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Wednesday, M ay 16, 2018

This edition of The Lewisville Texan Journal is a printed recap of our online stories from the past week. For timely updates on Lewisville happenings, follow us on Facebook at or Twitter at

Neo-Nazis tag town, residents say hate has no place here M ay 10, 2018 By STEVE SOUTHWEL L

A Lewisville resident used Facebook Wednesday night to alert other Lewisville Texans that Old Town Lewisville had been covered with flyers urging citizens to ?Keep America American? and ?report any and all illegal aliens.? Continued on P3

M ay 15, 2018 By L EOPOL D K NOPP

Days after locally founded white supremacist group Patriot Front posted flyers encouraging Lewisville residents to report illegal immigrants and bearing Nazi language, several local businesses have taken a stand against racism. Continued on P3

Wrong-way dr iver kills two on I -35E M ay 12, 2018 By STEVE SOUTHWEL L

Saturday morning at about 1:12 a.m., 911 dispatchers were alerted to a wrong-way driver on Interstate 35E in Lewisville. When police units were first alerted, the driver was in the 200 block of southbound 35, headed northbound in a gray or light blue sedan. Seconds later, one of the responding

police units reported a crash in the 800 block. The wrong-way driver, 25-year-old Damian Shelton of Dallas, was killed instantly in the head-on crash, according to Lewisville Police Captain Mike Lane. The crash occurred in the 800 block of the southbound Continued on P2

As sawdust in a collection hopper broke loose, fire would flare up. The fire caused evacuation of the campus on M ay 16. (Photo by Steve Southwell)

None hur t in career center blaze M ay 16, 2018 Staff Repor t

The Dale Jackson Career Center in Lewisville on Edmonds Lane was evacuated Wednesday after a fire broke out in a sawdust collection system on the south side of the building. Students and staff were

all evacuated safely, according to a parent email sent out by Randall Holder, the principal of the campus. Units from Lewisville and Flower Mound fire departments fought the blaze. Update 12:10 p.m.: Principal Randall Holder sent

the following parent notice: "Dear Dale Jackson Parents, "We wanted to follow up with you about the situation at Dale Jackson Career Center. "Please know all of our Continued on P4

School boar d increases lunch pr ices 5 cents, approves issuance of $125 million in bonds M ay 16, 2018 By L EOPOL D K NOPP

After swearing in newly elected board member Allison Lassahn and Kronda Thimesch to her second term, the Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees raised full-priced lunches for next year by five cents and

approved a 10-classroom expansion of Vickery Elementary. The board voted to increase the cost of full-price lunches next year by five cents to $2.60 and $2.85 per lunch in primary and secondary schools, respectively. The board had

discussed this price increase at both previous meetings in March and April, but did not approve it since the increase was meant to be in step with the USDA?s Paid Lunch Equity Tool, which had not been released yet for next school year. The Paid Lunch Equity Tool calculates the

The demolition wor ker s take down the old abandoned Car Toys on I -35E and Hebron. K eep L ewisville Beautiful executive director Amy Wells said the area had become a problem because of illegal dumping and litter. We'll have a full stor y within the week, but for now, enj oy a sidewalk view. (Photo by L eopold K nopp)

minimum prices for paid lunches to ensure that reimbursements from National School Lunch programs, which LISD participates in, are enough for the federal government to run free lunch programs. District CFO Mike Ball said that instead of receiving

the tool, LISD eventually received word that they would be exempt for the next year. However, Ball recommended that the district move forward with the price increase they had calculated. Continued on P4

J2 Steakhouse had a soft open this week. The high-end steakhouse is located in the old L ewisville Feed M ill, which for more than 100 year s ser ved L ewisville Texans before closing in 2010. New owner Jim M ur r ay has endeavoured to keep the new restaur ant faithful to the histor ic site. (Photo by Steve Southwell)



