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Kelley Geiger, cancer survivor since 2015, with Kelly Jeffcoat, nurse navigator

It’s Our Fight, Too.

No one should face breast cancer alone. At Lexington Medical Cancer Center, our team of medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons and nurse navigators takes a comprehensive approach to breast cancer care. From our Five-Day Detection to Diagnosis program and weekly breast conferences, to 3D mammography and patient support groups, we work together every day to achieve the best possible outcomes. At Lexington Medical Cancer Center, breast cancer isn’t just the fight of your life. It’s our fight, too.

Summer is in full swing, and I have realized that it’s time for me to retire my grill. It doesn’t seem like I’ve had it that long, but it’s over 15 years old. How time flies! This was my first gas grill, and it has a ton of surface space for cooking. It has served our family and our neighborhood cul-de-sac well. In the past I used it almost every day, and have cooked oysters, steaks, chicken, pork, corn, shrimp, fish, and even mountain oysters on it. Rust has taken over, and the cooking elements are worn. Truth be told, I’ve missed cooking with charcoal. Gas is easy, simple and quick. But there’s something special about charcoal. Yes, it takes longer, but the flavor from the combination of hot coals, flickering flames and simmering smoke is incomparable. There are new grills like the Big Green Egg and others that have become popular since I last shopped for a grill. I am excited to learn more about each of them. Many good times and conversation with my neighbors Mike, Ken, Bobby, Lee, and Dennis were had around the

grill. As our kids have grown up, we don’t have the neighborhood cookouts like we used to, and I miss them. Enjoy your time around your grill this summer — every minute of it. Happy Independence Day, and thanks for reading Lexington Life. Thanks for reading, Todd Shevchik

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Friday, July 7 CrownBEAT River Bluff High School, 320 Corley Mill Rd., 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Drum corps will return to the Midlands this summer with CrownBEAT, featuring six of the best drum and bugle corps in the world. Drum Corps International and Carolina Crown present three former DCI World Champion corps: The Cadets from Allentown, PA, the Cavaliers from Rosemont, IL and the hometown favorite, Carolina Crown from Fort Mill, SC. Contact Chris Buck at 803.429.1897 for more information. Thursday, July 13 Hands-On History with Lexington Co. Museum Lexington Co. Museum, 231 Fox St., 10:30 a.m. Learn about the lifestyle of an upper-middle class family in Antebellum Lexington. Tour starts in the 1810 Daniel Koon House where the guide will discuss various everyday items in antebellum-era homes that may be unfamiliar to us now, such as: the bed warming pan, the spittoon, the chamber pot, the rope bed, and more. Children will get to play with replica items before heading for a tour of the inside of the John Fox House. Admission is free. Sunday, July 16 Author Meet and Greet Lexington Main Library, 5440 Augusta Rd., 3 p.m. Meet New York Times best-selling author Patti Callahan Henry at the meet and greet for her new novel, The Bookshop at Water’s End. It is an absorbing and crisscrossing story of two best friends returning to an idyllic river house in South Carolina—pulled like the tidal flow of the scenic water—to face their fears. 803.785.2600 for more information. Saturday, July 22 Puppet Playhouse: Fun at the Beach Lexington Main Library, 5440 Augusta Rd., 2 p.m. Puppets can spark a child’s imagination while teaching new concepts in a fun, friendly way. Join in and sing along. Presented by Puppet Playhouse. 803.785.2600 for more information. Friday, July 28 Move in the Park: Finding Nemo Leesville College Park, College St., Batesburg-Leesville, 8:30 p.m. The Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission presents Finding Nemo, a part of their free Movie Night Series. Submit your event info five weeks in advance to Events will be included as space permits.


Green Eggs & Homes! Purchase and close a quick move-in home by *September 30th and receive a Big Green Egg!

Applicable to quick move-in homes only. Contract must be dated on or after April 16th, 2017 and close on or before September 30, 2017. Offer only available in Columbia, SC market.

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Le xington

Let our team of caring professionals help you with the latest methods for relief of pain. Back and Neck Pain Headaches Numbness Fibromyalgia Vertigo Leg Pain Neuropathy Neu Latest Pain Relief Cold Laser Infrared Therapy Non Surgical Decompression For Serious Neck and Back Pain

Convenient Hours: Early AM and Evening Appointments FREE Consultation and Exam 3 Doctors on Staff. No Waiting. MOST INSURANCES ACCEPTED 8 | LEXINGTON LIFE | July2017

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Come see why we are voted BEST Senior Living Community Pastor Mike Turner Lexington Baptist Church

Life Lives Better at The Village at Southlake Enjoy Superior Service • Independence • Companionship • Safety • Exceptional Cuisine • Maintenance Free Lifestyle • Diversified Engaging Activities • Life Long Learning Series

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People come to Lexington for many different reasons. Some come for Lake Murray, some come for our schools, and still others relocate here because of the booming South Carolina economy. I know one family who came for a different reason – they had no other place to go. Kambiz is from Iran, a place many Americans are suspicious of because of its zealous brand of Islam and its political agenda. It’s also a nation so hostile toward the Christian faith that it persecutes its own citizens who embrace it. Kambiz found that out first-hand 15 years ago when he and his wife left their Muslim backgrounds to follow Jesus. They understood the radical nature of their decision and were willing to accept the consequences of their new convictions. Kambiz became a passionate evangelist and his wife a tireless advocate for the faith. The result was predictable: they served time in a Tehran prison and were later forced to flee the country. They landed in Istanbul, Turkey, and, along with hundreds of thousands of other refugees, began the U.N. immigration process they hoped would lead to a better life. Three years later, they ended up here in Lexington, quickly became valued members of our church family, and fell in love with our town. A year ago, they moved again, this time to North Carolina, where Kambiz now attends seminary. In one more stage in his amazing life, the faculty recently tapped him to lead its new Persian Leadership Development Ministry. That’s quite a journey for someone who started out as an air-conditioner repairman in Tehran and spent his Fridays in mosques leading the Muslim call to prayer. Here’s my point. The two years that Kambiz and his family spent here in Lexington left such an impression that they still consider this their home. They feel that way because of a quality that those who have lived here longer are prone to forget: Lexington knows how to welcome outsiders. The practice of hospitality enriches those who extend it as much as those who receive it and trumps all other civic virtues because of its ability to bypass outward differences like skin color, national origin, and personal history: It gets to the heart of what we all have in common. Lexington is blessed because of the willingness of its people to open their hearts. That’s a quality we need to keep front and center. n

Lexington Baptist Church 308 E. Main Street, Lexington, SC 29072 | 803.359.4146 Join us Sundays at 9 or 10:30 a.m. Read more from Pastor Mike at

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We offer counseling services to help people struggling with unmanagable life circumstances.

