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Chelsea College of Art and Design 2013 BA hons Fine Art


CLASS OF 2013 FROM CHELSEA COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN Kupambana was founded by LEWIS PR, a global digital communications agency, to connect the creative arts with communications. The Foundation spans the worlds of the creative arts and the communications industry by sponsoring the most outstanding creative talent through education and career development. It helps train students and professionals and carries out insightful research into the creative industries globally. To find out more visit




I am very pleased to write an introduction to the catalogue of the 2013 BA final year exhibition at Chelsea College of Art and Design. The catalogue you are reading has been financed entirely through funds received from the Kupambana Art Foundation, this foundation is conceived and directed by Lewis PR. Since its inception and launch earlier this year, Kupambana have engaged with the College and the University on a number of projects, and we are pleased to present the BA catalogue this year as one of the public manifestations of our collaboration. The level of creativity you will witness in these pages, and in the exhibition it represents, does not come easily. The extraordinarily creative work within these pages is the result of the diligence, talent and sheer effort on the part of both the staff working at Chelsea and the students who are most properly featured here. I would like to thank everyone for their contribution to this purpose. As one of the six Colleges in the University of the Arts, we represent a significant investment in the future cultural landscape of this and many other countries. As the College’s contribution to this landscape is illuminated by the fantastic work of every generation of our alumni, I think I am allowed to say that whatever happens to art and design in future years, a significant part of it begins right here.

George Blacklock Dean of College Chelsea College of Art and Design 16 John Islip Street London SW1P 4JU T: +44 (0) 20 7514 7809 PA: Lucy Lyden 5

BA (hons) FINE ART

Marc Abe BA hons Fine Art 07576086234

“Lost for Words (cont.) (2013)” accounts, from previously documented interviews, dozens of icons from popular culture. Instead of showcasing their perceived confident-cultstatus selves, the icons are repeated in a state of mental pause. Each figure, from the likes of Marlon Brando to William S Burroughs, are caught and revealed during the verbal torment of “Um…”. This utterance is perhaps a sign of lost cognitive exactness to some, but to truly mine its value is to find a moment of pseudo-weakness. “Lost for Words (cont.) (2013)” admits these icons of alternate identities, separate from the identities that have manifested through public reception, emancipating their formerly defined selves from the confines of construction.

Alya Al Khalefa BA hons Fine Art

I am instinctually designing a piece that reflects the simplicity of a void yet extenuates even the most simple of objects. The process evolved through the notion of uncharted territories in an alternate dimension that is unfathomably vast, allowing unknown expressions and possibilities to take form within a physical reality. My works possess a common denominator, a repetitive motion, calming and reassuring, which allows the void not to be feared but celebrated. Focusing on the integration of simple design to enhance my appreciation and love for a world that requires no physical essence but a lasting impression. 8

Edward Alderwick BA hons Fine Art 07794992535

The work looks to deconstruct polarised conceptions of masculinity in relation to power; adopting a critical position in order to navigate the ground between ‘the hero’ and ‘the wimp’. In undoing the binary, the work pushes forward a mediated understanding of ‘being’ in relation to enacted identities. A preoccupation with popular culture’s consumption of femininity, and a fascination with the stereotyping of the sexes continues to inform the practice; with performances often focusing on the juxtaposing relationship between camp and endurance.

So Eun An BA hons Fine Art 07805 766 997

‘So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.’ ‘ Thrilling ‘ (2013) 9

Henriette Arcelin BA hons Fine Art +447565668735 / +33615351901

My installations explore the subjective relation toward objects and spaces. Intervening onto furniture and modifying architectural spaces allows me to remove their functionality. I recreate common objects, changing their matter, colour and texture, giving them a new identity. The viewers can develop their own connections between objects through a fragmented narration, and invent their own interpretation of the space. My work is displayed as a collection of pieces, following the logic of the cabinet of curiosities. The duality between nature and artificiality is a recurrent idea in my practice. The decorative and crafty aspect plays an important part in my work. At the same time however, the functionality of craft is deleted. The conscious presence of house, shell and cocoon-like structures appears throughout my artwork, as well as cosmology, geometry and perfection of form.

ARK BA hons Fine Art

‘Meditations On’ Treat your happiness, Rejuvenate your exhaustion, And float towards a more meditative state. Lychee?


Zehra A. Toguzata BA hons Fine Art

I approach all my work as painting, but not necessarily of a two dimensional nature. The pieces are objects that extend beyond their location into the space of the recipient. The focus lies on the relationship between an artwork and its setting, i.e. the space in-between. I am interested in creating familiar material constellations that open up new forms of reception. All elements are arranged in order to propose an ‘elsewhere’, encouraging the viewer to take a closer look at the inhabited space. My current practice is in a certain sense also time-specific; it lays no claim to permanency and can thus be understood as a kind of architectural snapshot. Despite its sometime monumental impact and dynamic momentum the work remains delicate and fragile.

Emma Bagley BA hons Fine Art 07880699987

My practice profoundly involves found objects and materials; the aesthetic quality and unresolved meaning left within each object intrigues me. The journey they have enlisted and the continuous journey from my hands, creating a new meaning and life. Creating an environment and atmosphere for the spectator is crucial to my work, allowing them to be immersed and lost in a profound world. This is strongly found within my Installation pieces, which can often be said to be unnerving with the on going themes of abandonment, desolation and discord. Recent achievements have been firstly, selected for the 2012 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, commissioned from Hitachi Consulting and accepted for Museum of London ‘Late Night event’ 2012 and LeeFest Bike project 2013. 11

Max Alexander Bainbridge BA hons Fine Art 07515880273

Identifying if the physicality of objects can be transferred to the printed surface of an image, giving the image the same weight and objectness as the very thing it depicts. The combining of an image’s subject with an object or structure of a similar scale allows it to become tangible. This lends itself to the idea of a physical transference where the end product deals with the replacement and redundancy of the photographed object. Does the image become a stand in? Does it become the object? Or does it become something new, something other?

Rose Bell BA hons Fine Art


Nathan Bendavid BA hons Fine Art 07972871413

Internet has changed so fast that it already relates to three generations in different ways. We went from a generation that was connected to internet only from time to time to the “always on” generation (always connected to internet), which is now being joined by a new emerging generation that is not only connected but also has the ability, through different devices, to access their private information or general content on social networks: the “Cloud” generation. These shared mutations between art and media also point to ways in which these two worlds are linked: in both cases, the goal is to transmit a personal experience or analysis to largest possible number of people, not in a vacuum but in a given social, cultural, political, historical and technical space. The proliferation of media used in this work puts in perspective our conception of the digital image.

Cilla Berg BA hons Fine Art


Ece Beylikci BA hons Fine Art

A space is filled with memories, energy and history. Therefore, my hometown, Istanbul, is a constant source of inspiration for me. In the future I am interested in painting London and other cities as well. Nevertheless, since I started living in London, my interest in painting Istanbul has increased. Being away from my hometown compelled me to visualize my memories in a different way and gave me a viewpoint. Consequently, the memory imprints of places influence me and that is how I paint the spaces in Istanbul.

Mette Boel BA hons Fine Art 07514279821

Breakfast IV 2013 14

Abigail Booth BA hons Fine Art 07725414945

Working with a mixture of found and constructed objects to create installations that evoke recollections of the familiar through surface and materiality, providing a disjuncture in their reference to ‘the other’ or elsewhere.

Marleen Boschen BA hons Fine Art 07807684693

You need to watch your energy levels: Rest so you can try harder tomorrow, be more efficient, more creative, be a profesional ver­­­­ sion of yourself, make things better. Constant innovation, constant crisis. Are you tired of this? Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. At some point there needs to be a shift: You are too tired to sleep. Can you un-rest this weary body? Bend your sore neck. Shift what feels heavy. Resist the need to focus. Overcome exhaustion. Refuse to be flexible. And finally: sleep Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. 15

Freya Bramble-Carter BA hons Fine Art 07956566229

My final piece will be an orchestration of a play-fight between two women, as sculptural tableaux vivants. Here, the human impulse for competition and the drive for co-operation will be explored with fun and seriousness intertwined. Using burlesque tools of slapstick and exaggerated comic gesture as well as imaginary forms of ritualised play-fighting inspired from female scrum wrestling, sport dance and martial art, the audience will be entertained and provoked with visually arresting choreographed sequences. Physicality will be central to the piece – between the performers as a duet, as well as in the playful relationship they have with props and sculptural materials. The flow of physical interactions, gesturing, dances and rites, enable sudden surprises to erupt as well as individual vulnerabilities, lying beneath the humour to be released and exposed.

Ray Brazier BA hons Fine Art 07934781880

In the beginning there was A. Memories of the future remembered and forgotten.


Ralph Brealey BA hons Fine Art

Emma Jane Bridgeman BA hons Fine Art 07771502596

This collection of paintings combines theories of metamorphosis phenomena. Each painting is inspired by a transformative myth from Ovid’s antiquity epic “Metamorphoses.” Through the use of allegory, the paintings suggest transformations of the alchemic with images of rust and anamorphic mirroring creates biological references. Each painting is based on baroque church architecture, suggesting the theme of theological transformations. The process of paintings is within itself alchemic. This collection suggests the romantic theory of metamorphosis through varying transformative imagery and through the material of oil paint. 17

Emma Cahill BA hons Fine Art 07773083396

Exploiting our desire for the idealism displayed by the commercial sector, the works focus on the seduction of the plastic surface. Unmixed paint strokes and perfect elements of block colour are pressed behind the plastic’s surface. Brush marks become invisible to the touch, erasing the aura of the artist. Through combining valuable and kitsch materials, the boundaries between the handmade and manufactured are dismissed. Created to exist in a state of excess materiality, the works constantly deter to their literal artificial state. Aiming to exist as commercial phenomenons, the high and low values of art and advertising are exploited. Through diminishing the value of desired materials, the values we assign to elements of cultural capital are resorted to frivolity.

Tom Cameron BA hons Fine Art


So Young Cho BA hons Fine Art 07515 944 592

Francis Ky Chu BA hons Fine Art


Jiwon Chung BA hons Fine Art

The stories are about taste and love, time and space. Seoul, London 2008-

Zi Qiao Chung (Charles) BA hons Fine Art

Charles Chung uses a variety of materials and tends to find the medium that is most suitable to explore his ideas. A lot of his works tend to be site specific and only belongs to that certain space. This is because of his close relation with Sci-Fi matters. Charles’s practice looks into instability of the human mind; a state of mind that is unbalanced and powerless. There is always a gap between ‘Who we are’ and ‘who we want to be’. We are often insecure about something. Humans all have the utopian impulse to achieve something and his focus is to redirect these instable emotions. 20

Christopher James Croft BA hons Fine Art 07758224120

The interests of my work delve in several areas including my personal family life and experienced I have encountered. I use a mixture of often found materials such as wood pallets and combine them with images either taken or discovered in relation to the topic in hand. The mixture of place, identity and a strong narrative combined with a robust physical object is where my work tends to work strongest. The aim of my work is to connect with a viewer but challenge what they are actually visualizing. Segments of photographs offer hints of what narrates are being portrayed without revealing it completely.

Lewis Davidson BA hons Fine Art 07980825299

My practice is predominantly sculptural, varied in materiality, and playful in nature. Containing a strong sense of humour, balanced by an underlying tension and acceptance of wider themes that focus around identity and relativity. I am interested in the lines of definition between the made, the manipulated and the found object, in relation to the point where my voice enters the work and through what means. This angle of focus produces a linguistic element, which articulates materiality, directing as well as disrupting channels of association and conditioning. I value simplicity, integrity and awareness. Such assets give the artwork a reactionary dialogue with the space and the viewer, as opposed to leaving them with a sense of confusion or inferiority. 21

Helen Dixon BA hons Fine Art

Water, Light, Water. (2013) Basic elements and simple processes are used to explore ideas about the fundamental, the immeasurable and the uncontainable. Images of the sea are captured using light on photographic film and are printed onto paper using the cyanotype photographic process. The paper, made light sensitive with a simple chemical formula, is exposed to light and the image fixed with water. Where there is no image, the paper shows traces of its subjection to these elements, and becomes an active participant in the work. In some senses, the work can be considered a series of drawings, because of its inherent lack of resolution and because the ground, on which the images appear, is an equal contributor.

Sarah Evan-Jones BA hons Fine Art 07905 939 624

The work of Sarah Evan-Jones examines the photographic image as a documentation of place, combining digital technology with traditional photographic processes, which have been marginalised by developmental progress. In doing so, she opens a dialogue that captivates a desire to locate a past within present day concerns. Using techniques such as salt printing, natural elements collected from the site of the pictorial subject are incorporated into the process of image making, reflecting a transformation from one substance to another. The work lies between photography and performance; the textural quality of these unique prints implying a physical engagement with the place itself, depicting that which is both in the world, and of the world. 22

Jason File BA hons Fine Art 07941 523740

I was not an artist. I did not make work. Rather, I worked. Would I rather work? Work could be art. I would make art to make ends meet. I would be an artist.

Naomi Fitzsimmons BA hons Fine Art 07415382037

My practice deals with the interaction between artist and audience and the space in which this reciprocal exchange takes place. Working primarily in performance there is an obvious interrogation into the physicality of this relationship, with my work valuing live encounters and interaction above all else. My primary role within the work is directing and working alongside a variety of different performers. This allows for spontaneity within the constructs of my practice and embraces the gap between intention and interpretation. Through the re-enactment and repetition of every day situations and encounters, the work challenges the audience’s perception and predicted outcomes to create more varied responses. 23

Piotr Pallwright BA hons Fine Art

With my work, I aim to investigate the complexities of multicultural identity in the context of both personal and collective histories, and the present. Ambiguities characterising events in cultural history - are highlighted, deconstructed, and reinterpreted to present ambivalent reimaginings of the past. Utilising mediums such as sculpture, installation, printed image and drawing, my work takes the form of ‘visual musings’, which aim to challenge traditions, stereotypes and notions of ‘place’.

Abi Freckleton BA hons Fine Art


Sophie Ann-Marie Gallagher BA hons Fine Art 07427148321

My interests lie within my own personal family history with my work looking back and exploring old family album snapshots. I deface or destroy these images in a bid to strip away layers of detail and emotion: as if the memory or event has passed and faded away; it becomes distanced; what is left is hardly a photograph but a visual trace of memory. The aim of the work is to provide me a form of self-expression. For the viewer it returns them to a specific moment, not necessarily historical, just a private moment in one’s family past and serves to remind them that although memories remain, some events, once so clear, fade and become distorted in recollection.

Camille Gallay BA hons Fine Art

Melancholia, the haunting past, the fear of time passing, losing the things we know and the desire to have a hold on it, drove me to the process of weaving, and more precisely weaving family pictures, as if literally trying to bind things. I find the action meditative, almost ritualistic, this regular repeated motion, this mechanic encourages thoughts to wander, a way for me to bring back or go back to the past. And not only I realized that I re-enact my past as if playing an old movie, but the slowness of the process compelling me to spend a long time with each picture, made me aware of how much I also recreate it, imagination and memories merging together creating new memories, answering to the desire we have to give a supplement of living to past things. 25

Edward Gell BA hons Fine Art 07920837631

Simon Grind BA hons Fine Art +447425162275 +46702461455

Born 1984 in Umeå, Sweden. Works in most materials and mediums. Interested in social structures and how they affect one’s perception, understanding and behaviour. My work is triggered by different objects, situations and happenings in my own immediate surroundings. It then takes on, what I consider to be, its appropriate shape depending on my ideas around said triggers and the surroundings in which my work will be exhibited. (Pictures clock-wise from top left: detail from ‘Ängslador (Field Barns)’, ‘Studio Space 1:2’, detail from ‘Finsbury Park Basketball Nets’, ‘Classic Metal Bench 011’) 26

Jessica Hamp BA hons Fine Art 07876201887

Amniotic Band Syndrome [ABS] is a congenital disorder, affecting 1 in 15,000 live births, with variable clinical manifestations. The resulting abnormalities are best explained as; ‘the response of the growing, embryologically defined limb to intrauterine deformation or band-induced compression and ischemia’. Severe constriction by amniotic bands may result in necrosis and the “natural” amputation of digits or a limb. Hand and finger anomalies are present in almost 90% of all cases. ABS occurs as a result of maternal trauma in the first period of gestation and is therefore considered an accidental incidence with no hereditary basis. Consequently there is no prevention for ABS. Neonatal diagnosis is frequently difficult and most children are the product of otherwise normal and uncomplicated pregnancies.

Naja Hendriksen BA hons Fine Art

When I make an artwork I pursue a sense of something. I lean into a feeling. This feeling is more an internal sensation, than a particular emotion expressed. I am drawn to this place within my work where words cannot go or have little use. I hope to avoid making artwork as an expression of preconceived meaning. I am interested in a different kind of precision. 27

Harriet Hoff BA hons Fine Art 07557803159

‘SWITCHES’ My work explores the power exchange within the sexual relationship. It aims to both include and exclude the viewer by placing them in a voyeuristic context that is unsettling but intimate. I use the camera to record a moment of intimacy between two people – a woman and myself, a man and myself, and myself and my mirror self – that reveals the exchange of power and how this shifts from one to the other throughout their intimacy. The viewer, or voyeur, experiences these moments vicariously. In this particular piece, the viewer is invited to step into the artwork by including their mirror image within it.

Hai Huang BA hons Fine Art

‘Deities: China Moment’ is a series of works exploring China’s contemporary political, social, environmental and cultural phenomena through re-depicting Chinese mythical figures. ‘Deities: China Moment’ is portrayed in a style similar to traditional Chinese New Year paintings. While subverting the characteristics of traditional Chinese mythical figures, topic related elements are incorporated in the paintings. In ancient Chinese mythological literatures, the mythical world is the ultimate embodiment of the real world. Thus, current topics in contemporary society are presented through the portrayal of mythical figures. This form of combining Chinese classical elements and current topics in contemporary society will be a means to explore a new form of contemporary art practice. 28

He Huang (Jess) BA hons Fine Art 07904985175

My work investigates the inseparable relationship between art and the natural world, I would like to examine the underlying aesthetic qualities and energies of nature due to my interests in cosmic religion and spirit science. The sensory experience is part of my work, therefore the specific space, lighting condition and ambient sound are crucial which can add another dimension and allow the viewers fully immersed themselves into the work in a 360 angle way. My work comprised by tangible large scale watercolor painting, fabric installation and delicate sound to manifest a intangible poem of nature.

Jungmoon Huh BA hons Fine Art


Ellie Kyungran Heo BA hons Fine Art

There are women divers, called “Haenyeo”, who live in the island of Jeju in South Korea. The sea women wear black rubber suits and glass masks, going deep into the sea to harvest conch, octopus, urchin, abalone and seaweed. The film, also titled “Haenyeo”, focuses on one such woman and her journey with her husband, and the thousands of hours he has spent waiting on shore for his wife to return from the sea. Through “Haenyeo”, I draw audiences to the moments the couple shared in an unlimited space, time and imagination.

Libby Ireland BA hons Fine Art 07814269689


Kaoru Ishikawa BA hons Fine Art

Mission: one apple a day. On a particular day in January 2013 I bought an apple. I have bought an apple every day since, in what has become a simple game-like activity. The apple I bought today connects directly back to the first when my mission began, showing the passing of time between then and now. However, some days, circumstance means I am unable to buy an apple. Not aware of these gaps, the collection of apples appears complete. The missing apples then, represent the parts of reality we do not see. It is this idea, that what often appears whole is really only part of a bigger whole, that my practice is primarily concerned with.

