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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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Find the right Father’s Day gift

Father’s Day is an annual celebration of fathers and the contributions they make to their families. Dads get their due on Father’s Day, when sons, daughters and wives typically give dad a few gifts to show their appreciation for all he has done for them and how much he means to them. Finding the right Father’s Day gift is not always so easy. No two fathers are the same, so while a silk necktie might bring a smile to one father’s face, such a gift may fall flat with other dads. By asking themselves a few questions in the weeks before their dads’ big day, Father’s Day shoppers can narrow down their options and find gifts that Dad will appreciate.

What are Dad’s hobbies? Even if your father or husband loves what he does for a living, a gift that indulges

one of his favorite hobbies may be just the thing to make this Father’s Day extra special. Outdoorsmen may prefer some new camping or fishing gear, while fathers who have an artistic side may prefer some new paint brushes and canvasses. If Dad’s a car guy, book a day at a nearby racetrack where he can race around the track and embrace his inner race car driver.

tools and replace any that have grown dull or rusty.

What does Dad want? For the Dad who doesn’t seem to need anything, consider something he may want that he’s never had before. If Dad loves to cook but has never had formal training, enroll him in a cooking class. If Dad loves a local sports team but hasn’t been to a game in years, purchase tickets to a game and go with What does Dad need? him to make the day even Sometimes the best gifts more special. are what a recipient needs as opposed to what he wants. If Is Dad a techie? you no longer live at home, Dads with a love for techask your mother if there’s nology are living in the anything your father needs golden age of gadgets. Fathat would make his life eas- ther’s Day shoppers looking ier or more enjoyable. If you to satisfy their fathers’ love live at home, pay close atten- of technology have a host of tion to your father to see if possibilities at their disposal. there’s anything that could Even if Dad is an early you’re bound to find somelighten his load. For exam- adopter who tends to get all thing new on Dad’s wish list ple, if Dad loves spending the latest gadgets before anythat he hasn’t purchased yet. time in the garden, take a one else, the tech industry Finding the right Father’s sneak peek at his gardening evolves so rapidly that

Day gift can be challenging. arch happy can unearth a But shoppers who stop to host of gift ideas that Dad is think about their father and sure to love. what makes the family patri-

Father's Day Sentinel Contest Winners Announced Three winners were chosen randomly in our Father's Day contests. Look-alike Contest Winner: Charles and Noah Lewis, Mifflintown Draw Dad, 3-5 age division, Kylinn Swineford, 5 years old, Lewistown Draw Dad, 6-8 age division, Willow Aurand, 6 years old, Mifflintown

Thanks to everyone who entered and enjoy all the great "dad drawings and photos"!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Dwayne Adamire Child:

Carter Adamire

Robert W Hassinger Douglas W Hassinger

Gather around the grill this Father's Day (MS) -- It's all about remembering Dad's favorites on Father's Day. While everyone relaxes and enjoys the serenity of the backyard, these ribs will be slowly cooking to mouth-watering perfection.

velopes and place 2 strips of from the foil. Gently heat the ribs into each envelope, with sauce on the side burner for 1/4 cup of water and seal 10 to 15 minutes before tightly. Cook for 2 to 21/2 using. hours on low (300*F) with Carefully remove the ribs the lid closed. Check the from the foil and place on thermometer on the front of grids. Baste generously with the grill lid frequently and sauce, and grill for 10 minadjust the cooking tempera- utes per side, leaving the lid Orange-Ginger Baby ture accordingly. This may open, turning several times, Back Ribs require turning one or two and basting with sauce after burners off and cooking indi- each turn. Ingredients: rectly. Heat remaining sauce to a 5 pounds baby back ribs To prepare the sauce: boil and then allow it to simCombine all ingredients in a mer for 5 to 10 minutes. Sauce: saucepan and set aside until Serve on the side as a dip1 cup ketchup the ribs are ready to remove ping sauce. 1/2 cup hoisin sauce tablespoons soy 4 sauce 2 tablespoons grainy mustard 3 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons orange juice 2 tablespoons Asian chili sauce Hearth & Patio 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce cloves garlic, 4 minced 220 West Freedom Ave. 1 tablespoon ginger Grated zest of an orange Burnham, PA Salt and pepper

Directions: Preheat the grill to medium and turn down to low. Prepare ribs for grilling by removing the membrane from the underside of the ribs. Prepare several foil en-


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Great gift ideas for Dad

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kyle Swineford (photo on left) Kaleb Swineford (photo on right)


Dwayne Clinger Child:

Noah Clinger

Did you know?

