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For Peanut.


adventur es


GoGi gfr iends

Mia's Big Move

By Alexis Sachdev

GoGi is a very special Gor illa...

He climbs the tallest tr ees in the for est, hunts lions and can even fly air planes! His hugs ar e full of love and his favor ite time is playtime. But Gogi is per haps most special because of his best fr iend Mia.

Mia and Gogi ar e insepar able. They eat together , lear n together and laugh at the other's jokes. When it's time for Mia to sleep, Gogi is always ther e.



mor ninG when






wasn't in her bed!

searched hiGh and low

for his fr ien d, but all he found

was a note...

yyyyyyyyyyyyyy % yyyyyyyyyyyyyy Dear Gogi, Mia wrote, yyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyy I miss you! Mommy, Daddy and I are moving to California. Please come soon so we can yyyyyyyyyyyyyy snuggle with Fernie Cat. yyyyyyyyyyyyyy I am learning 2 walk and I dont want you 2 miss it! Dont forget Raffey! yyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyy Love your bestest friend ever, yyyyyyyyyyyyyy Mia Bear yyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyy ^ yyyyyyyyyyyyyy


couldn't believe his partner in cr ime had left



Sensing her fr iend needed some comfort, Mia called Gogi (She's quite perceptive like that) and assur ed him she's only a plane r ide away...



o eG e i d w 't s sa id n do ! to ddy , i G e ay a o d G com d d ll a se an y a a e y pl omm n pl ca m d sa be an

gggggggg gggggggg G R . gggggggg T , M ' . gggggggg $ gggggggg gggggggg gggggggg ogi and

affey wasted no time

hey got straight to wor k


ia s toys with car e



! h s

W h


made a left tur n

and took to the skies.

befor e

landinG in

san dieGo,

raffey tur ned to GoGi and said, "mia's a cali Gir l now; let's Get her some stylin' outfits on rodeo dr ive." U

d o o w y l hol


no time,


wer e r eunited

GoGi aGain,


and beGan plan ninG their neXt Jour ney....

hunt lions.

The End


The Adventures of Gogi & Friends: Mia's Big Move  

The story of a girl and her stuffed gorilla, and their penchant for adventure.

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