Alice Jackson BA hons Fine Art

This inconvenience is no longer unavailable! Dry or Artificial, they mimic the same features but by using materials that are Stable at room temperature. Injection Molded, arrange into a hexagon, 1 inch by 4. Short Haired Surfaces. And to release friction, spray water often, so to lubricate and increase speed. 31

Jacqueline Jackson BA hons Fine Art 07786 937731

Jacqueline works in the tradition of artists who explore meaning in the physical environment. With their traces, fragments and evidence of other territories, her paintings may suggest utopian or dystopian places, past or future. Created on board or canvas, she uses a process of layering on and removal of materials such as paint, paper, graphite drawing, salt, wax and others and image transfer. Collages of associations, juxtapositions and entropic change, the paintings are considered as tranquil reflections by some, while others see in them anxiety and catastrophe. Her work aims to reveal and undermine the mental imprint or echo of a deteriorated inner landscape that has been embedded in our personal and collective memories.

Danielle Janes BA hons Fine Art 07890548086

Dealing with the public and spaces is the main focus within my work. Blocking off different areas with materials that people dont expect to see, and making them more aware of their surroundings. My work is an obsticle that changes the perspective of a person who just focuses on their usual mundane routine of everyday life, capturing images that expose our weakness of not noticing what is around us. 32

Clifford Johnson BA hons Fine Art

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Camille Johnston BA hons Fine Art 07902009281

My practice constitutes a study of photography and film-making with particular concern for notions of the cinematic. Attempting to define cinema and to understand the role of the theatre in screening film are integral to my work with cinema as an artistic medium, as is a consideration of the multiple temporalities involved in the structure of edited footage. Informed by critical study into conventions of the shot, length of take and montage associated with narrative cinema, my interest lies in our shifting perception of filmed space and time. I have chosen non-sites, such as halls and corridors, within architectural interiors as candidates for this exploration of the cinematic. These empty spaces, unburdened by narrative drive, are revealed as pure sets. 33

Mia Julie BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7984 452 966

I am interested in the way physicality and time oppose to an increasingly less palpable environment. We endlessly create and perceive cascades of images in a more passive way. I fragment and rearrange both my own and found imagery as a starting point for my work. The lengthy process of layering paint empowers me to alter and implement meaning into the image. The presence and disappearance of the human figure in an abstracted space, mirrors the loss of authenticity and physicality within the digital age. Glossy, perfected beautiful illusions constructed by the media, conceal and obstruct our inevitable decay, which is unveiled by imperfections and visibility of brush marks. My paintings aim to redeem and simultaneously question the worth of digital images and irrevocably their own value.

Aira Kabulova BA hons Fine Art 07429261111

“Aira’s work is intensely connected to her home and her culture. Notions of loss and death are very present in her paintings and she is higly committed to her practice.� L.S 34

Sabina Caceres BA hons Fine Art 07511603012

At this point of time I am interested in surrealistic approach to excavate fragments from repressed memory and history. My practice concerns the speculation around the ideas of an abandoned place; naturally decaying ruins of something once was called a house and was one’s home. The main focus of my art practice at the moment is to reflect on the human condition.

Nebaraska Khodyer BA hons Fine Art

Mega Bat is Bruce Wayne’s little demon, appearing in my thesis ‘Red Røver, Red Røver...’: “On a heavy, rainy, Sunday in December, 2035, I received a phone call from the Station, giving me another Cold Case. A very unusual one too. Its been exactly 22 years since the death of Gotham City’s probably biggest philanthropist, Bruce Wayne. Apparently he used to write personal diaries. To my surprise, many of them... When Bruce Wayne was the city’s philanthropist, Batman was the city’s hero. I remember meeting him once when I was just a little boy. Sometimes you are just unfortunate enough in being born in the wrong time and in the wrong place. That was the case for me at least.” 35

Chai Won Kim BA hons Fine Art

‘the experience of being in an infinite space’

Ilze Krumina BA hons Fine Art 07807019012

What I am currently interested in, which falls under the rubric of my larger themes, such as capturing atmosphere, the illusion of space, intuition, etc, is found in how light gives life to space, and simultaneously, objects, people and things dissipate in light, as if light obliterates forms and break them into fragments before they completely disappear in light. The process seems as if light engulfs all forms in the world, and the world becomes subsumed under it and drowns in it. When I observe people in museums, stations, and markets and light comes from behind them, they are all in shade, looking faceless and impersonal. The anonymity, the facelessness, observed in such situations is precisely that which light creates by taking away their life and identity, which light has once given to them all. What I am trying to achieve in my work therefore, is to capture the erosion of moving figures caused by the immersion of objects, figures and forms in light. 36

AntoinexVx BA hons Fine Art

Gender is sexism. Heteronormativity is suffocating. My body is a battlefield. Re enacting ritualistic elements mixed with low class cultural references, allows the artist to transcend the straightness of a contextual occidental modern world. By killing the birth assigned manhood and resurrecting as an unique gender and social identity, the body is re-appropriated, the individualistic value celebrated. Exploring personal boundaries and breaking them as an aim to be in charge of myself I performed this piece with a strong political appreciation toward gender abolition. Usually working on the links existing between performance, performativity, gender politics and body modification practices, I am also interested in working on sexuality and speciesism.

Elizabeth Lands BA hons Fine Art 07960460161

My paintings take pleasure in the uncertainties of representation. The stretched canvas acts as a physcially and conceptually solid object that the image lightly clings to. Dusty, unfixed substances (pigment, pastel, graphite powder) structure the image through materiality. Illusion is simultaneously constructed and punctured by the tussles between materiality and immateriality/presence and absence on the surface of the painting. 37

Dominic Now BA hons Fine Art +85290357583

Nowadays, documentation itself becomes an artwork, people do look at what others said about the artwork before they really perceive the work.

Jacey Lawday BA hons Fine Art 07956782924

Within my practice I find objects that have been abandoned or left out of society. I search for objects in my local area that evoke an emptiness and would otherwise go unnoticed. I like objects that have been made by time and weather as being made by a higher power than me gives them more depth. It is important that the objects have an unknown story to give mystique. My photographs explain the context that I found the object in. And the taking of the object itself from where it has been abandoned and displaying it in a gallery is to change its value. The most significant part of my practice is changing the objects value from worthless to valuable. 38

Darshavini Eve Lear BA hons Fine Art 0208 983 6134

My work often begins with text, and moves towards the voice and the material spaces of the city. Or it begins with the city and moves towards text. A theme within my work is the opening up and shutting down of spaces- urban, textual and perceptual. How might different kinds of texts and modes of speech help to perform these openings? I look for the ‘felicitious conditions’ whereby an opening or rupture becomes possible, and try to coax or crowbar it further open, using performance, writing and other media.

Charlotte Victoria Lee BA hons Fine Art 07411334886


Hajin Lee BA hons Fine Art 07725949314

Katie Lerman BA hons Fine Art

Presence. Absence. Stillness. Movement. Structure. Creating work that not only moves the performers, but in some works moves the audience as well. The work relates to moving or making people move. Having a performance solely based on movement, whilst the performance is taking place, and to be left with nothing after it ends is what draws me to documentation, knowing that previous events can alter or disrupt future events. Recording and documenting my performances is a big part of the process. I find live documentation most interesting, having the feedback instantly like with a mirror or a shadow. I incorporate this third space within my performance whereby the performance and documentation and not kept separate but become a whole new element. Performance and documentation become one. 40

Liv Fontaine BA hons Fine Art 07876782426

Call me.

Zejing Liu BA hons Fine Art 07593265556

I see performance, and also video art is new genre of painting and photography. The strong relationship during the process from still transform into moving image and from moving transform to still, as a result, redefined the ideas. This performance reproduced the murder story in Jacques-Louis David’s painting ‘ The Death of Marat’. It took the theme of the painting but reproduced it in an abstract way, and focus on the narratives in an aspect of after death (or murder). This performance contributed to my current project, which has been exploring my concerns of the subject in death. 41

Francis Lloyd-Jones BA hons Fine Art 07871195627

Aixin Luo BA hons Fine Art 07703822150 I got most of the inspiration of my creation from personal experience. Originally I think that when starting from my own experience and presenting the feeling generated from the things I met in my life can make my creative work seem more real and vivid. As time passes, it seems to be a habitual source of my work inspiration. Now, I am used to find inspiration from my own experience, such as the place I have been to and the person I am familiar with. Further, I would make a repetitious change to the scenes that are especial in my opinion and present them in an ideal state in my memory. This may be regarded as an explanation to my love of pondering things related to memory and time. Exploring the relationships among memory, time, and art because memory itself is as inherent an existence as time, but we can never touch them. They are so close, always right next to us, but why is it that we can never control them? Time and memory are already difficult to clarify, yet sometimes we want to use art in an attempt to embrace them and mix them together. Furthermore, it is difficult to separate artistic creation, or artworks themselves, from time and memory. It seems impossible to find a definitive definition for these complex, nuanced, and dynamic relationships, but it is also what attracts our endless attempts at exploring it. 42

Gerald Mak BA hons Fine Art

My practice engages the otherworldly in popular culture, from films, literature, comics, to conspiracy theories. The process involves the making of objects and models with formal and symbolic reference to relevant genres like fantasy, science fiction or horror. In effect, I try to examine the appeal of these alternative landscaping and narratives, and specifically how the fantastical and often labyrinthine form and structure manifests and aptly mirrors a disorienting contemporary experience.

Kaya Matsuura-Ridley BA hons Fine Art 07795250903

My work is concerned with the materiality of modernity and the way in which we respond to space and place. In doing this I aim to reassess the value of the public spaces we encounter on a daily basis, by focusing on representing modernity through the elements that form it. Using photography to deconstruct the familiar public spaces of the city I aim to draw attention to the way in which we read the city, omitting wider views of our surrounds in favour of more intimate glimpses of the surfaces of modernity. By using lightweight paper I aim to create a dialogue between the material weight of modernity and the fragility of the paper. 43

Jo McIntosh BA hons Fine Art 07428306289

Reaching into the freezer on a Saturday morning I retrieve a mouse, just as I did with the dinner the night before. I place the frozen lump on the radiator to thaw out. Later, I pick the ball of fluff up and gaze into its eyes. It is almost like he is starring right back up at me; my mouse has discovered a personality. He feels warm and weighty and I feel a strange bond with him. An hour later he is stuffed with clay and sits on the shelf. His insides are in the cupboard under the sink, guts removed and covered in salt. In a few weeks these will be on show with the quail and the chicken feet, another Frankenstein added to the collection.

Conor Mills BA hons Fine Art

My work explores the social, historical and psychological implications of shapes, space and colour derived from the detachment of architectural developments from our everyday proximities. 44

Rebecca Milnes BA hons Fine Art

Lauren Mincher BA hons Fine Art 07817717144

My practice primarily revolves around the portrait. I’m interested in analysing the moments of pause and reflection in daily life – observing the blank, universal exterior at the times we appear introspective. Moving against conventional portraiture, the idea of a disengaged subject is an important concern in my current work; the representation of psychological barriers between subject, viewer and artist through drawn line is an issue I’m beginning to explore more thoroughly. 45

RUIDI MU BA hons Fine Art RANDOLPH123@ME.COM 07740858866

Personally, I think artwork should not only meet people’s demand for function and impersonation and should not only be created for beauty. Art should represent a kind of thinking: artworks can be used as a medium to publicize the way that you think. For example, I think that many people need to find enlightenment and need to have consciousness; art can help them here. I like to play with identity and politics; I get my ideas from life. In the past few years, since I came to London, I have started to focus more on my identity, work and study as a Chinese artist, something that I have found easier to do whilst based here.

Ser Lagania BA hons Fine Art

The notion of imagination and the art of poetry can be witnessed within the exploration of Ser Lagania’s practice. The process of preparation and the archeology of found objects transform into a parallel reality within the imaginary world: subtle and hidden details come alive. The application of colour onto canvas or plastic, with traditional techniques as well as spray paint enables the viewer to experience the journeys of philosophers in Ancient Anatolia. Travelling from town to town within the Mediterranean world the philosopher sheds light on darkness, this can be witnessed through the journey of paint unfolding the unknown. Inspired by Byzantine iconography his paintings give the viewer a spiritual experience that can’t be distinguished between illusion and reality. 46

Henry Petrides BA hons Fine Art

‘I used to have a certain dislike of the audience, not as individual people, but as a giant body who was judging me. Of course, it wasn’t really them judging me. It was me judging me.’ -Julie Andrews

William Pham BA hons Fine Art 07728026765

My practice explores the relationship of space with the body and how our perception of being-in-the-world returns back to this fundamental first space. My sculptures provide opportunities for democratic communities to emerge and critical spaces for reorientation. I juxtapose materials used to produce domestic environments with construction site materials in order to scrutinize objects and decisions we make in our most intimate of spaces and how we can inhabit/think of alternative modes of being. My practice becomes a political vehicle in order to create spaces in which the queer diasporic body can inhabit and use as a site of potentiality. The provisional nature of the work- loose materials, castors, tape- acts as floating signifiers of place and community. 47

Megan Pickering BA hons Fine Art

My work is mixed-media and a constant exploration into the language of gender-based violence. Most recently my work has attempted to highlight the widespread problem of the representation of women within art and society, and the importance in helping to redefine these portrayals. I want to confront the aesthetics of violence by taking control of the image-making process and examining the complexities of sex and violence.

Arthur Edward Prior BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7828 059 474


Francis Qureshi BA hons Fine Art

Francis Qureshi’s filmic works are induced by naivety, crossing interests in architectural dreams synonymously with idyllic visions of our own ambition. Adolescence, rearing and generational patterns are themes formulated in the processes of architecture, much like the way we raise our young today. A rise in new legacy cities plumply full of promises to deliver futures to the young conjuncts with the goals of naive talent & tenants of today, Qureshi’s works addresses the atypical nature of the ‘new city’ through the survey of past and present architectures.

Camilla Raffo BA hons Fine Art


Satyen Ram BA hons Fine Art

I am interested in the points where cultures meet or overlap. Recently I have been making small-scale (under 1 metre) flat assemblages that are made up of found wooden boards covered with raw linen canvas, into which I inlay rusted sheet metal pieces. The shape of the metal is a response to the shape of the wood. I like to use raw, elemental materials to represent materials that might be used in the developing world. I am interested in how different elements fit together as a whole, an analogy of how people that are part of a diaspora fit into their adopted cultures. The work functions somewhere between collage, painting and sculpture.

Jacqueline Robier BA hons Fine Art www.


Jessica Roper BA hons Fine Art

Dominique Russell BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7971 627 888

History is located in the present: the past only exists as a representation today. My research analyses myth, falsity and fabrication and the ways we are led to perceive past events in their reproduced form. I aim to establish an obscure yet historic truth whilst exploring the experience of history. Repetition can be used as a heuristic method to rediscover our historic past. Beginning with oral, collective and archival histories, I repeat and further these, aiming to capture an immersive history, one which gives an experiential division from the object. Our present perception of the past often reveals a contrived account, and the further we delve into our historic past, the greater our sense of realtime today becomes clouded. 51

Ferdinand Saumarez Smith BA hons Fine Art


Jonas Schnyder BA hons Fine Art www.

Running in circle 2012 Drawing upon notions of enclosure and restrictions I try to find a path of escape. Tales, sketches and plays lay the ground to a search for sense and understanding. Oscillating between exactness and blur, I find new possibilities and positions, a twist to create another view, often not longer than a blink of an eye; then centred again. 52

Robin Seir BA hons Fine Art

In recent work, I have been appropriating visual source material from outdated commodity culture, in particular logos and sportswear designs, often, which carry nostalgic timeworn qualities, and a sense of the passĂŠ. This has been the beginning of an attempt to confound the relationship between aesthetics, and their time of origin, in order to give rise to new readings of these connotations. By borrowing from popular past trends in design culture, and executing work through the traditional medium of painting, (encompassing, of course, its long tradition of [high] Art and all its associations); my choice of medium and form (a pre-industrial image-making medium, as painting is) is equally as important as my choice of subject and content, (post-industrial commodity aesthetics). Our associations with painting, especially as an iconic High Modernist mode, makes the medium all the more relevant as my work concerns our connotations of Modernist aesthetics, its idealisms, alongside (in some cases) the denial of its notions and its complications from a contemporary viewpoint.

Hyeona Shin BA hons Fine Art


Ayumi Shinohara BA hons Fine Art

I always have been imagining dreamful things and this tiny installation was made with the desire to go to the fantasy world which apparently does not exist on earth. A collaboration of the stop motion film and little pieces of wood create a mysterious atmosphere. Little creatures play around the wooden objects as if they secretly come out from nowhere when humans are not around. While the comical movements of the creatures make you smile, you might feel weird by their mysteriousness. I have made some paintings and sculptures with my interests in fantasy. Now I currently work with stop motion films which have more possibilities to show the existence of inexistent things.

Peter Simpson BA hons Fine Art


Ina Sinn (Leena Sin) BA hons Fine Art

Kedian Song BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7786 431 992

The soul of contemporary art existed in social culture and life. This is the most estimable understanding of art given by the experience of study in UK. At the same time I have realized the gap between Chinese culture and Western art. The western perspective and culture concept contain in Chinese contemporary art could not accepted by Chinese masses, the form of art is also being plagiarize and imitate from westerns. These current situations make the understanding difficulties as well as the confusion of art institution. I am interested in mural painting. However, my concept of mural painting is not limited to the works created on wall for cultural atmosphere decoration of architectural space. It is a more independent concept. Mural painting could exist independently from the atmosphere of interior. I am emphasizing the content as a story of real life and contemporary culture, as well as depend on my thoughts of art. 55

Song Xinyao BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7412 522 825

From the homage to the female body, I have made a work of deep and unique reflection about women’s problems. I often use elements of female body and space curves to explore my subject about exploration of the female sub-conscious mind. The aim of my project is to appears a fanciful feminine world: the miserable fate of women, the suppressed desires of women and the reversed relationship between two genders. I used ink and photos attempting to express the sub-conscious and characterized working that it presents fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions. This is personal, intimate, and absolute from the feminine angle that a kind of natural female viewpoint, yet without a female sub-conscious. It adopts a double gender position, and sub-conscious accomplices with male power idea.

Svetlana Stein BA hons Fine Art

My work currently explores Deleuze’s formulation of the Baroque as a folding action, where gesture and process triumph over a breakdown of identity and objecthood. Mixed media environments are created not from an external organising principle but from an intuitive engagement from within. They aim to engulf the viewer in a choreographed experience that undermines hierarchies of value between art and architectural container, everyday objects and methods of display. Vertical and horizontal axes melt as there is a folding between upright detached contemplation and embodied engagement. Void becomes impregnated with meaning in virtue of being experienced, identities embrace contradictions and the boundaries of the work fluctuate, the artwork-event existing as a fragmented multiplicity- tentatively unified by each person. 56

Fredrik Dan Sundberg Svartnäs BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7594 703 383

Fredrik Sundberg Svartnäs artistic practice investigates issues of gender, sexuality and mental illnesses in relation to societal norms governing what is acceptable. This interest descends from a childhood and youth in a small town in northern Sweden. Sundberg Svartnäs art is a strategy for addressing past experiences. By contextualising them in his artistic practice, the aim is to illuminate the conflicts an individual might encounter when torn between ‘trying to fit in’ and ‘developing an identity’. Through working with layering materials in his paintings, sculptures and installations, Sundberg Svartnäs is rendering the formation of the social masks we are carrying.

