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_h_clark_ _m_arch_

_1_ the child is mine 2001

ink on euripides 5” x 7” _2_ morning expedition for federico villaluna 2003

mixed media 2’ x 10’ _1_




_3_ map k

_4_ untitled(s)

plaster and colored pencil 5” x 7”

wax and oil on canvas 16” x 20”



[cu]mulus promenade the highline, nyc: 2009 the [cu]mulus promenade began with an investigation of the geometric rules inherent in the utilitarian nature of coffee sleeves: insultation + protection. having identified several areas along the highline that are devoid of shade and subject to extreme sun exposure, the primary function of the [cu]mulus promenade is to insulate + protect visitors from the heat [while still allowing the elements, such as wind, rain and snow to pass through]. the skeletal form of the promenade takes its cue from the most organic examples of shade along the highline: clouds. [cu]mulus clouds, specifically, were investigated for the potential of their ‘puffy’ appearance and ‘noticeable vertical development’. it is for this reason that the [cu] mulus promenade provides its visitors with varied ‘spatial’ chambers and a ‘secondary plane’, rising off of the highline, to walk through. lastly, the skin of the promenade was inspired by the shadows cast by a few looming buildings along the highline [in this instance, the standard hotel between 12th14th street]. the [cu]mulus promenade is an aggregate of straight-edge timber which produces hard-line shadows, aids in the screening of sun exposure and thereby plays on the theme of sun protection factors [spf 8-100]

_5_ found object: coffee sleeve the sleeve/patent # 5,826,786 _6_ grid overlay + shape reveal = identification of production template/dna/geometry






_7_ highline prohibitions: “maintain south to north trajectory� photo collage + diagram _8_ data point model collapsible shade depot: draft 1 basswood _9_ data point model collapsible shade depot: draft 1a basswood

_10_, _11_, _12_ site study: hard shadow(s) cast by the standard hotel [w 13th - W 14th] pencil on vellum










_13_ cloud iterations: form studies skeleton/skin identification basswood



_14_ (cu) promenade: skeleton 1/16 scale


_15_ (cu) promenade: skin 1/16 scale _16_ (cu) promenade: shadow 1/16 scale _17_ (cu) promenade: site proposal for the highline w 13th - W 14th




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