City Council Place 2 r unoff set for June 16 M ay 11, 2018 Submitted Content

The runoff election for the Lewisville City Council Place No. 2 seat will be held on Saturday, June 16. Three candidates were on the May 5 general

election ballot for the council seat, but no candidate received a majority of votes. The candidates in this runoff election are incumbent Neil Ferguson and Ronni Cade. Canvassing of the May 5 Elections will take place

7:30 a.m. May 16 at Lewisville City Hall, 151 W. Church Street. Drawing for positions on the runoff ballot will be held at 9 a.m. in the city secretary?s Office inside City Hall. Early voting will take

place 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. June 4-9, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. June 11 and 12. All Lewisville residents can cast their ballots at the Lewisville Municipal Annex, 1197 W. Main Street. Election day voting

hours will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Lewisville Municipal Annex. This runoff election is open to all registered voters. It does not matter if they voted in the May 5 general election or not.

Two dead after dr iver goes nor th in south lanes Continued fr om P1

lanes of I-35E, between Main Street and Fox Ave. The driver of the other car was initially entrapped, and his car caught fire while police were awaiting fire

department units to arrive, according to recorded radio traffic of the incident. Lane said the 19-year-old victim was initially rescued and transported to a hospital, but later succumbed to his injuries. Police are not yet

releasing his identity. I-35 E was shut down for at least four hours for the investigation and cleanup. M ap data copyr ight Google, 2018.

L PD ear ns recognition for thir d consecutive time M ay 11, 2018 Submitted Content

The Lewisville Police Department recently received the award of ?Recognized Law Enforcement Agency? from the Texas Police Chiefs Association Law Enforcement Recognition Program. This marks the third straight four-year period LPD has earned this honor. Police agencies recognized by the TPCA

must undergo on-site inspection every 4 years. This voluntary process required LPD to conduct a critical self-review of its policies, procedures, facilities and operations. LPD was originally recognized by TPCA in 2010 and was the 28th agency to achieve recognition statewide. LPD was recognized again in 2014, and has now earned the honor for the third

consecutive time it's been eligible for it. LPD considers itself one of the best police departments in Texas. This process provided for an independent review of the department?s operations and should assure the citizens of Lewisville that LPD is conforming to the current state of the art in law enforcement. The award will be presented at a City Council

meeting later this summer. The department will also be recognized at the Texas Police Chiefs Association annual conference in April 2019. More information and a description of the program may be viewed on the Texas Police Chiefs Association website at

L ewisville Police Depar tment to distr ibute gun locks M ay 11, 2018 Submitted Content

Lewisville Police Department is offering free gun locks during June to encourage safe and secure firearm storage. In recognition of National Safety Month, which is promoted each June by the National Safety Council to educate and influence behaviors around leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths, Lewisville Police Department reminds residents about the importance of proper gun usage and storage. It is important to remember that these rules are not just for National Safety Month, they apply year-round.

Regarding proper usage, the National Rifle Association teaches three fundamental rules for gun owners ? always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, always keep your finger off the trigger and always keep your gun unloaded until ready to use. Another important aspect of gun safety is the proper storage of firearms. Guns placed in drawers, closets, desks, cabinets or other unlocked, accessible places are not secure. For proper storage, always use a personal safe or single gun lock box with a trigger lock placed on the unloaded firearm for an added layer of protection. Proper storage can help prevent a child or

Publisher Steve Southwell Managing Editor Leopold Knopp Business Manager Jennifer Southwell Send letters to the editor to Send local calendar events to

unauthorized person from accessing a loaded firearm. In Texas, ?making a firearm accessible to a child? is a criminal offense. A person commits this offense if a child gains access to a readily dischargeable firearm and the person, with criminal negligence, failed to secure the firearm or left the firearm in a place to which the person knew or should have known the child would gain access. An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor, or a Class A misdemeanor if the child discharges the firearm and causes death or serious bodily injury to himself or another person. To schedule a time to pick up a gun lock, contact