Joe Sweeney BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7867 648 465

The abrupt and the void it creates are important in my work. I am driven by the instant connections and associations that our minds can make when given certain elements such as colour and material. As someone who has a ‘Stammer’ the way I think about everything is with a mind that has been shaped around finding other words to explain things when I cannot physically say what I want to. But it is this idea of diversion, which allows for a new, un-obvious perspective on what’s being conveyed. This is particularly significant with the intuitive way I work with my materials, both found objects and raw resources such as clay. As my work explores description and abstraction, meanings are ‘weaved’ through the physical processes and contextual placement. I enjoy the humour of the abrupt because it heavily relies on imagination and interpretation. Currently, I am working with the aesthetic of commercial presentation, whether it is the form of market stall, colours of a butchers shop or layout of a postcard. 57

Annabel Alice Clift Thomas BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7999 868 518

My research interests take me to the archives of free London Newspapers, also in the everyday exploration, sorting out of Chelsea’s skip and rubbish bins. Through using found objects, combined with the rich source of media stories, there is a constant play between art and trash, which is developing within my practice. This constant play which informs my work is between art, trash and high lights the “Have’s and not the ‘Have Not’s”. Glenda Jackson’s speech made about Margaret Thatcher in the House of Commons, May 2013; “ the most heinous, economic and spiritual damage upon this country,” later adding:” a woman? Not on my terms”.

Adrien Vouillot BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7538 174 143

Colour is something that I have been interested in for the reason that it is a thing perceived by everybody. Working with colour allows me to engage in a dialogue with anyone even though the perception of it is something subjective. In fact this subjectivity makes colour a wonderful tool to touch people at their core. Nowadays, we are living in a technological world, where the boundaries between the physical and the metaphysical are more and more blurry. What would be a world of pure data with no physicality? A world where you would have no body and where the notion of time and space would not exist. To me colour seems to be one of the few characteristics that could remain perceivable by our souls. Such a world would be real or more of an illusion? My work allows me to investigate the power of colour and to question what technology really is. At a deeper level it is possible to say that I am questioning what it means to be human? 58

Daniel Ward BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7540 972 311

I remember being told an anecdote about the Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa, and how he chose the song The Cuckoo Waltz for the dying of his gangster in the film Drunken Angel. I was told that after the death of his father, and in a depressed state, he began to wander the streets of Tokyo, through the arcades and the bars, joining crowds of people just at the very edge, and after hearing the cheerful and vapid pop song, he felt more depressed for hearing it, saying he had to escape “that awful music�, literally running from it down the street. I guess this is sort of how I feel.

Patrick Waters BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7925 367 645


Daniel Wheeler BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7713 637 570

Addressing youth culture based upon current beliefs and expectations, is subject to risks and uncertainty, events often differ materially from those originally envisaged. Language, preference and value in relation to form are volatile. With this starting point my paintings address the future only in terms of what is happening now. Issues regarding form, representation and appearance are dealt with in the dual contexts of painting and youth and young adulthood.

Mimi Winsor BA hons Fine Art 07814437790 Live performances daily at 11am and 3pm

Creating process based sculptural work, I investigate materiality through staging an intensely physical encounter for the viewer. Inventing and building mechanical contraptions that squeeze, pinch, stretch, roll, dollop and extrude matter, I curiously explore the raw material’s mass and physicality. The sculptures have activation times, and during live performances, they are used as operational devices to process the material. Outside of these periods the tangible evidence from the performance accumulates in the space. I am interested in orchestrating a playful encounter for the viewer through the use of pun and metaphor. Bordering between being delightfully pleasurable and ridiculous in its conception, I aim to create work that through its material excessiveness is visually delicious yet absurd. 60

Sze Wong BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7715 304 603

This work is an assemblage to part bodies. The aim and intentions are to retain women’s emotion from abstract restriction to form an object. Inspired by woman’s depression and anger, I have used inexpensive, low-grade and ready-made materials such as cardboard, polystyrene, plastic, water and light bulb to constructed experimental object. The symbolic context of woman’s body assemblage brings a new connection within human’s mind and imaginative object. Thus, create a spatial and material relationship with human body.

Chiaki Yamane BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7889 494 635

I currently focus on human’s savage mind under the unconscious. Since we human had language and intelligence, we established so many cultures, history and categorization towards utopia. As a result, this modern society completely became far removed from wild. However, there are always savageness under the unconscious of human mind in all ages, and I believe we left them behind our civilization and it is the thing we should give attention for our further development. Also it would mean human needs to be closer to nature, and educe their natural and spiritual emotion. So my works express these contexts and I believe they would affect to the notion of hierarchy which is other animals are under level of human. 61

Kok Yi Yim BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7554 575 814 +85 2610 131 12

Hye Jung You BA hons Fine Art www.


Helen Young BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7527 483 265

My work is a means to move beyond the considered real world, provoking new thoughts and ideas on space as it opens new windows of potential.

Meiwei Zhang BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7450 352 452

I am interested in seeking the relationship between material and concept. Explore the material in personal and experimental way. Many of my sculptures are made of ubiquitous things from everyday life, such as paper, plastic. I explored their potentials and gave them multiples identities, transformed from their original appearance into something else. 63

Pian Pian Zheng BA hons Fine Art +44 (0) 7425 400 019

White on White

We would like to extend many thanks to Tate for generously providing equipment and technical support to BA Fine Art students for the Degree Show 2013. Chelsea College of Art and Design acknowledges the good relationship we have with our neighbours at Tate and are grateful for their ongoing support to the next generation of artists.


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Chelsea College of Art and Design 2013 BA hons Graphic Design Communication BA hons Textile Design



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Miriam Abrahams

New York Dog Stories A self proposed project that documents the lives and narratives of a series of proud dog owners living in New York City. Combining moving image and overlain graphical elements the film captures conversations in an amusing and captivating way. This project provides an invaluable experience in film making and art direction, as well as opportunities to enter my film in to world renowned film festivals.

Don Ackerman

Hands – Video Love Experimental interactive music video inspired by visually-induced auditory synesthesia(‘hearing’ a visual stimulus). Created utilising 360 video and 3D sound design to explore how the listener/viewer experience can be enriched and to secure popularity for LA band ‘Hands’ and their debut album ‘Synesthesia.’ 8

Andrew Baker

The Diva Collection A collaborative project working with accessories designer Sophia Webster, designing for manufacture, a capsule collection of illustrated shoes and clutch bags, for release this year. The project required a series of bespoke illustrations suitable for the luxury fashion market, for women who are spirited, love colour and don’t take themselves too seriously. ‘Divas’ are at the core of this collection based on pop icons that are inspirational, glamorous, playful and chic.

Bradley Bell

Hype Hotel A crafted 15 second motion graphic ident for 4seven, Channel 4’s new to air channel. Hype Hotel relates the story of a new channel receptive of its audience. The piece visualises an innovative new way of scheduling developed by Channel 4Seven, which is based on social media, bloggers and commentator’s ‘hype’ surrounding a show. Over a night in the Hotel, the ident depicts the buzz of excitement which electrifies the guests and drives the channel. Work was approved for submission for entry in the D&AD International Student Design Awards in the Moving Image section. 9

Didi Blackhurst

Imagination come to life A submission to the 2013 YCN Student Design Awards and a commission for Lego inteded to inspire creative play and a loyalty to the brand. ‘Let your imagination come to life’ is a poster campaign designed supporting a concept that illustrates children playing imaginatively with their Lego creations and holding them up in everyday situations as if they were real.

Anne Boegild Christensen

Identity for designer George Angelopoulos Investigating form and format in high-end fashion photography by creating a definitive identity for luxury handbag designer George Angelopoulos including branding of autumn/ winter 2013 collection, development of bespoke typography, web and print design. 10

Alexandra Brittain

Prized Collection A TV ident produced for Channel 4seven, the new addition to the Channel 4 network. The ident was submitted to the D&AD student awards and required work from conceptualisation through to production and postproduction. The ident focuses around a boxed shelving unit containing a collection of knick – knack style objects that relate to 4seven’s programmes. Throughout the ident the objects begin to come alive. The focus on particular objects varies depending upon the type of programmes being discussed online; relating to the digital networking input within the channel.

Ben Capaldi

Leet - a typeface design A self-initiated project that aims to create a screen based, digital typeface. Design and development is inspired by the internet subculture of ‘leet speak’, a covert language created in the 1980’s and based on internet forums and around a glyphic code which could only be read by users experienced enough to decipher it. This body of work offers the creative opportunity to produce a dynamic typeface that promotes its anti-type routes yet remains contemporary. 11

Donald Chung

Channel 4seven - Pick ‘n’ Mix Entry for D&AD Student Awards, to create an ident for Channel 4’s new sub-channel, 4seven. With the most talked about programmes being repeated on 4seven you can now pick your own collection of heroes. Here, four of them represent the people’s champion who can defy conventions and be as diverse as you are. The characters may be substituted each week according to its popularity. Your hero moments, chosen by you.

Emily Crook

Take Ted traveling Take Ted traveling, a submission for the the D&AD 2013 Student Awards. A concept that celebrates the quirkier aspects of Great British eccentricity and to raise brand awareness in countries where Ted Baker is less well known. British garden follies, deer & gnomes are significant visual elements that are carried through a wide variety of merchandising ephemera. 12

Rachel Dare

Lego Promotional Campaign What can you build with 211 bricks? 211 bricks make a fire engine. A promotional campaign for Lego, including a billboard campaign and micro site of objects deconstructed. Work was approved for submission for entry to the YCN design awards. 

Genevieve de Rohan Willner

Lego Monsters Create a campaign for the Lego Brand that distinguishes Lego from all competitors. This campaign embraces the freedom of children’s imaginations and the versatility of Lego, enabling children to build without constraint. This poster series illustrates examples of children’s imaginary Lego creations, depicted as if they were genuine creatures. The campaign would offer children the oppurtunity to enter their own creatures and the funniest, weirdest most creative creations would have the chance to feature within the ongoing campaign. 13

François Douady

Fedrigoni Masks A new series of crafted masks is inspired by the Venetian Carnival to eradicate the misconception that Fedrigoni papers are exclusive and to represents the wide range of papers suitable for an endless possibility of projects. The Venetian mask has a particular significance and serves an important social purpose of keeping every citizen on an equal playing field. Work was approved for submission for entry in the YCN International Student Design Awards 2013.

Tiana Dunlop

Gentletude Entry for the Gentletude Design Award, an international competition the aim of which was to promote kindness typographically in the form of a mobile application. This is one image from a series of three that use irony to satirise the condescension of those who pride themselves on being ‘kinder’ than others. Further, the contrast between the phrase ‘Don’t Worry! Altruism isn’t for everybody’ - and the quirky typeface reinforce the intended message. 14

Joseph Egan

Dauphin typographic design A self proposed project to revive, expand and modernise Romain du Roi (The King’s Roman), a typeface commissioned by King Louis XIV of France in 1692. Extensive research informs the production of a classical serif typeface and a modern sans serif typeface, both designed for print and digital display. The project has offered the opportunity to network and consult with leading contemporary London based typographers, investigate the language of typographic design and formalise techniques within print and screen based hierarchies.  The resulting Dauphin Romain and Dauphin Moderne make up the Dauphin Family of typefaces.

Anna-Marie Fearon

UGG x-ray A creative response to the 2013 YCN Student Design Awards brief set by UGG. The project requires ‘giving permission for men to buy into UGG’. This concept focuses on the use of x-rays in order to reveal the internal end external qualities of the new UGG range as synonymous with strength and craftsmanship. 15

Nour Flayhan

Ted’s Society Targeting the Middle East with a creative response to Ted Baker’s 2013 D&AD brief of ‘Taking Ted Travelling’. Creating a concept that explores the humour and ‘Etiquette of Britain’s’ fashionable society, from how to get out of a sports car to exactly how to drink a cup of tea. Translating this idea of becoming the perfect lady or gentleman through illustrations, which are applied to the window display, a customisable lookbook and website ,exclusive stationary and retail packaging. The Great British Sticker book is a limited edition guide created to be distributed as a promotional item in a press pack for the launch in Dubai.

Charlotte Hancock

Gentletude Award For the Gentletude international typographic award, the requirement for submission was an image that communicates kindness through an on screen message. This piece takes the phrase ‘You’re actually quite fit’ and places it into the traditional aesthetic of tapestry with a digital outcome. The re-appropriated medium creates a form of digital craft in order to illustrate a modern act of kindness. 16

Talita Heshiimu

Accidental Empire Branding and Development A creative collaboration with Accidental Empire to create a design driven subscription based gift service called Emporium of Secrets for the modern parent to give their child. Exclusive art-inspired collectible toys, apparel and crafts are delivered in unique exciting tactile boxes; the exact contents of which are a surprise that allow both parents and kids the shared excitement of discovering what’s inside. This project includes the branding, design, and art direction for Emporium of Secrets boxes and their contents.

Jonny Holmes

A Desktop That Publishes Image selected from a new publication in collaboration with graphic designer Peter Chadwick as co-creative director and designer; (also in association with Graham Bignell of the New North Press). This limited edition newspaper edition explores the creative potential of CMYK printing plates and ink, and the fusion of digital and analogue mark making. 17

Anna Ka Ying Ngai

Lego – Walk a mile in a child’s shoes An advertising campaign - submission for the 2013 YCN Student Design Award Lego brief. A concept based on the well-known idiom ‘walk a mile in someone’s shoes’ aimed at encouraging parents greater understand of children at play, by looking at the world through their eyes.

Ceylan Kioufi

Channel 4seven Ident Lola the Boarder Terrier is the star of the show. She likes to dress up to impress other dogs with her great sense of style. She mixes and matches her outfits to convey how she feels on any particular day, just like the lucky Channel 4seven viewer who can select shows to match their mood. 18

Katie Knowles

Drawing in Light Collaborating with fashion label ‘Draw-In-Light’ towards promoting the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection ‘Sea’. Art direction and production of a fashion film to feature within the re-design of company website to enhance and diversify their current communication as a brand.

Anastasia McGrellis

Gentletude Award A typographic brief set by Gentletude to inspire kindness via a smartphone device. Appealing to the younger generation my response was initiated by humorous and mischievous acts of friendship such as ‘Kindness is when your wing man takes one for the team’ and ‘Kindness is when your wing girl doesn’t steal your thunder’. Neon type created digitally in reference to nightlife culture.  Work was approved for submission for entry in the Gentletude Design Awards. 19

Sunnie Newby

FreeFall Magazine A self proposed project, print magazine and blog that showcase the creativity behind sports often feared or misunderstood. Using originally sourced content as well as my personal writing, design and photography, created through journalistic research, the magazine aims to speak to the ever growing community surrounding extreme sports, and those with a passion for the freedom and fulfillment of a physical lifestyle. Focusing on both amateurs and professionals alike - who carry this philosophy through into their everyday life, to understand and showcase the true creativity of spirit that drives them.

Harriet Palmer

City type A self-initiated project exploring the potential of illustrative typography, culminating in a collection of typefaces, hand rendered and digitalised. Exploring imagery found within city architecture is the inspiration for letterforms that reflect strong structural lines and forms, and mirror the balance and diversity of a urban skyline. Still decorative typefaces. Typefaces will be showcased in a catalogue, to display the variety of their potential uses. 20

Charlie Patterson

Badge of Honour A self proposed project that recognises and rewards creative characteristics and personality traits amongst Graphic Design professions, by awarding merit badges. Communication with industry professions informs the production of a set of embroidered badges and uniforms for creatives at different positions within a studio. The project has offered great opportunities in networking and developing future professional relationships whilst encouraging further development of the project after completion.

Rebecca Gravil

Music video for New Arcades’ ‘Take a Breath’ Office Romance is the portrayal of two office workers trapped in the daily routine of the 9-5 who secretly long to escape together. Hiding away as the office closes for the day and the cleaners lock up, we witness them explore this desire through a series of imagined scenarios. These replicate the feeling of escape, whilst knowing it could never happen in reality. 21

Sophie Rotter

Hakisac Record branding Art direction and branding for the independent London based record label Hakisac. Devising a grid system that creates a homogenous visual language being simultaneously able to accommodate and adapt itself to a great variety of different applications. Each artist signed with this label has got their own unique musical style, therefore the label’s corporate identity had to not only express that musical variety, but also ensure recognition value of the label itself. Adapting the visual system to a great variety of promotional materials, analogue and digital, such as website, posters, flyers and album artworks.

Julia Salotti

UGG Branding Promotion An entry for the YCN student awards with the aim of giving men permission to buy into the UGG brand. Through art direction and production of a campaign, the challenge was to increase awareness and grab the attention among men of the product range. In a series of five photographs we follow the UGG man through his day-to-day life. He is in control, he can handle anything. He takes life in his stride and does everything with style and ease. He always looks cool. 22

Paige Shaw

Ted Baker -D&AD Awards A response to an awards brief submitted to the D&AD Student Design Awards to promote Ted Baker in Japan and respond to a new market British design and popular culture. A creative theme of birds flocking with a tag line ‘Ted Flocks to Japan’ and represented by three garden birds, the Pheasant, Magpie Jay. The treatment involves window and in-store displays, packaging, online applications and a press package.

Peisen Shen

The cryptic message A collection and analysis of cryptic communications and exploration of the use of codes and machines to encrypt and decrypted messages.Creating a series of postcard illustrating secret codes and the machines that make them, along with a timeline and a map of where they first invented and used. 23


Kamilah Rebecca Ahmed BA hons Textile Design

Compartmentalisation Within Nature’s Form Looking into compartmentalisation throughout the arches and pathways of London’s Victorian inspired architecture, I immediately related these internal divisions to the segmentation that occurs within natural structures. Analysing nature’s engineering of shell, flower and pod architecture my ambition was for the design outcome to articulate the overlap between nature and architecture, through colour and surface dimension. The pleated surfaces of the final garments determine how they shape the body. Highly constructed outer ridges and internal compartments built up by layering crosshatched lines of colour create form, celebrating the ins and outs of the mimicry occurring between natural and man-made architecture.

Gyu Euon Bang BA hons Textile Design

The importance of dwelling is highlighted throughout this project. We often take things for granted such as shelters, which protect and allow us to develop our living. This project has given me an opportunity to reconsider and value what I have in my life. By incorporating a wide range of everyday, natural, and artificial materials with their evocative qualities, I have turned daily and essential materials into intricate yet subtle designs. The whole concept is to discover flux in two different ways: static and natural movement itself. It is about creating motion in both natural and unnatural ways. 30

Krysta Batryn BA hons Textile Design

The designed objects focus on the individual design process and personal way of working, which are presented from different perspectives: reflecting on historical designs (Scandinavian); based on workshop thinking; widely varying production processes with different media (cement, textiles, wood). This work is a take on the use of products in a contemporary living environment. The process from concept via design and choice of production to final product is, therefore, the common thread running through the designed objects. The widely differing ways of working within the realm of textiles are translated into objects that are at once functional, multipurpose and individual.

