adventurous here’s a recipe for you to try! 30 grams of yeast 1 kilogram and ½ a kilo of flour 8 eggs 1 teaspoon of salt 3 teaspoons of orange blossom water 1 cup and ½ a cup of milk 300 grams of sugar and more for decoration 300 grams of butter 250 grams of glazed fruits 1 small porcelain figure 1 broad bean Using a fork, mix the yeast with the ½ kilo of flour and slowly incorporate the ½ cup of tepid milk. Once all the ingredients are combined, knead the mixture and shape into a ball. Leave to rest until it has doubled in size. With the rest of the flour form a small crater in the middle and fill with the eggs, salt, orange blossom, rest of milk, sugar and butter, slowly mixing all the ingredients together. Once you have a consistent mixture incorporate the previous dough which should have doubled in size, ensuring both doughs are well mixed together, (it should fall out from your fingers very easily). Place into a greased large bowl and cover with a humid cloth, again wait until it doubles in size. Remove from the bowl and mix in the porcelain figure and the broad bean, previously wrapped in foil, then stretch the dough, place on a greased and floured baking tray and then join both ends in order to create a large donut shape. Ensure you leave enough space as the mixture will double in size one more time. Once it has grown for the last time, decorate the top with the glazed fruit, paint with a beaten egg and sprinkle with sugar. Place in a preheated oven (180º Centigrade) for about 20 minutes. Once cooled cut the Roscon length ways and fill with your favourite filling.

Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News



The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13


by Kay Owen

THE REASON FOR THE SEASON “God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.” So wrote 18th Century British poet William Cowper when his life was miraculously saved. He believed it was spared for a reason. At this time of year, more than at any other, we focus on another miracle ...the very essence of Christmas... the reason for the season.” But first... the tablecloth! A new pastor recently assigned to reopen a church in Brooklyn arrived in October excited about fresh opportunities to serve the local community. He saw the church needed much restoration. Undeterred, he set a goal to have the work completed by Christmas. He worked hard, repairing pews, and plastering walls. By December 19th all was ready --- when disaster struck. A rain storm hit the area; the tempest lasted 48 hours. On the 22nd the pastor went to the church. His heart sank when he saw the leaky roof and the large area of plaster that had fallen from the Sanctuary wall. He couldn’t see how it could be rectified in just a couple of days. “Must I cancel the Christmas Eve Party and Christmas Day Service?” he wondered. Turning his thoughts into earnest prayers he headed homewards. On the way he noticed a charity car boot sale and something made him stop and look. He spotted a beautiful hand - crocheted tablecloth... intricately patterned and with a Cross embroidered in the centre. He thought “It looks just the right size to cover up the rain-damaged wall”. He promptly bought it and headed back to the church. An elderly lady was hurrying by to catch her bus. She missed it. The kindly young pastor invited her to wait in the church until the next one was due. She sat watching the pastor climb a ladder, and drape the tablecloth as a tapestry, covering up the messy wall. Standing back he could hardly believe how beautiful it now looked - it entirely masked the problem area. Then he noticed the woman approaching

down the aisle, ‘’Excuse me, but where did you get that tablecloth?” she asked. The pastor told her. She asked him to check the lower right hand corner to see if the initials EBG were embroidered there. They were. These were her own initials. She had lovingly made this very tablecloth over 35 years ago! She explained that before the war she and her husband were very happily married and living in Austria. When the Nazis came she was forced to flee. Her husband was to follow on ... but he was captured and imprisoned - she never saw him or her home again. The astonished pastor wanted to give her back the tablecloth, but she insisted he keep it. For his part he insisted on driving her home...the least he could do. It transpired she lived way out and was only in Brooklyn on that day! Back in the church, a wonderful time was had by all, both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The place was packed, music and carols filled the air and a joyous spirit prevailed. At the end of the service, the pastor stood alongside the Nativity Scene, exchanging ‘Season’s Greetings’ with the congregation. One elderly man continued to sit on in a front pew, staring at the wall behind the pulpit long after the church had emptied. The minister approached him. In a barely audible whisper the man asked where he had obtained the tablecloth ‘.... because it is identical to one that my wife stitched many years ago when we lived in Austria ...before the war,’ he said. He told the pastor how when the Nazis came, he persuaded his wife to flee for her safety and how, before he could follow, he was arrested and imprisoned. He had never set eyes on his beloved wife or his home again in the 35 years since. The Minister asked the dear man if he would accompany him on a car ride. They drove to the house where the minister had taken the old lady a few days earlier. He helped the elderly man climb three flights of stairs to the