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Your biggest investment shouldn't be your biggest worry. You've worked hard to find the perfect home. Now, make the right call and protect it with Farm Bureau Insurance®. With local agents, competitive rates, a variety of discounts and a long history of fast, friendly claims service, why would you go with anyone else?

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South Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Company, South Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company, Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, Jackson, MS, Palmetto Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc.

by Jackie Perrone

Allison Hedrick The sports world was too slow for her, so she moved into … insurance? Allison Hedrick switched careers into what she now calls the perfect fit. And Lexington is just about the perfect place, too. “I thought I wanted to get into sports administration and management,” she says. “It was my college major (University of Georgia) and seemed interesting. And I had a job in this field, in Charlotte. But I found that it’s a seasonal rhythm, with slow seasons between times of high activity. I had never thought about insurance, but now I realize it’s what I was looking for all along. It’s so satisfying to help people analyze their risks and to be here with help when they have an emergency. And the need for this service exists all year long. It suits me perfectly.” She must be doing something right. This Nationwide representative has won awards, including Young Professional of the Year for 2017 from the Lexington Chamber of Commerce. Along with her husband Kevin, they have embraced their chosen community with enthusiasm. Allison grew up “all over the place,” she says, living in 11 different states before settling down here. She finished high school in Illinois and was attracted to UGA for its sports management program. At Charlotte Motor Speedway, she enlisted sponsors for events, building relationships with the business community, and, when she discovered their Speedway Children’s Charities, she was able to use her promotional and organizational skills to build a fund-raising platform, recruiting new sponsors and promoting events. During her service there, revenues at the charity grew by 75%. Kevin’s sales career at Obi-Wan brought the couple to Lexington in 2014. Sandy Morgan recruited Allison into Morgan and Associates Insurance Agency. Allison and Kevin connected with the Lexington Chamber of Commerce, and she serves on the board of the Empowered Young Professionals and as an ambassador there. As she describes it, “Networking, professional development, and community service.” Allison echoes the sentiments expressed by so many who move into this community: “It’s growing so fast, and has so much to offer. We think it’s just about the best place to live.” n

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Essen Buyer’s Guide To

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ntialOILS by Calvin Farrell

Essential oils basically represent many pounds of plant material condensed and processed into a liquid form. That’s why relatively small bottles can cost quite a bit, and why just one drop is usually considered a potent dose. That describes natural essential oils made entirely from plants. According to Tami O’Brien, the Health and Beauty Manager at 14 Carrot in Lexington, “Making sure that the product is labeled 100% essential oil is important. You may also want to research what companies you can trust to be authentic. Brands like DoTERRA and Now, two of the top ten essential oil brands, test their products for purity. We carry both at 14 Carrot.” There also are products on the market that are marketed as “essential oils” but are actually synthetic and made either partially or entirely from chemicals. Synthetic oils don’t have medicinal value and are supposed to only be used for their scent, but, due to weak regulations by the FDA, manufacturers have some leeway to get away with claiming that the synthetics are the same as natural oils. What Do Essential Oils Do, and How Do We Know They Work? The primary mechanism of action is to stimulate the brain in such a way that various chemicals and hormones are released, which, in turn, can significantly alter your mood and even your physiological state. Some topical oils also can provide various benefits to the skin or can be used as an antiseptic or antibacterial agent. Much of the body of evidence supporting essential oils is anecdotal, meaning it has not been verified fully by scientific testing. While double-blind peer-reviewed testing is the gold standard of proof of efficacy, anecdotal evidence is not without value, especial-

ly when it dates back thousands of years, and numerous people report the same beneficial effects. Records of essential oil use have been found in most of the world’s major civilizations, dating as far back as ancient Egypt and China. There is scientific evidence to back up some of the effects of essential oils. For example, large-scale literature reviews have been published in The International Journal of Neuroscience and Phytotherapy Research (both in 2007), which indicate that certain aromas do indeed have a measurable impact on mood, behavior, and physiological state. How Essential Oils Are Used There are two main ways in which essential oils are used: inhaling the vapors and applying them to the skin. A rare handful of essential oils can be consumed, but generally speaking they are too strong for this to be safe. On the occasions that they are ingested, a drop is usually added to tea or water to dilute it. Taking straight drops of essential oil is never a good idea. Skin application is the simpler of these two topics. An essential oil should almost never be applied directly to the skin; again, it’s usually too potent for that and will cause irritation. Even if the oil is safe to apply, direct application actually reduces its effectiveness because a significant amount of it will evaporate before it can be absorbed by the skin. Topical oils are instead mixed with a carrier

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Happy 4th of July!

Meet our New Veterinarians! Accepting appointments, call today!



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oil, which is a neutral fragrance-free oil designed to both dilute the essential oil and prevent it from evaporating off of the skin. Most of the popular cooking oils, like olive and sunflower, can actually be used as a carrier oil. “A good location to apply the oil is the bottom of the feet, because it absorbs quickly,” says O’Brien. When it comes to inhalation, there are basically two categories: ambient and direct. Ambient: An ambient application simply involves filling a room with the fragrance by applying heat to it in some way. The simplest method is a glass dish on a stand with a candle under it, to which a drop or two of oil is applied. Naturally, one should always keep an eye on this method and not leave it unattended due to potential fire risk. A more distraction-friendly ambient alternative is to purchase a diffuser. These are basically electronic vaporizers. They come in a variety of styles, with the most popular for essential oils being the nebulizer, as it emits the strongest concentration of oil into the air. If you need a solution that runs quietly and only has to cover a small area, such as for use in a bedroom at night, a heat or evaporative diffuser is the best option. Direct: Direct application means simply breathing in the oil’s natural fragrance directly. You can do this by applying a drop to a cotton ball and holding it up to your nose; for a more potent application, apply a drop to a bowl of hot water and inhale with a towel placed over your head. What To Look For When Buying Essential Oils As touched upon earlier, you want an oil that is completely natural, with no synthetic additives. You also want plant materials that are not treated with toxic pesticides. Finally, you want an oil

that actually contains 100% of the plant, herb, or flower it is supposed to – no filler plants that do not provide the same medicinal and mood-enhancing value. This is where weak market regulations become a problem. The FDA actually has no specific regulations for products that label themselves as “essential oils” unless they are marketed as a dietary supplement or for treatment of a specific medical condition. So, at least legally speaking, there’s really very little stopping a company from cutting its essential oils with whatever other materials it wants.