Poppy-Rae Beckwith BA hons Textile Design

Distorting the Mind’s Eye My initial inspiration for this collection was manipulation. Distorting the mind’s eye and its perception of what it’s studying. This was done by capturing images of objects through mirrors, glass and kaleidoscopes or manipulating images by cutting them up and then reforming them to create a completely new existence. I have continued this process throughout my collection by using materials that are easy to manipulate such as plastic and latex and then by cutting, stitching, foiling, folding, bending, twisting I have created aesthetically pleasing 3D structural objects. The objects themselves are stand alone pieces that have been manipulated to excite the eye but it was the eye’s manipulated perception that informed the pieces inspiration. 31

Emily Boxall BA hons Textile Design

Inspired by the bizarre, 60’s optical art and concepts from surrealism, my androgynous collection has been designed to challenge the eye. By using line, pattern and bold colour and very contrasting textures, my aim was to explore the correlation between the expected and the unexpected. Oversized and impractical silhouettes that hang strangely off the body have been designed in an attempt to alter the way in which a garment is worn so that it becomes a game. This idea of clothes changing how someone behaves stemmed from my desire to create joy and happiness. This has also been translated through my use of positive colour. By distancing the collection from convention and reality, I hope to have created something that enlivens a sense of silliness.

Alexandra E. Brinck BA hons Textile Design

Subverting the Conventional Oppositional fashion repositions and recontextualises commodities, subverting their conventional use in order to create new meaning. Similarly, subversive craft refuses to be bound by the rules imposed by tradition, seeking instead to place heritage craft within a modern context, thus increasing its relevance to contemporary practitioners and audiences. Drawing inspiration from both fashion and craft, this collection strives to create new meanings by subverting materials, methods and techniques alike. 32

Hannah Sophie Brooks BA hons Textile Design

Drawing inspiration from the bizarre and macabre ‘cabinets of curiosity’ and specimen preservation, this collection examines the role that fantasy and indeed reality might play in one’s creative process. Drawn from both the beautiful and magical aspects of a dark fairy tale and also the more sinister and disturbing reality of death and preservation, the aesthetic I developed challenges the relationship between these themes and what can be produced when treading the thin line that lies between what is pleasurable and what is disturbing.

Harrison Butterworth BA hons Textile Design

Dots The inspiration for this project has been things I like and has been driven by my desire to make things by hand. My initial moodboards were filled with photos I had taken of light. At the start I knew I wanted to explore stitch and knit techniques alongside my prints. The result is screen-printed dots in various formations and sizes which I have allowed to influence the way I stitch into the samples. Each sample shows a different response to the dots printed. I imagine my samples working in a fashion context but I have also been interested in how all the samples work as a group. 33

Lidia Campmany Grau BA hons Textile Design

Ageing The shapes formed by the facial wrinkles in elderly skin are the reflection of past experiences and physical evidence of the passage of time. Throughout contemporary society, wrinkles are commonly viewed as the end of youthfulness beauty and the beginning of the slop. This loss creates the nostalgia of the end of an era. The wrinkles become a metaphor for a state of disrepair like that of an arid desert landscape, left with the deep traces and cracked lines caused by the lapsing of time. By applying heat to leather I was able to experiment with the aging process. The final outcome is series of wall hangings that exhibit this skin’s wrinkled and creased surface as a design future.

Rosie Chandler BA hons Textile Design

Rituals: Modern Impact The inspiration for this project was India. This emerging superpower and its cities, bursting with such a diverse array of colour; such a whirling hustle and bustle; such a changing nature of the tribal ritual into the mass produced ceremony of the modern age. Landscapes and environments have been severely impacted; the Ganges has faced a plastic onslaught that has changed its perception to many, yet it still retains its important traditional meaning in ritual. Upon this foundation I have created a unisex collection that combines a range of traditional techniques such as embroidery and appliquĂŠ. These are used to overwhelm the garments and aim to create a busy, vibrant and stimulating body of work. 34

Jen Cheema BA hons Textile Design

Crystal Method The main inspiration for this collection is taken from minerals; their unique formation, structure, texture and colour. Vibrant, synthetic colour and materials are distinguishing characteristics of my work and a playful aesthetic as a designer. My collection, which is aimed at a womenswear market, combines contemporary, hand-dyed fabrics such as latex, pvc and neoprene, embellished with glitter and oversized perspex shapes, and complimented with fun resin accessories. Collage and photography are an integral part of my digital-print designing, and the immediacy of these techniques contrast the slow, considered process of creating my threedimensional objects.

Alexandria Coe BA hons Textile Design

Exploring the symbolic link between flowers and femininity, my work is inspired by the intricacy of the flower with its recording states of development through to its final decay. It is a reflective account of my personal experience of female beauty. The acts of preserving, and adorning beauty are both common to natural flora and young women. Through a process of manipulation and exposure to extreme elements, I aim to create fabrics that echo a juxtaposition of beauty and age. My fabric collection aims to acknowledge that nothing lasts forever and every flower at some point must fade. 35

Federica Corbetta BA hons Textile Design

Graphic Construction Inspired by the graphic, yet baroque qualities of the Metalwork’s exhibits at the Victoria and Albert museum in London, this project started by asking the question of what is left when colour is removed from a design? The collection is based around the initial idea of bringing pattern back to its graphic monochrome basis, and redirecting the focus on the technical skills involved in creating woven fabrics. Targeting the menswear market, the woven textiles on display offer a forward thinking, new take on the classic black and white combination, utilizing innovative and bold patterns.

Caroline Cox BA hons Textile Design

The Unknown OuWtdoors The weather is becoming more extreme and unpredictable. The transient movements of wind, rain and the changing weather patterns are the inspiration for this collection. These were translated through mark making and juxtaposed with graphic weather symbols. Further investigations into material properties led to embossed surfaces with the use of cottons and waterproof plastics. A garment should have the ability to transform and embrace the uncertainty of weather extremes. A series of waterproof garments were designed to combine practicality with weather based prints and contrasting textures.


Rhona Dalling BA hons Textile Design

Nature and the Senses Our connection to nature is involved with every aspect of the senses. This is an investigative project inspired by a relation to natural things through sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Out of a detailed exploration, a series of material objects has grown. Working predominantly with stretch manipulation, the techniques and processes have developed in response to observational drawings. Each drawing documents the reconstruction and combination of fruits, vegetables and flowers by scooping out, slicing, un-picking, dripping, heating etc. Material processes develop naturally but are always inspired initially in a sensory way. The result is a collection of sculptural, 3D pieces, each one individual and experimental, evoking nature through form, colour and texture.

Olivia De’Arth BA hons Textile Design

Sensory Skins This collection was inspired by the concept of Biomimicry and the idea of ‘extracting a good design from nature.’ For example, Velcro was designed by re-creating the hook and loop design found on the surface of burs. I have taken inspiration from nature by looking at the surfaces and textures that can be found, for example the construction of a feather when looked at under a microscope, or the layers of tree bark that have built up and then peeled away. I have incorporated transitions and layers within my prints so that layers of colour and texture are built up and movement can be seen throughout my work. 37

Lorna Doyle BA hons Textile Design

The Hoarder There is a hoarder within all of us. We all have junk draws and closets full of useless bits and pieces we cannot throw away. A hoarder’s behaviour is characterized by the excessive acquisition of and inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects. Hoarders are disorganized isolated, ashamed and embarrassed of their hoards. This collection takes inspiration from this complex disorder. Focusing on multiples I developed a range of 3 dimensional, print, stitch and stuffed techniques creating a visually stimulating collection of disorganized fashion fabrics.

Georgina Edwards BA hons Textile Design

Know the Ropes A knitted project that explores the influence of the British Navy Uniform and the 1960s suspicion that a majority of sailors are homosexual. The collection plays with illusion and development of knitted techniques to create a contemporary menswear collection which questions the structure of traditional male dress. 38

Emi Fujisawa BA hons Textile Design

Passing of the Time The stars from the earth are reflected sunlight from the past. We live in the present but we can see the past through the stars. The earth is moving and the night sky is changing; daily planets are covered in water and gas which changes their form regularly. I explored different processes of how time can slowly change textiles. Traditional textiles and techniques have a strong influence throughout my work.

Khenye Gager BA hons Textile Design

This project investigates society in flux and the use of clothing as a form of identity. Over time the meanings imbued into a garment are altered through its use, circumstance and wearer. The traditional dress code of the Herero people echoes memories of a different world as it clashes with its surrounding environment. For them their unique customary style of starched uniforms and truncated dresses embodies their cultural and historical identity and what it truly means to be Herero. This collection brings together the tribe’s decadent austerity and aims to capture a garments life previous to the encounter. 39

John Green BA hons Textile Design

A collection of tracksuits inspired by the study of polka-dots and pinstripes, deconstructing them in order to enhance them beyond what someone would normally see when viewing these oft-used patterns. The motivation behind the project being that these are two designs that have been used to the point of almost becoming clichés; they are often looked on as trite and overused, taking them for granted and not really understanding or appreciating the design element on which they are based.

Ffion Griffith BA hons Textile Design

Unravelling the Welsh blanket With the aim of reviving and preserving Welsh weaving methods this collection reinterprets traditional techniques in an original way. Studying historical textiles inspired the creative reinvigoration of Welsh double-cloth, honeycomb textures and classic striped designs. Correspondence with mill-owners set the challenge of adhering to the industry’s unchanged manufacturing capacities. Championing the luxurious qualities of natural fibres inherently influenced the choice of lambswool, which invites one to engage with its irresistible tactility. Focused on celebrating the wealth of Wales’ traditional manufacturing skills, the presentation of new captivating designs entrenched in historic poignancy will raise the profile of Wales’ woollen industry. 40

Sarah Harniman BA hons Textile Design

Child’s Play My work is a series of digitally collaged prints, which juxtapose soft photographs with hard graphic images. The prints illustrate nursery rhymes using different methods of communication, such as sign language and braille, in a poster style, which simplifies stories into single images. The posters I looked at ranged from Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg’s in the late 1920’s to posters for Norman Wisdom films in the 1950’s. The posters had a shared theme of exaggerated body language and expressions. This led me to looking at finger plays and nursery rhymes for children, where actions are mimed and exaggerated.

Catherine Harris BA hons Textile Design

The Linen Project I have been exploring linen since I specialised in woven textiles and last summer I was given the opportunity to learn about how Kolpa National Park in Bela Krajina, Slovenia are keeping the tradition of handmade linen alive. My collection reflects the time I spent with them and the knowledge that I have gained from the few years that I have dedicated to working with linen. Sadly, the last hundred metres of handmade linen will soon be made in Bela Krajina but I am going to help them preserve the knowledge of this tradition. 41

April Olivia Holyome BA hons Textile Design

Back to the Floor This collection was initially inspired by Tudor floor plans, maps and mazes, which have a strikingly similar formation to the patterns which adorned their clothing. Using these as a main source, contemporary prints were created, fusing old and new. Translating the notion of power dressing and showing luxury and opulence through clothing has been achieved by using a combination of hand and digital processes. The marrying of the two has created distinct and modern take on luxury. A limited colour palette has allowed the detail of digital and hand embroidery to become the main focus of the collection.

Natasha L. G. Hulse BA hons Textile Design

Educe Educe has derived from the observation of modern society’s relationship with its surroundings and the demand to alter and adapt in changing environments. Further development revealed the integration of interior and architectural structures becoming incorporated into the human physiques appearance through design. This has allowed the human form to become extended beyond its natural limitations, enhanced and manipulated as a consequence of influences stemming from contemporary society. It is through this that has inspired my collection to facilitate society’s futuristic demands within clothing, looking at design as a way to reinvent and change the structure of the human form. This has been exemplified through my collection by using design to manipulate the human body’s appearance through transformable garments and print techniques that encourage the contours of the body to become changeable. 42

Sophie Louise Hurley-Walker BA hons Textile Design /sophielouisehurleywalker

Vagabond - A capsule wardrobe for the traveller in both an urban and natural environment This collection is inspired by my adventures and travels in both natural and urban environments. By photographing and drawing in different countries and cultures, from farm land in Cambodia to inner city Paris to London zoo, I was able to gain a rich image source in which to be inspired by. This collection represents my interests of combining colours, textures and patterns from contrasting places. Similarly, I have used traditional batik techniques, yet with modern and clean silhouettes. It is a cross season collection, using different weights of yarn so that the clothing can be layered up or down depending on what adventure the wearer is on. It is designed to be multi-functional and transcend everyday occasions, hence the fabric being good quality, breathable and comfortable yet warm and protective.

Katherine Ingram BA hons Textile Design

‘Mutant’ Forms Inspiration originated from watching the latest David Attenborough television series. From the series, I started to research nature, structural forms and science within nature; microscopic, microfossils and organisms. To broaden the concept I completed research into Da Vinci’s scientific investigations and studies of plant structures. The Eden Project provided valuable research into nature being used for medicinal purposes and the relation of this to the idea of cross fertilisation and ‘mutant’ forms. The main idea was ‘Art Forms in Nature’; to examine cross-sections of objects and to create ‘mutant’ forms from found and collected objects, placing these objects back together to create said ‘mutant’ forms. The art forms I make are used by me to research and capture textures, forms, structures and colours in nature. 43

Vita Ivicic BA hons Textile Design

For Flower Lovers This collection is inspired by the designer’s passion for flowers and natural raw materials. The studio space was influenced by a personal imaginary world including collected ‘bits and pieces’ from a family home, flea markets and experimentation with broad selection of flower petals, which were a pressed, dried and printed on fabrics and paper. The idea of creating a unique personal space was to create a transcendent specific mood, which was a crucial part of the research and later transformed into aesthetics of knitted garments. Materials selected carefully and with passion include a wide range of yarns from organic cotton, linen, angora and merino to special Kibiso silk from Japan. All colours used for this collection were dyed naturally by the designer herself.

Matt Jacques BA hons Textile Design

Night Terrors A collection of hand drawn prints exploring night terrors from personal experiences as a child. The work illustrates the confusion and panic that occurred during these episodes, along with the imagery that revealed itself as these nightmarish experiences played out in my head. 44

Egle Jauncemaite BA hons Textile Design

I see weaving as a performance. It is a medium that struggles, overcomes and challenges itself in order to create a unique narrative, which reveals untold stories. Through the cyclical process of the creation and destruction of woven canvases, I seek to understand the importance of suppression, vulnerability and fear as a metaphor for the anxieties and complexities of being. In my current practice this engages with themes of love, fear, anger, questioning of being and ignorance through the lens of temporality.

Eve Johnson BA hons Textile Design

This collection was inspired by an experience whilst walking through Anthony Gormley’s mass structures. Feelings of nothingness, restriction and loss arose in me, almost a sensation of limbo. These emotions fuelled my research into mazes and labyrinths...a lost and unreal space. Research included photography and drawing from Hampton Court Maze and growing my own Watercress Maze.Whilst designing and playing with mass, scale, different angles and perspective, I hoped to invoke the same feelings of a void for the viewer. 45

Raisa Kabir BA hons Textile Design

Listen, your untangled threads reveal me. This work examines invisible identities, those that specifically cross over race, gender and sexuality. Being invisible yet visible; the South Asian woman who identifies as lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer, is often an identity that is, silenced, hidden, and un believed. Yet as a racialized woman her body is coded and gendered, and assumed heterosexuality projected onto that body. Where the language of ‘queer’ is read implicitly as White, its construction erases South Asian queer women. The crux of this work is a process of revealing language, deciphering codes of difference, and (re)reading queerness differently as an identity which has race applied to it.Through collating interviews and portraits of women’s stories, and weaving them into Bengali poetry hidden within the cloth; it seeks to throw light onto the (in)visibility of South Asian queer women.

Pepe Lowe BA hons Textile Design

Controlled Destruction This collection was inspired by the idea of humans taking influence from earth’s natural disasters. Using these ideas to create a ‘Controlled Destruction’ in the form of explosions, the textiles I have created draw upon imagery of destruction - the raw, dark and melancholic beauty. The patterns encase colour in the same way that people can control life on earth, while also being controlled by their surroundings. Filling space in an ordered way to juxtapose chaos and regularity, this is contrasted with simple contemporary silhouettes to again gain control of the fabric and print. 46

Lyonard BA hons Textile Design +44 (0) 7527111762

Folie à Deux ‘Folie à Deux – a madness shared by two’: the collection for Fall 2014 is an anthropological study of mental disorders. Folie à Deux is a psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief are transmitted from one individual to another. This is explored in the collection through analysing twins, and demonstrated through mirroring, shaping, hiding, pleating and tucking. The couture collection of dresses features the highest quality knitwear, constructed from finest mulberry silk, linen and mercerized cottons, in a neutral colour palette. Elongated shapes run throughout the collection, that is inspired by gowns from Victorian mental asylums, and features innovative techniques in 3D pleating, tucking and modern lace.

Kate Martin BA hons Textile Design

Eyes of the Home Eyes of the Home explores how we experience and psychologically respond to illumination and colour. Feng Shui teaches that by using natural elements and making practical environmental changes, people can improve upon their relationships, prosperity, and health. Chromotherapy is a form of alternative medicine involving the therapeutic use of colour and light, to help balance energy wherever the person’s body be lacking, whether it be on physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental levels. Windows are considered the “eyes of the home” and how they are utilized affects an individual’s wellbeing. By combining these teachings, a collection has been created of how digital textile design is able to have an influence on one’s psychosomatic well-being. 47

Reeve Massey BA hons Textile Design

Thames Collections My project stems from various trips I made to the river Thames in the last year; on these I amassed a large collection of discarded objects, mainly plastics. Given the source of the objects, the colour palette is surprisingly vast and there are many exciting unique and intriguing finds. In displaying my findings in a synchronized and almost museum-like context , I wanted to highlight the beauty of many of the things that we dispose of everyday. I enhanced my project with the notion of elevating everyday discarded remnants by using solely waste yarn for some of my pieces. Alongside my river visits I also collected scraps of yarn that people leave on the knitting machines at the college; thus in a way the project is an amalgamation of several peoples palettes and contribution, even if that was just the act of throwing away an old lighter. My initial research was on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (an area with a high concentration of plastic spanning both the North and South Pacific Oceans) and on different types of coral; this is still prevalent throughout the collection with the combination of both organic pattern and structure manmade pattern.

Lauren Maun BA hons Textile Design

Survival Kit The concept for this project has been inspired by the ever more extreme, changing weather and climate, specifically in Britain, and what this means for our future. This project aims to create a collection of lifestyle objects and garments to aid the wearer in this unpredictable, looming environment. This collection endeavours to be sustainable as far as it can, with the choice of yarns and materials. It intends to push the wear-ability of knitwear by considering the functional properties of yarn types in combination, to provide the highest comfort to the wearer, in both high heats and extreme colds. Supported by the Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters 48

Matilda Meanock BA hons Textile Design

Distorted Reflections My final collection represents the idea of distorted body shapes. By manipulating Lycra with wood and glue I was able to exaggerate and enhance particular parts of the garment resulting in peculiar silhouettes. This came from looking at the concept of distorted reflections and how an object or image can be altered, changed, re-arranged, fragmented and disjointed through manipulating their reflection. For example the intricate, often geometric construction of buildings can become so quickly disheveled through their distorted reflection and suddenly this familiar image or object can so easily become unrecognizable. I was particularly intrigued by the idea of distorted reflections and how this alters shape, colour and form and have subsequently created garments that follow this idea resulting in altering the wearer’s normal reflection.

Ann-Marie Milward BA hons Textile Design

Sublime Frequencies What is a rhythm? Everybody thinks they know what this word means. In fact everybody senses it in a manner that falls a long way short of knowledge: rhythm enters through the lived; though it does not enter into the known. This work was inspired by Rhythmanalysis a collection of essays by Henri Lefebvre. Lefebvre’s essay ignited the thought that a person’s tactic interaction within the processes of making could form a visual pattern through, repetition, place, time and expenditure of energy. The collection of geometric patterns have been formed from the resonance in the material using cymatic investigations, from field recordings of the location and workmanship behind the fabrics construction on the Ardalanish Farm in a remote southwestern corner of the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides. 49

Alejandra Murga Cavero BA hons Textile Design +44 (0) 7944574433

The Travelling Rays A collection of hand drawn prints and collage telling a personal story of Dreams merging with reality. Since a child I have longed to travel to my birthplace of Peru .The prints visualize traveling through dreams filled with magical animals and half invented mythology to create a new place in time.