woman’s apartment and knocked. As the door opened he witnessed a wondrous sight...the most miraculous reunion, as these two dear people exchanged the best Christmas presents ever.... each other. Tears flowed unashamedly ...bringing a joy that perhaps neither could ever have imagined. God moving in mysterious ways.....once again! That crocheted cloth changed the course of family history, their world would never be the same again. The young pastor smiled --this was surely a miracle...just like the miracle of the first Christmas...where love and reconciliation came to earth... when a baby was born in a manger,... changing the course of World History... and thanks to this “even bigger- thanthe tablecloth-miracle” , the whole earth would never be the same again! May the advent of Christmas fill us with joy in 2009, as bells once more ring out the message....“Hark, the herald angels sing, Glory to the new born King”

And however we choose to celebrate Christmas, amongst the festivities, the fun and frolic, perhaps we will find time to pause awhile and reflect upon the true story of ‘The Tablecloth’ and the true ‘Reason for the Season.’

Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News



ARIES Mar 21 - April 20 Your anticipation builds as you get closer to the date of an event on the horizon. Indeed, the hope you gather along this journey may be even sweeter than what you’ll experience upon your arrival -- so savor this feeling.

CANCER June 22 - July 23 In the past, you have been accused of taking life too seriously. Since then, you’ve tempered sincerity with a spirit of playfulness, with the result that you work hard and laugh hard, too. Others will be affected by your joyful mood.

LIBRA Sept 24 - Oct 23 Keep it light. With so much trouble going on in the world, why muck around in heavy issues? Better to be funny, cheerful and friendly. Others quietly depend on you to lift them from their doldrums.

CAPRICORN Dec 23 - Jan 20 More people should ask your opinion. You have a keen sense of the subtle intricacies of human interaction and an innate compassion that assumes and encourages the best in people.

TAURUS April 23 - May 21 The world may be alive with possibilities, but your soul has a vision all its own, and it’s singular. In fact, you are so driven to do one particular thing that it will be difficult to do anything else until the act is accomplished.

LEO July 24 - Aug 23 You are considering a change of venue. Should you pick up and move or just make a significant change in your current routine? The stirring in your soul isn’t going away. In fact, it seems to be getting louder.

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22 Just when you thought all your hard work was for naught, you receive a compliment from the right person, and the problem you were working on breaks open into something easily manageable.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19 You’ll be reminded of all that could go wrong, and that’s not such a bad thing. You need people around you who see the problems. Though they might come across as “downers,” they also will help you avoid a pitfall.

GEMINI May 22 - June 21 Something you hear in the media will move you in a way you weren’t expecting. This produces a feeling of connection with the rest of humanity. Our commonalities outweigh our differences.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sept 23 Why everyone picks the same day to pay attention to you might be a mystery, but it’s a welcome one. Even people you don’t know that well seem to make tiny efforts to befriend you.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 22 Where talent and perseverance meet, success is soon to follow. But don’t forget the people who help you along the way. You’ll be reminded of how precious your loved ones are to you.

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20 There’s nothing out of the ordinary to celebrate, and yet, in some small way, you’ll do so anyway. A spirit of optimistic possibility hovers around you, making your peers glad to be working with you.

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Across 3. Pertaining to a magnet (8) 9. Rephrase (5) 10. Very skilled person (3) 11. Cover (3) 12. Curious (11) 14. Gadget (5) 16. In this place (4) 17. Eats to a plan (5) 19. Something rare (6) 20. Apex (3) 22. Vigour (6) 23. Tally (5) 25. Appear (4) 26. Change (5) 28. Thoughtful (11) 30. North American nation (3) 31. Atmosphere (3) 32. More unfavourable (5) 33. Ghosts (8)

Down 1. Cab (4) 2. Legal inquiry (7) 4. Unfortunate happening (8) 5. Beginner (6) 6. Telegraph messages (9) 7. Seaport in SW Spain (5) 8. Greeting (5) 13. Belonging to a nation (8) 15. Driver (8) 18. Chief source of sugar (5,4) 21. First public performance (8) 24. Inhabitant of Cyprus (7) 25. Lighted by the sun (6) 26. In front (5) 27. Excursions (5) 29. Paradise (4)


The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13


Return for Raising the Olympic Roof Schumacher Michael Schumacher is almost certain to race in Formula 1 next year, according to German compatriot Timo Glock. Seven-time world champion Schumacher, 40, has been tipped to return to the sport with Mercedes next year, having initially retired in 2006.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) announced this week that the cable net roof of the Olympic Stadium has been lifted into place, ensuring that the Stadium project remains on target for completion by the summer of 2011.

