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Health & Wellness and I am not in nearly as much pain. When I have bad spells, I try to come an extra time or two and that makes a difference as well. LW: What would you like people to know about Fibromyalgia? Melinda: I would really like people to know that just because they don’t see an injury or a break it doesn’t mean that an injury isn’t there. You can look in someone’s eyes and see pain. I would like for people to have patience and understanding where this disease is concerned.

Sharon Lasiewicki I was diagnosed 11 months ago, and I am 33 years old. LW: What is the most difficult part of this disease for you? Sharon: The most difficult part of Fibromyalgia for me is the fact it has affected my entire life. I was an athlete all-star, very physically active my entire life. My


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husband, my daughter and I, we did everything together. I was no longer able to do any of those things. It completely debilitated me. I thought my life was over. I had gone to seven doctors, I was sick for six months before they came up with a diagnosis and sent me to a rheumatologist. They told me I was crazy and depressed. I had a hard time breathing, I couldn’t move my arms and my husband was taking me to every doctor that could possibly help us. They were slamming doors in my face. He was telling them this isn’t her. We were athletic, social; anywhere we could go we went. No one would listen to him.

Without those tools, my family and the doctors who are treating me now I wouldn’t be where I am at today. I can get out of bed again. LW: What is your wish about Fibromyalgia Awareness? Sharon: I wish there was more education out there for family doctors, to say we aren’t crazy. To educate them about the fact we aren’t just depressed. This is a real disease and if someone is hurting and there family is telling you, “this is not her” there is something wrong. I know they are still gathering data together for this disease,

LW: How did Vital Energy Therapy and Hima Dalal help you? Sharon: Vital Energy Therapy has helped me tremendously, just with the attitude of you are going to get better. The support group meetings, the stories that Hima shares, and her magic hands! Everything that she has done has helped. Her energy work and the exercises that she has given me to do at home have been a big part of (getting me where I am today) where I can do things on my own to help myself as well.

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Hima Dalal and Sharon Lasiewicki

Our goal is to achieve mental and physical wellness through our combination of Complementary/Alternative therapies with traditional Occupational Therapy. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: • Occupational Therapy • Physical Therapy

Pediatric Therapy

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• Sports Physical Therapy • Reiki Therapy • Pediatric Therapy • Aqua Therapy

• Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome • Chronic/Acute Pain • Migraine Headache Treatment • Yoga/Personal Fitness • Neuro/Ortho Injury Rehab

• Scoliosis Rehab • Myofascial Release Treatment and Craniosacral Therapy • Rheumatoid/Osteoarthritis Therapy Underwater Treadmill

Hima N. Dalal

Reiki Treatment

Occupational Therapist Reiki and Myofascial Release Consultant Sports Personal Fitness Consultant

• Work Reconditioning

• Hand Therapy

• TMJ Therapy

• Cancer Rehab

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