Alicia Nader BA hons Textile Design

From Tradition to Innovation While memory is a perpetually actual phenomenon unifying people in the present, history is a presentation of the past, and is the only way of making sense of the future. Lebanon’s institution is rested on the differences between the east and the west and the convergence of various different cultures. The contrast of the abiding traditional customs and the latest innovations coexisting in a unique environment led this project to the construction of thread sculptures. The textiles collection created through paintings and sculptural photographs is unified by abstract and geometrical designs aiming towards both a conventional appearance as well as contemporary representation. 50

Emma North BA hons Textile Design

Cabin In the Woods The inspiration for this collection is taken from the idea of what can be considered a home, looking at different dwellings and landscapes, with a focus on my own home and its surroundings. It has been inspired by the idea of backpacking and the concept of being able to pack your home in to a back pack and carry it with you wherever you are, considering the idea that home is where you are with what is dear to you, not necessarily a fixed place. The collection has a strong focus on photography and placement, exploring natural textures and arrangement of natural objects in their surrounding environments.

Hermione Skye O’Hea BA hons Textile Design

Perspectives of string : A 4th dimension Simple mathematical formulas taken from the Fibonacci sequence dictate the way I weave threads between separate planes. From every angle the threads are viewed, a different image forms within their three-dimensional layering. The form is static, but the strings seemingly rearrange themselves when you change your position. *There are multiple ways to see a set of circumstances depending on the priority of ‘layers’ in your vision. However, the situation does not change, you change. No matter how narrowly, broadly, opaquely or transparently you observe a situation, it remains part of a vast and beautifully unfolding pattern. 51

Emily Ong BA hons Textile Design

Unveiling Hidden Beauty Hidden beauty can often be overlooked. An object, which appears to be mundane, can possess concealed splendor. Within this project, I wish to elevate the status of the humble mushroom. Growing in neglected corners deep within the fallen leaves and soil of woodland, the beauty of mushrooms can often go unnoticed. Their intriguing structure often remains concealed underneath a smooth, capped surface, yet their subtle characteristics and colouring have so many hidden depths. This project explores the enigmatic nature and physical traits of mushrooms, with the aim of creating delicate, woven pieces that mimic these objects, unveiling their hidden beauty.

India Rose Prince BA hons Textile Design

Nature Notes “Big dragonfly sitting on the tip of my nose whilst having a picnic at Ashburnham Place. Joe had one on his hand!” ~ 17th September 2008. Peter Davys’s Nature Notes. My Grandpa. A collection of my favourite nature diary entries are taken as inspiration to try and illustrate what my grandpa sees when he writes them. I think the preservation of nature is important; the importance of looking and noticing nature and what surrounds us. The seasons and the combination of natural dyes and natural fibres are crucial in this collection to get across the passion my grandpa has for botanics. I propose to celebrate nature’s beauty. 52

Lou Ran BA hons Textile Design +44 (0) 7895631088

A collection of screen-printed textile pieces inspired by abstract geometric patterns and continuous repeats found in everyday life. The prints explore the complex connection between simplicity and satisfaction. In this collection a range of traditional print techniques and materials have been experimented with in order to create a series of colourful fabric samples, which resulted in a multifunctional collection that could sit equally within fashion or interiors.

Alicia Robinson BA hons Textile Design

Primary Play Intense patterns and colour blocking have inspired the concept for this project. Stimulated by the pop art work of Roy Lichtenstein and Piet Mondrian, black and white have been key colours for the base of the work. Designed for spring/summer colourful cottons combine with hand embroidery. The collection is a mixture of androgynous crop tops and matching two-piece tracksuits, made to be styled with unisex leggings and Givenchy inspired skirts. 53

Daniela Rosenthal BA hons Textile Design

Utopia Unleashed: Hope and Movement The concept behind this collection is the idea of escaping reality. We form an ultimate alternative reality where all our hopes and dreams are possible. With no constraints, we allow ourselves to hope by imagining pure undisturbed fulfilment. This is arguably the only way we can travel forward. Reality is uncertain, by losing ourselves in an alternative perfect reality formed in our minds, we can create a momentary utopia. We treasure and experience this escape- even though it can burst at any second.

Mengchen Shan BA hons Textile Design

Silhouette and Reflection My collection is influenced by the art of traditional Chinese openwork carving in all sorts of Chinese living and life style products. The collection aims to pass down the philosophies and values of the old culture to contemporary textiles design, and endow them with a multifaceted character, unique to the time, place and people. The design takes inspiration from observing seasonal natural silhouettes and its reflection on the surrounded environmental surfaces in my local area using photography and paper cutting to create a reflected, gnarled and extended pattern. The technique combines embroidery, embellishing, flock print and silicone print to create openwork sculptures, which gives new form and meaning to tradition. 54

Elena Shvab BA hons Textile Design

Deadly Obsession “Deadly Obsession” is an exploration on the subject of limerence as described in classical literature by various writers such as L. Tolstoy in ‘Anna Karenina’, A. Pushkin in ‘Eugeniy Onegin’ and S. Zweig in ‘Letter From the Unknown Woman’. Limerence is considered to be a cognitive state of being emotionally attached with another person. It is an involuntarily experience that is characterized by a strong desire for reciprocation of one’s feeling. It is an obsessive form of romantic love, compulsive thoughts, feelings and behaviour. This project focuses on the experience of the main characters of these classical literature, reflecting their transformation influenced by the strong and obsessive feelings of limerence, which in some cases results in a tragic death of a protagonist.

Kazusa Takamura BA hons Textile Design

Views from an outsider My work aims to capture the mood of isolation, belonging, acceptance, distance and alienation. Photographs appearing in this textile collection captured my personal experiences of being in an unfamiliar land. The use of photography as an emotive vehicle was due to its ability to separate oneself from one’s surroundings and let another person see the world through my eyes. During my travels I was never able to feel a sense of belonging to any community not even my own. I found myself becoming more and more insular, which drove me to search for images, which portrayed this concept. 55

Wangui Wanjau BA hons Textile Design

Ripe (With Decay) The inspiration for this collection is taken from the idea of an ever-changing state between life and death, and the idea of fragility and beauty of something transient. The perception that an object that is distressed or flawed visually, can be more aesthetically alluring than that which is perfect has directed an exploration of transience in nature, such as growth, and decay. Material processes experimenting with the manipulation of stretch fabrics and combining substances such as latex and wax alongside organic shapes and lines have led to a primarily sculptural collection of fabrics that represent this theme.

Yue Wei BA hons Textile Design

Multilplicity Inspired by the repetitive patterns of tribal minority layering stitch, multiplicity has become the central clue of the investigation. Followed by Deleuze’s philosophy, the methods of continuous multiplicities and discrete multiplicities has been explained through a three-dimensional constructed auditorium model and a group of miniature audiences, which illuminated the story through duration and space. These primary observational objects informed a range of stencil drawing that illustrated the concept of multiple, uniformed and arranged order. The ideas of material fabrication have constantly altered throughout the time and finally the story ended up with a collection of contemporary jewellery that has been developed from the experimentation of unique materials such as wires and pipe cleaners. 56

Kimberley Westwood BA hons Textile Design

Welcome to failed utopia A collection of prints exploring the idea of urban decay, depicting the decadence of the notorious Heygate housing estate, through strong graphic imagery, combining colour & texture. Once condemned to demolition, there are now new plans to regenerate this abandoned block. My aims were to use this project as a device to reflect prosperity in a place that is in ruin. Referred to as a failed utopia, it’s the theory of England’s ‘Make do and mend’ attitude towards things that has inspired me to show this estate as something to marvel, rather than to destroy. With the recession taking its toll on the forgotten, highlighting areas of downfall, has been the main theme of this collection, using a blend of photographs, drawings, and screen print techniques, to achieve the essence of the Heygate estate. A mix of contemporary prints on neoprene, jersey, and sheer cotton shirts cut from 70s pattern pieces, to fuse a sleek, yet, fresh street-wear collection.

Stephanie Ann Woolven BA hons Textile Design

Hammer Through Daisies Dylan Thomas uses the line ‘Hammer through Daisies’ in his poem, ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’ as a powerful metaphor for love and humankind’s persistence in overcoming times of adversity. This line inspired me to photograph flowers, destroying them through ice, fire and movement - representing unconditional love. I challenge bridal with modern designs, romantic prints for the contemporary bride, an independent woman who questions prevailing preconceptions. The delicate tones, contrasting fabrics and fashion designs make the prints appropriate for bridal but accessible to women who seek to rebel from fashion as well as revel in it. 57

Jing Xue BA hons Textile Design

Inside-out This collection was initially inspired by how emotions are expressed through our body languages and facial expressions. According to research, more than 63% communication between human beings is through body languages, especially facial expressions which are vital to social communication between humans. My collection aims to translate facial sign language into contemporary textile designs. By taking close up photo shoots of facial expressions as inspirational source, a series of heavy brush paintings and mixed media fabric samples have been created. Using these paintings as the main source of creative fabric experiment, I have combined both traditional embroidery techniques and synthetic materials to create a series of works that fuse both old and new.

The Chelsea College of Art and Design 2013 catalogue was designed by Jenna Edgar


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Chelsea College of Art and Design 2013 Foundation Degree Interior Design Graduate Diploma Interior Design BA hons Interior and Spatial Design



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Al-Hanouf Al-Drees Graduate Diploma Interior Design

Inspired by Malevich’s paintings the abstract design of mine found its way in real life and as if you’re going through the abstracted modernist villa of transparency and floating planes, you feel that the strength of the design has been acquired from the abstract Russian constructivist paintings. The design of this project has a brilliant combination between history-present, ancient-modern and figurative-abstract. The use of extremely abstract interiors is the reason to draw the attention to the vernacular Arabic objects and to reflect Malevich’s spirit in it. In fact, these objects have been displayed as original vintage traditional objects to emphasise their importance and to show their value.

Julia Bakoulina Graduate Diploma Interior Design

«Emotional Trajectory» … What if our journey in space is not just a functional connection of rooms and activities? What if our every step led to an emotion or sequence of them? ... Why not to participate in an adventure offered by space… accept a challenge of facing fears and make a step into the unknown… There are multiple lures along the way inducing us to take an action… However this controlled movement always leaves a chance to escape the “game” and take a beaten pass… 22

Aayushi Bansal Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07725 666 444

I wanted to capture the feeling of a traditional house, which provides a kind of sacred space, free from ordinary concerns and in harmony with its natural surroundings. A peaceful place to escape the stresses of daily life and enjoy nature. “I am not a Zen monk. However I find great inspiration in the way they try to live their lives: the simplicity in their lives, the concentration and mindfulness of every activity, the calm and peace”

Delicia Bee Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07453308359

‘monologue’ I created a series of installations that aim to challenge the idea of habitation. I have selected vital objects that indicate functions in a house and developed them into a series of installations that simultaneously evoked and denied habitation. As a result, viewers were curious as they attempted to figure out the definition of the space they were in, while they were standing amongst the site and the installations. The definitions of the space were ambiguous. 23

Carlotta Buzzaccarini Graduate Diploma Interior Design

Loneliness can be split up in three different pictures: the one I need; the one I coddle, flirt with; the one I slap. The first one is the one who allows me to enclose my psyche between itself, in a bubble made of dreams, expectations, secrets, cutting the roots which tie my head up to contingencies and allowing the same head to blossom and flow over that pink cloud always waiting for me to return on; the second one is a more or less ten minutes challenge, the time to smoke a cigarette, the time in which everything is blurred, it appears so distant and vague that loses thickness and meaning; the last one is the one who wraps you up, tightens itself around your skin when you less expect it to happen preventing you to do anything but to scream until the voice, the sound you are intensely producing consumes it and makes it vanish, leaving a ‘pop’ behind it.

Adrian Chun Kit Chan Graduate Diploma Interior Design +852 96820462

“The Wall”, a relic of great antiquity, takes one on a journey through three zones: ‘Past’, ‘Present’, and ‘Future’. The passage of time is emphasized by juxtaposing modern and traditional materials and their interactions with lighting and form. For example, the ‘Past’ zone utilizes ambient lighting and dark, textured woods to evoke a feeling of nostalgia whereas the ‘Present zone’ uses natural lighting and translucent materials to create a sense of living in the now. Through such an intervention, the questions of timelessness and temporality are raised. 24

Juliet Charlton-Tudor Graduate Diploma Interior Design

Chen Chen Graduate Diploma Interior Design

I call this the frame structure house. I’m framing the architecture and giving it a language. I feel that the house is suspended in space. I use framing elements inside and let them take you to the outside. It is my dream house and the framed structures extend into the garden. I love connecting indoor space with a garden. 25

Bianca Chevellard Graduate Diploma Interior Design

The Lightest Touch by Bianca Chevallard When it has a presence in an interior, sunlight can often dual as a decorative aspect. Its ability to flood a space, define and even create a haze makes it a versatile and essential quality.  Not only does natural light serve as a source of illumination and clarity, but it also carries a mystical quality to a room.  It brings out the serenity and positivity in a space, affecting the habitant immensely. For this reason I designed a residential space which aims to achieve an illuminated atmosphere that will create a magnetic and unwinding ambiance.  The above image of Grand Central Station,  taken circa 1929 by an unknown photographer,  portrays the essence of this residential project. 

Nylas Chou, Wu-Han Graduate Diploma Interior Design 075 2128 1268

I started my study by questioning myself and attending to the opportunities that the space and its context gave me. They led me to explore many different relationships between inside and outside, below the ground and above the ground as well as the architecture and the interior design. These relationships created my game and gave me beautiful illusions. I want to inhabit this place by feeling the discussion between architecture and interior design and to feel that I am in a field where the boundary between reality and illusion blurs. 26

Billie Dainton Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07818 064 681

Nostalgia Coming from the Greek word meaning “the wounds of returning”, nostalgia is usually associated in the mind with a place: home. More than just a representation of history, nostalgia is better understood as an emotional experience, a longing for the security of the past. An incomplete Story The subtle beauty of a space should emerge as it begins to tell its story. Yet some element of mystery must be retained in order to induce a dialogue between this incomplete story and the imagination of the spectator. For beauty lies in the space we leave for our imaginations to fill. 

Sameera Dalvi Graduate Diploma Interior Design

Traditional courtyard is inspiration of my project. The whole idea is all the time all the rooms look into courtyard. My living room has been transformed to resemble a courtyard – illusionary with painted blue sky, chequered flooring, big windows on one side and pillared corridor which leads to the external courtyard. Bedrooms and kitchen would not only feel much bigger but also would have sectional relationship with the open courtyard. The traditional courtyard solution has been integrated into a western apartment where spaces are arranged in an open and free plan layout. 27

Valentina Deluigi Graduate Diploma Interior Design

Frame / View The design concentrated on the one metre difference of level between the site and the garden. It creates an elegant and slow rise into the garden by allowing multiple viewpoints. The eyes are directed outside by a series of intriguing perspectives, through the monumental piece of architecture, towards the end of the garden. The whole design of the apartment was left clean and basic, leaving all the strength to the view and the rise. Framing the view was the key concept of this project, mainly inspired by the architecture of John Pawson, Luis Barragan and Peter Zumthor.

Nefissa Djilani Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07725 666 444

Dreams and memories My research is a conceptual study of unusual contexts - ruins and abandoned places - for interior design. These are not interior designs as such, but studies in atmosphere to test the extremes that spaces can enjoy and still qualify as bathrooms and kitchens etc. 28

Netta Epstein Graduate Diploma Interior Design

A Jewelled Oasis The backdrop for my project is the Dead Sea, a salt lake where few organisms can survive. It is surrounded by a barren desert and numerous spa hotels. For my project I have decided to create an oasis island, solely accessible by a bridge partially submerged in the Dead Sea, enhancing the mystery of the oasis and creating a sense of fata morgana; an illusion. Once on the island, the views and scenery strongly contrast the Dead Sea: a jewelled statue garden surrounded by a multi-coloured tropical forest, in which a Dead Sea treatment spa is situated.

Carly Ferguson Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07846037647

Memory Lane This project is a journey reminiscent of a child’s visit into the forest, which she adopts as her home. The apartment design is based on separate moments experienced in the forest. Renderings were hand drawn in order to capture the innocence and serenity of the notion. 29

Jiali Hou Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07926197702

The notion of ‘the house within a house’ inspired me to insert five furniture installations, which I called boxes, with a piece of the staircase fixed into windows. The wooden box not only has the potential of architecture that divides the space instead of architecture elements like walls etc. It also functions as a piece of furniture which could be made in the factory before take them into the building. Every box has its own function that would suit the inhabitation of the performer.

Binyu Hu Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07746337413

The drawing is to transfer the spirit of Chinese old residential house as well as to carry the spirit of kids’ imagination. The house I choose is the place I grown up when I was a little child and contains precious memory of my childhood. By re-expressing the old house and playing the game of scale, the drawing started to carry the feeling that the dream and reality are influencing each other. I was trying to find the boundary of dream and reality and then make the boundary vogue.   30

Zhihong Hu Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07935 704 188

open house This project is talking about how I invited them to come in, let them to experience a unique journey by the sequence. I planned to use many “ one square mete” houses which is created by Le-Mentzel’s. The invited guests could read in each small house, day dream and chat...The intention of design is not only to provide a open house, but a more flexible and more free space for dialogue. At the same time, the project was offer a more personal drawing combine with architecture drawing and illustration.   

Xiaoming Huang Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07746364272

Simon’s box is a modular system which is designed for people on the move, those in job training, students and people who have to change their location frequently.Simon’s box is also easy to take anywhere. And also you can play a modular game in your space when you choose Simon’s box. Four different function boxes were designed in this project .I designed two design tables, a bookshelf and a wall cabinet which can hold design books in working area. There is also a white board which is fixed onto a sliding wall in this area. Two cabinets are designed in the area which connect with cooking area.When you fold the wall on these cabinets it becomes a bar table.The sleeping area is connected with the washing area and working area.There’s a sofa,a end table and a bed in this area. In cooking area you can find a cooking unit ,a wall cabinet,a sofa and a dining table with four chairs. A shower room ,a sink,a toilet and two cabinets were designed in the washing area. 31

Hiroyuki Iwashita Graduate Diploma Interior Design

My first thought was to design this space so that it appeared to be just outside the realms of daily life. My idea was to put an unusual object into the space of the project and create an unfamiliar view that resonates between the space and the object. I chose “a water tower” in New York for “my familiar object”. It is impossible to find this view in London. I put a lot of water towers in the garden to create a weird landscape. Then I transformed the water towers to furniture for the interior space.

KaKi Kong Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07784679442

“Frame the Journey” “Enjoyment flourishes in the every framed scene of life in the house. It changes according to the season, day, hour and the weather.” My project mainly focused on creating the journey by a sequence of “frames” in space. Through the journey, those frames work as a kind of invitation to investigate the space. Additionally, they divide the space by framing different sceneries from surroundings and activities in the space. Once we enter the space, we’ll be attracted by the framed sceneries, then walking through the frames, we become the moving images as part of the sceneries in the space. 32

Pragya Kothari Graduate Diploma Interior Design

The design concept and organisation of the apartment is inspired by the River Thames. The meandering journey of the river through the city of London gives direction to the layout of activities around it. Function follows form in this curvilinear space. The important aspect for my project was the use of a composite material in order to achieve smooth edges and clean cut surfaces enhancing the housing experience.

