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Crisis Planning and Management


LEWIS PR offers one of the strongest issues and crisis management packages in global PR – a complete range of crisis control, reputation management and media training services, underpinned by substantial journalistic experience. The LEWIS PR crisis management team is lead by broadcast, digital, social and print media specialists with years of direct, practical experience. They have worked at the highest levels of the modern 24hour news media, handling a variety of international, high-profile crises on the global media stage. The team knows how the media works because of journalistic instinct and an understanding of how the media plans, thinks and reacts. We know how to best protect, nurture and enhance the value of your reputation if and when a crisis calls.


When crisis calls: what we can provide to position you and your business

With today’s 24/7 news cycle ‘churn’ and the increasing number of social media channels, issues and crisis management can no longer be considered a nonessential corporate or personal add on. In a world where the corporate crises of brands are played out in full public view, social media conversations mean the fragility of your brand’s reputation has never been greater. And public expectations of your openness and engagement have never been higher. Without the discipline of crisis management planning, and the proactive speed of professional response, you can, at the very least, face serious loss of consumer, employee and stakeholder confidence. At worst, you can face financial meltdown with your brand (and share price) suffering public vilification that can take years to recover from.

LEWIS PR’s issues and crisis communication package will protect your reputation when you need it most; before and in the midst of a crisis when people are discussing what you are saying and doing and crucially, how you are responding. We know how journalists will be approaching your particular situation and the answers they will be demanding on behalf of the public, your consumers and stakeholders. LEWIS PR will also be there long after media attention has moved on to oversee your brand’s recovery. Our in-house journalists train on how best to react when confronted with a media crisis. We create and stress-test crisis plans and rehearse processes adopting real-time scenarios. Whatever the situation may be, we have the necessary expertise to take over your communications management fully or to work directly with your existing communications structures. We approach your reputation and issues management as journalists would so that you know what to expect and are ready to engage constructively, confidently and openly with the public debate that surrounds you. This is about far more than business continuity. It is about business survival in the modern multi-channel digital era.


The Go Team: global rapid reaction

For major international situations, LEWIS PR’s on-staff journalists have the capacity to move to any global location within hours of a crisis developing. On-the-ground crisis management teams would liaise directly with your in-country communications teams or take over the running of your communications operations fully if no local staffing is immediately available. Agreed company ‘lines to take’ would be issued regularly whilst your media response would be managed where it matters most – at the heart of the crisis situation where the world is watching. The era of press statements issued centrally and slowly is no more. Your company’s agreed position now needs to be in the communications mix from the outset. If you are not in the global conversation, you will lose out.

Keith Beech Head of Content Keith heads up the team of journalists and digital specialists to create compelling content that attracts maximum reach. An experienced journalist himself he joined LEWIS from the BBC where he ran services internationally and across the UK. He is an experienced media trainer and presentation coach. He has lead multi media operations for the BBC producing audio and video content, launching websites and developing strategies across social media platforms. He knows what makes a good story and how to tell it in the most compelling way. This together with his passion for digital means that he is perfectly placed to plan and design campaigns and to generate ideas for content that sets LEWIS and our clients apart.


Michael Gonzalez Senior Consultant As a former journalist for GQ and Maxim Magazine, Michael has over 15 years’ experience in journalism and communications. He has provided strategic consultancy to organisations from a wide range of sectors including technology, finance, healthcare, energy, sports and academia and regularly conducts media coaching for CEOs and other senior executives in Europe, Asia, The Americas and the US. A specialist in global media relations, Michael has a thorough understanding of how various cultures and media landscapes operate and as such is well-placed to provide consultancy on international crisis management

Chris Lewis CEO & Founder With over 20 years’ experience in broadcast, print, social and digital media, Chris is one of the senior counsel team. He has written for major international and national business, financial and technical media. He has handled major consumer names for the last seven years specialising in social media tracking and issues identification. He continues to be personal coach for many senior politicians, international business leaders and celebrities. His specialism is coaching and writing keynote speeches.


Zena Martin Senior Vice President, EMEA Zena is a lead counsel for clients and responsible for supporting strategic accounts in EMEA and across the global network. Zena has a strategic marketing background, working with clients such as BlackBerry, Kellogg’s and The NHS. Before that, she held senior positions at other global agencies. Zena is a Trustee Board member of The Royal Society of Arts and a frequent keynote speaker, media pundit and interviewee on the subject of communications, diversity and CSR.

Ian Williams Head of Technology Media Before joining LEWIS, Ian worked as deputy editor for The Inquirer. He has also worked in the video game industry and spent the early part of his career with Eidos before moving into journalism where he stayed for five years. Ian’s diverse experience and passion for technology makes him an ideal sounding board for a range of technological issues. With a keen interest in all things technological, Ian has reported on a variety of developments from latest innovations to breaking crises across the IT industry.


Other crisis services include:

Crisis audit We will assess your crisis planning, help you identify potential crises in your sector and hold desktop exercises so your teams can be fully-prepared. Traditional media training At both CEO and company spokesperson levels, with key messaging development, delivery techniques and on-camera/instudio interview rehearsals. Full crisis scenario planning and bespoke real-time rehearsal exercises This involves simulating media “doorsteps� with real TV crews and journalists on a regular basis to ensure you are fully prepared if and when a crisis occurs

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