The cable net roof will be covered with material next spring providing the correct conditions for athletes on the field of play and covering two-thirds of spectators. ODA Chairman John Armitt said: “The successful lift of the Stadium’s cable roof is another milestone reached on the construction of this flagship venue. It has been a complex engineering and construction challenge, complicated by the wind and rain in recent weeks. We remain firmly on track and will lift the lighting towers into place early next year, taking the Stadium to its full height. ”We continue to make good progress across the project though there are still challenges ahead. The next year will be our toughest as the number of workers increases and activity on the Olympic Park reaches its peak so we cannot afford any complacency.” Sebastian Coe, Chair of the London 2012 Organising Committee, said: “This is another important milestone for the Olympic Stadium, which will be the centrepiece of the Games in 2012.  It is exciting to see so much progress being made on the Stadium and on all of the Olympic Park which is becoming reality, with a landscape that will transform east London at Games time and beyond.” Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell said: “Raising the

roof is yet another important milestone on the road to the Games. Iconic venues such as the Stadium and the Aquatics Centre will come to symbolise London in 2012 and, thanks to the rapid progress of the build, they are already having a real impact on the London skyline.

”The fact that we keep hitting our key milestones on or ahead of schedule means that we are now looking ahead to what is perhaps the most intensive and challenging period of the build with excitement and confidence.” Construction on the Olympic Stadium started in May 2008 and progress to date has included: More than 4,500 reinforced concrete columns installed as the foundations, 28 steel sections of the roof compression truss lifted into place - each weigh 85 tonnes and are 15m high by 30m long 112 steel rakers fixed to act as the terracing supports to hold the 55,000 seats in the upper tiers 12,000 pre-cast concrete terracing units for the seating installed. All five bridges and their abutments in place, connecting the Stadium island to the rest of the Park The fit-out of the 700 rooms and spaces within the Stadium, including changing rooms and toilets is progressing. Next year, a 650 tonne crane will be assembled in the middle of the Stadium site to lift the 28m high lighting gantries on to inner ring of the cable net roof, taking them 60m above the field of play.

Premier League Faces African Exodus Glock, who will race for the new Virgin team in 2010, said: “The flame is still there, it’s still burning and it will be great if he returns. “For me, my personal feeling, it is quite obvious he is coming back.” Schumacher has been working as a consultant with Ferrari since his retirement, but the team has confirmed they will not block him from joining Mercedes. And although Schumacher has yet to comment on stories suggesting his move to Mercedes is a done deal, Glock is confident he will be on the grid next season. “There’s still a lot of speculation, but in the end he is a crazy race driver and he wants to come back to racing,” added Glock. “It’s not enough for him to just do go-kart races, or go to the Race of Champions at the end of the year. “For Formula 1 and the fans it would be a big boost, a seven-time world champion coming back after three years out. It would be a mega highlight, and to drive for Mercedes, you would have a German driver in a German car.” Schumacher almost returned this year as a temporary stand-in for Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, but the plans were dropped as he had still to fully recover from a motorcycle injury earlier in the year. However, his neck is now thought to be fully healed, paving the way for his potential return. While Schumacher would hope to be towards the front of the grid should he return, Glock has more modest ambitions for next season in a car making its championship debut. “To beat Michael would be a good year for us, but we have to concentrate on ourselves, and not look at what others are doing,” said the former Toyota driver. “We have to focus on our job, that’s what is important.”

