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Anaheim Homeowners Always Choose Lexari Doors Where is the happiest place on earth? No not Disneyland…Lexari Doors. People often get them confused for multiple reasons believe it or not. Both are located in beautiful, sunny Anaheim, California and both are fun, mostly for the older crowd. Lexari Doors has been the premiere custom closet door designer and manufacturer in South California for over 20 years. So what has made the company so successful and long lasting? For one thing Lexari Doors has what seems like an endless amount of choices. There are over five glass options, four aluminum frame options, three wood frame options, six decora options and four tracking options. That means whatever your style or home décor may be, Lexari Doors custom closet doors can accommodate you. If those basic options are catching your attention then you might be able to find something in the closet depot, yes a whole depot dedicated to the closet doors of your dreams. Another reason Lexari has been so successful, the great and most importantly affordable prices. The past decade has hit people hard, especially new homeowners who have saved and scrimped to buy a home they can call their own. So most don’t think that they can update their home fearing more costly expenses. Lexari doors works with your budget to give you exactly what you want without breaking the bank. All Lexari doors are also made in the U.S. meaning that they can take as little as two weeks to be installed from the date of purchase. We could go on but by now you’re probably hooked! For you Southern California residents who are interested in letting your imagine run wild and designing the custom closet doors for your bedroom visit Lexari Doors in Anaheim today. The company can also design and build room dividers and surface doors should you need those as well. Do you see the similarities between Lexari and Disneyland now? Thought so!

Anaheim Homeowners Always Choose Lexari Doors