20% OFF

all essential oils through July 31st. One coupon per customer. Coupon excludes items already on sale. Offer good to 14 Carrot rewards customers only. Not a rewards customer? It's quick, easy and FREE to join! Ask your cashier for an application. One coupon redemption permitted per rewards account for the entirety of the promotion.

We carry 6 different essential oil brands, including 3 of the Top 10 brands (doTERRA, Now and Aura Cacia) We house over 200 bottles of essential oils We carry some organic and food grade quality essential oils We have 5 different styles of cool mist oil diffusers We carry an assortment of carrier oils, such as avocado, sweet almond, jojoba. fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil We carry empty tinted bottles and lids with droppers, roller balls or sprayers to store your oils if you create your own blends

5300 Sunset Blvd in Lexington


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711 East Main Street, Lexington, SC

Get Ready for Summer! Now accepting new patients.

Midlands Pediatric Dentistry is a locally owned specialty practice committed to providing the best possible care for your child during their growth and development. Dr. Robert Shoun is a board certiďŹ ed pediatric dentist. He has proudly been serving the Lexington area as a pediatric dentist since 2008 and recently opened up his new ofďŹ ce, Midlands Pediatric Dentistry, in February 2016.

Convenient to I-20 and Hwy 1. Turn at the red light near Lexington Bowl and SAFE Credit Union on Hwy 1.

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In absence of meaningful government labeling regulations, it is upon the consumer to do his or her own due diligence in researching a purchasing decision. Key factors to consider before making a purchase include: • The general reputation of the company selling the oil – has it been in business for long? What do user reviews say? Do any product reviews by professional publications exist? Is it endorsed by any reputable aromatherapists or similar experts in the field? • Do any independent third-party lab tests of the product’s content exist? For example, several organizations act as watchdogs in this capacity, such as Essential Oils Awareness and The Essential Oil University. • What claims do the product’s label and marketing materials make? Does it claim to be 100% pure or natural? Does the manufacturer back that up by providing independent testing results on their website? Also, treat any claims of “grade” with extreme skepticism – there is no universal or industry grading standard at present.

• Does the label list the correct botanical name for the oil in question? Ideally, the label will have the plant’s name in Latin, as there are sometimes specific varieties of the plant that are intended for specific medical or therapeutic purposes. • How is it packaged? The best way for essential oils to be packaged is sealed in a dark-tinted glass bottle that does not have an eyedropper attached to it. The darker glass maintains their potency, and an eyedropper should not be attached, as the oil will gradually break down the rubber and intermingle with it. A final piece of advice is to be suspicious of unusually low prices. Good, all-natural essential oils are expensive to make, as it takes multiple pounds of plant material just for each little bottle. If an oil that is normally pricey is being sold for an amazingly low price, that’s a big red flag that it may be adulterated. n

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Minute Maid Slushie ®

Enjoy a FREE Large Minute Maid Slushie ® when you download the McDonald’s® app. Expires 8/31/17. Offer valid for one time use with McD’s App download. McD App download and registration required. See for terms and conditions and offer details. At participating McDonald’s. Limited time offer. © 2017 McDonald’s

Visit your local McDonald’s® at: 340 Longs Pond Rd., Lexington, SC • 1011 South Lake Dr., Lexington, SC 1770 South Lake Dr., Lexington, SC • 250 Columbia Ave., Lexington, SC 4364 Augusta Rd., West Columbia, SC • 2700 Emanuel Church Rd., West Columbia, SC 659 Columbia Ave., Chapin, SC • 210 W. Columbia Ave., Batesburg, SC 401 N. Jennings & Travis Ave. Saluda, SC

Summer Beauty by Amber Machado

While summer has always been one of my favorite times of year, it’s also when I find myself having to do the most damage control for my skin and hair. All of a sudden, things I didn’t have to worry about earlier in the year are front and center, demanding immediate attention. Along with the pressure to be “beach body” ready, there’s the sun, saltwater, chlorine, and humidity, all of which can wreak havoc on even the most solid of beauty regimens. Luckily, all it takes is a few simple strategies to beat the heat and freshen up your look this summer.

Rethink Your Routine

I’ve always scaled back my hair routine in the summer by letting my hair air dry into beachy waves. The only problem is that those beachy waves don’t appear on their own; they’re the result of texturizing products, a lot of scrunching, and a few swipes of my flat iron. It wasn’t until this spring that I realized that my “laid back” summer routine was actually taking a serious toll on my hair. Scrunching it to create the wavy look I wanted had caused a lot of breakage, and the heat from my flat iron was only making matters worse. I needed to find a way to style my hair that still felt quick and easy but was less damaging. I also knew I

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Our new skin care products have arrived! The exclusive "Dr Michelle Welch-Smith Rx Skin Care" products are in stock. Each product was speciďŹ cally formulated and chosen for our clients needs from acne prone skin to sensitive skin.

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Dr. Michelle Welch, M.D. Board certified dermatologist

ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS 346 W. Butler Street | 803.951.1717

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for your free skin care consultation and ďŹ nd out how we can help you achieve a gorgeous natural glow! We have cleansers, eye creams, moisturizers, vitamin C serum, retinoids, anti-wrinkle creams and sun screen! This month you will receive a free pampering facial with the purchase of our cleanser!

ed to lay off the flat iron. Think about when you have your hair done at a salon. It’s rare that your stylist will use a flat iron. All of those perfect blowouts, whether smooth or textured, aren’t created with a flat iron; they’re created with a professional blow dryer and a round brush. The round brush is something I have yet to master, but a hair dryer upgrade? That was a switch I could make. I sought out to find the dryer with the highest wattage at the most reasonable price. Wattage is key because, the higher the wattage, the more wind the dryer creates, allowing the wind to dry your hair, not the heat. When I saw the Babyliss Pro Italo Luminoso, it was love at first sight. It was the perfect color blue, a brand my stylist swears by, and had a wattage of 2,000. I was shocked the first time I used it. The drying time was cut in half, and it made my hair so smooth and silky, I didn’t need to use a flat iron at all. It feels laid back because it works so quickly, and I’m saving my hair from all of that direct heat from the flat iron.

