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Buxom Cosmetics Makeover Station


Concept Buxom is a cosmetic for the girls who turn heads, raise eyebrows, and have fun doing so. Buxom isn’t just makeup you wear, its makeup you feel. It’s spontaneous, sexy, and has no inhibition. Buxom gals live and breathe innovation, and have a lust for life. These women are young and fresh no matter their age. This being said, the concept chosen to construct a mobile makeover station to Buxom is the feeling of a burlesque life, on one side (the side the makeovers wil be done on) conveys the feeling of being “backstage”, while the side for product display gives the feeling of the products are “on stage”. This “Burlesque Boudoir” would be displayed in a high-end department store, such as Nordstrom and most likely situated close the other Bare Escentiuals brands. The product being displayed would be the brand’s “kits” and gift sets. This way the consumer would be able to try and buy a full look or multiple looks. The target consumer wil be a woman with a youthful attitude, aging from teens up to 50’s. These women aren’t looking to cover up their looks; they are looking to accentuate it. Amplification is the key. Buxom girls live by the mantra “live life vividly”.

Buxom Cosmetics


Conceptual Sketches

Boudoir idea first came to mind after researching BUXOM.

The concept of “on stage” and “off stage”, and shelving.

Experimenting with the vanity idea.

More ideas for shelving on the “stage”.

Buxom Cosmetics


BUXOM Design

“BUOM Boudoir” in the retail environment.

Buxom Cosmetics


BUXOM Design Lit signage for branding and appeal. Shelving for tools and tester makeup.

Chandelier for mood lighting. Mirror, and mirrored backing of shelves.

Drawers for storage of tools and makeup when secured.

Electrical cord for power for lights.

Buxom Cosmetics

Descreetly located trash in drawer.

“Backstage� view of BUXOM.


BUXOM Design

Mirroerd back. Curtains for the “stage” effect. Brushed acrylic shelving for product display.

“On Stage” view of BUXOM.

Buxom Cosmetics


BUXOM Design

Profile view of “BUXOM Boudoir”

Buxom Cosmetics


Working Drawings Drawers for storage of tools, makeup, and product.

Electrical cord for power to the lights in this station.

Buxom Cosmetics


Working Drawings Pop up casters for portability.

LED lighting strip to light the top signage.

Buxom Cosmetics


Materials PlyCorr structure Lightweight core makes the station easily movable by women and men. this is also made of sustainable.

TreeFrog FSC Veneer Black Oak, wax matte finish. Sustainable.

Brushed Transparent Acrylic This acrylic is used for the lighting as well as the shelves throughout.

Trove Wallpaper- Red Valais Wallpaper used throughout the structure.

Burlesque Chair Designed by Di Overton and Kathy Dalwood Studio.

Buxom Cosmetics


Alexandria Eve Hunt Miami University


Pave 3d Challenge 2011 Submision  

This is my submission to the 2011 Pave 3D challenge. We were asked to create a makeover stand for any brand of makeup to be placed in a depa...