Ties remain one of the top gift ideas for men, particularly when Father's Day arrives. They're also staples of gifting at other times during the year. Despite the emergence of casual, dress-down days in the workplace, ties remain popular and practical gifts. They are a go-to fashion choice for dressing up a wardrobe and especially prized for special events and to denote rank within organizations. As commonplace as ties may be, certain facts surrounding their use and origin are

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widely unknown. Here are eight fun facts about the necktie. 1. The original people to wear neckties were soldiers in the Croatian army. The silk scarf tie was recognized as an elite symbol. 2. The first name given to the tie was "cravat." 3. Ties weren't always fashion symbols. Roughly 300 years ago, the English developed neckwear so thick it could be used to protect against a sword thrust. Today it is possi-

Call: 814-349-5007 Please leave a voice mail

ble to buy a bulletproof tie. 4. Stripes on a British tie run from top left to bottom right, while the stripes on American ties go in the opposite direction. 5. The bolo tie is the official tie of the state of Arizona. 6. Many of today's ties are produced in China. 7. The city of Shengzhou is one of the world's largest tie producers, exporting more than 200 million ties worldwide. 8. A person who collects ties is known as a "grabatologist."

Father's Day is right around the corner and that means many children, spouses and other family members will be scrambling to locate the perfect gifts for the men in their lives. Put away those coupons for neckties and remote control caddies. There's a good chance Dad wants something a little less cliche and more in tune with his interests. If you think carefully about gift ideas, there's bound to be something that will be a perfect fit.


If Dad follows a particular team or sport, gifts inspired by his love of a favorite team are a surefire bet for success. Team jersies, game memorabilia, tickets to the next athome game, or an expanded satellite dish or cable TV sports programming package are some gift ideas that will coordinate with a sports theme. Some dads also may be content to simply hit the links or spend a few hours at the batting cages.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts can show that special man in your life that you care about him in a special way. Instead of a run-of-the-mill item pulled off a store shelf, a personalized gift can feature a name, date or sentiment right on the gift itself. Think about giving Dad a personalized plaque that designates his work area in the garage or a pocket lighter or photo frame engraved with a special message or his name. An embroidered bath robe, or a golf bag embroidered with his initials may also be a special treat.

ates not only the taste, but good auto gift ideas. also the culture of food, plan a Techies tour of food shops in the area Some dads get excited or go on a wine- and cheeseabout the latest tablets or tasting adventure. smartphones. They may keep abreast of virus-detection Gear Heads Some dads get revved up software or think the technoabout automotive gifts, espe- logical gadgets sold in those cially if they spend the week- speciality magazines and mall are must-haves. ends pampering their prized stores cars or trucks. If he tends to Chances are if you spend have a wrench in hand and enough time with Dad you head under the hood, treat know just what he likes to your father to some new sup- dabble in, and you can get plies for his automotive pur- him an electronic device he'll suits. Quality car waxes and find invaluable. Although it may seem difupholstery cleaners are always in demand. Or give him ficult on the surface to find a a gift certificate to his favorite gift for Dad that he truly will hand-wash, auto-detailing enjoy and use, all it takes is a center. Gas station gift cards close examination of his likes or a new ratchet set are other to find something appropriate.

Great Father’s Day Gifts

Fit for Foodies

As the adage goes, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Take advantage of these words of wisdom by gifting your Dad with food or culinary-themed items. Dad may be an amateur chef and will enjoy a cookbook by his favorite Food Network(TM) personality. Or he may have a restaurant he insists on going to all the time, so guaranteeing a gift card to said restaurant will be a hit. If Dad appreci-

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Games to play with Dad

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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Alyssa Snyder, Age: 7

