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“At Marucci, we obviously enjoy making high end, game used, player tested products for professional and amateur athletes. But more importantly, we enjoy working in a fun environment. We allow everyone to participate in the business, which makes for a stronger team.” Kurt Ainsworth, co-founder of Marucci About Marucci Steeped in tradition with an eye on innovation, Marucci has established itself as one of the most powerful brands in baseball. In 2004, Jack Marucci—the company’s namesake—began hand carving wood bats, focusing on detail and quality craftsmanship to ensure every bat was a “gamer.” Today, hundreds of professional players trust Marucci every time they step in the batter’s box. After being game tested by the most elite players at every level of baseball, Marucci proudly introduced its first Aluminum bat the Marucci CAT 5. The Cat 5 features patented anti-vibration technology making it the most innovative baseball bat on the market. Intern Testimonials "My experience at Marucci has been challenging yet so enlightening. I am truly captivated by the decision making ability and responsibilities I’ve been given during my time there." Wendy Bradford “I have learned the importance of value and quality. Marucci gave me the opportunity to learn from the best and to test my abilities within the sorts industry.” Eric Simmons “My time at Marucci was more than just an ‘internship.’ It was a place where I was challenged, coached and included as an integral part of the company, giving creative input on projects.” Justin Brashear Client Testimonials “I couldn’t believe how pure the CAT 5 felt when I tested it. There was no vibration or sting.” Albert Pujols, ST. Louis Cardinals “…for me, the best bats ever produced.” Raul Ibanez, Seattle Mariners “The bats are rock hard” Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies

Job Opportunities Social Networking − Develop strategies to market company brand − Develop and implement campaigns − Maintain social media outlets − Create Marucci Videos − Work Directly with communication firm Outside Eyes Communication − Create company forms − Develop employee handbook − Write for Marucci Newsletter − Press Releases − Research Packets − Learn to lead meeting and give presentations − Construct contracts Events − Organize tournament events − Travel to tournaments to assist with Sales and Customer Service − Organize promotional events for the company − Arrange and facilitate transportation − Act as company liaison for guests at events Production − Assist in Marucci bat production for professional players − Learn shipping procedures − Learn logistics to produce company products Training Sessions − Technical training sessions for Excel, Outlook, and Quickbooks − Tips for meeting presentations A fantastic resume building experience awaits you with an internship at Marucci Sports. There are many opportunities to work within every department and make significant contributions in the development of the company and as an intern you will receive valuable time to work with and learn from Senior Executives. Contact For more information on the internship schedule a deadline for interviews, please contact Johnette Janney at 225-291-2552. Please send all resumes to Johnette Janney:

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