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to Satisfy c Selection An EclectiA ll Tastes!

w collection: completely ® Lexibook presents its ne consumers. ducts that will appeal to pro y nd tre d an ve ati ov inn edia products playful toys and multim r ou joy en ll wi ren ild Ch Adult consumers rite licensed characters. ou fav ir the th wi ed rat deco t arouse one’s w, original products tha will enjoy our line of ne owledge. curiosity and thirst for kn ential accessories lin will enjoy our e of ess ily fam ole wh the y, all Fin ll-being, day after day. to improve everyone’s we ing for the hing you need for shopp You will also find everyt e’s Day, year, Christmas, Valentin start of the new school y and many more! Father’s Day, Mother’s Da ment in life. A product for every mo one! Happy shopping every

Awakening the Senses! ar Musical diving be by’s bath! A fun bear to liven up Ba baby. It is ment for both parents and mo l cia spe a y trul is e tim th Ba ving fun. psychomotor skills while ha an opportunity to develop legs: swims on its own using its • The musical diving bear im. sw watch it Baby likes to follow it and h, water spurts out from rfis sta the ss pre • When you its mouth. when it swims on its back • It sings 2 fun melodies and on its belly. ed by fun animations. Children are also entertain IT011, available now.


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Awakening the Senses! Polar bath chair imals! ught to life by Arctic an A bath chair that is bro d for learning to sit up. an y pla e tim th tools for ba Bath chairs are essential its suction cups d to the bathtub thanks to Secure: it is solidly attache quantityof water. uire used to verify the req d is tor ica ind el lev ter wa and the placement ard is removable for easy Ergonomic: the game bo ti-slip base. an an d in place by bars an of Baby and is also held motor skills: cho psy n’s ldre to develop chi Playful: 4 games geared , the penguin, the whale… hours of fun with the shrimp IT028, available now.

ing machine iv r d i r a r er F t s r fi y M

discover the feel Get behind the wheel to of a real sports car! rator, ns: engine starter, accele • Real driving functio rd. oa shb l, animated da rear-view mirror, turn signa , ine eng ch button (horn, • Sound effects for ea n, etc.). sire y starter, emergenc and to develop coordination me ga l yfu • A fun, pla movement control. rari! Become a legend with Fer . IT600FE, available now


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New Multimedi TV DVBT ’’ 7 i in M n a -M r e Barbie & Spid yer! Mini TV/Video Pla ng room; it’s time for the livi ur yo up g rin tte clu Forget that old television themed decorations. er Barbie or Spider-Man eith h wit ion vis tele ni Mi • .78cm). cards or the USB port). • 7’’ LCD screen (17 me (using either SD/MMC fra oto ph l ita dig d an vision for free! • Video player tuner to watch digital tele ion vis tele l ria est terr l ita • Built-in dig . control and TV antenna • Includes parental u everywhere you go! Television that follows yo PTV1SPGB, DMPTV1BBGB et DM 9. available in November 200

-Man & Ferrari Barbie, Spideerld Phones DECT Handh

t telephones! et in these state-of-the-ar Design and simplicity me d a large 3-line screen. • Extra flat design an with a handset speaker. • Hands-free function names (Ferrari). rbie and Superman) or 50 (Ba s me na 20 to up • Saves ber history and subscription), up to 10 num on ing nd pe (de ID ller Ca • call duration display. bers. • Saves the last 5 num pending on the model. de , ies lod • 5 to 10 me active use. on standby, 10 hours of • Charge: 100 hours y). handsets (GAP technolog • Up to 4 additional ourite heroes! decorated with their fav e, on ph tele ion nct -fu full A real FEi1 0SPi1 and DP1000 DP170BBi1, DP17 2009. available from November


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dia Products! sformers n a r T & p o h tS e P Littlest ctor radio clock proje rite heroes: protection of your favou the r de un up ke wa d Fall asleep an ous Optimus Prime! characters or the enorm adorable Littlest Pet Shop a peaceful night’s sleep! • Incredible design for all through the night! image of the characters, • Can project a colour play. • Large screen time dis io. Rad M /F AM • Digital in your bedroom! A cool look that belongs RP300LPS et RP300TF, available from November 2009.