Kylinn Swineford, Age: 5

Zanna Hoover, Age: 8

Julianne French, Age: 7

Logan Swartwood, Age: 10

Blake Swartwood, Age: 6

Willow Aurand, Age: 6

6—Lewistown, PA

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Sentinel



Dan Hoover

Matthew Hile



Lydia Hoover

Nicolai Hile

How to make Father's Day more enjoyable for Dad

Dad gets to be king of his castle at least one day during the year. Come mid-June, children near and far scramble for ideas to treat their fathers to a special day and award him with gifts for being a role model, provider and confidante. Father's Day activities should be centered around Dad's interests. With that in mind, the following are some ideas to honor Dad or another special man in your life. • Sports Sunday: If Dad is a sports fan, his idea of spending a fun-filled afternoon very well may be cheering on his favorite players. Whether your father enjoys golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, or another sport like

hunting or fishing, chances are there is a television broadcast on that you can watch together. Otherwise, you can surprise Dad by purchasing tickets to a sporting event and making a day of it at the ballpark. • Beach bound: A relaxing day at the beach may be the perfect way to spend Father's Day. Dad can enjoy the entire family while sitting back in his beach chair and watching the waves roll in. Pack a picnic lunch with his favorite foods and a cold beer, and Dad may just say this was his best celebration yet. • Adventure seeker: If yours is a father who enjoys living on the edge, a Father's

Day activity built around action and adventure should be a winner. Take Dad base jumping, rock climbing, scuba diving, or race car driving. Any of these activities is bound to get Dad's adrenaline pumping. • R&R: Dad's idea of the perfect Father's Day may be an afternoon free of obligations and deadlines. A relaxing day in the yard swimming laps in the pool or

hitting a few grounders to your waiting baseball mitt may be all the excitement he needs. Toss a few steaks on the grill to give Father's Day a truly perfect ending. • Impromptu party: Some dads like to be the center of attention. A Father's Day party thrown in his honor, complete with friends and family, can be an entertaining way to spend the day. If you are worried about in-

terrupting others' Father's Day plans, host the gathering on the Saturday before Father's Day and let Dad be the life of the party. Finger foods, barbecue, a limited list of cocktails and other

beverages and some background music are all that you need to host a festive function. Plan a Father's Day celebration with your dad in mind. Cater to his favorite

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Happy Fathers Day to all Dads! From

One of the greatest experiences of my life has been to be a father. Though challenging, for sure, the blessings of being a Dad have far outweighed those challenges!

If you’re a Dad reading this today, take the time to hug your kids and tell them, even if they’re that age where they act like they don’t want to hear it, that you love them, unconditionally, forever.

My kids are grown now, but I think back to their younger days when I was their hero, and when their smiles or the very sound of their voice saying “Daddy” felt like all I needed in life.

Sincerely, Tim Matthews, Owner Straight Path Auto

Cross Paths with Straight Path Auto


532 W. 4th Street Lewistown Straight Path 717.248.0001

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


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Charles Lewis


Noah Lewis

Great gifts for dear old dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and the time has come once again to begin searching for a gift for dear old dad. Father’s Day gift shoppers have long since abandoned the notion that a new necktie is what dad really wants, but finding a gift that expresses your love and appreciation for the old man can still prove somewhat challenging. Oftentimes, the best gifts are the ones that fulfill a need or want, and Father’s Day gifts are no exception. The following are a handful

of Father’s Day gift ideas where his teams play, confor dads whose hobbies run sider purchasing a streaming service or television packthe gamut. age that allows the old man The Sports Nut to see his favorite team no Dads who can’t get matter where he’s living. enough of their favorite The Movie Mogul teams would no doubt apSome dads simply can’t preciate some new gear or even tickets to see their fa- get enough of the silver vorite teams play. If you opt screen, and a streaming to buy tickets to a ballgame, service that allows dad to make it a family affair, as watch many of his favorite dad would no doubt appre- movies on demand from the ciate an afternoon at the comforts of home might ballpark with his kids and/or make the perfect gifts for grandkids. For a father who film-loving fathers. Services no longer lives in the market like Netflix and Amazon

Many dads and father figures will attest that Father’s Day is special because they get to spend it with their families. While the gifts might be nice, it’s the time together that dads truly cherish. Family members who want to make Father’s Day extra special this year may want to put extra effort into customizing Father’s Day fun rather than shopping for gifts.