Invest in a Buzzworthy Body Scrub

It’s inevitable to show more skin once summer approaches. Warmer temperatures and outdoor activities call for much shorter hems, especially in SC. I find myself wearing a bathing suit nine months out of the year, and there is always a certain level of anxiety that comes with the initial “unveiling.” Let’s talk about one of the biggest culprits of this anxiety, at least for me: Cellulite. Before you fork over wads of cash on creams, lotions, and treatments that promise to make cellulite disappear, try this simple and inexpensive solution: Caffeine. I was always a bit skeptical of this until I had my first professional coffee scrub and saw the results for myself. The caffeine dilates your blood vessels and stimulates blood flow, which diminishes the appearance of cellulite almost immediately. Not only that, but the coffee grounds exfoliate and polish your skin, giving you an instant glow that serves as a perfect first step to your favorite self-tanner. Can I get an Amen?! I could never find a coffee-based one that fit the bill, so I attempted to make my own. Pinterest

makes it look soooooo easy. Mix up some coconut oil, leftover coffee grounds, and brown sugar, tie a pretty ribbon around a mason jar, and ta da, you have a DIY coffee scrub. They leave out the part that your bathtub will look like a caffeine-themed massacre, and you will spend half a day trying to clean up all the sticky, residual coffee grounds. I swear, when I discovered LUSH’s Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Scrub, I heard a choir of angels. Leave it to LUSH to create a mess free, delightfully smelling coffee scrub. This scrub and mask duo is the perfect consistency and delivers the exact same wow worthy results of the professional scrub I had at the spa.

Face it. You Need a Primer.

Ohhhhh the humidity. The feeling of makeup sliding off your face an hour after you applied it. I have to admit, I never really put much stock in makeup primers in the past. It wasn’t until I bought one for my wedding a few months ago that I became a believer. To be honest, I always considered primers an unnecessary step that wasn’t worth the time or money. Now, I am eating my words, and there is simply no turning back. I have seen the light! The primer that made a believer out of me? Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Primer. It was the name that drew me to it, as I was shopping for a primer for my wedding and wanted my makeup to look good in photos. I also grabbed the photo-finish eye primer to keep my eye makeup in place—and holy smokes! Did both of these products deliver! Yes, it’s an added step, but it’s one that I actually enjoy. I love the way the primer feels on my skin and how easily my foundation applies on top of it. Plus, I’ll gladly add an additional step to my routine if it makes my makeup last all day in the summer heat. Whether you are beach-bound or simply plan to enjoy more time outdoors, hopefully these tips will help you focus on having fun instead of worrying about your hair, skin, and makeup. Just don’t have so much fun that you forget to stay hydrated and reapply SPF every two hours. n July 2017 | LEXINGTON LIFE | 21

Bedroom, dining and living furniture • Accesories and decor • Lighting, lamps and chandeliers | 819 E Main St., Lexington, SC | 803-490-2097 Open Tuesday – Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Design • Build • Maintain

22 | LEXINGTON LIFE | July2017

Keeping on top of the hottest home trends is key for maintaining a fresh, interesting home. From preparing for a major renovation, to getting ready to put your home on the market, to simply breathing new life into your décor, the following ideas will get you started.

Top 10 Home for 2017 Trends

by Kristen Carter

Earthy pastel hues The 2016 Pantone shades were Serenity and Rose Quartz, which were right on the mark for the upswing in earthy pastel hues. Pastel hues depict the soft side of spring, with an organic, feminine palette featuring muted tones. Think about using curves and softer silhouettes to create a soft aesthetic, particularly in a living room, study, or bedroom. Choose one or two primarily pastels and use one or two more pastels as accent colors to keep the room from overwhelming the eye. Mixed metals Brass and gold are as trendy as ever in the home décor industry. Silver and polished nickel are both making a comeback, and we’re also seeing white plaster finishes in furnishings and light fixtures. With such a wide range of metals available, it’s not hard to finish out a room with accent pieces in mixed metals, such as a bronze light fixture, copper accent table, and silver picture frames. You’ll create a fresh aesthetic and avoid an overly matching scheme.

Rich wall colors A bold wall color makes a vivid statement in a room for a very low price tag. In 2017, navy, coral, pink, teal, and emerald green will be among the most popular wall colors. Choose a bold color for a single wall, especially in a smaller space, and make the room pop by painting the rest of the walls white. If you want to paint several walls with a deep shade, choose furniture or art pieces in lighter contrasting shades to provide a balance. Stain-resistant fabrics Many modern families desire elegant, stunning living spaces that also are comfortable and practical. Selecting furnishings with stain-resistant fabrics makes your home more functional, so you don’t have to live in constant fear of your young children or pets ruining your belongings. For example, a sofa with a velvet-like fabric that’s actually 40% polyester will withstand a much higher level of wear and tear than will a genuine velvet coach. If you’re set on natural upholstery, go with leather furnishings. July 2017 | LEXINGTON LIFE | 23

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Upholstered headboards Upholstered headboards have been commonplace in luxury hotels and celebrity homes for quite some time. In recent years, the trend has become more widespread. It is expected to reach a whole new level in 2017. A new bedhead is a simple, affordable way to update your bedroom and add an instant touch of glamor. Headboards range in style significantly with everything from simple, classic models in neutral shades to high-end, plush models in velvet and other luxury fabrics.

it to make it truly your own. For example, you may be able to save the original wood frame for a chair but add a contemporary fabric to take it into the current century. Keep an eye out for potential pieces at second-hand shops and estate sales or watch the Craigslist postings in your area for furniture deals. Art-inspired wallpaper The luxury accent wall craze has been on the rise for several years. In 2016, gilded metallic wallpaper was all the rage. For 2017, the trend has shifted to art-inspired wallpaper. Every time you go on Instagram, you’ll see a stunning new large-format floral design. It’s amazing to see such gorgeous artwork reproduced in this large scale. Using wallpaper instead of a traditional painting or print creates a prominent, distinctive statement in a living room, dining room, entryway, or bedroom. Decorative hardware Decorative hardware adds character to any room without the investment of new furniture. Swap out your plain wood or basic round silver knobs for more expressive pieces. For example, if you have a star motif in a kitchen or bedroom, complete the theme with star-shaped drawer pulls. You can also refresh old hardware for just a few dollars with a coat of spray paint.

