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The choice of building materials Continuing the discussion, whenever I can, of self or assisted construction, I get hit by the same questions: how do we choose the materials that truly serve in our house? As demand continues and it is urgent, I began to look around me with the eyes of those who know nothing of construction, the thing that upset me is that homebuilders are aware of their ignorance and try in every way to remedy , while those who are doing jobs in the traditional way they wash hands thoroughly, but how: in your house do not pretend to be able to understand what materials to use? We face the problem, or rather I face and I hope you find yourselves there, starting with the great dilemma: is it good a brand or another? NO, maybe you have to start from a different level: who is able to provide the right information about the materials to be used? Designers? Why not! After all they are the ones who design and should know them very well! Well it is not, or rather, you cannot know them all, are far too many! Then we can decide what type of building we want to build and then choose the most suitable designer (for example, if I want to go green building by a specialized designer and I will find surely competence) but even so it is not enough, we must add a comparison so that there is no doubt! The second character that we could use is: The building contractor: the very one who will execute the works! But he, more than any other, is so tied to the income which the job will give you that would be willing to say that the sea sand was excavated in the Dolomites (clearly are not all that). If we rely on traditional buildings can only see also Internet for the rest ... we ended up people available. If we make use of the tigla metalica system of self-construction, we can ask two other characters that may be present during processing: suppliers and representatives! The suppliers, often building stores, can be of great help as they ensure a commercial mentality, but by their nature should know as much as possible and the materials and how to use them! Of course they propose only what you sell and what is more suitable, but a comparison with them can be beneficial in the choices! Another thing is to talk with representatives (bad race), being sent by the manufacturers, there never will offer the materials of competitors, cannot by contract! But their experience, especially those who are shipbuilding, it may be useful to understand the true value of the material chosen! So if you have friends get them involved representatives, a right advice can definitely get away from us. Let's go back to the original question: What brand to use? None and all! Let's get out of my head that a single producer to be able to have all of its materials to the top of the range! NOT 'POSSIBLE! There are

manufacturers who are famous for some materials, let's use them for good ones! We try to steal information anywhere you can, but let us never forget to use our heads! Well actually it is true, it is my workhorse, though, if you think about it, it is not a far-fetched advice! Unfortunately, those who venture in the renovation of his apartment or in the construction of their home, compared with a world economic well-defined and, like all the worlds economic useful lives on! And the profits you are making a difference between what is received and what has been spent! It is a lesson in accountancy, but remember this point! Our designers, suppliers, companies, representatives etc.. are not charities, but professionals who live by their work and try to sell what makes it more! Remembered this simple factor, we begin to look at the data sheets of the materials that we have proposed, and if you are good, look for the sheets of the same materials outside of Italy! You may not be prepared linguistically, but the test methods are standardized and, at least the values, be able to compare them! If you find obvious differences on materials discard them! It means that those sheets were adjusted artificially to attract certain people! If you are equal let him take the next step! The next step concerns a matter that we all learned in school: physics! Who just like me, and who then, but all we have heard! Well, the building is one of the trades related to physics to be found, then let us remember that even the materials are! We try to understand what they mean values that are written on the data sheets, maybe talking with friends who are in the industry. An example: If you have to choose a waterproofing (sorry but it's my job and I was good to talk about it) the first thing you should know is the coefficient of permeability: that is how long it takes the water to pass from the barrier we did. The next step is to understand what affects the operator's hand in this coefficient! The larger the smaller the contribution of the operator guarantees that you may have! We take the cement mortars: are those that can give more problems because the operator must mix them with water or with the component B or even with the C (three-component), must calculate how much water perfectly put to make the dough have you ever seen a mason who uses graduated glasses to calculate the water or the electronic scale to calibrate the components? Well you understand why it is likely that they are wrong! On the contrary, the lower the intake greater the guarantee of impermeability! Currently there are no materials that stretch alone, but certainly the prefabricated waterproofing are those that are preferred. Another thing to check very well the application notes of the materials so you can check if the person who is using them does it in the correct way! Often workers are not happy with them as they make you look or the things that you face questions! Surely you could distract, but many are annoyed because they do not know what to say!! And your right to see how you do the work in your own home! By choosing other materials, you have to understand what their reference value and the rules for applying! By doing so you can get the work done conscientiously! Maybe not perfect, but definitely more durable! Those who choose to act in self is obliged to know all these things because he cannot live without! Having to put your hands directly must study both the materials and how to lay, to do the tests and read the manuals pose! The help of a professional is welcome in these cases! Being able to get us the things

pushes us to exaggerate the knowledge of what we use making us feel not only the functioning of the materials, but also how important the installation of the same! I close by saying this: do not look at how much a job! Know that there are no layers racing! At best, they are leaving something that then affect the future of the application in your home though!

The choice of building materials  
The choice of building materials