So what equates to a funfilled and enjoyable day for fathers? That all depends on Dad’s interests. While no two fathers are the same, there are some universal ideas that can make for a memorable Father’s Day.



Marc Houser

Zachary Houser

Prime offer hundreds of titles, and monthly or yearly subscriptions cost relatively little money.

product made for such enthusiasts. If you don’t share the same passion for the great outdoors and are hesitant to buy something The Outdoorsman you’re unsure about, a gift Fathers who love the certificate to an outdoorsgreat outdoors might appre- man or sporting goods store ciate some new camping will suffice. gear, a new fishing pole or The Doting even some comfortable hiking boots. When shopping Grandfather Some men simply want to for the outdoorsman in your life, consider which outdoor spend more time with famactivity is his favorite (i.e., ily, especially grandfathers boating, fishing, kayaking, who never tire of afternoons etc.) and try to find the latest with their grandchildren. If useful gadget or newest dad has retired and moved

Enjoyable ways to spend Father’s Day Rest and relaxation

he’s not called on to do anything. Provide this for him by removing many of the responsibilities that can bog your father down. This includes chores that may be tackled on Sundays or even responsibilities that Mom often relies on him to tackle.

Fathers do a lot for their Special dinner families, and many fathers On this special day, Dad have hectic daily schedules. may deserve a dinner that Come Father’s Day, Dad stands apart from more roumay just desire a day when tine family meals. A spe-

cially cooked meal that the entire family prepares together or a reservation at a favorite restaurant will no doubt bring a smile to Dad’s face. Make sure that the meal includes his favorite foods.

Favorite activity

Plan the day around an activity that Dad enjoys. If he’s an avid fisherman, this could mean taking the rods out and spending a few

away, a trip to see his grandkids might make the ideal gift this Father’s Day. Arrange the dates with mom so you are not surprising dad with a trip at a time when he already has plans, and make sure to schedule some fun activities for those days when dad is in town. Father’s Day is a time each year when dads are told how much they are loved and appreciated. This year, a gift that implies both those sentiments is sure to make dad smile.

hours seeing what’s biting. Father’s Day is a special Or it may involve attending day that many fathers would a ballgame, watching his fa- insist is even better when vorite movie or playing a spent with family. few rounds of golf.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Sentinel


Bill Snyder Child:

Alyssa Snyder

Make his first Father’s Day special

Dads are often the first heros in their young children’s lives. Dads chase away ghosts in the closet, let their daughters dance on their toes and teach their sons how to win the heart of their first crush. The first Father’s Day a new dad spends with his growing family can be quite memorable, as celebrating one’s fatherhood for the first time is a unique and special time. Spouses and other family members can go the extra mile to make this year that much more special for first-time fathers. • Let Dad sleep in. Chances are Dad is enamored with his little bundle of joy, but it’s well-known that being a new father often means sacrificing sleep time — especially for the first several months to a year of that child’s life. Enlist the help of a family member who can be on baby watch while Dad gets to sleep in on the weekend of his big day. With some extra sleep,

Dad can enjoy Father’s Day that much more. • Create a first-year memory book. Take the time to put together a scrapbook of the photos and moments baby and Dad have gotten to spend together. So much focus is often placed on a new baby and his or her mother that Dad may be left playing second fiddle. Make it clear that fathers are key to their children’s development and happiness, too. • Make a baby keepsake. Use washable ink so that baby can sign a Father’s Day card with a hand or footprint. The tradition can be repeated year after year until the child is old enough to write. • Go overboard on gifts. The idea isn’t to buy Dad’s love, but Dad’s first Father’s Day is a truly unique time. On behalf of his firstborn, purchase a few different gifts — those items that he has been interested in buying but has resisted in favor of saving money for new

onesies and burp cloths. Or invest in one special event gift, such as tickets to a game to see his favorite team or a concert to catch a favorite band. • Boost his ego. Get matching T-shirts for baby and Dad with cute memes and sayings, such as “Couch

Potato� and “Tater Tot.� Father’s Day comes once a year. However, a father’s very first Father’s Day occurs just once. Use the opportunity to pamper Dad so he can savor this truly special experience.

Make Dad’s day with gifts that hit the Mark!!


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