Signing African players has always represented something of a gamble for Premier League bosses. As well as the player’s pedigree and their ability to adapt to new surroundings, the manager must also consider whether losing them to the African Cup of Nations for up to six weeks will unbalance his team’s equilibrium. This season, though, they might have thought the biennial tournament, which runs from 10-31 January, had been relegated to a footnote with Africa’s first World Cup looming on the horizon. Try telling that to Didier Drogba. “We are going to play the African Cup of Nations because we do everything to promote our continent. This competition is really important to us.” Injuries aside, up to 31 Premier League players could be heading to Angola in January desperate to dethrone reigning African champions Egypt. And while the departure of Drogba and team-mates Michael Essien, John Obi Mikel and Salomon Kalou might only put Chelsea’s title ambitions slightly off track, for other Premier League teams the tournament could lead to a full-on derailment. Depriving any team of the likes of Drogba and Essien, who is already injured, will of course leave it poorer. Yet fortunately for Chelsea their absence comes at a time when the team faces Watford in the FA Cup, followed by Hull, Sunderland, Birmingham and Burnley in the league. It is a challenge that the Premier League’s top scorer thinks they can overcome. “I’m not worried about losing four players during the Cup of Nations because the squad is big,” Drogba said. “We saw it against Arsenal

when Paulo Ferreira came in, he hasn’t been playing for a while but he came in and did well. The team is strong and I know that we have the squad to be champions. We could put two teams in this league and they would perform well.” Rivals Manchester United have no African players in the tournament and with countries able to call-up their players from 27 December, it is just as

well given their current injury crisis. According to Alan Hansen, Manchester United will be hoping rather than expecting Chelsea to slip up during this period. “Drogba will be a massive loss to Chelsea but I think you’d pair him and Essien in that category,” said the eight-time league winner with Liverpool. “There’s no doubt about it, they will certainly be missed, but you have to temper that with the strength in depth which Chelsea have. “If Drogba and Essien were away and Manchester United were playing Chelsea at Old Trafford then the champions would be a little bit more confident. That might also be the case if Chelsea were playing Liverpool, Arsenal or even Tottenham away. “But

with the fixtures they’ve got, and there will never be any sort of complacency, it would suggest that Chelsea could come through that period unscathed. “Sir Alex Ferguson will tell his players to keep winning though because ultimately it will come down to pressure. If Manchester United can do that, the pressure will be on Carlo Ancelotti’s team and they haven’t been in this position for a while.” Chelsea, who play Arsenal on 6 February, are one of 15 teams who will lose players for the 27th edition of the tournament. But while they, and Manchester City - who will have to do without the trio of Kolo Toure, Emmanuel Adebayor and Kelvin Etuhu - can mine their almost infinite resources, teams at the other end of the division are less well enriched. The team which will suffer most is Portsmouth who, rooted to the bottom of the Premier League, will see six of their team travel to Angola. They include Kevin-Prince Boateng, Aruna Dindane and Hassan Yebda who are responsible for scoring eight of Pompey’s 14 goals in the league this season. They will also have to do without Nigerians John Utaka and Nwankwo Kanu plus Nadir Belhadj. The timing of the tournament, particularly in a World Cup year, also reheats the debate of whether it needs to be held every two years. “I think the Cup of Nations should go to every four years, the same as the European Championship,” said Hansen. “When you have a tournament every two years it takes something away from it. The World Cup and the Euros are perfect. Every four years you look forward to it and it’s like a new beginning.”

Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News



DUEL TO THE FINISH IN THE ATLANTIC RALLY In recent editions we reported on the high profile 24th Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) which saw 218 yachts from all over the world sail from Las Palmas to St Lucia in the Caribbean. After a course distance of 2,700 miles and almost twelve days at sea, just 16 minutes and 5 seconds separated the first two yachts to cross the finish line in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. Both skippers of the Volvo 60 Big One and the Wally 80 Bagheera enthused about the exciting down wind duel, particularly over the last 24 hours. Every few

hours the boats would meet and then gybe apart, Big One staying north whilst Bagheera went south. In the end it was the final gybe that decided the first to finish with Big One on a better angle to take advantage of the wind shift they experienced as they closed Martinique and then St.Lucia. Piotr Madej, skipper of Big One commented “Five hours before the finish we held on to the final gybe for a couple of miles which placed us in a good position for the right wind angle to take us to the finish line. We are lucky as we can sail well downwind at angles of up to 160 degrees, more than Bagheera”. Crossing the line today (4 December) at 03 36 22 local St.Lucia time, to take Line Honours in ARC 2009, Big One set a good time, but not a new record. Sailing outside of the competition in the Open Division, Big One is not affected by the three-hour time penalty the yacht would have incurred for crossing the start line slightly early had she been racing. Determined to minimise the time between the yachts Bagheera made an impressive sight as she rounded Pigeon Island and powered up on the wind for the last mile to the finish line. Her dark hull-stealth like against the night horizon. On crossing the line to take Line Honours in the RORC Racing Invitation Racing Division, the yacht bore away and de-powered down wind heading back to deeper waters, as with a draft of 4.7m they needed to be careful in the shallow waters of Rodney Bay. Although the channel to the lagoon and Rodney Bay Marina has recently been dredged to 4.5m (15ft), Bagheera’s draft prevented her attempting an entry until later in the day. Close on their heels was the Swan 70 Stay Calm, who set the pace of the race early on, only to be overtaken in the last days by Big One and Bagheera. Interestingly Bagheera sailed a shade under 3,400 miles to complete the course; also straight out of the box for the race, the yacht has sailed close on 5,000 in just five weeks, and the first breakage was a spinnaker sheet snap shackle just minutes from the finish. All three yachts made for an incredibly interesting knife edge race and run to the finish, made more so by the decision of the organisers to fit Yellowbrick Iridium trackers to the racing division yachts this year, enabling followers on the web to share the excitement. Despite being in the early hours of the morning there was a great turn out of officials and local press to welcome the yachts, the St.Lucia Tourist Board being represented by LaVaughn Francis, Director Special Events, and IGY Rodney Bay Marina by the deputy manager, Edwin Charles.


