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Lewis Paradzai Silent Hill analysis The opening sequence of ‘Silent Hill’ begins with camera work which denotes a tracking shot/planning shot. In this shot the camera is tracking/ planning across a room. The mise-en-scene in the shot denotes an abandoned, rundown house, which is in poor condition. This would be a convention of the horror genre as the sets are conventionally abandoned houses or town. This could possibly establish the location for the target audience who are familiar with the iconography of a horror the horror. The transitions which have been used are dark fades. This would be appropriate and effetcive in the horror genre. This is because death is a conventional theme of the genre of horror. The dark fades connote passing away or endings. The grahics in this opening sequence seem to be very realistic. This would suggest this media text was produced by a well established production company which could afford to create a high budget sequence. The camera movement is fluid and steady conntoing the narrative will follow Tzvetan Todorov’s equilibrium theory. The miseen-scene in the image on the right dennotes a wall with exosed bricks. The would connote a violent act has taken play. This would be expected from a horror film as one of the main themes of the genre is killing. The typography in the screen shot is very quiky and not straight. This font resembles a child’s handwriting. The connotations of this is a child is a plays a major part of in the narrative. The primary audience would be aware of this as some this can also be a convention.This same font can be seen in the opening sequence of ‘Orphan’ a horror film which about a child. The image on the left dennotes a television which is not receiving a signal. This would anchor the idea the abandoned houses in the genre of horror. Another reason why this would connote an abandoned or isolated hous is because the home could be far away from a town or city so it can not revieve a signal. This is because the location of horror films are conventally in isolated area such as the woods. The opening sequence of this mewdia text connotes several different hybrid sub-genres. This could be the director telling the audience this media text will include serval hybrid sub-genre. In my opinion this would be something which I would consider do but with a main sub-genre. This is because this and my media text could appeal to various different audience. One of of the sub-genres the audience are presented with is the zmbie sub-genre. This is because the mise-en-scene dennotes a a zombie like creatures. Another sub-genre is supernatural as a possessed nun was shown. The zombie and the supernatural sub-genres are a suitable hybrid because the dead/ living death can be link with spirituality as death has a lot of spiritual connotations. There are several picture of children in this opening sequence. This would anchor the idea a child is at the centre the narrative. The audience are presented with shots which of a person who cannot be seen searching for something or someone with a flashlight. This shot was shown after a image of a

Lewis Paradzai young. The media text also denote a the zombies what seems to be them looking for someone or something. This could connote the girl is young is wanted by humans and the spiritual realm.

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