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Lexington is a Premium Lifestyle Brand.

Lexington is a premium lifestyle brand developed in Sweden, combining Scandinavian design traditions with the classic New England style. The products are mainly manufactured in Europe and Lexington is well known for unique design and excellent qualities. All products are fully developed in the Company with a strong focus on sustainable manufacturing. We drew our first inspiration from Lexington town which is the true heart of New England. It’s the place outside of Boston, Massachusetts where the American Revolution started. Here you will find the typical white painted New England Houses and the significant way of life that we all aspire for. All our collections build on the tradition and inspiration from this part of the world. However, we believe that there are people all around the world, in all countries that enjoy this style of life. Founder, CEO and Creative Director of the Lexington Company is Kristina Lindhe.

Kristina, a former teacher and textile entrepreneur, saw a gap in the home interior market for a brand combining the Scandinavian design heritage with the New England East Coast style of the US that she loved, and decided to start the Lexington Company. She founded the company in 1997 and has now grown Lexington in to the international lifestyle brand that was the vision from the start. “I always had the idea to create an international brand and I knew I could succeed with hard work and by believing in my ideas” Since the start of the company Kristina has also enjoyed personal achievements like been nominated for “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Female Role Model of the Year” in her home country Sweden. Giving back has always been important and she is also involved in helping and mentoring young female entreprenuers aspiring for their own careers. Kristina is still active in supplying the world with timeless high quality products in the style of Lexington and is welcoming everyone to her dream of the New England lifestyle. Welcome to our world, welcome to our dream.



International lifestyle brand offering both Home and Clothing. International award winning designs. 50+ Lexington stores around the world. 20 successful years on the International Market. Superior quality with majority of the production in Europe. 3 published books about the Lexington lifestyle. Founder Kristina Lindhe named Female Role Model of the year. Over 900 retailers worldwide. Nominated for exceptional growth by leading business magazine. Advertising in leading interior and fashion magazines. 4 seasonal collections in Home interior each year. Active CSR and sustainability work since the start. Nominated and awarded several business and fashion awards.


CSR Lexington works continuously with CSR, wich means that our sustainability goals are integrated throughout the company from vision, idea and design, material choices, transport, quality and production as well as social responsibility, ethics, equality and the minimizing of our carbon footprint. For Lexington it is important to be sustainable long term and it has always been a part of the business model. In order to continue to create job opportunities and to deliver value to our customers we continuously strive for financial growth and to create long term value for the society that we are a part of.

Another important part of Lexington’s CSR work includes social responsibility and our Code of Conduct includes clear guidelines on the conditions of workers. Child labor and forced labor are strictly prohibited as well as work that may harm a person’s health. The salary should be reasonable and employees should be entitled to leave and sick leave. Equal rights and opportunities regardless of age, sex, nationality, political opinion, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability or union membership is a must.

Lexington develops products in carefully thought-out design and high quality for maximum durability and longevity. A major part of Lexington’s products are manufactured in Europe, but all of our producing partners, regardless of country, commit to comply with the Lexington Code of Conduct, a code that includes clear rules on working conditions, production, the environment and quality. All Lexington producing partners follow our list of banned chemicals as well as the European REACH regulation.

Lexington is an international company and it is important that the work place is diverse for our global growth and success.

One of Lexington’s goals is that our modes of transportation should be as economically and environmentally sustainable as possible, and therefore we actively work to minimize air transportation. Air freight is only used in exceptional cases. In order to further shorten the geographical distances, we try to use local production materials as much as possible in the country where the manufacturing takes place.