The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13


Away from the Woods European Golf Tour Expands There is so much to discuss at this febrile time for the game, especially with the world number one continuing to be the water-cooler man of the moment. But let’s leave Tiger Woods for now and consider some of the other significant developments that have occurred in the 10 days in which golf, or at least its best player, has been such a dominant topic

the game. But despite this potentially golden era, sponsors could not be found for the European Open, played for the last two years at the London Club in Kent. The event had been propped up by Dubai money, but not any longer. The British Masters also fails to feature on the 2010 calendar, having not been played since 2008, and a much vaunted

The new European Tour season, which started in South Africa last week will feature six new tournaments. The campaign will have a minimum of 47 tournaments and will once again end with the Dubai World Championship, in November 2010. The six new tournaments include the Africa Open in South Africa, as well as events in Morocco and India. But the European Open, which has been played every year since 1977, is not in the schedule for the new season. The event, which was held at The London Club in Kent for the past two years, was backed by the same Leisurecorp company behind the Dubai World Championship. The season-ending event, which was won by Lee Westwood three weeks ago, had its prize fund and money list bonus pool cut by 25% following the global economic downturn. But the European Tour has announced there will again be £9m up for grabs at the Jumeirah Estates in Dubai in 25-28 November 2010.

of conversation. From a European point of view, perhaps the most significant news has been the announcement of the 2010 tournament schedule, coming as it did in the wake of revelations on the size of Dubai’s gigantic debts. The stricken Emirate is at the heart of the European Tour’s strategy and it was clear to anyone who attended last month’s Dubai World Championship that they had done extremely well to keep alive the season ending tournament. So as it stands at the moment, the 2010 season will be the second running of the Race to Dubai with six new tournaments in a 47 event schedule.

replacement tournament to be staged in Northern Ireland failed to materialise. It’s good to see Valderrama back on the schedule for the Andalucia Masters while an autumn date has still to be finalised for the World Matchplay just down the road on the Costa del Sol at Finca Cortesin. That tournament might have to run to five days and have a Wednesday start to allow leeway for weather delays. Returning to Woods; his situation seems to worsen by the day, and who knows when we will see him play again. Torrey Pines at the end of January still seems to be the most likely option, but will he really want to make his return to action at such a high profile venue so close to Hollywood and its rat-pack reporters? The suggestion that his campaign might begin at the start of the PGA Tour season at the SBS Championship at Kapalua has gathered some momentum. There are rumours that he’d agreed to play in Hawaii in exchange from the Tour for a more favourable date for last week’s Chevron Challenge.

But for English golf fans the coming year is bleak with just one tournament, the PGA Championship in May on Wentworth’s revamped West Course (it is getting mixed reviews from those who’ve seen the changes there by the way - they’ve gone down well with some, but other players are less than keen). All this at a time when England can boast no fewer than four players in the world’s top 18 - only the US has a greater representation in the upper echelons of

But they are only rumours. As are so many of the stories surrounding the stricken superstar at the moment. It could well be that the scale of the crisis that’s engulfed him and his family might keep Woods away from golf for much longer than had been first anticipated.

