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FOOTSCRAY EDUCATION QUARTER The studio I chose this semester entailed designing an education quarter in Footscray due to the predicted influx of students in the area. For my project, I decided to focus on facilitating the existing education facilities in Footscray (Victoria University and the schools). On the largest scale, my project is about making connections between footscray and its surrounding suburbs, creating a network of safe bike tracks that connect the two Victoria Universities as well as all of the schools. On a slightly smaller scale, I looked at exactly how these tracks would be implemented in the busy cbd area of footscray. The aim for this project is to reduce the amount of cars in footscray. With reducing the amount of cars, the amount of carparks needed is reduced. Going from this, I have designed a set of 3 student accommodation buildings on sites that are currently carparks. The other aspect of my project is a set of end of ride facilities for public use, which are scattered around footscray, near each of the universities, schools, the station and a few open areas in the cbd

Student accomodation on Moore street - axonometric

Student accomodation on Irving street - axonometric

Student accomodation on Irving street - section perspective



METAMORPHOSIS ‘SUBDIVIDE’ Student accomodation - Initial concept

The crux of this studio was to design a set of 6 apartments which can be altered over time in order to accommodate to different occupants and their changing needs. Each student chose a verb out of a selection given to us and our designs were to revolve around that verb. I chose the word ‘subdivide’. On a larger scale, I designed a mansion which is able to become subdivided over time into 6 compact apartments. Each of these apartments is separated by shared areas with different utilities and uses.

Student Accomodation on Donald Street - Axonometric

End of Ride facility - Axonometric

On a smaller scale, each of the apartments are subdivided by a small courtyard, which can transform into different configurations, transforming the entire apartment.

Section 1:400

Level 1 plan 1:400

Ground plan 1:400




ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES The Task for this studio was to design a cemetery on the Webb dock in Port Melbourne. I chose the theme “Arrivals and Departures� the title of an artwork by Mary Miss. The artwork explores the transitions and boundaries between spaces. The final design of my cemetery is laid out on a grid with the dimensions of shipping containers. I wanted to explore the notion of the container, testing modularity in my new rendition of a traditional cemetery, where graves become stacking boxes. The result in years to come would be a city of undulating towers, creating a monument. However during the cemeteries early stages, before it is in use, the gates which demarcate the plots would be left open, free to swing in the wind. Through my proposal, I explored the notion of bringing every person to the same level, as everybody is left to rest in the same simple way, in the same utilitarian concrete box. I also wanted to address the restraint placed on our city due to the perpetuity of cemeteries and growing population. The Chapel is derived from the form of a ship wreckage, acting as a monument of the site and a reminder of its past as a shipping dock. From inside the direct view is of the water and the Swanson dock beyond that. The vast windows shaped by the end of the shipping container act as large portals for light coming through.

Cemetery when first built

Chapel - exterior view

Perforated brick wall on the outskirts

A few months (or years) later when the cemetery is begininning to populate



Chapel - Interior view

For this communications exercise, each student was given a well known building to Model and render in with Vray. I was given Terunobu Fujimori’s ‘Akino Fuku Museum’ located in the Shizuoka prefecture of Japan. The following exercise was to make an intervention of any sort within the building and to script the design using grasshopper. Resting Pavilion

For my intervention, I elevated the entire building onto trees, similar to some of Fujimori’s other projects. I modeled the trees using a grasshopper script which built the forms from curved contoured individual pieces.

Exterior Night View - Existing

Interior View - Existing

Exterior Night View - With intervention Interior View - with intervention


FOLIO 2014 - 2016 / Architecture