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s Founder of Vital Energy Occupational Therapy & Wellness Center, and a woman, there is a special place in my heart for women and I have a deep understanding for a woman’s pain and suffering.

For women, physical issues which can be experienced are very unique and often begin at an early age in life. These problems may range from endometriosis, menstrual cramps pain during teenage years, to headaches, sometimes migraines, and mood swings due to hormone imbalances experienced later in life. There are even some women who have issues which stay with them throughout their lives and can turn into anxiety, nervousness, difficulty with pregnancies, pre-natal and post-natal pain, pelvic floor dysfunctions, vulvodynia, stress, pan28

by Hima Dalal

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ic attacks, low energy, depression, lack of sleep, chronic myofascial pain, obesity, lax joints, vertigo, and decreased balance. These are some of the examples we as women may have to deal with in our lives. At Vital Energy we offer a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere where a woman can be treated through a blend of complementary therapy and traditional therapy for these types of physical issues. Along with these therapies for physical issues, as a woman’s body begins to grow stronger her psychological well-being will show a more peaceful and balanced state.

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Through our therapies, it is Vital Energy’s desire to help women face their physical, emotional and mental issues on the road to a healthier life. This is especially prevalent during pregnancy and child birth which can cause extreme stretching, pressure and tearing and can put the pelvic floor at risk of decrease alignment, stiffness, imbalance, myofascial pain, and overall weakness. When a woman reaches menopause, important changes will once again modify the shape of the pelvic region causing muscle

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Lexington Woman (Vol 8, No 3)  

A complete guide of resources for women, by women.

Lexington Woman (Vol 8, No 3)  

A complete guide of resources for women, by women.