Bar carts Bar carts are the new staple furniture piece in living rooms and other entertaining areas. There are so many beautiful bar carts and consoles on the market today. Consider your existing space, current style, and booze preferences to select a cart or console that fits the space accordingly. A simple industrial bar cart is perfect for a rustic country home, while a tall gold-trimmed console with built-in wine storage may be more fitting for a modern, elegant home. There are endless bar accessories for styling your cart, such as coasters, drink labels, and ice buckets. Repurposed furniture A repurposed furniture piece is the perfect way to save an old piece from the dump while bringing some new style into

Fresh flowers Fresh flowers add a pop of color to a kitchen, living room, or entryway. Retire your worn-out silk flowers and pick up a fresh bouquet at the grocery store or during your weekly trip to the farmer’s market. A large clear vase displays the flowers beautifully, letting their magnificent colors fill the room. If you want a more delicate aesthetic, split up a large bouquet into a handful of small vases that you can spread throughout the kitchen or even multiple rooms in your home. As you weigh popular home trends, consider which concepts will fit most naturally in your current home while also appealing to your personal tastes. Even though upholstered headboards are all the rage this year, they may not look so great in your ultramodern urban home. Don’t be afraid to mix multiple patterns, colors, and other style elements until you achieve home designs you truly love. n July 2017 | LEXINGTON LIFE | 25

by Tyler Ryan When you drive over the dam from Irmo to Lexington or stroll across in the walkway, stopping to affix a lock on the fence, it is hard to imagine anything but water, boats, and memories of summers out on the lake with family and friends. The fact is, however, as recently as the mid-1920s, a slow rural lifestyle that some 5,000 people called home lined the area that would become Lake Murray. According to historian Randall Shealy, a few churches and an occasional general store were all that were placed within the wooded area that made up the communities. In the late 1920s, William Murray was hired by the Lexington Water Power Company, now known as SGE&G, to engineer the world’s biggest earthen dam (at the time), which would provide hydropower to meet the quickly growing industrial needs of factories in Columbia and the surrounding area. Once the idea was approved, plans for the hydro-plant were 26 | LEXINGTON LIFE | July2017

developed and a location for the dam selected, it came down to space ‌ space for all the water that would expand over the Saluda River and create a reservoir. That space came in a stretch of the Saluda River between Irmo and Lexington. By the summer of 1927, the planned 50,000 acres of land had all but been secured, having been purchased from landowners. Many chose to take what they could from their homes, with the hope of re-purposing lumber, bricks, and other items on a new homestead, but many things were left behind, including some loved ones. Shealy says that, out of the 192 cemeteries and over 2,000 people buried in them, many families elected to have their departed remain. Once the land deals were made, the clearing and creating of the dam itself began. The back-breaking task of clearing the 5,700-foot area stretching between Irmo and Lexington was

tially done largely by hand by 2,000 men who were paid 50 cents a day. Part of the task of the laborers was to install an intricate set of tracks, which in various machines, carts, and other apparatus could utilize to lay in the layer after layer of dirt, packed carefully, 200 feet high, to flood the area. According to Shealy, as the dirt continued to be piled, another set of tracks would be built, allowing the equipment to rise with the crest of the forming dam. As with many personal belongings owned by the former landowners, as the dam started to take place, the very infrastructure used to create it was discarded and, as the water rose, slipped away into the distant memory, becoming simply a line-item on an expense report as a cost of business.

Photo courtesy of University of South Carolina

“There is a lot under there,” says local diving legend and owner of Wateree Dive Center, Andy Ogburn, of the lake. Although he points out that visibility isn’t great in what is known to divers as “Lake Murky,” history lies, in some cases, just a few feet down. Fast forward nearly 90 years, and the reservoir created to support the growth of business now has become a business itself, with its own community made up of boaters, swimmers, and scuba divers. “There is a lot under there,” says local diving legend and owner of Wateree Dive Center Andy Ogburn of the lake. Although he points out that visibility isn’t great in what is known to divers as “Lake Murky,” history lies in some cases just a few feet down. As an example, Ogburn says that locating the evidence of the building of the dam is an ideal way to touch history, as many of the tracks used nearly a century ago can still be found just off the Irmo side.

July 2017 | LEXINGTON LIFE | 27

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Fwos a  cay..

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Finding most anything under water can be something of a needle in a haystack, even with a good general starting point and great visibility. Often times, markers can be found, left by previous divers, to either assist others, or ensure they can relocate their find when they decide to make a return trip. For divers who are looking for the tracks on a Lake Murray adventure, it often starts with locating a few flags or other breadcrumbs, which have been left by previous divers, about 20 feet down, giving the indication you are on the right “track.� After following a few flags and dropping a few more feet down, out of the murk, you see what appears to be a railroad tie, then the two iron bars that make the tracks. It is an eerie but cool feeling, and although they have years of algae, silt, and sand, if you close your eyes, you can imagine how they played a part in the creation of the very lake you are 25 feet under. If you have ever played with a model railroad train set, you know the importance of a roundhouse to allow trains to switch to multiple tracks. The engineers of the lake and creators of rail system were no different. To the right of the tracks, you

Photo courtesy of University of South Carolina


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Independence is One Freedom Breaaing Easy is Anooer

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may find a small line that seems to lead off into the darkness. As you keep your left hand on the guide line and trace it down, it follows the topography of the bottom of the lake. When you get to a depth of 40 or so feet, and have had several temperature changes due to crossing thermal lines, sunlight is scarce; although it seems dark on the left side of the line, as you follow the floor of the lake, if you peer to your right, there is an edge that drops off into the pitch dark, leaving the imagination to wonder what is down in the abyss. Focusing on swimming forward, rather than spending too much time envisioning what lies below and to the right, you come to a pile of rocks; although “seen” more through feel than sight because of the rather dark conditions, you have found the trestle. The trestle that was once on dry land, and as the lake filled up, slowly slipped below the surface and became long forgotten about by the same men who had used it every day to build the dam. After exploring around a while, you can locate the guide line and start the journey back toward the dam, with the past behind you, the abyss to your left, and a sole wire bringing you back … perhaps a metaphor

Photo courtesy of University of South Carolina

for life … one that leads you from a trip into history back into present day, all a few feet under the Lake Murray surface. There are many other adventures in Lake Murray that await divers who want to try their hand at underwater exploration, right in our own backyard … or off the

shore of the lake, as it were.n

Tyler Ryan is a weather anchor and morning host for ABC Columbia as well as avid scuba diver and member of the Newberry County Water Search and Rescue Team.

