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The quality of life of mankind has been continuously enhancing as time advances, and we should be thankful with the creative minds that have produced masterpieces which successfully help us to get through our everyday tasks and problems. But few people being free riders are too abusive; instead of appreciating the efforts of the inventor, they intend to infringe or exploit these inventions, thereby enjoying the fruits of invention and claiming credits they don’t deserve. The law has a way of saying thank you to those people who are willing to share their rich creations for the economic, industrial and commercial benefit of the society. This is done by offering inventor the protection over his works. Legally speaking, the products of the creative mind of few individuals should be at their own disposal; hence, the inventor should have the lawful rights over his artistic work. The rights are devised to protect the inventor from potential exploiters and infringers who may free ride on the works they did not create. The law recognizes inventor’s contributions by providing him with protection over the materials he has made. That is what concerns us at Lex Protector International Law Office. We are willing to extend our hands to those people who want maximum protection for their intellectual properties. To fulfil this objective of ours, we made collaborations with legal experts to offer services with regard to protection of intellectual properties. We strongly believe that the creators are the only ones who should be acknowledged of their works, because producing such helpful materials is a heroic deed for it genuinely nurtures the people’s quality of life. Heroic deeds should only be credited to the real heroes, not those villains whose aim is to gain something from the things they never made.

Lex Protector: Who we are? If you are considering providing your work the protection and exclusivity, you should consult us. Lex Protector was founded in the year 2012 with an aim to be a one click solution for all your Intellectual Property needs. We serve both domestic and international clientele, joining forces with law professionals across the globe to give you exactly what you need. We aim to provide our clients with high quality services in most affordable prices. We believe that satisfied clients and associates are more important assets than our profit statements.

Lex Protector: Our services... With our associate attorneys and law professionals, we offer the following services: •

Patent • • • • • • • • • •

Trademark • Trademark Search • Trademark Registration • Trademark Watch

Copyright and Related Rights • Copyright Registration • Copyright Watch • Copyright Filing

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) • DMCA Search • DMCA Research • DMCA Watch • DMCA Takedown Notice Filing

Designs • Industrial Design Search • Industrial Design Registration • Industrial Design Watch

Domain Names • Domain Names Search • Domain Name Registration • Domain Name Watch • Filing of Website Recovery to ICANN and other registrar

Patent Registration Reverse Engineering Patent Mapping Patent licensing support services Patent Monitoring Services Patent Intelligence Reports Patent Translation Services Patent Prosecution Services Patent Watch Patent Enforcement Services

Other than the above mentioned services, we also offer Corporate Services including registration of corporate entities. We also have a sister concern that provide back-office support to many attorneys and firms across the globe.


Lex Protector: On patents Patent is a legal tribute to our dear inventors who unselfishly shared their works that helps us cope up with our daily works and problems. Patent restricts other people to produce, reproduce and sell invention without the consent of the person behind it. To salute our inventors, Lex Protector offers services that will help them with their concerns regarding their inventions. Inventors should shield their products with the proper protection. To gain such, they need to register for a patent. Our legal experts will be assisting them to perform the prescribed procedures in patent registration. Another patent related service that we provide is the reverse engineering, which involves analysis of the product by determining of how a certain product would work and eventually go well beyond the product portfolio and analysis of steps included in working of a product and mapping it on the infringed patent. We also render patent mapping which involves automated procedures to generate operationally powerful and visually appealing maps to ascertain emerging competitors in a particular area. It also includes grouping of complex families of patents and analyzing of patent portfolio. We are also willing to search for potential licenses for your patent portfolio in the countries where you would like to extend the coverage of your rights protection. In our licensing support services, we will facilitate the monetization of your patent portfolio. Our partners will be willing to make meticulous comparison of patent of interest from upcoming patent applications. This is the patent monitoring service. Lex Protector also offers patent intelligence reports which involve patent search analysis, country analysis, assignee analysis, technology analysis, and patent family data. We also render patent translation services, which includes optional translation either from a foreign language to English or from English to the native language being used in the country where you would like to register your patent. Patent prosecution service is also offered, in which all the technical matters with adequate reviews from the attorneys will be handled to cause cost savings and specialized technical review. Patent watch is available as well; this is to determine if there will be patents that will be infringing the one owned by the client. Illustrative visualization of your patent will also be made if you subscribe to our patent enforcement services.


Lex Protector: On trademarks Every businessman would like to establish a concrete identity for the products he/she sells, and trademark will greatly help him/her to attain what he/she wants for the product. A trademark should be distinguishable for it represents the individuality of a certain product. Here at Lex Protector, we make sure that our valued trademark owners will have distinctive mark for the proper representation of their goods. We recommend our clients to perform a trademark watch to ensure them that their mark is not previously owned by somebody else. This will also at least give them an idea about the probability of their registration. Lex Protector can register your Trade We also offer trademark registration; we will help our clients Mark in as many to have their trademark obtain protection to keep the countries as you want, identity representation of their products. Our legal experts will sparing you of the be working for the clients to perform the prescribed hassle of finding procedures in calling for a trademark protection. trademark attorneys and language barriers. We render trademark watch as well; in here we will help our clients to monitor future trademark registrations that may conflict with the rights that are vested in them. No trademark proprietor would like to have another trademark that is identical or similar to him/her. We encourage our clients to file for an opposition if they think that their rights will be violated if a certain trademark is registered.

Lex Protector: On copyrights Copyright tends to conceal literary, musical or artistic works underneath legal protection. Deprivation of the copyright owner to his/her property by other individual or entity is punishable by the law. In Lex Protector, we wanted to give credit to the creative mind behind certain artistic work, so we offer registration, watching and filing of copyright.

Lex Protector: On DMCA DMCA is necessary in bringing up the United States Copyright Law to comply in the World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty and the World Intellectual Property Organization Performances Phonograms Treaty. This act also fortified legal protection of intellectual properties that are published in new information and communication technologies particularly the internet. DCMA’s main feature is protection of uploaded contents in the owner’s website, and Lex Protector offers just the right services for this. We provide DMCA research, DMCA search, DMCA watch and DMCA Takedown notice filing.


Lex Protector: On designs Industrial designs are applicable to all products that may be represented by different features such as pattern, shape, lines, surface and colours. These should be protected by the law, for these are products of creative minds of certain individuals. To provide protection for designs, Lex Protector renders industrial design search, registration, and watch.

Lex Protector: On domain names Domain names are representations of every internet resource, such as web page or file of information. They have their own address or Uniform Resource Locator (URL), and domain names are part of it.

Lex Protector: Contact Us!

To help protection of domain names, Lex Protector provides domain names related services; search, registration, watch, and filing for website recovery to Internet Corporation and other registrars for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Lex Protector International Law Office Plot No- 110-A, Daruthenga, Via- Baranga, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Pin- 754005, India. Tel: +91-9658577326 E-mail: Skype: lexprotector Website: Twitter: Facebook:


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Lex Protector was founded in the year 2012 with an aim to be a one click solution for all your Intellectual Property needs. We serve both do...

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