ari nter Cyber Console Ce rrari). and


Endless Fun! 1 Console, 100 Games... ether in one cla ming ssics gathered tog • All of the video-ga tor sports, slot mo , , space conquest console: sports, adventure ny other themes! machines, logic and ma ble. rta po y • Easy to play, ver ibook®. D pocket games from Lex LC of n atio • The new gener when idle for 3 minutes. • Automatic standby game play! sole that offers hours of THE portable colour con . JL2000, available now


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A Place of Honour for Education! laptop Noddy & Friends stic Challenges! Noddy Offers up Fanta d into 6 themes: the d musical activities divide • 34 educational an number park, rds, the English lesson, the alphabet, the world of wo logic and the music-box. ddy to collect ivities which will allow No act er cov dis o als can • You unlock new games! gifts for his friends and to nds! fun with Noddy and his frie • Learning becomes rs! nd of children for 60 yea Noddy, an unwavering frie ilable. JC19NOGB, now ava

eed Ferrari Power Sp

pion! d Become a School Cham RejJoin Team Ferrari an s. ivities divided into 6 theme • 60 BILINGUAL act : a real ies ivit act te ple com you er as • 8 games to discov mpions. challenge for budding cha for race car drivers. ned sig de • Games specially puter and a true co-pilot • A fully-functional com for growing boys! s! With official Ferrari sound 9.

from October 200 JC800FEi1, available

Laptop Littlest PetShop

! with the Littlest Pet Shop A World of Interactivity little pets. the of s /English computer for fan • The bilingual French progress you p hel l wil educational activities • 100 interactive and while having fun. municating with instant messaging for com • Full of great surprises: ted webcam to their personalities, a simula the pets and discovering of exclusive se, as well as a collection enter their multimedia univer videos of your friends. and adorable photos and can bring anywhere. An extra-flat computer you 9.

le from October 200 JC650LPSi2, availab


The Must-Have Children’s Notebook! A children’s computer designed by children specialists

MFC110GB, available from October 2009.

Messenger Internet

Media Player

Photo album

Word processor

Graphic tablet


50 games included

Teaching content that complies with the National Education curriculum: 100 comprehensive and attractive memos to help you succeed in all subjects: mathematics, English, history, geography, civics, art, the sciences. Immerse yourself in general knowledge.

Spreadsheet 6-language translator

• Wifi compatible with optional key • Black listing! Blocked access to over 180 million sensitive web pages

Essential accessories!

MFA10-01, available from October 2009.

MFA30-01, available from October 2009.


MFA50-01, available from October 2009.

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Well-Being and the Family! nts of Contentment! od guide your choice e for Guaranteed Mome tur Na by ed pir Ins n décor perfectly. Let your mo sig rior De inte r you fit l wil i, Fuj sound of soft music and pired by Mount here, let yourself go to the osp This well-being station, ins atm ful ns, ace pe a In . fire air, water or Timer and Wake-Up functio of relaxation theme: earth, of the projection using the n atio dur the m gra pro You can filtered light projections. or temperatures aken peacefully. aw or eep play of indoor and outdo asl (dis e her osp to either fall atm al tim op yed to help create an The comfort zone is displa using symbols). -hour weather forecasting and humidity, and even 12 rit of simplicity! ll-being and relax, in a spi we r oo ind r you ise xim Ma 9.

October 200 WB400, available from

New ! Open ing Octo be 2009 r

Look for the Lexibook Club Card in all our products!

lusive b, you can benefit from exc Through the Lexibook Clu rs, offe ed ue at all times: privileg offers on our online boutiq s ces ac o als t alty rebates, bu savings coupons and loy n, soo ing com d children an to activities for younger e. vic ser eo an on-demand vid LINK Sign up today on HYPER club m/ .co http://www.lexibook

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