Mutt Strut 2020

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2020 Board of Directors Rick Maynard - Chairman, Robyn Miller - Vice Chairman, Melissa Hicks - Treasurer, W. Logan Wilson - Secretary, Nathan Aukerman, Steve Cecil, Craig Cammack, Joe Daugherty, Allie Goodman, Rick Hartley, Karen Hendren, Susan Pope, Rebecca Wichard Sherman, Sandra Stokley Katherine Toms Wade, Susan Malcomb - President

Thank you for joining your Lexington Humane Society on this virtual strut to raise money for the animals we love so much. I am so sad we won’t be together for the walk this year. I love seeing all of the happy dogs with their proud hoomans! Mutt Strut is always a fun event, rain or shine, and such a great celebration of our love for our dogs. Mutt Strut is also one of our largest events of the year and the money raised comes at a critical time when the number of animals in need of our help is at its highest. Since we have had to cancel all of our other events this year due to COVID-19, virtual Mutt Strut is more important than ever. Your participation will help us save the sick, find homes for the homeless, and provide exceptional care for adoptable animals who look to us for help. We maintain a 97% save rate and we care for our animals for as long as it takes to find them a home. We are entirely gift-based and rely solely on the generosity of our donors. You allow us to do all that we do for all kinds of kinds. Please keep the fundraising going! Mutt Strut fundraising continues through June 6th. Again, thank you for supporting us today, being there for us tomorrow, and believing in us always. Be kind to all kinds,