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2012. Opening fir 2011. Opening of first

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2009. Named “Swedish Super C 2009. Introduction of Earthenware

2008. First Clothing collection. Opening

2007. Founder Kristina Lindhe named fema

2006. Elle Interior Design Award for Bed Linen ca 2006. New markets Finland and Australia. 2005. New markets Italy and Belgium and launching Lexi 2004. New markets UK, Ireland and Switzerland

2003. New markets Germany, Austria, France and Denmark. Launc 2002. Introducing Lexington Towels 2001. New market introduction, Netherlands and Poland 2000. New european markets, Spain and Portugal 1999. First export market, Norway 1998. Nation wide distribution in Sweden 1997. The Lexington Company launches its first collection of Bed Linen, Sweden

2017. First Lexington Concept store opened in Finland. Over 50 Lexington stores world wide. 2016. Award Winning Lexington Wallpaper launched. Clothing nominated for prestigious fashion award “Guldknappen” 2015. New markets Singapore and Lebanon. Stock market IPO and winner of NYC&G “Innovation in Design” award

14. New market introduction, South Korea

ounder Kristina Lindhe nominated to “Entrepreneur of the year” by EY in Stockholm, Sweden

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rst store in the US in East Hampton, NY. New market Taiwan franchise store in France

ction, China. Flagship Store opened in China World Mall

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★★ Lexington currently has 25+ own retail stores around the world, mainly in northern Europe and USA. ★★ There are also 25+ Lexington Franchise stores mainly located in China. ★★ There are more than 100 Lexington Corners (shop-in-shops) in leading Interior Decoration Shops and Department Stores. ★★ Lexington is also represented in more than 900 independent Retailers on 20+ markets across the world. 750+ in Home and 200+ in Apparel. ★★ The interior, props and in-store material is sourced and produced centrally to guarantee the right Lexington environment in each store and to make sure each store project the Lexington lifestyle. ★★ All stores follow the seasonal guidelines and bring forward the seasonal collections by following a central market plan. ★★ Lexington frequently advertise in international leading interior and lifestyle magazines to support all stores and retailers.






Lexington’s Home collection consist of a never out of stock range – the Icon’s Collection – and four seasonal collections which follow trends and colors from the fashion world – Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday. Lexington’s Home Collections contains a wide range of products within the following categories: ★★ Bed – Duvets, Pillowcases, Bedspreads, Throws, Blankets, Shams and more ★★ Bath – Towels, Beach Towels, Robes and more. ★★ Living – Textiles for the kitchen and table such as Napkins, Runners, Kitchen Towels, Aprons, Pot holders, Mittens and more. ★★ Details – Hard goods for the kitchen and table Earthenware, Glasses, Cutlery, Napkin Rings, Bottle openers, Cutting boards and more. ★★ Home accessories –Deco items, Scented Candles, Frames, Lighting, Vases, Candle Holders and more ★★ Fragrance range - Perfumes, Deodorants and Luxury Soap. ★★ Wallpaper. Lexington always offers their customers products in the locally demanded sizes.



Lexington’s Clothing collections are relaxed and casual in a luxury way, with all garments designed in combination with trends and fashion for both Men and Women. Lexington’s Clothing Collection offers a wide range of products within the following categories. ★★ Men - Shirts, Tees & Polos, Hoodies & Sweaters, Pants & Shorts, Jackets & Outerwear and Accessories. ★★ Women - Tunics & Shirts, Tees & Tanks, Hoodies & Sweaters, Dresses & Skirts, Pants & Shorts, Jackets & Outerwear and Accessories. The collections are released in drops with key looks in all drops of the collection to ensure a strong merchandising throughout the season. The drops are adapted to the time of the year and contain seasonally demanded items. Lexington Clothing is the perfect assortment when you want high quality, classic styles with a contemporary touch.



Lexington Company works actively in all channels of marketing and communication to increase awareness of the brand and creating great conditions for increased sales. Each year Lexington invests in traditional communiation with catalogs, print ads and PR along with having a dedicated team for social media and online marketing. Our website is a great window to the world and we share info about the brand, our product and partners here. Lexington work both with global and local campaigns and all are approved centrally to confirm the level of communication that we are renowned for. All of our partners are being supported with access to the well known and classical lifestyle imagery that is so well connected with The Lexington Company through our easy accessible media bank online. Please follow us in our all of channels! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube @lexingtoncompany


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Lexington Company presentation Fall 2018  

Lexington Company presentation Fall 2018