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Kangaroo Car Removals


We offers extensive range of any scrap metal and unwanted car removals, junk car removal, and Scrap Metal Recycling services anywhere in the Victoria Australia. We purchase cars that are smashed, old or mechanically faulty. We remove cars that is in any conditions even if it’s working or

not and regardless of age! We dismantle cars for recycling purposes and spare parts.

Our expertise includes :    

Junk Car Removals Scrap Metal Recycling Cash for Cars Car Disposal in Melbourne

We are the largest buyers of the wrecked cars in Victoria. Kangaroo Car Removals doesn’t only offers removal services. We also purchase second hand cars (cars for cash). We simply take away scrap vehicle in exchange for money. Comparing us to any other company, we are offer TOP dollars. We also try to give you world class service, unlike any other. Kangaroo Car Removals Metal has 20 years of experience in recycling & spare parts and has fifteen towing trucks that are committed in providing you the best service. Our expertise is in disposals of the junk cars as well as car body wrecking services which runs in all areas of Melbourne. If you are thinking to sell your old cars, then Kangaroo Car Removals Melbourne is the right company for you.

About Us Kangaroo Car Removals is based in Melbourne servicing for all types of Unwanted Cars, Junk Cars, Free Car Removals, Wrecked Cars, Smashed Cars, throughout Melbourne Metro areas. We offer Cash for Scrap Cars, specialise in Old Car Removals, Car Wreckage Removal, Recycling of old cars and Scrap Metal Recycling. We're both scrap metal buyers and recyclers - meaning dealing with us cuts out any middlemen wreckers and allows you to get the best deal and cash for junk cars in Sydney on your unwanted car, 4WD or truck. We take pride in our line of work and ourselves in practicing different approaches to offering our customers a personalized service. Our services and business are tailored to your expectations and needs to deliver the right results with the right course of action.

We can collect your Scrap the same day or you may deliver the Scrap Cars to our location in Sydney, once if the price is agreed. We're fast and friendly as well as offering great deals. Get in touch now and in just two hours we'll be at your place removing your unwanted vehicle and paying you for it!

Car Removals Melbourne Looking For a Car Removal in Melbourne? Look NO further, Kangaroo Car Removals Can Help! Kangaroo Car Removals offers car removals services anywhere in the Melbourne. Kangaroo Car Removals pay heaps of Cash for Cars throughout Melbourne suburbs (all areas). We are one of the top payers for your cars which may be in working order or not and regardless of age. To get a quick quote, please call us on CALL 0432 180 011 for a free estimate. We provide you with all the paperwork. We recycle & export cars from all manufacturers and also sell car parts also available. Below are some of the services we do:        

Car Removals Car Removals in Melbourne Cash for Cars Melbourne Old Car Removal Junk Car Removal Scrap Car Removal Free Car Removal Sell Old Car


Cash For Cars Melbourne

Looking For a Car Removal in Melbourne? Look NO further, Car Recycling Melbourne At Kangaroo Car Removals We buy all sorts of Damaged, Broken, going not going Cars & Commercials for Recycling purpose. If you have an old, damaged, unwanted, wrecked car, utes, vans trucks & 4WDs we pay Cash upto $3500 to $6000 on the spot for it and remove it for free which means no extra charge to you.

Your Old, Scrap, Wrecked, Broken, Smashed, Damaged, Unwanted Cars, utes, Vans, Trucks and 4WDs are recycled and disposed thoroughly. We recycle them for Parts use and exports.

Car Removals Can Help! Turn your late model cars into INSTANT CASH. Yes, we remove Unwanted or Damaged Cars in Melbourne and pay CASH at your premises. Kangaroo Car Removals specializes in buying all kind of cars like van, trucks, tractors, 4x4, and many others. Whatever its condition is, we will buy it. But the better the condition of the car, the better price you will get. This ideal for those people who have recently brought new car and have no idea what to do with their previous car.

Our requirements are:   

Must be in working order Registered and serviced by Vicroads And should inform us if there are any faults or issues known.

We are willing to pay $3500 to $6000 CASH on the spot. With our high fleet of truck drivers we are able to provide a same day service.We have been established for more than 10 years and have years of experience in car and commercial vehicle dismantling.

CALL 0432 180 011 Address Kangaroo Car Removals 18 Glomar Ct Dadenong Vic 3175 Phone: 03 9792 2878 / 0413 651 819 E-mail:

Car Removals Melbourne  

We offers extensive range of any scrap metal and unwanted car removals, junk car removal, and Scrap Metal Recycling services anywhere in the...

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