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Sports Injury Rehab With Hima Dalal: Combining Eastern Therapy with the Latest Technologies

By: Amy Pittsenbarger


here is nothing quite like the pain of a sports injury. Imagine during the joy of playing a game you love, you injure yourself, perhaps quite seriously. It can obviously be damaging both physically and emotionally, and Hima Dalal, owner of Vital Energy Wellness and Rehab Center with 34 years of sports rehab and healing experience, wants to help. She treats a wide range of patients and sports injuries of all kinds (muscle pains, spasms, broken bones, sprains, strains, hematomas, head concussions, post-surgical rehab, and sports specific rehab – acute & chronic). She has treated everybody from young little leaguers to professional athletes, including professional rugby teams, soccer teams, tennis players, NFL and college football players, nationally and internationally. Vital Energy is a unique combination of traditional occupational and physical therapy mixed with alternative treatments in order to heal sports injuries much faster. This method of healing uses muscle energy treatment, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, aqua therapy, Reiki therapy, trigger point release, mediation and relaxation, just to name a few. Part of what Hima does is help people with sports injuries rewire their neuro pathways. When you have an injury, your muscles remember the pain from that injury, particularly when your body moves into the same position it was in at the time of injury. The problem with this, of course, is that it can stop you from playing a sport you love, or it can compromise your precision of skill. This is where Hima

steps in. She utilizes therapy that stimulates the nerves, thus changing your neuro pathway to normal again. In this way, a person with a sports injury can get their body back to its original state and prevent the reoccurrence of injury. The most important thing to remember about sports injuries, Hima explains, is to immediately utilize the motto of “RICE,” rest, ice, compres-

sion, and elevation. If pain and swelling still continues or worsens in the next 24 hours, do not hesitate to go to the emergency room. After 35 hours of an injury, if pain persists you should consult your doctor or an occupational/physical therapist. By doing so, this will make the healing process much quicker and easier. For each person who comes to Vital Energy, Hima and her team will sit down and create

a specialized plan to address your unique needs. One of the main treatments that they utilize is Hydroworx pool therapy with an underwater treadmill and jets for resistance as well as a massage hose to help with blood flow and soreness. They also give you a home exercise program that you can follow at home on your own in order to speed up the healing process. The number of ways that Hima www.lexingtonwomanonline.com


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