Are you taking care of someone with dementia? Join us the 1st Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm for our dementia support group where you can talk to others who might be going through the same struggles as you.

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The bathroom has suddenly been transformed into the home spa.

Feel Good Inc. COLUMBIA| 1312 Hamrick St. | 803.771.7160 | LEXINGTON| 116 Whiteford Way| 803.951.1607 | NE COLUMBIA| 1110 Sparkleberry Ln Ext. | 803.736.4848 Monday - Friday | 8am - 5pm

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order to see the purchase through. “CCJ is a family and what do you do when your children don’t have a home? You sacrifice everything. This is our life,” Lam emphasizes. The sale officially closed in June and CCJC and crew are now proud (and relieved) “homeowners.” The Flex is now renting a studio space from them so that they can continue to offer their renowned exercise classes. Students at CCJC not only learn dance in its purist artistic form, but also learn life skills such as discipline, body awareness, and time management. The focus is on what students are going to do after they graduate high school and CCJC has adjusted their curriculum over the years to fit college admission requirements into dance programs. Lam is very proud of the fact that every single CCJC student who graduated high school in the spring is attending college in the fall as a dance major – this fact speaks volumes about the focus and results produced at CCJC. Students at CCJC not only learn dance in its purist artistic form, but also learn life skills such as discipline, self-control, and time management. They receive the opportunity to learn from special instructors who come from all over the country to teach in the Summer Intensive program. “These instructors have options, they don’t need us, but they come to us because they know we by Katie Gantt are serious about dance,” Lam says. A few of 2017’s special guest instructors include: Sonya Tayeh, Nick Lazzarini, Travis Wall, Jason Parsons, Anthony Morigerato, MiThe Columbia City Jazz Conservatory (CCJC) is a pre-professional sha Gabriel, and Kate Harpootlian. training facility in existence for 25 years under the artistic direction of Countless CCJC graduates have Dale Lam. It is a 501(c) not-for-profit organization offering youth classgone on to forge impressive dance es starting at age three, a pre-professional program for older advanced careers. To name just a few: Kate students, plus a performance company. Until recently, its instruction Harpootilan is currently touring was, of necessity, being spread out across three different locations in with Shaping Sound and was a top Company Auditions: Lexington and Columbia. When its main campus on Rivermont Drive twenty dancer on So You Think August 17th, 5:30 p.m. in Irmo was purchased by Riverbanks Zoo, Lam and her board of diYou Can Dance Season 12; Sierra rectors faced a major decision. “CCJC is a family and a family needs a Open House: Fuller is the director of Charlotte August 19th, home,” Lam says. Performing Arts; Daniel Gaymon 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. As a next step, CCJC purchased property next door to The Flex is currently Macavity in Cats on Studios in Lexington where they planned to build a school from the Broadway and is also with Shaping Your Program Classes ground up, but encountered multiple bumps on the road to obtaining Sound and La La Land. start September 5th financing. They were already renting a small studio space within The Lam emphasizes to parents that Flex Studios – one of their afore mentioned three locations – and were if a child shows a real interest or shocked when approached about purchasing the building. After deciding it was the right talent in dance, that they are no longer just move for CCJC, Lam and her husband sold property they owned in Orangeburg, the lot they “paying for” classes, but are instead making owned next door to The Flex, refinanced their home, and emptied their retirement funds in an investment in their child’s future.n

Columbia City Jazz Conservatory Moves to Lexington

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Aiming fOr


in AftEr-SChOOl ACtivitiEs As summer vacation starts to wind down, parents begin preparing for school in the fall, and choosing an extracurricular activity is often a part of this process. Participating in after-school programs can be just as educational and rewarding as classroom involvement, and careful selection and planning will ensure it is the best fit for the child. by Marilyn Thomas

Including the student in this decision can help to make the experience a successful one, and communication with the child about their interests is a good place to start. Is the young person creative, physically active, or academically oriented? Do they want to build on their strengths, be challenged by exploring new territory, or both? Would they prefer to be on a team or hone a personal skill? In any case, a plethora of opportunities are available within the school district and through other local entities (sports leagues, churches, music schools, clubs, museums, libraries, recreational centers, etc.) in the Lexington community and the greater Columbia area. Once an interest is identified, other considerations might be taken into account. Will the activity be constructive, fun, and beneficial? Is the environment safe, clean, and organized? Are the leaders knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and welcoming? Are the other children friendly and happy? Are the resources adequate to meet the needs of each individual within the group?

Try Your Hand at Something New! Whatever you’re looking for this summer, look no further! Our broad array of programs is designed to provide opportunities to develop talents, acquire new skills and knowledge, or explore something that piques your interest. If you are seeking a full-day summer program, looking for supplemental academic programs, an athletic workshop, or want to try your hand at an arts class, you’ll find it at Hammond. HAMMOND SCHOOL • 854 Galway Lane • Columbia, SC 29209

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Montessori school from ages 2 1/2–6 years old Certified Montessori Teachers and Materials Open year round from 7:30 am–5:30 pm

