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hen your life is thrown off track due to chronic pain, no energy, trauma, medical illness, or injury, slowly impairing your ability to function with daily life (ADLs, homemaking, work, play), and impairs your thinking ability; your entire world can be affected (i.e., career, family, finances, self-worth). With Vital Energy Occupational Therapy and Wellness Center’s comprehensive approach, will aid in working with your strengths and learning new skills to optimize your functioning to the fullest with Vital Energy’s CAM Therapy.

Mind, Body, Spirit – Total Health and Well-Being At Vital Energy we are all about mind, body and spirit. Our building is eco-friendly and welcoming. The first thing you see as you drive into Vital Energy is our waterfall fountain, providing a sense of serenity and calm. As you enter our facility, you are greeted with colors that were specially selected for their soothing and warm feel. At Vital Energy we work on healing you from the inside out, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

FOR YOUR BODY: We treat your physical body through our services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and aquatic therapy. We also treat fibromyalgia/ chronic/acute pain, migraine headaches, cervical/shoulder/back pain, arthritis/osteoarthritis/ rheumatoid arthritis, orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, work injuries, scoliosis rehab, cancer rehab, and neurological/neuromuscular impairments. Pediatric patients we treat can have diagnoses such as developmental delays, cerebral palsy, autism, physical dysfunction, ADHD, writing disorders, and torticolis. Our alternative / complementary therapy services consist of myofascial release treatment, craniosacral therapy, muscle energy treatment, lymphedema therapy, massage therapy, and meditation/relaxation (mindfulness) techniques.

We will make you feel right at home so you can relax and concentrate on healing.

The harmony which exists between the environment and staff of Vital Energy aids in reducing stress and anxiety levels. We have strived to create a family atmosphere which we share with our patients. We will make you feel right at home so you can relax and concentrate on healing.

FOR YOUR MIND: The staff at Vital Energy will help motivate you to have a positive approach toward your symptoms and an inner desire to be healed. Your emotions play an integral part in your physical healing. Any diagnosis begins within your emotional body (state of mind), surfacing as negative emotions, thoughts or impressions. These negative emotions create and imprint in our conscious mind as pain or discomfort. We will help strengthen your intrinsic desire for healing. As your physical body becomes stronger, more flexible, and simply healthier, your mind cannot help but follow.


When our emotions are negative in nature or our mind is bombarded with worrying thoughts, our health can become compromised. At Vital Energy, as you begin to heal your physical body, your stress and anxiety levels will decrease and your mind becomes at peace. This peace of mind results in your spirit being cleansed of the negative energy within you due to your physical ailment. Here we teach you to focus on healing and not focus on what is hurting in your body. This change in focus allows the “good feelings” to surface as your body heals. What we have created here at Vital Energy is focused on the whole well-being of the individual. Your environment can help keep you calm. Rooms take on positive energy when cooling, yet warming colors are used in conjunction with soft meditative music and ambient lighting. These things combined with professional therapists work together to provide the most tranquil atmosphere for healing and rejuvenation. www.lexingtonwomanonline.com


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