Anna Kudaeva Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07856916682

Childhood memories

In the far corner of our consciousness fragments of our lives are stored for many years. Memory holds the brightest and most important events, so full of powerful emotions. Once these episodes pop up and we can re-live the best moments of childhood. Sometimes reminiscences like bright clear images from past with a lot of detail, but sometimes this is only abstract pictures in blurry colors. 33

Alena Kudriashova Graduate Diploma Interior Design

“Things and rituals� Today life moves so fast that we hardly notice it. Have you ever thought of how much you miss every day being too busy to take a look around? All these things we miss are always precious, every single one of them. They are called moments. Moments are what our life consists of. Missing moment can never be recaptured. So I decided why not stop and look around once in a while? What do I like? What is important to me? There are many things that matter. No, not those I used to think they were. Something much simpler. Something that I see every day.

Hsin-Wen Liang Graduate Diploma Interior Design

A died space, one piece of wooden furniture and a group of people. Nature protection and city development are always having a big controversy. How can we give a died space a new life without destroying the nature? I am experimenting with the use of furniture in order to organize space instead of building something new in the space to reduce the damage of the nature environment. I come from Taipei in Taiwan which is a very crowded city, and the necessity for efficient use of space is something that I am very interested in. 34

Tao Lin Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07544000322

A Game With Frame This project is a game with different boxes and frames. These are devices to creative atmosphere. My idea came from a site visit. I spent some time in the garden one sunny afternoon. I saw the sunshine coming through the leaves of a big tree that towered above me - what a special and wonderful experience! From then I decided to use this experience in my creation of space as the way of expressing a relaxing and happy atmosphere in my design.

Adele Lonergan Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07866430373

During this project I explored the use of the shipping container as a module unit, exploring how effectively it could be used to create a dynamic office space. I found that the constraints of using the pre-defined modular form created some interesting challenges. Experimenting with how to flood light into the space led to some beautiful imagery filled with great atmosphere and the possibility to manipulate some striking shadows. 35

Wilson Mak Graduate Diploma Interior Design

Endless Flow in Module Text: The flowing plate drive the whole space to be partitions and furniture, which can connect the starts and the ends in both single unit and multiple units.

Ekaterina Matsievskaya Graduate Diploma Interior Design

“Through The Layers�. I wanted to create a space which would inspire me to use my own imagination, my memories and dreams. To experience a certain kind of feedback from interior, a resonance as I journey through the layers. Each space will advertise itself before I arrive. Thresholds will became blurred as I move around. A purpose of this journey through this sequence of a space is to enhance creativity. I wish to arrive at the end of my journey at my studio and be ready to create. Ready to use the experience in the fulfillment of my dreams. 36

Priscilla Oiknine Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07534688347

I decided to guide my first project on a design that would be together eco-friendly, economical, easy to set up, and as accessible and appealing to as many people as possible, from the youngster to the senior executive or from the active to the physically challenged. I used the space that was given to me as an loft-style house - an open space - with the possibility of creating a system of walls that you can set up or down very easily according to your occupancy in the house. The idea was to bring “open spaces lovers” and “traditional houses layouts lovers” together, gathering all of the pros of the two above, without the cons. I named my project “The House With No Walls – An Evolving Habitat”.

Josie Rimmer Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07814245011

A Spectacle of Stripes This project is a residential apartment inspired by a series of artworks by Daniel Buren and Bridget Riley respectively. Throughout the apartment’s space, black and white stripes are used to create novel spatial optical illusions. The purpose of the optical illusions in each space is to fool the mind and equally provide entertainment for the viewer, such as the concealment of private spaces and the formation of a ‘dazzle’ effect (as seen in the image). 37

Aya Seto Graduate Diploma Interior Design

This project is to invite a sense of surprise, where the visitor would learn the hidden truth that lay beneath the persona of the artist. The artist’s studio was the sacred core of the site, representing the hidden truth and passion of the artist. The whole site is an enormous path, a long journey consisting of many zones and thresholds that took the visitor to the sacred core, which referred to as “the Black Cube.”

Jiangning She Graduate Diploma Interior Design

To provide a warm and natural space, this project lets the sunlight take the visitor to explore the interior journey. Following the inspiration, the concept of this project is a deep love of nature. It used white, which is the most wonderful color and always transformed by light, to achieve the concept. From the vista which created by the openness, it could let the visitor experience a continual interior and exterior environment. At the same time, it gave the visitor an intuitive feeling about the quality of light. 38

Nikita Suyetin Graduate Diploma Interior Design

L for upLifting to uplift - to raise, elevate, raise to emotional heights idea interior idea is based upon a model exploring a journey within the light and towards enlightening emotional response unobtrusive, enticing, open, light, uplifting, vertical, moving, changing materials and atmosphere translucent, diffuse, technological, reflected, dimmed, recyclable arrival a mysterious experience of going under the ground to arrive in the middle of a contemporary living space to exit to the garden from below ground again up, down and around two staircases, tunnels and a lift show the way in and out spatial division semi-translucent envelope with sliding doors storage and furniture reuse of windowsills and old doorways, transformation, wall-to-wall built-in storage

Mika Suzuki Graduate Diploma Interior Design

Invitation to the night The space invites, the lights glow in the dark from the mailbox to the relaxation space. A Japanese bath is your destination. In the quiet, sensible apartment you can relax after a long day. The design simple gives a subtle pleasure. As in the Japanese bathing ritual, it encourages you to follow the ritual. This is my backgrounds and culture and it is the most natural way for me to design. 39

Zehui Wang Graduate Diploma Interior Design

Magic cube project- apartment in Chelsea Magic cube idea, can be seen as my thinking or understanding of spatial uses- “use less to create more “ . By using simple element or object, which could become different combination for different function by changing its way of composing to create a changeable space. In this project, adaptable furniture system has been chosen to present my idea of magic cube, which can maximize possibility for using the space. by simply using the remote control to move the wall furniture out, you can create different functional space to enjoy.

Xiaochi Wang Graduate Diploma Interior Design 074 2910 5568

What are you imaging? Before the story, let’s from the wall. Trompe I’oeil is the method to make people think about that the objects are solid and real, but actually they are doesn’t. And also it is a bridge to connect a story from wall to space. 40

Jingli Wang Graduate Diploma Interior Design

This image shows water flowing; it is a stream flowing between the exterior and interior. The stream flows over a natural landscape. It is a drawing and an installation that occupies the ground in and around my apartment. The stream starts from the small pool on high ground at the back of the site. It flows through the apartment and out to a small pool outside the entrance. As it crosses the apartment it separates the functional spaces in the interior space.

Lijiao Wen Graduate Diploma Interior Design

Someone like the bustling metropolis, some are like peaceful in small cities and towns. From a philosophical standpoint, any every coin has two sides, the motion and the static, the exaggeration and the convergence. In my own opinion, architecture and interior design also is such. In the project design, indoor use simple rules of line segmentation of life space, at the end of the people the day after the rush of life can enjoy a quiet life. And interior is completely different, in the design of the garden, the irregular lines, exaggerated shapes to break up a space. People enjoying the quiet life at the same time feel the gardens bring their passion and madness. 41

Yuxi Yang Graduate Diploma Interior Design ++07901243436

The rhythm of the shadows should be slowing people down and this should be providing a music space. In my project, the music is invisible. Music gives to the space what I need to find other methods to express the music through space. Then I taking into account using the different lengths of the plywood partitions used as wall in the space, and it repetition in the wall started to give it life. So I started drawing the wall in my computer.

Nan Yao Graduate Diploma Interior Design

During the Second World War pilots wore flying suits that were packed with pockets and zippers. These pockets allowed them to keep everything that was important to them on their person. They inhabited their flying suits. What if we inhabited our living space in this way? Shirts, coats, pants and skirts - everything that we need to wear - the space we inhabit can be unzipped and unbuttoned to retrieve them. We touch and peal back the architecture to find our things. The floor is soft, the wall is fluffy. The zips open up the pockets and the rooms. We put our hands into the pockets or we unzip a wall to enter into another space. 42

Hang Ying Zhao Graduate Diploma Interior Design

As this project is about design a house for myself. For me, bed is important furniture in my house. After I finish daily work and back home, bed could let me have a break. However, I want it could be bendable, this means that it could be an open area or privacy. Thus, I did a box, it’s a semi-open box, and it could switch to any direction in my house. For instance, if I don’t want to it becomes an open area, I can choose close the window on the box, alternatively, I can switch it to the wall. In addition, I attached a desk to the box surface, which makes the box combined sleeping room and study area.

Natalia Zherebtsova Graduate Diploma Interior Design 07947676054

Embracing The Sky. Anish Kapoor in My Garden The Sky Mirror becomes a centre point of a dialogue between an apartment and the outside space. Mesmerizing, ever changing and powerful presence of the sky brings new dimensions, freedom, dynamics and dictates the logic of the space inside. The open space for the entrance/living room/ kitchen is supported by unusually generous ceiling height at the Millbank with the perspective towards the outside space and the Sky Mirror. The rest of the apartment is more private with multiple access points to the garden. Its several floor levels accommodate bedroom, bathroom and study. 43

Xiaochen Zhu Graduate Diploma Interior Design

More than a sculpture There is something interestingly poetic about the installations, I tried to make sculptures display in more interesting ways in museum. My design keywords are exploration, imagination and experience. I hope this project can evoke a different experience from the normal circumstances when looking at the artwork, with more deeper changes. It facilitates people in the space to dream in museum. The fun part is to overthrow common sense, stimulating people’s imagination by instantly turning things upside down. It enables people to have resonance and a conversation with the historical sculptures and artworks. It does not necessarily mean making it a better place to live but to experience. So interior thinking should be revolutionary.



Natasha De Abreu Foundation Degree Interior Design 07972388234

Mind Tricks Body Through a sequence of narrative photographs, I wanted to explore and analyse my quotidian movements on a daily basis; Movements that not only demonstrate one’s behaviour over time, but how the body moves in a particular space. An out of body experience, gives one the ability to communicate and interact with an inhabited space. It is an abstract embodied visualization, that is only captured by mind and memory.The project explores the body as an emotional and sensory device, demonstrating how the body tricks and conducts the mind in its day-to-day performance.

Afsana Begum Foundation Degree Interior Design 07568377025

The Comedy of Craft theatre was derived from an improvised street performance, where a group of actors would spontaneously perform with masks and props. The nature of the prop would need to embody suitability to its location, audience and body. My object originated from the story of my character Copacomico, possessing an evil persona was portrayed through the depiction of the object. A long wig was crafted both as a tool for disguise and used as a weapon to inflict pain upon the chosen victim. The length of the tall baton was used as imagery to enforce the idea of power, a trait that Copacomico was consumed by. 8

Malvika Bhandary
 Foundation Degree Interior Design Malvika 

Apsara By understanding and embodying a character from Commedia dell’ arte, in this case, the lover- Isabella, I created a device based upon her spatial characterisation. An elegant, poised and graceful form- as Isabella dances her bodily movements and expressions bring out her inner desires taking her into an imaginative reverie where she is oblivious to her surroundings and in love with the ‘idea of love’.

Vasudhaa Dujodwala Foundation Degree Interior Design

The ‘Masking Space’ project introduced the design of a theatrical device for an assigned character from the play Commedia dell’ arte. Arlechinno a mischievous character always calling out for attention never fails to get it. Keeping the concept of fun and the slinky as the basis of design, multiple ringed objects were held together with newspaper, one to be worn as object and the second to be occupied as space– to put around someone. Keeping the energy in him alive it would also make the other person experience itin an enjoyable manner. 9

Maria Florencia Goldmann Foundation Degree Interior Design 07767846093

This project explores the idea of habitation through daily domestic activities. Our relationship with dwelling spaces can be mapped through our personal landscape, challenging the notion that we inhabit all of the space in our homes. By mapping human dirt, dust and debris, uninhabited and obliterated territories are revealed. Living spaces become a series of territories where behaviour and domestic practices can literally be mapped as patterns of usage, ritual and habits. By taking a closer look at what occurs within these new territories we can define our personal living spaces within the broader context of space.

Valeria Grieco Foundation Degree Interior Design

Inside&Out - “L’ Infinito” (The Infinitive) “Once upon a time there was an inside & out world. People who lived there thought that it was the right place to live. They would never know the difference between conscious and unconscious, madness and reality, truth and falsehood. They were constantly looking at themselves in a mirror, trying to find a new face to wear” L’infinito project explores the concept of distortion and surrealism through pure reflections. Elements of optical illusions within my work create an atmosphere where people are lost in a surrealistic world. The result of the piece is intended to illustrate unconscious visions.


Lucy Haggerty Foundation Degree Interior Design

As part of a theatre design project, an object was designed for a character from the form of theatre, Commedia dell’arte. The object represented the character and focused on the relationship between the body, space and user. This gave a deeper understanding of the needs of a performer. With the intention of expressing the theme of gossip through a device, this drawing represents gossip as uncontrollable activity. Conversations build until they become no longer readable, it is an exaggeration of the act of gossiping. Gossip is the unfolding of facts and rumours until they consist of little of the truth.

Sujeong Hwang Foundation Degree Interior Design 07515698955

Commedia Dell arte is the earliest form of theatre, where improvisation and street performance derived from. Prop engagement informed the idea of the brief “to use everyday objects, to make the ordinary extraordinary’. The Spatial performance of the props encouraged the idea of route and circulation, from back to front stage, bringing the performance forward into the theatre space. The concept of creating a prism was to create the effect of transparent views – a modern interpretation of 21st century theatre. I designed the costume and prop from sellotape which imitated the unpredictable behaviour of the character of Arlechinno. He is unstable like sellotape although appearing normal he becomes insane. My prop exaggerates his persona, as it extends and retracts its shape reforming to its original structure. The material is easily recyclable and has been tested and weatherproofed. 11

Angna Kansara Foundation Degree Interior Design

Beautifying the Ordinary This photograph reveals the beauty and characteristics of materiality. These metallic components were grouped together to explore their qualities and suitability to create further forms. The exploration of materials in this way, was an integral part of a performance related project, in which recycled or salvaged components were to be used to create a theatrical prop. By grouping materials and testing their qualities using photography, simple ordinary objects are transformed into beautiful abstract images.

Antrea Karousiou Foundation Degree Interior Design 07514260006

‘Constricted beauty’ was created in order to meet Isabella’s obsession for perfection on her appearance. Isabella is a stock characterused in Commedia dell’arte and her mainc oncern is beauty. She sees the beauty asa result of symmetry and harmony and she is ready to give everything for the sake of perfection to the body. Isabella is ‘trapped’ inside the device and she is experiencing restrictions on her movements, discomfort and pain by wearing the device. Nevertheless,she has achieved her target. 12

Polina Kravtsova Foundation Degree Interior Design 07957257511

In Transformative Performance, the spatial characterisation of Arlecchino as one of the characters from the commedia was notable for the mobility and personality of his movements. The design of the device exaggerated the relationships and tensions between the body, the space and the object becoming a tool for the narrative. The prop mirrors the emotion of the character into a spatial platform and appears as performance installation. Using a ready–made object ‘hose’ the main idea was to disable the character’s hyperactive behaviour by applying a restriction element to the device.

Viola Ngo Ching Kwok Foundation Degree Interior Design 07564615157

‘Body restrictions’ is a collage combining the theatrical devices for characters from the classic play of Commedia dell’ Arte. It aims to exaggerate the characters’ original postures to their extreme. For example, the lover Isabella, with large arm movements, constantly craves attention. One set of wings was made with metal pieces fitted to create sound as the character moves along the space. Through the creation of props for different characters, there is an understanding of the their bodily movements, gestures and physical restrictions. The way characters relate to and interact with the space of performance led to conceptualising narrative planning ideas for the project. 13

Xinle Lao Foundation Degree Interior Design 07780134070

The project is based on the method of reappropriating an existing object. Ideas around furniture + space are generated and developed through an investigation of personal behaviours, emotional data of the user and the material properties within a domestic environment. The design is a spatial hybrid integration transferring and exaggerating the need and the individual characteristics of the user to enable the most personalized use of the space. In the project the concept was communicated through a detailed set of technical drawings, sketch models and workshop prototypes.

Sze Nga Lau Lucia Foundation Degree Interior Design 07414898949

This is a seat testing experiment for the theatre world stage design Competition in 2013. This designed object as ‘unit’ can be applied many times to achieve the required size of theatre seat layout. The concept of using pallets ‘as ready made dimensions ‘ was to build up a gradual eye-level, for audiences to get a better and wider view. The pallet is woven with rubber inner tubes on top and formed into a square pattern. The testing of prototypes allowed audience to enjoy differing views and eye levels. By re-appropriating an existing object it allowed the idea to be realised with sustainability for mass production. 14

Jie Lin Foundation Degree Interior Design 07429464459

This is a concept drawing for AHC theatre design. The research of the existing site building led to the Spatial folding concept, and then the idea was transferred into a series of differentdistance triangles. Using a method of personal experiments (unclear vision without glasses) to construct the effect. The drawing creates a special view, the viewing of intensive lines disappearing into one point, makes the viewer rethink space in an abstract way. Furthermore, this drawing whether top or ceiling plan depends on the perception of distance.

Hellen Luchi Foundation Degree Interior Design 07775 333 884

Turning an ordinary space into a visually arresting image was my challenge at the “Impossible Space� project. An unloved staircase was completely changed by photographic manipulation. The result was an intriguing architectural space. I started the design process by associating my existing inspirational memory with creativity and imaginary thinking. All backed-up by research linked to illusion applied to art and design. The correlation between spatial design and viewers’ perception is the type of work that truly inspires me. The final execution creates a believable impossible space that plays with the duality of what is real and what is not. 15

Hasnawi Nasution Foundation Degree Interior Design

“Tangled in Blue was costume-making project based on Commedia Del arte as a case study for the World Stage Theatre project 2013 in Cardiff. This costume was a representation of the character Silvio, a character resembling a handsome peacock, confident and arrogant and full of charm and grace whilst being very fashion forward and over the top. Moving like a floating ballerina yet very emotional. Finding the concept of identity restraint very interesting, I designed this costume in contrast to the personality of the original character to create a restrictive element onto the character by portraying a tangled jellyfish to implement a dark twist. The costume was crafted by hand using pop rivets and elastic bands.

Priyanka Rajlawat Foundation Degree Interior Design 07528768330

‘In the project, Theatre Design.’ we were given a character and were asked to design a prop for the character. My character was ‘Isabella,’ a female lover who is pretty and intelligent. She is also very flirtatious. Her original prop was a fan. Because of her repetitive hand movements, I referred to her as a bird. In the picture, the girl representing Isabella has held her head high to portray Isabella’s headstrong character. Her arms are also open to show the resemblance of a bird that is ready for takeoff. For the prop, a fan connects under her arm which also resembles a wing. As she is flirtatious and likes to gain attention, small pieces of aluminium embedded into her wings make noise every time she moved her arms. Photography by Karen Lohana. 16

Aisling Ryan Foundation Degree Interior Design 07875582749

The Big Man and His Plan’ In order to assert his power and put an end to Isabella’s refusals- Pantalone constructs a costume that no man would challenge and no woman, resist............