Capt. Kendall Lynn at 972-219-5134 or by e-mail at

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Neo-Nazi group posts anti-immigr ant flyer s in Old Town paper were stapled or glued on utility poles, signs, and boxes for several blocks Adonis and Lynzi around the Main and Mill Carcamo discovered the street intersection. flyers and posted a photo on While the content of the the City of Lewisville flyers is constitutionally Facebook group. The two protected free speech, it is then walked around the Old prohibited to post them on Town area pulling down the poles or other public illegally posted flyers. structures, according to The flyers, printed in red Lewisville city ordinance and blue on 8.5 x 11-inch 7-563. According to the website listed on the flyers, they appear to be produced by an organization called Patriot Front. Southern Poverty Law Center lists them as a neo-Nazi group led by a now 19-year-old Texan. Patriot Front is listed as a splinter group A poster ur ges people to ?K eep Amer ica Amer ican,? from Vanguard and repor t illegal aliens. America, the Continued fr om P1

Lynzi Carcamo peels off a flyer illegally placed on a tr affic signal box by a neo-Nazi group Wednesday night. (Photo by Steve Southwell)

group involved in the ?Unite the Right? marches in Charlottesville, Virginia. One of that group?s marchers drove a car into a crowd there, killing a counter-protester. The group uses a Nazi slogan ?blood and soil.? That is the English translation of a common Nazi chant ?blut und boden,? which was

meant as a call to ethnonationalism in Nazi Germany, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Adonis Carcamo, whose parents are from El Salvador, said the posters made him feel very uncomfortable. ?I?m disappointed to see this in our community but I am confident that it does not

represent our city,? he said. ?The overwhelming support from the post in the City of Lewisville page definitely made me feel welcome in calling this town my home but it?s not without mentioning that these issues do in fact exist and should be talked about even if it makes people uncomfortable.?

Hate Has No Business Here signs spr ing up across L ewisville shops

The Hate Has No Business here sign in the windows of I rene's Baker y and Tin M an Diner in Old Town. (Photos by Steve Southwell)

Continued fr om P1

Since Friday, Rabbi Geoff Dennis and the South Denton Interfaith Alliance have been approaching establishments and asking them to post flyers in their windows reading ?Hate has no place here? in an attempt to explicitly renounce Patriot Front. Dennis said he was inspired by the story of Billings, Montana, which in 1993 saw several businesses put menorahs in their windows to discourage a white supremacist infestation that had been festering for

several years. Lewisville City Council member Bob Troyer also assisted with the efforts to get the flyers out, but said the effort was undertaken as an individual citizen, and not in his role as councilman. ?My reason for getting involved with the flyer distribution was that I wanted to make sure that the citizens of Lewisville and surrounding communities know that the ?hate? flyers that precipitated the response do not represent the views of the majority of our citizens or businesses,? Troyer said.

The Lewisville Texan Journal

Rabbi Geoff Dennis said more than 20 businesses and sever al individuals volunteered to post the no-hate messages in their windows.

?The favorable responses we got from the businesses we visited in Old Town, from Facebook comments, and from private messages validates my belief in our community.? Dennis said around 20 businesses had accepted signs by May 14, including

Old Town hotspots like Irene?s Bakery and the new Tin Man Diner, but the online response is what indicates to him he?s doing the right thing. ?The best way to tell that I can tell is on social media, and the response has been overwhelming,? he said. ?We

achieved our goal of changing the narrative of Lewisville as a place where people can promote hate to Lewisville as a place where everyone is welcome.?