The six new tournaments are the Africa Open in South Africa, the Avantha Masters in India, the Hassan Trophy in Morocco, the Open Cala Millor Mallorca in Majorca, the Vivendi, at

a venue yet to be announced, and the Andalucia Masters at Valderrama, Spain. This September the Vivendi Trophy was a match play event between a Great Britain and Ireland team and one from Continental Europe. However, with the Ryder Cup taking place in October 2010, the tournament will be individual stroke play next season. A date has yet to be fixed for the Volvo World Match Play, which saw Ross Fisher win the 2009 edition last month, but it will be on the same Finca Cortesin course in Spain. Wentworth, its previous home, will unveil its new look at the BMW PGA Championship in May. As well as changes to all the greens, the 18th now features a ditch short of the putting surface. The new season got under way with the Dunhill Championship, Leopard Creek, South Africa, between-13 December.

Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News


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Roger’s Ramblers meet every Tuesday from Mid October to the end of April. On average walk is about 4 hours with areasonable amount of ascentand descent. All walks are free and at your own risk. If you areinterested contact Rambling Roger on 928 798150 or 666 170 553, or by email at

Pozo Izquierdo Fantastic Duplex in Pozo Izquierdo. The property has four bedrooms (the third bedrooms was turned into a dressing room), three bathrooms, a private garden and air conditioning throughout. Beautiful state-of-the art Italian kitchen. There is also a large garage as well as front and back terraces. Excellent condition. Ref. : PZ542a. Price: €950/month Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES Taurito Apartment for rent in Playa de Taurito. The apartment has one bedroom , a kitchenette and a balcony. Located near to the beach and the resort centre, with its shops, bars and restaurants. The complex offers a swimming pool and a sun terrace. Price includes the costs for water and electricity. Sea views and views of Mogan in the distance. Ref. TR537. Price: €450/month Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES

San Fernando, 2 bedrooms in spacious house. Shared kitchen/lounge, roof terrace. Own shower room. TV, DVD, ADSL. 5 mins from all amenities. 300/350€ per month fully inclusive of all bills. Tel. 928 760 143 or 626 306 826 Sonnenland. 1 bedroom apartment. With terrace, pool and seaview. Includes, TV, washing machine. Fully furnished. EUR 450 pcm. all inclusive. Tel. 665 520 979. Maspalomas. Beautiful Bungalow, 1 Bed, 2 terraces in a complex with Communal Pool. Very Quiet and clean, only minutes from Faro 2. Monthly rent includes Water, electricity and cleaning. Ref: MP603 Price €800 Month. el: Dream Homes: 928 141202. Maspalomas. Fabulous 1 Bed Apartment, refurbished overlooking Sand Dunes. Light and Airy, Air Con.with dishwasher, Washing Machine


etc. Marble floors, only steps from the beach. Ref: MP546 Price €1,000 month. Tel:928141202. www.dreamhomesgrancanaria. .com Tafira. Fantastic villa , 5 Bed, 4 Bath. Chimney and Private Garden with huge terrace of 219m2. Garage for 3 cars. Unfurnished and available for long term rental. Ref: TA583. Price €1,600 Month. Playa del Inglés Luxury 1 bed apartment near Playa Del Inglés. Luxury 1 Bed apartment nearYumbo. Fully furnished & equipped, 550€ per month + electric. 646 096 917. (JUL02)3 bed Luxury Villa Meloneras Sleeps 6 luxury villa long term let 1200€ per month Fab, safe complex with pool, onsite shop, restaurant (JUL02)3 bed Luxury Villa Meloneras Sleeps 6 luxury villa long term let 1200€ per month Fab, safe complex with pool, onsite shop, restaurant and bar, near beach and Faro shopping Call: 687 152 470 (JUL02) Guesthouse Meloneras Rooms available in modern Meloneras guesthouse with

Jack Nickolson golf clubs in Grafalloy Hybred Q4 with adjustable heads. No.1 wood 9o/ No.3 wood 21o. Hardly used, cost £135 each, will accept 95€ for both. Tel 928 148 173 Induction hob with timer and instructions. Cost 780€, will accept 250€ ono. Tel 666 022 810 Have Red 2 seater settee as new, will exchange/sell. Need 3 seater any colour VGC. Comfortable. Cash adjustment available. Tel 928560129 Zanussi ZD23 Fridge/Freezer (3.5) White New Unused H168 W55. €225. Tel

QUALIFIED BRITISH ELECTRICIAN 17th Edition TEL.648 437 794 – 692 309 680 TEL. 928 725 222 FREE QUOTATION!! No Job Too Small