Daiana Samartseva Foundation Degree Interior Design 07712656672

Concealed Revelation To understand theatre from the perspective of the actor I designed a theatrical prop for the character Isabella from Commedia dell’ Arte. I was drawn to her due to her controversial characteristics – flirtatiousness and prudishness. Isabella, the wife of Pantalone, constantly gets sexually harassed, hence tries to escape her husband. One day she meets Sylvio and they become secret lovers. Through layering salvaged newspaper in the pattern of honeycomb I created a prop that allows full compression and extension in order for Isabella to hide from Pantalone and reveal herself to Sylvio. 17

Jessica Single Foundation Degree Interior Design 07972 312 263

Commedia dell’arte was the first professional form of theatre. Its success lay in the transformative nature of the stage sets and props, allowing them to metamorphose, embodying the nature of the act in its location and audience. My project began by selecting a character from Commedia dell’arte and researching their personality, emotions and movement. I focused on the superficial, melodramatic movements and poses of Isabella, attempting to materialise her delicate and ethereal qualities into a controlled, mechanical form. Having explored the interaction between the character and the theatrical device, short performances were choreographed to help convey the narrative of the devices.

James Towle Foundation Degree Interior Design

Exploring the relationships between the object, body and space,I designed and created a device that embodies the characteristics of vanity and seeks to exaggerate its traits. The piece mutates to engulf the wearer and the environments they inhabit, restricting the body and manipulating their surroundings. The process of metamorphoses is a metaphor for the story of Narcissus and how his self obsession consumed his existence. As the prop is unfolded from the body, the reflective material obscures the user’s sight, preventing them from seeing anybody but himself or herself. The interior experience is simultaneously claustrophobic and infinitely expanding. 18

Sarah Waters Foundation Degree Interior Design

The device is made for my body, fitted to my arm span and form. As I raise my arms the concertina folds open up and stand strong like a structure, my body the axis from which it hangs. As I increase the tension between my hands and slowly twist my wrists the device becomes alive, rotating, pulling and pushing against its wire back bone. The sculpted objects are structures that exist beyond the body to inhabit space, moving to momentarily reveal a transformed frame of body and space.

Celia Hiu-Tig Wong Foundation Degree Interior Design 07428299049

“Wake up the space” is a performance installation, transforming daily objects as a set of theatrical devices to interact the extension of human body between objects and space. Different levels of movement can create different shapes of emotion. Audiences can also participate in the performance through their movement in the installation. Using the light effect to exaggerate the motion of different characters from Commedia dell’arte at the same time as capturing every moment of performer’s emotions. 19



Christina Ansong BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07930439794

Vapour explores the biomimetic qualities of various organisms such as the barnacle and the pine cone. The project studies their features and constructs an assembly of responsive forms that examine how water vapour can cause a reaction to layers of polymers. The project also explores ways in which the possibilities of green growth can be produced from the absorption of water vapour in its surrounding atmosphere in Notting Hill. By incorporating water waste awareness through both a material reaction and green growth, Vapour looks at how the future of parametric design can have an impact on our environment.

Zachary Apo-Tsang BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

Infrasound LIVE is a responsive audiovisual installation which changes according to participatory movement. By exploring the space viewers can trigger different sounds. The piece aims to transport the viewer into a new environment; and through the examination of the space, helps them gain a deeper understanding of somewhere that is normally overlooked. All audio content was recorded using hand made transducer microphones and all visual content was filmed at the field recording locations. It was installed in the Morgue Space at Chelsea and has recently been selected for development and re-installation for ARUP’s Be Open sound portal and exhibited throughout June 2013.


Kron Aungvitulsatit BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

Cooking Out in the Caribbean This project deals with the food related issues at Notting Hill Carnival such as limited eating space, food poisoning and garbage disposal problem. The design will solve those issues by allowing the visitors to cook their own Jerk Chicken Wrap to ensure the cleanliness as well as providing a sitting space for the public to eat. The space is using the sound, sight and smell of the food being cooked to attract the public’s interest to come and learn more about this traditional Caribbean food and experience the carnival’s spirit throughout the year in a guaranteed safe and clean environment.

Theodora Anne Rosalind Barker BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07905 961 879

The film Meanwhile tells the story of a building, one with an unknown history in the site of Meanwhile Gardens in Paddington. Through the use of stills, the film shows fragments in time and explores the memories of the building and its surroundings. The site’s mysterious characteristics are pieced together to unravel the story. The research was key to the making of the film, and the artist Jamie McCullough’s book about the Gardens was important in the development of the script. After much research and experimentation with photography and editing, the film was created and the story is told. 47

Josefin Charlotte Bengtsson BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

By combining film, images and stop-motion techniques I have developed a new method that presents space through a different media. The process, which is carefully developed, compress time that offers the ability to experience a designated area within a smaller space. This 16 meter long installation is based on a 375-meter long area along the Westway that I have condensed. By traveling through this installation one is given the opportunity to appreciate exciting repetitions and highlighted details and colours that now have been revealed.

Yilun Cao BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

Meanwhile Theatre A stage is always a space full of fun and expectations, there are so many potential spaces in our city can be transformed to a stage to encourage communications through performances, no matter they are professional or not. The skating bowl in the Meanwhile Gardens appears to be such a space. The whole area is perfectly potential to be used as a theatre, in this project, let’s see how it approaches the proposal of providing a completely functional theatre pleasure. 48

Sze Pui Cheng BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

A shopping adventure in jewelries-located in the antique jewelry area of Portobello Market, reviving the Aladdin story. Fluctuating surfaces and spatial arrangement follow the narratives: the series of adventure, the magical moments when Aladdin walked into the cave to find the magic lamp; and is separated in five main areas, three floors: Green area (emerald), blue area (Pearl and sapphire), Golden area (gold), Red area(ruby), and black area(diamond). Scent is changing in different areas during the journey when each element can be found in Portobello: ash, plants, sea water, flower, wine etc.; provokes the audience’s sense during their shopping experience and adventure.

SungWook Cho BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

When I visit Portobello road for the first time, it was kind of small boxes are packed in the street such as block puzzle game which is I used to play with. That was very interesting and enough to catch my eyes. I decided to start on my project with this idea. All the small houses look like block puzzle on my mind and I would like to develop my idea with this. This idea is based on block puzzle but I take away the cafe and left the place empty. I needed to make different pieces of block and also the model for the empty place as well. I made a lot of different types of model and put them together, so I could find another design for this project. 49

Hon Kwan Choi BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

The Contemporary Dovecote Pigeon have an important role in humans’ agricultural history. Since long time ago, pigeons’ dung have had a higher fertilise value compared to those of other livestock. Different kinds of Dovecotes appear around the world, for example in Iran, Egypt and Western Europe. But nowadays, as pigeons’ population grow significantly in cities, people become aware of the problems they bring and gradually the birds gain a bad reputation as ‘Rats with wing’. This contemporary Dovecote aims to create a pavilion, and to re-establish the relationship between humans and birds, the wingshaped mechanism functions as an accommodation to house pigeons, provide them with food supply, as well as collecting their dung as organic fertiliser for the allotment underneath the Dovecote.

Caroline Li Xin Choo BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07903645353

My project; based in Meanwhile Gardens, a park run by and held dear by the community meant that my design had to be very much focused on them. Through my observations I found that there is still a lot of overlooked space in the gardens, so finding out which spaces would benefit most from a new architectural input became an aim in my research. I found that the skate bowl was a very prominent part of the park and thought its users would benefit from something to make their skate experience more enjoyable. I initially thought my camera pulley system would be useful for the skaters as some of the most popular search results on Google for ‘Meanwhile Gardens’ are photographs and videos of people using the skate bowl. So I made an interventional tool for them to film themselves from different and exciting viewpoints.


Georgina Clayton BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

Through the theme of productivity; Portobello Project brings the community together once every five weeks to make the journey through Meanwhile Gardens to make Mushroom Tea. Moroccan local and friend to the garden, Reem Saada will lead the journey through the garden and invite other site users along as she passes six key points that collects and prepares the ingredients. The growth of mushroom mycelium is a metaphor for the connection of the community when they come together during the intervention.

Augustin Conor Cross BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

My 3B final project has been an investigation into the historical and contemporary topic of riots and rioting. With the social, political, and spatial world changing around us, I sought to explore aspects of rioting such as the powers that fuel them, and more recently their accessibility through technology and social network. My final proposal is one that examines the concept of crowd mentality, and how the individual can interpret unholy actions as acceptable in the presence of a crowd. I am highlighting a contemporary issue, and intervening by critical design. 51

Dulcie May Cullen BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07961726304

For hundreds of years tales have been told of women trapped in towers. The story of a young mother sent to live in the Trellick Tower stimulated my curiosity about the consequences of this kind of entrapment. Unlike the fairytale ending of a prince rescuer and a happy ever after, it ends with her committing suicide from the fifteenth floor. Through my study of her story and tower block living, I research how the built environment may have increased feelings of depression and alienation. Using her story as a case study I have explored ways of developing living spaces to enhance wellbeing drawing upon the restorative effects of natural settings. Key themes such as intricacy, variety, beauty, colour, materiality, light and space have all contributed.

Simao Romualdo Da Silva Filho BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

The car and its culture have permeated our notions of space and understanding of the city. When the Westway was built, the focus remained on the building, without much regard to the people themselves. Houses were destroyed and families were torn apart. Only memories remained. These memories became the program of a speculative pedestrian area above the Westway, with a Memory Museum as its centre. Memories can now be inhabited through a journey into extruded floor plans, challenging the public’s perception along routes while memories develop into form. Space and its manipulation becomes the monument to remembering and forgetting. Memories are no longer limited to a state of mind. 52

Veronica Michelle Davis BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

This project has been driven by my desire to move spatial components beyond the physical world, to arouse memories. It is a celebration of all the memories held in Meanwhile Gardens Notting Hill, London. We all have our individual view on the world, influenced by personal memories and emotions. In order to tap into these memories, I chose to design a so called ‘memory journey’ in Meanwhile Gardens. Consisting of a series of constructed sensory systems placed throughout the gardens, each space supports a sense experience that can trigger personal memories and fantasies in order to get carried away.

Benedict Hugh Fitzgerald Day BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

This organic surface was designed to restore the ecological condition in London and over the site, W11. The design identifies the hydrophobic surfaces over the chosen site and is arranged to intercept the rainwater from potential water related issues. The undulating surface of the design was shaped trying to recreate the pleasures of the natural environment of a mountain scape, of which the vegetation growth, exercise and the views into the surrounding environment became designing factors in manipulating the final scheme. 53

Serena Di Froscia BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07718902016

London Westway is the main character, the scenario and the narrator of my underground stories. I have attempted to sew Dante’s “inferno” on the Westway with my own reinterpretation of the themes, emotions, and atmospheres that create hell into a broader context that we live in nowadays. The film I have made personifies my inner journey through these emotional underground connections; not only of the eyes but of the ears and the hands; of the fingers that explore the space and that soak into substance giving the body an identity – a soul that sets it free from mortality.

Jieru Ding BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

This Flying gallery project bases on the Notting Hill Carnival costume culture and looks for the solution of archive and dissemination for the industry. Costumes are the walls, roofs and staircases of the gallery, which will use recycled Notting Hill Carnival costumes to complete the construction and exhibition pieces. The site is Holland Park, Kensington that will allow this complex has enough space to produce and present. The chosen of location and white fabric exterior could also bring the benefit of audience group expansion. To fly all these ideas, balloons and kites are not only the inspiration for the design but also the bridge to give the interaction between wind and costumes. 54

Hannah Rebekah Douglas BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

In an area where homelessness is not uncommon, how can the community living there and the rough sleepers be encouraged to interact, lessening the gap between the two communities and integrating the homeless back into society? This project is looking at how a soup cafe, created and run by the homeless, can provide a means for storytelling between themselves and the residents of Westbourne Park. Built with what can be found in the area and ingredients grown on site, this self sufficient cafe could become the new social hub in the area, including those who are used to being excluded.

Genevieve Rebecca Mary Edelmann BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

The proposal for this project was to design a kinetic mechanism to be installed along the Westway of Portobello Road. The design is an intervention that is a response to the contextual research gathered from the site whilst investigating the impact of technology on the way people interact with each other and the space. Ultimately, the design is a kinetic light installation that fits between the cracks in the wall by the Westway and responds to the transition from day to night and the movement of people through the site, with the aim of altering the way in which people interact with the area. 55

Eva Eklics BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

The inspiration for this design is taken from a previous project that was combining metal and textile in the making. This project was taken towards the softer, more organic direction. The design is almost like an installation where people can walk in, stay in a comfortable and soft environment, sleep or just have a bit of a quiet time. These ‘installation-like sleeping pods’ are inserted into a pillow store at Portobello Road Market, where people can try them out. This was possibly designed for people that work in the area and would like to have a quiet time away from the business of the market, but any curious is welcome!

Kate Lauren Feest BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

The colorful, organic and transforming costume designs and floats of the Notting Hill Carnival have been the main inspiration for this piece. Through an emphasis on craft and traditional methods of joinery, such as crochet, knitting and stitching the project seeks to promote the reuse and recycling of objects and materials used during and after the Carnival. These intimate ‘hands on’ approaches further contribute to the ideas of reeducation, recycling and reduction of carnival waste across the local community. The movable structure will enable education and interaction at key community sites such as schools, halls and community centers. 56

Ania Folejewska BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07752402949

As all W11 area is packed with buildings and there are no green places to relax and meet, people became increasingly anonymous to each other, close neighbours’ relations seem to disappear. Therefore this local SPA brings new quality to the Dunworth Mews enclosure. Proposal is sandwiched between the existing brick buildings and contains baths, steam rooms and a green roof terrace. The place is a modern version of traditional way of relaxing and socializing that was common in the Roman therms. Grey water produced in existing buildings would be filtered inside the proposal’s skin and then re-used to fill its pools with fresh water. Also rain water and water produced from the baths’ steam would be filtered and returned to the flats’ sinks. SPA is therefore both a sustainable and a social programme.

Claudia Mathilde Lea Ganem BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

I have chosen to design for the Portobello community. Through experimentations using various pop-up techniques, I built a series of foldable structures placed in the Portobello area. Portobello is famous for its markets and especially for the food stalls. People usually buy food there but have nowhere to sit. It is also a place where numbers of musicians performs and play in the streets. I therefore found it appropriate and necessary to design a ‘pop-up picnic structure’ and a ‘pop-up stage structure’, for public rental. They are placed on different locations around Portobello Road. By renting a key, which unlocks and unfolds a seemingly flat, plain structure they becomes performative as it turns in to benches tables and stage. 57

Ginah Han BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

Portobello market is important business for the local community. The market is made up of visitors, market sellers and local people. I wanted to design a shop which is made by all of them. It is basically used as cooking class on the weekday. Local people who have special recipes and good at cooking can apply for working at the shop. Also, small popup shop will be appeared on the weekend which is market day. The shop will get most of ingredients for making food from the market. Due to the shop, it is expected that local people, market sellers and visitors have good relationship as a member of the market.

Emily Louise Howe BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

Unmasking the Carnival For three days each year the streets of Notting Hill are transformed from a cosmopolitan district into Europe’s largest street party, The Noting Hill Carnival. People gather to experience the performance and celebrate the presence of multiculturalism in London. The concept of the structure is to continue to break down the barriers of identity, immersing the population of the street and blurring the line between performer and viewer. The site located on the carnival route at Westbourne Grove will encourage the viewer to have an atmospheric encounter with the procession through the use of multiple mirrored masks bridging the road. 58

Haejeong Jang BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

From the visit to St Peter’s Church for research, I have felt something lacking and missing. In a way, the church is using its space in most efficient way providing needs of community including the regular Christian services. However the question arises as to whether it is providing its space as a church for the spiritual needs and wants in sufficient. A small close-in separate chapel of St Peter’s Church is going to replace the cafe space; it is going to be used solely for the worshipping God. The Chapel will consist three sectors mainly, the courtyard, the passage way and the main chapel. Each of the space is distinguished to another, with different meanings in respect. It shows three

Seungchul Joen BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

My site is around Notting Hill Gate station. My design is for the reducing air and water pollution in this area. Design came from the jellyfish function and cells structures. One of function is air filtration as cell membrane function. When the polluted air goes through the structure, it changes the pH level to the fresh air. One of other function is water filtration as jellyfish manubrium function. When the acid rain fall and goes into the structure, it keeps the nitrogen dioxide and produce fresh water. Therefore, people can see the water filtering system directly; can breathe fresh air inside, and can have a rest inside of the structure. 59

Luciana Johnson-Allen BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

My design proposal is for a hairdresser’s Salon located in Portobello Road. The concept follows my previous project which was to combine a chosen object from Portobello Market and a myth from the area. For the object, I chose the praxinoscope in connection with “The witch of Portobello”, a fictitious work by writer Paulo Coelho. In the book the witch uses dance and spinning to descent into trance state in the hope of get in touch with her inner self and true identity. Whereas the praxinoscope and its mirrored facets spins and capture the changes and movements. The concept of the hairdresser’s salon is to incorporate the mirrors and a spinning platform which rotates to different devices until the transformation of the client’s hair is complete.

Rebecca Claire Jordan BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

“There weren’t many black people around the street, so the Teddy Boys suspected something and went to Totobag’s. Little did they know, there were 300 black people inside. Suddenly all the windows opened, and bottles and cocktails and anything they could find up there were rained down on the teddy boys”. The Notting Hill Carnival began due to the race riots in 1958. Exploring the Teddy boy characters and their involvement within these riots, mysterious, fictional life stories show where they lived, and how they worked. An unfolding exterior structure and an interior factory situated in one of the Teddy boy’s houses has been designed to help protect the people of the carnival from his soul and raise money for the next years carnival. “Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation – Let’s protect our carnival”


Aleksandra Malgorzata Kanczura BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

In the year 2013 Spanish people of Portobello had enough of bad news from back home, information about economical crises, depression, bad weather and lack of sunshine. The lack of sunshine was making them feel particularly miserable. Therefore they gathered and decided to change this. They started to work on technological inventions that would bring the sun back to them. Through innovative costumes, thermal tents, pop up roof filters and many other spatial interventions they brought back a bit of light and shine here and there. But the ultimate quest was to create a Robotic Sunshine.

Zainab Waseem Khan BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07572466016

Voronoi pavilion investigates the principles that lie behind biomimetic and evolutionary architecture. Working with the natural parameters on site at Meanwhile Gardens and using Hydrophilic thermoplastic elastomer allows responsiveness and a sustainable language between the natural factors such as sun and rain and the geometry of the structure. Hydrophilic TPE intakes water, swells and gains weight in the same way as cell membrane do in plant cells, thus becoming ‘alive’ in winter providing shelter for local residence. It is an ecologically sound and adaptive space, which works with nature, without inhibiting growth and evolution of its users, human and nonhuman. 61

Sara Kim BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

ToolBoat is an up-cycling workshop, which runs in narrow boat. Since most of second-hand markets in London are located nearby the London canal network, it is easy to look for vintage materials. Besides, Secondhand can be collected by local residents. By re-designing or combining second-hand materials, the objects turn into multi-historical products. The Boat is a venue that boatman can engage with a local community and neighbours. This object is made of a vintage scale from Portobello market and an analogue hygrothemograph from Pimlico car boots sale. The concept of the hairdresser’s salon is to incorporate the mirrors and a spinning platform which rotates to different devices until the transformation of the client’s hair is complete.