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Before enrolling, the family may want to visit the facility or area where the student will be engaged to ensure these dynamics are satisfactory. Also, talking to other parents whose children are already involved in the program may generate some invaluable “big picture” insight. If a child is uncertain about or reluctant to try a new endeavor, optimistic encouragement from the parent can be contagious. In addition, enrolling with a friend or offering a small reward might be an effective incentive to take that first tentative step forward. Many programs adhere to a specific timeline, and a hesitant student may be willing to agree to attend if they understand that it is on a trial basis for a limited number of sessions. Even experimenting with a variety of activities might help a young person to discover a personal passion while developing a well-rounded childhood experience. Success in an after-school program may be defined by the child’s level of enjoyment, but important life lessons can also be gleaned from participation in such ventures. In addition to exploring a new interest, they may also make new friends, learn to become a team player, increase their self-esteem and confidence, improve their time-management skills, and give back to t h e community. As the saying goes, patience is a virtue, and every student develops and responds in different ways to new endeavors. Excessive pressure and overextending a family’s schedule can lead to unnecessary burn-out and stress, which can cause a positive pursuit to be perceived in a negative way. Achieving a healthy balance is the ideal goal as the child encounters new experiences and ideas that will enhance their character as they mature. n

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Family Friendly, Casual Dining


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Pieces of Advice for College Freshmen by Kristen Carter College can be a wonderful experience. Students have a chance to expand their horizons, learn valuable life lessons, and meet people from diverse backgrounds. However, as fun as that first year can be, it also can be a very stressful time. Professors have different expectations for their students than do high school teachers. College requires a higher level of self-motivation, and it can be hard to find the perfect balance among academics, social activities, and sleep. However, there are a few things incoming freshmen can do during their first semester that will make the transition much easier. 1. Talk to Your Advisor Advisors are an invaluable resource in college. They help students streamline their schedules, get into the right classes, and maintain their grades. Academic advisors are there to make college less stressful by offering their own experience. Listening to an advisor is especially important for students who are taking double majors and do not want to accidentally end up spending two extra years in college. Advisors are well-versed in their college’s course catalog and are trained to help their students make the most of their time and money. They are a vital resource that should not be ignored. 2. Talk to Your Professors Like advisors, professors have an inside track on college life. They can offer a wealth of information to students on everything from which paper topics to pick to which employers to contact after graduating. It always helps to have good relationships with your

July 2017 | LEXINGTON LIFE | 37

professors. If you show interest in them as people and not just as faceless imparters of wisdom, they will be more likely to assist you in your academic pursuits. Another reason to talk to professors is that, unlike in high school, professors are not required to track down students when they are absent from class or missing an assignment. By the time students reach college, it is generally assumed that they are responsible enough to take charge of their own education. If you skip a class, the professor does not have to tell you what you missed. You have to ask. Keeping an open line of communication with your professors will drastically improve your college experience. 3. Check Which Books You Actually Need At the beginning of each semester, college bookstores offer textbooks for all the upcoming classes. They have lists of which books correspond to which classes, and they will gladly help students find the right textbooks. However, their lists are sometimes incredibly inaccurate, and with the prices of textbooks as high as they are, you do not want to accidentally buy books you do not need. Before making any purchases, check in with your professors and find out which books you will actually be using in class. If you do not plan on using your textbooks after the semester is over, ask the bookstore if you can rent them instead of buying them. Save your money and avoid buying new books unless absolutely necessary.

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Mooneyhan’s Auto

Training Tomorrow's Stars Today! The Midlands' Only Studio Devoted to Drama, Voice & Dance

Company Auditions for 2017-2018: July 12, 19 & 26 Summer Classes Still Available Broadway Bound alumni are currently performing in New York City, Hollywood & around the world!

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Welcome to the family Dr. Ryan Dover Grace Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital providing medical, su surgical and dental care for your small and large animals. Our Pet Lodge offers clean, spacious, climate-controlled boarding for dogs and cats for your piece of mind while you’re away from home. Our Large Animal Haul-in Facility is fully equipped for safe, comfortable treatment of your horse, goat, or llama. SMALL AND LARGE ANIMALS, COMPLETE MEDICAL AND DENTAL CARE, LASER SURGERY, PREMIER PET LODGING

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4. Start Papers Early One common pitfall for students is waiting too long to start an assignment. It is easy to ignore papers that are due at the end of the semester. However, time moves quickly in college, and, before you know it, it is the night before the due date and you have 10 pages to go. To avoid this nightmare, start working on large assignments as soon as possible. This way, you can spread out the work and get feedback from your professor before turning it in. In college, it is not enough to complete the next day’s homework. You need to be looking ahead to the end of the semester. Your future self will thank you. 5. Sleep This might seem to contradict the last piece of advice, but getting enough sleep is as important as getting another page done on an assignment. Too often, college students are told that they have to sacrifice their health in order to get good grades. In reality, sleep deprivation can damage your grades as effectively as skipping assignments. This is especially true if you have a test the next day. If you stay up all night cramming for a final, you are more likely to go blank during the test. Your ability to recall information and think clearly is directly connected to how much sleep you have had. It is better to go to look over the most important information and then hit the sack. This way, your mind will be clear and focused when you start the test, instead of trapped in a fog of exhaustion. It is important to form the right habits as soon as you start college. During those first few months, you will be setting a precedent for your entire time in school. While it is possible to change bad habits later on, it is better to make the extra effort and start strong. These five pieces of advice will help you start your first year on the right foot, setting you up for a successful, enjoyable time at college. n

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Angel Rock

On the Lexington side of the dam, beneath the waters of Lake Murray, is an eerie attraction that divers have named, “Angel Rock.” Angel Rock is actually not a rock, but a set of boulders that have been turned into something that resembles an underwater shrine. “No one knows who started leaving the figurines or what it means – if anything,” says Tyler Ryan, seasoned diver and morning show host for ABC Columbia. “People go down to look at it and either add to it or leave it undisturbed. Things like this are part of the dive culture. Divers leave things behind for other divers to find.”