671192457 Dishwasher Corbero Suprema New Unused White. €225. Tel 671192457 Cot, Bedding, Mini, Bouncer, Changing Station, Library, All from El Corte Inglés. Excellent Condition. Stacey Williams. Tel 928 726 941 Almost new SONY BRAVIA KDL 40V3000, 40inch,bought 9 months ago €1200, incl paperwork. Yours for ONLY €700 Call Tomas 666987495


Wanted: Fiat Punto with Mechanical problem - From 01, or other small car, clean body, Reg in Gran Canaria. Tel: 629 645 591 Toyota RAV4 1998, Automatic transmission, AC, like new tires,4x4, 2 door, good condition, dark green, ITV till SEP 2010 for only 3500! Call Tomas 666987495


Ginseng on Gran Canaria! Come and visit the only Ginseng Garden at Maspalomas-Monte Leon! Next tours.. Tues 22nd December 2009 and Sat 2nd Jan 2010, 11am-5pm. For more information called Joerg on 692 764 349 or mail to www.


Free tandem bike rides for blind people or people with any other physical disability who are unable to ride a bike by themselves.  Also free excursions into the mountains in my car for people in wheelchairs together with a companion. Minibus trips can also be arranged at an agreed reasonable cost.  For more information call Franz at 699 124 985. WANTED. Second hand books, in good condition, to be sold in support of Registered Childrens’ Charities 1) RUBBISH DUMP CHILDREN in Cambodia 2) ORPHANS/ SCHOOL projects in China. Please drop books off at Bar Wine and Marmalade, Arguineguin. donations gratefully received. Contact Together we can make a difference Drinking Problem? International, English speaking AA meetings every Friday at the church in the Kasbah (door on the left hand side) Playa del Inglés, 8.30pm. Monday 12pm in San Fernando, behind Market Maspalomas and Tuesday 7pm at the Catholic Church (enter by the stairway on the right hind side), Behind the taxi rank next to the police station. Do you believe that you have a problem with alcohol? Perhaps you are looking or some help? Alcohol Anonymous meet in Telde on Mondays and Thursdays from 20.00 until 21.30.

Call 928 202 638 TARA CAR-BOOT SALE EVERY SATURDAY - 9 AM AT Plaza del Pino,

Arguineguín Free Entrance for shoppers and registered charity car-boot sellers. Non-charity sellers DONATE only 5 Euros for each stall. Please bring your own display supports. Come and enjoy the friendly atmosphere at the TARA Community Car-Boot Sale to find the best purchase bargains in town and help abandoned and abused animals to boot.To donate useable toys, clothing, household items, furniture, books, sporting help our fund-raising efforts please contact us. Contact Sanna Tel: 620 978 709; Email: sanna@taraanimales. org to pick up your donated items if you cannot deliver them to the car-boot sale. Volunteers always gladly welcomed. TARA Animal Respect Association, A registered, Non-profit Canarian Animal Charity Tel: 607 671 617 Email: Web: PARADISE LOST - located between Arguineguín and Puerto Rico. Take the Balito exit (#1 Bus) and continue to the BIG CIRCUS TENT TARA Animal Charity Shop 200 sq. mtrs. In Arquinequin 67 Tanausu near Pino Seco family park Monday thru Saturday 10am till 4+pm Donated items at great prices! 607 671 617 or TARA Charity Dog Pension HOME AWAY FROM HOME Beautiful Location – Your Pet Cared for By Dog Lovers Low Prices – Great Care 607 671 167

Arguineguin Cultural Society meets every Thursday at Tío Pepe bar from 20.00 at the C.C. Ancora in Arguineguín. As mentioned previously in TCN, the group were looking for a place to build up our string puppet stage and to train people in the making and operating of string puppets. The group has now found a suitable place in Arguineguín and if anyone is interested in joining them please call Peter on 639 229 414 and go to the meetings on Thursdays. Grupo Montañero de Mogan. Every Sunday all through the year this group arranges guided walks in the magnificent mountains and beautiful valleys of Gran Canaria. The walks are

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Issue 13 - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - The Canary News

ADDICTIONS ALCOHOL & DRUGS Let us help you overcome your problem in a painless way. Contact us for a confidential consultation It can make a real difference On your road to recovery Tel: 928 934 097 Mobile: 619 391 040 Email:

guided, and the members come from all over Europe, and also many Canarian members. Meeting place: Commercial Centre Ancora, Arguineguin. Time 08.00. Departure 08.15. Leaving from San Fernando (Viuda de Franco) 08.00 or 08.30. For more information call before 12.00 on Fridays 689 919 580 Can you spare a few hours each week to help feed stray and abandoned cats in San Agustin? There are special feeding places, all the cats