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L I SD issues bonds, swear s in election winner s Continued fr om P1

?Our thinking there is that we don?t want to put the district in a position where, in the following year when the exemption is no longer in place, there could be a spot where there?s a significant increase that had to be done,? he said. The background material notes that revenue from the price increase has already been incorporated into the budget. A five cent increase will still keep LISD lunches below average for area school districts. The board made progress on several items related to the 2017 bond, perhaps most notably by authorizing the issuance of $125 million worth of 2018 bonds. The background material details a 20-year amortization plan. Though he voted with fellow trustees ? all decisions of the evening were unanimous ? board member Tracy Scott Miller wanted to note publicly that he expected a strategy session on bond issuances in the near future. ?While I get the timing issue of getting this done before the next tax rate vote, I just remain uncomfortable

from a cash-management perspective that we?re using the tax calendar as a reason to drive our bond sales,? he said. ?I just am uncomfortable that we?re using calendar to drive our decisions instead of an overall strategy.? The board approved a 10-classroom expansion to Vickery Elementary School, which will help make up for the closure of Hedrick Elementary School next year. In the 2017 bond package, it was determined that Hedrick Elementary would be closed in order to Boar d member s Allison L assahn and K ronda Thimesch swear in for their fir st and second ter ms, respectively, before the expand the M ay 14 L I SD boar d meeting. (Photo by L eopold K nopp) connected Hedrick April 16 meeting. underway, the board elected trustees meets monthly on Middle School. A The board also approved officers for the next year. Monday evenings at the 10-classroom addition to a guaranteed maximum price Unanimously, it was Lewisville ISD Vickery, which is located a of $31.5 million for the new determined that Angie Cox Administrative Center, 1565 block west of the Hedrick elementary school on Mill would remain the board?s W. Main St. in Lewisville. It complex, was provided for in Street and a $3.7 million president, Thimesch would also has frequent the package. The project was purchase of computer serve as vice president and informational sessions most recently listed at $4.7 hardware upgrades, both of Katherine Sells as secretary between meetings. The next million when it was which are provided for in the for the second consecutive meeting is scheduled for approved along with other bond package. year. June 4. year two bond items at the Before business truly got The LISD board of

Fire causes Dale Jackson Career Center evacuation will not be allowed back in the building for the students and staff safely remainder of the day, but evacuated the building this they may pick up their morning due to a fire at the vehicles if they are able to. back of the campus. All Update 2 p.m.: Holder "All classes will resume students are back at their sent another update: a normal schedule tomorrow, home campuses and Dale "We wanted to share the however, the Mill and Jackson classes have been following update with you. Cabinetmaking class will be canceled for the remainder of "At this time, students moved to a different classroom in the building. "If it is an absolute emergency and a student must retrieve their belongings from inside DJCC today, the building will remain open until 6 p.m. However, students are encouraged to email their DJCC teacher to make these arrangements. Law enforcement will be present on campus throughout the night to ensure the security of the building. We are proud of the way our students and staff handled this disruption to their school day, and we are extremely grateful our first responders arrived so quickly. Please know the The fire tr iggered the school's spr inkler system and all inter ior damage was water damage. (Photo by Steve Southwell.) safety and security of our students and staff Continued fr om P1

the day. "Currently, we are waiting on the fire department to deem the building safe for students and staff to retrieve their vehicles and belongings. We will notify you as soon as this happens. "We appreciate your

patience and understanding." Thank you, Randall Holder Principal

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 ?

469-322-4265 ?

are my top priority here at Dale Jackson. "Thank you for your patience and continued support of our campus." Randall Holder Principal??????? Update 4:34 p.m.: Assistant fire chief Mark McNeal said the fire triggered a sprinkler system that muted its effect. All damage to the interior of the building is water damage from the sprinkler system. McNeal estimated $500,000 worth of damage overall, but stressed that was only an estimate. The fire started when the woodworking class?tablesaw kicked up embers, which fell into the sawdust collection tanks and turned into a full-on Photo blaze.byThe used M ar class garet Nath their fire extinguisher on the tablesaw, but could not reach into the tanks. McNeal said firefighting crews were nervous that opening the tanks would cause a dust explosion, so they opened vents into the sawdust system to allow smoke to dissipate. This is what lead to such a drawn-out, visible fight. McNeal said nobody was hurt.

The Lewisville Texan Journal - May 16, 2018  
The Lewisville Texan Journal - May 16, 2018