Sian Frances King BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 077 7301 0472

“The uncanny is an occurrence where something can be familiar, yet strange at the same time”. (Freud, 1919) The intention of the space is to create a sense of nostalgia, a ‘lack of orientation’, which evokes an uncanny sensation within the psyche. The unfamiliarity of the ceilings form and the aesthetic, which its shadows cast, creates an eerie quality, one that sees the uncanny erupt. It has been said that music possesses a nostalgic element and can evoke particular emotions, which was the concept behind the proposed space- to create a nostalgic record store, which evokes the uncanny within. 62

Sumi Kwak BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

Ever since Le Corbusier and the Italian futurists salivated over biplanes, steam trains, ocean liners and automobiles in the early 20th century, architecture has been in awe of moving machines. After developing my mechanism for space change. I designed a mobile gallery which gives exhibition itself with changing shape. Portobello road North wall is used for series of year-round artist commissions. It is for helping regenerate the Golborne area through creating a visual link between Portobello road market and Golborne market. Mobile gallery will encourage visitor to continue their journey to discover Golborne market. It will be event to bring the people.

Emily Charlotte Lambert BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

The narrative behind this project commenced with the exploration of the notion of memory. The eye captures life and sends data through to the brain using electrical impulses, storing them as visual memories. This design has been inspired by analysing the mechanical workings of the camera resulting in the creation of a life sized camera which is an interactive landscape of mechanisms and scanners. The site is connected to one of Britain’s most fascinating cinemas the Electric Cinema, Portobello Road. The mechanism follows you throughout the space; culminating in the printing of a portrait image, a physical memory to keep. 63

Sem Lee BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

Cinema is fast becoming a seemingly dead tradition; with the act of going to the cinema increasingly losing appeal as society grows with technological advancement. This studies the Electric Cinema, attempting to understand the reason behind the downfall of traditional cinema set-ups. The project explores the prospect of reviving cinema and the possibilities for redeveloping the way in which people view cinema. The central concern of this project is the accessibility of film where people are increasingly able to recreate the cinema experience in the comfort of their own home. This project questions whether this accessibility has resulted in the downfall of cinema or whether in fact advertising in cinema can be reinvented utilising new methods of technology resulting in more successful rates of attraction.

Ko Eun Lee BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

The proposal is a giant interactive fair ground for people who live in Ladbroke Square estate in Notting hill area. Tho chosen site is Ladbroke Square Gardens which is only accessible by certain residences. The design of playground structure has been developed from previous mechanism studies and the main objective is to create interaction between installation and people. Various types of stimulating play structures allow people to play/interact with the object and ultimately operate open and close movement of installation. It will be a fun fair in rather quite and secret garden. 64

Pui Ting Leung BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07725 666 444

The project is inspired by pirates’ myth. They always chill in pubs to exchange information and business dealings. I would like to create a relaxing place in Portobello Market with same function in a modern way which is a three floors QR code café. Ground Floor is the main café and counter area, first floor is the children and family area, second is the private sofa area. Screens are everywhere in the café for people to scan for all kinds of service and discount. They can enjoy actual coffee and technology shopping at the same time.

Qianyi Lin BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

This project is about kinetic and mechanism. We need to buy some kinetic toys first, take apart of it, and see how are they works. Then analysis the principle of the movement and object operation, do some different tests of the movement and understand the mechanism principles. Then, create you own mechanism during finished the research and analysis on the site. Site: Portobello road market Final model effects: This model is called ‘Talking mouth ‘, which made from paper and use the mental tube to make different movements like a real mouth talking. There are sounders and lights inside the mechanism so when you switch on the ‘paper mouth’ , the mechanism will talk to you and lighting. 65

Lu Liu BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07725 666 444

This is a meditation teahouse. The windows revolve between transparent glass and non-transparent materials allowing guests to contrast with daylight. Materials become lighter as floors progress. The reception is on the ground floor and on the second floor there are multiple paths. One path will lead to the next floor. All paths contain full-length monitors displaying scenery, however one display will have a glass doors between you, and the glass will be polarised so that the image displayed will go blank when the correct door is opened. The tearoom is on the third floor, and meditation pods on the fourth.

Na Rae Maeng BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

As I have been to Notting Hill many times to research and to be inspired, I was fascinated what happened under the stalls in the farmers’ market. The observation was totally different based on the eye level, and I enjoyed people’s movement, market’s opening and closing, and what was remained after market as time goes by. To collect traces after market, I designed this crawling device. It will creep around Notting Hill Farmers’ Market to collect food rubbish, and bring unexpected items to me. 66

Vasilina Mavridou BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

Influenced by the horsemeat propaganda and high calorie fast food consumption, my project proposes a calorie burning architectural prototype. Taking the calories and translating them into volumetric spaces, I am investigating a potential (2030) vertical way of living that aims to rehabilitate the overweight, or those who have sinned by over consuming inhabitants. The tower is divided into 5 different sections with different programs: farming, fat living, exercising, thing living and socializing units. The overweight occupants start their rehabilitation period by occupying the top floors and gradually move down, after achieving the desired rehabilitation level, which is measured in calories.

Hong Min BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07725 666 444

I believe that somehow the past and the present co-exist in the same place. In order to demonstrate my concept of ‘Parallel Universe and Co-exist’, I selected the Supperclub, formerly known as the Acklam Hall in the 70s and 80s, as my project site where various musicians have presented their music. These performance and music will remain there in some form of ‘ghost’. I created a device that produces a 3D virtual space where Joy Division of the 70s and the present co-exist and perform music together. 67

Max Muller BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07887427250

The project explores the constant changing affects artificial light has on a space. Using a wide range of medias the work focuses on recording the activity of light through a space and replicating that so the viewer experiences the lights journey through the space. When light emerges onto the structure it reveals the path that is being created through the space.

Bernette Ng BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

The background of the project is about Notting Hill Carnival, a traditional Caribbean festival which take place in England every August. At first, I interested in the fandangles and costumes from the carnival and culture influence behind the visual images. After researching of the history and interviewing people from Notting Hill, there was no one thing could find to speak for the whole carnival that could give people general idea. From the origin research, traditional African totem is found as a visual monument language for this large public activity and it enlightens me of thinking the direction of my design. As the project named African Worship Sculpture, the idea is to design a structure of installation to create a non-permanent common spaces for the performers and audiences from the Carnival, which could also bring the emotion and the theme of the year. 68

Paula O’Melia BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

The idea for this project originated from the public telephone kiosks along the Carnival route. Underused and almost forgotten, these kiosks provide personal spaces - boundaries behind which the body is protected and the senses can readjust. As more and more people move to big cities for economic reasons the amount of personal space is reducing and noise levels are increasing (13% of the UK population live in London). The Notting Hill Carnival is a captivating celebration however it can get overwhelming with noise levels of up to 135 decibels and crowds of1 million. A system of acoustically designed interventions which travel through the urban environment, offers privileged spaces in which individuals can exit from the bodies, machines and noise to envelop themselves in stillness (detached from the crowds) and quiet (a softening of the decibel level).

Jisu Park BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

‘The project is called ‘You are the Lights’. It proposes the exchange of energy form bespoke designed outdoor exercise machines into electric power to light up ‘Meanwhile Gardens’. Meanwhile Gardens is a community garden along the Grand Union Canal. The garden was set up in 1976, by the Sculptor Jamie McCullough, who earned temporary permission from Westminster City Council. Therefore, the name of garden is ‘Meanwhile Gardens’. ‘You are the Lights’ was developed through engagement with the garden community, using a trolly - ‘Shalley’ - that journeyed through the garden to find out ‘how’ and ‘what’ people would like to give towards improving the garden. 69

Sanghee Park BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

This project began with the question of ‘what people need and want from the space provided’. With the Meanwhile Garden Community, I designed a space for the local community to get together, especially women and those of all generations. From the research, it came to light that people wanted a space where they could socialise, learn and share their experiences between the generations. In order to fulfil these factors, I designed moving and transforming Sewing Classes in the Garden. The space has been designed for the different users and focuses on how effectively the space serves its purpose. This design gives an opportunity for the local community to participate in activities

Malgorzata Pater BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

In Portobello Road no 59A, hidden between a walls of old church, in a narrow, cosy courtyard, there is a greenhouse where you can find fresh vegetables and fruits. The structure itself is made out of windows, inspired and closely linked with the windows from the site. Enter the greenhouse from the street, smell the vegetables, feel the freshness. You can pick any vegetables and fruits you like and we will prepare delicious, fresh juice for you. There is a plenty of spaces in our long wooden tables, so bring your fiends or simply share the table with other people, and enjoy fresh juice and nice chat. You can also buy the vegetables and fruits and take them home with you. The way out leads through an interesting view point. Climb the stairs to the top of the tower. On the right there is a bridge, which will lead you to the street. On the way you can admire the greenhouse from the top. 70

Daria Potapova BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

My Zone – a space that exists on the boundary between imagination and reality. My aim is to erase the trace between those two worlds, using any means possible – different media, collages, storytelling, etc. The main idea was to evoke a feeling and erase any doubts about the existence of the Zone: it always exists as a part of our imagination, as a place we imagine to be in, not necessary what it appears to be. My outcome – short film, capturing the objects that make the Zone special and spatial, by using techniques of Andrei Tarkovsky and the theory of Existentialism by J-P Sartre.

Keziah Powell BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

‘Slowgress’ In contrast to the fast pace of Portobello Road is ‘Slowgress Grocery Store’. Developed to reflect the ‘Slow Movement’, a fast growing revolution that aims to slow the frenetic pace of lives and reconnect people with their surroundings; ultimately to get pleasure from valuing time. The shop incorporates its own tree - a fantasy tree from myth and legend, which bears strange food all year round. Cultivated by customers, each floor has dedicated different amenities for the tree and the shop. Customers work their way through the tree, which leads to the roof; where hanging beds provide a space to find a precious pearl of time. 71

Karen Pulido Anzola BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07725 666 444

Based on Biomimicy Processes, design solutions are to be found in the close study of how nature wisely handle different processes only with natural resources. The case location study is a close street of 12 Mews apartments in London. Statistics reveal that the average British home has shrunk in size by 40 per cent in 80 years. Building regulations are cutting back on space and garden area on new estates is disappearing. This project states a new manifesto for house gardens. A Hyper-surface that overlap the existing building structure starting from facades and transforming into a Hyper-structure on top of roofs thus performing an ecological balance in the city creating urban ecosystems that include both nature and humans.

David Brian John Searl BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

‘THREAT carnival or consequence’ is all about the dark side of carnival. Having been issued a brief that was all about the Notting Hill Carnival, my project delved into traditional Trinidadian folklore, spirit characters and superstition. It began with researching carnival costume and the inspiration behind such spectacles - the bright colours, the abundance of feathers, masks, headpieces, but what about the horns, the stilts, the wings? What was the reason for those? What began as a collaborative project, a group of peers and I looked at traditional carnival spirit character costumes and selected a handful of these to explore. After finding that the majority of our selection were protective spirits that would warn off threats and evil to the community, by the time it came to my independent project, I wanted to know more about what this evil was and learn more about the threat. 72

Aleksandra Sinanova BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

Project is about kinetic installation. This is my device, which represents a robotic butterfly. It will be a product, we can buy form the shop and assemble our self. It is activated and controlled by an iphone/ipod and it can keep you company when you need a little fellow around you, maybe play with it in the park or open spaces. During the night you will never walk alone, it will go with you and glow your way.

Shipra Singahania BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

The essence of Spirituality is the search to discover the true nature of consciousness. My idea of experiencing ‘Modern Spirituality’ for a Garden Community uses a space proposed to offer confessions to a tree. This space is designed out of rectangular wooden members that play with natural light creating dynamic shadows. Here the devotee performs a ritual that replicates a journey to individuation, he writes a confession overlooking the ‘sacred tree’ and then walks around to space to enter the ‘open room’ where he can offer his story. Here he detaches from the society and individualizes himself helping him attain happiness and self-satisfaction. 73

Jelena Siniak BA hons Interior and Spatial Design +447759668422

The ‘Tree of Knowledge’ is a thematic bookshop with a reading area on Portobello Road. It is an inspiring enclosure to hide for a while from a daily routine or noisy road. You can find and purchase here a desired book, or simply enjoy a quiet reading in store or in the nearby Ladbroke Square Garden. The design inspiration comes from the study of a magnificent structure of a tree and the awareness of how important are trees and books nowadays. In my belief, the cycle of knowledge begins from the tree, continues into the books, and then returns back to the tree, this time the ‘tree’ of knowledge. The spatial programme of the project is an inspiring and delighting environment that makes people want to purchase a book or engage with learning straight in the store.

Inga Sleinere BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

OHO (Russian: оно [onó], it, that one there) Weather plays one of the most important roles in a successful outdoor business. Therefore the aim of the project is to realize a prototypical architecture that dynamically responds to the changes in weather (rain, humidity). It is an approach to enrich the quality of the street market with a responsive, adaptive installation piece that exhibits some of the dynamic elements that can be found in a nature. Its kinetic features as well as its physical nature are based on my studies of the vampire squid. The core of the structure is a build in mechanism, which has its own unique design, based on a research on various different artists, organic forms and animal based movements. 74

Sigita Verbylaite BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

“Musical trail” is a design project created for Meanwhile Garden Community people to enjoy their daily route to work, home or other destinations. The trail starts at the entrance of local Council estate and leads through the garden to the pond, where it ends. With its musical steps, stairs, tubes and bench, trail creates an organic 3D curve, with each part producing music when touched. Trail invites grown up people to be more playful and relaxed.

Justin Oscar Wang BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

BA Memorial is a project that looks in depth in to the remaining genuine antique shops on Portobello Road. The survivors of the antique market have become very precious and valuable, as commercial shops have taken over most of the area. To preserve a shop and to create a representation I studied a particular shop that I appreciated the most. Oscar’s design has been based on the ideas of memorials and Totems. The idea is to capture certain elements of shop no.83, Barham Antiques. An idea of retaining what was most precious about Portobello Road, making the antique shops the antiques themselves, as it is inevitable these shops will slowly, but surely disappear. 75

Chun-Ting Wei BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07500056998

The educational space design on Portobello Road is for schools to introduce the planting industry to student. Four floors including the sky garden present three methods of vegetable cultivation through new techniques from the past to present. People can experience the process from soil culture, water culture to LED light culture of the growing vegetables. From this activity, students can clearly understand how food is being produced and they are able to grow it at home. We are willing to bring back the green environment which has slowly disappeared. The store will kindly take care of your exclusive vegetables until they are ready to be cook and eat. During this period of time, it will be putted in a design box in order to place on the wall for display. We also sell vegetables to popularize the information.

Bin Wen BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

ColourMist is a project that explores and reflects the rich context of the site – Portobello Road. Inspired by heat mapping, the project is set on the surfaces of the distinctive colourful houses on Portobello Road, using the façade as a delineator, programmed to ‘interpret’ the surroundings into a spatial format for the passersby. BIN has designed a virtual space that allows viewers to interact with the architecture and observe the inherent space through colour, the experience is carefully designed to reveal ‘the invisibles and the obvious’ of Portobello Road. The use of social networks is one of the perks in BIN’s project. 76

Yin Sau Wong BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

Walk into Film is a film gallery which presenting a series of video. In the gallery, there are a lot of unusual setting of video projection to change the usual video watching habit projecting video on flat vertical surface and look still to the video. The concept behind of the gallery is integrating the new experience into the video viewing habit – in way of changing the scale, surface, angle and direction of the screens, projectors and viewers.

Noor Sadiq BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07854665457

Stories under Trellick is a reflection of the life and times of Trellick Tower. From its nadir in the 70’s to its present day, my project intends to discover, acknowledge and ultimately celebrate the transition of this urban edifice. 
It consists of a garden in shape of a descending spiral which gets narrower as the path goes on. This aims to mimic the suffocating emotions of the Trellick residents who have lived through its worst times. Inspired by the Panopticon the entire path is lined by mirrors that ensure people are always aware of the tower in the background.


Yue Wu BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07725 666 444

Muzhen Wu BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

The concept of this project is a flower supermarket. Most of the flower shops in Portobello Market only appears during weekends. Not like those small and crowded shops, this is a specific space with more choices which you can visit everyday. Compared to the normal flower shops, the way people choose flowers in here are different. Customers choose the flowers/plants with their own interests or their own stories. The shopping trolley has been designed differently with an area which can let customers to do the flower arrangements by themselves while shopping. Also, the rainwater recycle system has been used in the whole building. This project is aimed to create a space which people can enjoy their time with flowers. 78

Lili Xu BA hons Interior and Spatial Design 07840589761

This project will begin at the site: 59A Portobello Road, it is a cafe there. The vines around cafe remind me to look at how the plants to record a space and how a space could keep the memories. I’m interested in the plants and natural forms, which is also the main research part of my project. Inspired by the growing process of the vines, this project will reproduce a living house in a natural surreal atmosphere. It will represent the people who are living with the inner forest house. Instead of the original cafe, it shows the plants inhabit in this house and the movements of the people.

Dongzi Yang BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

Most of people thinks the living system of plants can not be replaced, but some people thinks it can. For this project, I focus on researching and analyzing the life cycle of plants and biological. At the same time, I used the ideas based on my research for the site design. I recorded not only the changing appearance but also the needs and the living environment of the daffodil in each day, On the other hand, I got an idea of creating a system which can simulated the shape from the plants and the movements from the jellyfish, the movements of the leaves, the process of liquid transport and photosynthesis. For the mechanism part, I bought a hand washing machine which has inductor inside. It starts working only when something get closed or passing through. Then I used hydraulic system and the induction pump from machine in my idea to make the artificial plants moves. 79

Christina Zampela BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

The aim of my project is to filter the water of the Grand Union Canal in W11, London and distribute the clean water to the nearby houses for the everyday needs of the people. Using biomimicry design and specifically inspired by the water lily plant, my design combines floating filters that clean the water and deliver it via pipes that are connected to the local houses. At the same time, bridges are formed by the artificial water lilies that allow people to enjoy their day by the canal and walk into the Meanwhile Gardens.

Haoya Zhang BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

The sky’s colour will change when time pass. Different time of day will have different colours. It is as if you can stop time by the different colours and experience different “time” in different space. The roof will be tainted glass, making the light coming through the roof different colours like a kaleidoscope. Using mirrors, the coloured light will passing through the roof will reflected around the room. When standing at this space, people will feel like standing in the sky. Different kind of clothes are organised into different coloured space. Light sky blue space for sport suits, pale turquoise space for daily clothing, medium turquoise space for party dresses and midnight blue space for nightgown. 80

Yuchen Zhong BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

Lulia Zolotcov BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

My project deals with the dialogue between the Westway highway and the buildings surrounding it. As the futurists mentioned in their manifesto, published more than a century ago: ‘They put the speed and the convenience of the car first’. Today we see the materialisations of those thoughts; the roads are encircling the buildings and we are surrounded by this spectacle of concrete, speed and lights. Briefly based on the existent architectural proposals for the development of the buildings and the road infrastructure, I created a speculative futuristic Ladbroke Grove. The foundations for the new erected structures are the memories of the previous residents who lived there in the past. 81

Katie Bills BA hons Interior and Spatial Design

In a world where 50% of household food is thrown away, the recycling of waste is more of an issue in everyday life than ever. Portobello market’s food stalls produce a large volume of waste, and the essence of this project is to explore the issue of waste disposal locally, and create a business which processes market waste into organic compost. The compost bins and the building they are housed in have been designed to serve the market’s requirement for waste disposal, work in an economically and environmentally efficient way, and serve the local community.


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The Chelsea College of Art and Design 2013 catalogue was designed by Jenna Edgar

Chelsea Ba catalogue  

Kupambana sponsored Chelsea BA catalogue

Chelsea Ba catalogue  

Kupambana sponsored Chelsea BA catalogue