BUY, DONATE, SWAP BOOK LIBRARY All proceeds go to The Red Cross. Cristina´s Money Exchange, Local 261, Phase 1, CC Puerto Rico MON TO FRI 10am to 8pm SAT 10am to 1.30pm For appointments please tel 928 561 771 are sterilised, have names and are very healthy. Of course, we will buy the cat food. We only want help to give the food to the cats.Please call Christina on 928770 019 for more information. Join the library in Maspalomas with your NIE number and passport and picture

or residencia. No charge. English books and other European languages too. Also free internet access.!! The library hours are 8.00 am till 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm to 10 pm Monday to Friday. Biblioteca Municipal Maspalomas, Casa del Cultura Maspalomas, Avda De Tejeda 72 Phone 928 720 035 Amigos contra el Sida is a charity that provides support for people with HIV and Aids and has information about sexually transmitted diseases Amigos contra el Sida - Friends against Aids Av. Alejandro del Castillo, Mercado Municipal, 2º floor San Fernando Maspalomas Contact: 695 578 004 Timetable: Tuesday and Thursday - 9:00 to 15:00 hour. Amigos contra el Sida Calle El Escorial nº 7, Vecindario Teléfono: 928 149 570 Timetable: Monday to Friday - 9:00 to 14:00 hour. Website: www.amigoscontraelsida. org Support Maria Templeman’s Dog Rescue. You can find Maria’s stall in Arguineguin market on Tuesdays and Mogan market on Fridays. You can also find Maria in


Different activities every week in the local Puerto Rico area - Meet other mums with children of all ages. Call Jo Pike on 639 153 547 You can even leave a message on their ‘face book’ wall!

Maspalomas market next to the big, main flood light on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Money raised from Maria’s stall goes to funding dog rescue in Gran Canaria, including vet and kennel fees and re-homing dogs.


FARO 2 MARKET 15 & 29 Nov, 13 Dec. BOOKS sold in support of Registered Children’s Charities (Home and Abroad) Over 500 books from 1 Euro. Also book donations wanted can collect - Contact or drop books off at Wine and Marmalade Bar in Arguineguín

THE CANARIAN PRO BREASTFEEDING runs a Support Group every Wednesday from 6pm until 8pm at the Centro de Estancias Diurnas (the daycare centre for the eldery behind the swimming pool) Anyone needing help and support concerning breastfeeding can also call 637 564 296 (leave a message if there is no answer with name and telephone number)


Is your child talented? can he or she sing and dance? We are looking for children to take part in our Christmas Pantomime.Auditions will be held locally,For more information please contact Graham on 696 552 022 or email


Bi-lingual lady seeks English native tongue people to exchange Spanish classes/ conversation for English conversation practice. Please call Gloria on 928 714 390 or 650 403 640.

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING To place a classified advert, simply fill in the coupon on page 31 and drop it off at Properties Abroad, near Santander Bank, C.C. Puerto Rico. Email: or Tel: 928 774 818

Text (print in Block Capitals). Lineage, 32 cents per word inc 5% IGIC. Minimum of 15 words. (4.80€). BOXED ADVERTs

1 mod = 17€ (40 x 42mm)



2 mods = 34€ (83 x 42mm)


3 mods = 50€ (126 x 42mm)


(prices inc. IGIC)

Eating Out Employment Items Wanted

Name: .........................................................................................................................................................

For Sale

Address: .....................................................................................................................................................


Tel No: .................................................................... CIF/NIE No: ........................................................... Number of inserts: ................................................. Date from: .............................................................. Date until: .............................................. To place a classified (lineage) advert, simply fill in the coupon above and drop it off at PROPERTIES ABROAD LOCAL40B PHASE 3 C.C. PUERTO RICO NEAR SANTANDER BANK or ALADDINS CAVE LOCAL 82 C.C. ANCORA CENTRE ARGUINEGUIN. Private classified adverts must be pre-paid cashDEADLINE 12 NOON FRIDAY

Pets Properties - Private Sale Property - Agents Health Miscellaneous


The Canary News - Friday 18th - Thursday 31th December 2009 - Issue 13













The Canary News, edition 13  

december 2009

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