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Health & Wellness and reduced risk of injury reoccurrence. Hima is a board certified, licensed occupational therapist, energy medicine practitioner, and fibromyalgia specialist with over 30 years of experience. Her technique, Crystal Myofascial Release, also known as Crystal Myofascial Stretching, has proven perfect for patients who have not found results with traditional therapies and who have exhausted all other resources. Crystal Myofascial Release is where the therapist uses crystals during manual therapy to release the fascia, knead and manipulate the muscles, as well as work on joint mobilization and joint manipulation. It integrates complementary therapy with

the traditional PT/OT approach. Aspects of many different common modalities were used in creating this technique. Some of these include muscle energy treatments as well as knowledge of acupressure and acupuncture points. Benefits of Crystal Myofascial Release are decreased pain, decreased myofascial restriction, and increased range of motion. Because it also helps to release the emotional trauma that has been stored in the muscle due to muscle memory, it has been very effective for athletes with sports injuries, fibromyalgia patients, and infant patients. To learn more about Hima or Crystal Myofascial Release, please visit our website at www.vitalenergytherapy.com.

Hima demonstrating Crystal Myofascial Release on a conference attendee.

Hima, Sanket Dalal, Vital Energy CEO, and Daynah posing in front of conference banner.

Hima and Dr. Adam Weir, Deputy Head of Aspetar Sports Groin Pain Center, in front of Vital Energy poster presentation on display.



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january 2015  

january 2015