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Puuing SC Back to Work Since 1982 Upholstery Services

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With the rising costs of new vehicles, boats, and furniture – more people are choosing to reupholster. At Hod Rod’s, we will artistically customize and upholster any item. Our ability to produce is only limited by your imagination. We offer thousands of colors and designs in our fabric room, including: Naugahyde, canvas, leather, cloth, and many more. Why repurchase when you can repair? Wear and tear will come in time to anything upholstered, but repairs are more affordable than you think. A short list of our services may help us to paint a picture of our ability to serve you. Services include but are not limited to: Canvas boat covers of any size, individual canvas covers for boat seats or any item, canvas clear vinyl enclosures, canvas shades, canvas clear plastic curtains, car seats, convertible tops, arm rests in cars, center console lids in cars, shifter boots, door panels, carpet, headliner, headline sun roof repair, painting interior items in car, leather repair, leather replacement, new custom leather or vinyl seat covers for your car, special or custom covers for any of your vehicles, any type of vehicle interior items, sofa love seat, any type of chair, dental chairs, commercial booth seating, custom in home booth seating, and more! We are located in Lexington directly behind Floor Boys, which is a few blocks down from Target and across the street from Hudson’s Smokehouse. Please do not hesitate to call us for any upholstery questions you may have. Thank you for voting us the Best of Lexington 2017! Check out our work on our Facebook page, Hod Rod’s Upholstery. 5005 Sunset Blvd. Lexington SC 29072. • 803.399.1656

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SKILL Most people go through the various phases of wanting to be a fireman, or a nurse, or a policeman, or some other profession we learn about. Then we get in school and find out about various other options. Some look good, some don’t. As we begin to work, we discover most life paths require this trait. There is a tendency in human nature to avoid work. Everyone jokes about getting out of work, about doing “as little as possible,” and other opportunities for laziness. We find many people hiding behind voice mail and other modern contrivances of avoidance. But there comes to every person a time when, all of a sudden, we realize that time is running out. When I was 21, my foreman was an “old man” of 51 years old named Dennis. He pushed me to work hard. He said he was going to teach me how to work. He said: “You have a lot of talent, boy, and nobody has ever challenged you. I intend to do just that. You

don’t understand it now, but when you get to be my age, you’ll want to know each day you did a good day’s work. If you feel like you didn’t do a good day’s work, you can’t sleep at night. And you’ll learn that being able to sleep at night is a precious thing.” There was a lot of wisdom in his statement. I am seven years past the point he was when he said those words. I have observed that my generation may be the last who grew up grubbing out flowerbeds and raking leaves and cutting grass. We learned about work: how to do it, how to think about doing it, how to dislike it, how to get out of it. But we learned about how to work, and that is the main thing. Every time I turn around, it seems old folks my age are griping about young people not wanting to work. And I suppose that’s always been the case with old folks. But there’s a collection of wits that are developed by working when young that no amount of schooling can teach. Anyone

who has ever had a young helper who didn’t know one tool from another can appreciate the wide swath of knowledge that is mostly non-existent now. We grew up fixing our bikes, building treehouses, forts, little towns in the sand using bricks and scrap lumber. We made our world every day, and in the process learned how to think and solve problems. We learned a creativity that is valuable to living life. Modern ways have presented more information and options but not much in the way of opportunity for actual learning. The ability to play a computer game on the sofa is not nearly the same learning opportunity as the ability to build a rudimentary town in the back yard. The ability to solve problems is a fundamental skill one must have to live. Learn it. Teach it.

David Clark writes and works in Cochran, GA. Connect with him at

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Freedom Food! Sweet and Spicy Italian BBQ Grilled Chicken Serves 6 Ingredients ¾ cup BBQ sauce ¾ cup Italian dressing 1 tbsp chili powder 1 tbsp dried red pepper flakes 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts Whisk together BBQ sauce, Italian dressing, chili powder, and red pepper flakes. Pour over chicken and refrigerate 1 hour to overnight. Remove chicken from marinade and grill for 12 to 15 minutes, until no longer pink. Grilled Street Corn 4–6 ears of corn, husked For the Spread ¼ cup mayonnaise 2 tbsp sour cream ½ cup Parmesan cheese ¼ tsp garlic salt Juice from 1 lime For the Topping ¼ cup Parmesan 1 tsp smoked paprika (or chili powder if you want heat) Chopped cilantro, for garnish Soak five wooden skewers in water for 30 minutes. Pierce a skewer halfway into the bottom of each corn cob. Preheat the grill to medium heat (between 350–450 degrees F). Place the corn directly over the heat, cover, and let cook for 10 to 15 minutes, turning often, until the kernels are spotted brown. Meanwhile, combine the spread ingredients in a small bowl and the topping ingredients in another small bowl; set aside. Carefully remove the corn cob from the grill and transfer to a large platter. Smear the spread all over each corn cob, then sprinkle evenly with the topping. Serve immediately.

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Watermelon Freezer Pops 16 Servings 2/3 cup sugar, divided 1 package (3 oz) lime-flavored gelatin 2 cups boiling water 1 cup cold water, divided ½ cup ice cubes, divided 1 package (3oz) watermelon-flavored gelatin 3 tbsp miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips 3 cartons (6oz) yogurt French vanilla Mix 1/3 cup sugar and lime gelatin mix in medium bowl. Add 1 cup boiling water; stir 2 min. until completely dissolved. Add enough ice to 1/2 cup cold water to measure 3/4 cup. Add to lime gelatin; stir until ice is completely melted. Refrigerate 30 min. Meanwhile, repeat first step using watermelon gelatin mix and omitting the refrigeration step. Pour 2 tbsp of the watermelon gelatin into each of the 16 (3 oz.) paper cups. Freeze 20 min. (no more, no less!). Stir 1/2 tsp mini chocolate chips into gelatin in each cup so that they are somewhat evenly spaced. Spoon an additional 2 tbsp yogurt into the cups on top of the red gelatin mixture. Freeze for another 10 min. Then gently pour 2 tbsp of the lime gelatin mixture on top of the yogurt layer in each cup. Insert a stick into each cup, then freeze for three hours or until frozen.

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Lieutenant Colonel James E. Elkins, USA, Retired grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He was commissioned as a Field Artillery Officer from the University of Richmond in May 1989. He has been a licensed funeral director in Kentucky for over 20 years and recently was licensed in South Carolina. He serves as Thompson Funeral Directors’ Veterans Specialist. LTC(R) Elkins’ operational deployments include Operation Enduring Freedom 2003-2004, Operation Iraqi Freedom 2007, and Operation Enduring Freedom 2010. He has been mobilized with the 205th Infantry Brigade since 2005, and commanded two battalions in three separate training brigades. LTC(R) Elkins’ awards and decorations include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal with 5 Oak Leaf Clusters, and the Army Achievement Medal with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster, and the Air Assault Badge.

July 2017 | LEXINGTON LIFE | 47

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48 | LEXINGTON LIFE | July2017

Lexington Life Magazine - July 17'  

Lexington Life is a premiere publication serving the residents of Lexington, SC Published since 2004, Lexington Life Magazine is a family-ow...

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