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Autumn Update 2013

Introduction The other night I was sitting in the first talk within the Autumn Series. The room was full of people, some of them patients, who wanted to know more about “innovations in cancer care”. Dr Osborne, clinical oncologist, reminded us of the breakthroughs in medical science which have led to patients living longer, some being cured completely and some living with their disease. On the same evening that Dr Osborne made his presentation, across the grounds as the sun set, I could see into the garden room on the ground floor. There were another 30 patients who are members of the survivors’ choir (“Rising Voices”) singing their hearts out! We could even hear their “rising voices” when they hit some of the high notes! More than four years ago the board of Lewis-Manning accepted that there was a growing need for our services and indeed a pressing requirement for us to develop care for patients with a life limiting illness. The other evening, with the hospice so busy and full of life, was a moment to reflect on how much has been achieved as we move “Attending the hospice towards opening the first bedrooms has enhanced my life dur- in November within our “breathe ing a period of depression easy” work. In this Autumn update associated with the symp- you will be struck, as am I, on the toms of cancer. It was achievements of the team who are lovely to laugh again (the working so hard to enable patients art therapy has been a to be cared for and supported by highlight)” Lewis-Manning. What a difference a year makes!

Elizabeth Purcell Chief Executive 2

Finance and fundraising The accounts for the last financial year will show a total income of circa £2.3M, an increase of £0.8M from the previous year. That represents a 35% increase on the previous year and reflects the huge effort which has been put into raising funds at a time of economic weakness in the global economy. Key to the growth strategy has been the recruitment of a Director of Development to focus on fundraising, communications and service development. Suppliers have been generous in supporting the equipment project and during September and October the bedrooms and patient spaces are being equipped with soft furnishings, beds and chairs in readiness for opening the first bedrooms in November.

“Originally I needed persuasion to come to the hospice. Now I look on it as “the day of the week”.

Fundraising continues at a pace. Grant making opportunities are being actively pursued and collaborative arrangements with other charities are being formed to fund the exciting new and innovative projects which are already under way. For the first five months of the financial year, fundraising is ahead of budget due to strong performances in legacies, events, corporate, community and retail, and growth plans continue.

“Communications and branding are the hand-maidens of fundraising success.” Help the Hospices Commission 3

Holistic Care Since our Spring update all of our existing services have been expanding to cater for an increased need. New services Our new services each help to re-enforce a life purpose and provide rehabilitation and respite. For example, the survivors choir which is recruiting new members all the time, now has more than 30 members and is receiving bookings for events. And the carers group has spent time with our board chaplain, a local funeral director and our complementary therapist to help prepare them for the future.

“I very much appreciated the way I was treated, I was given a manicure, time to spend on my hobby and left alone to rest and chat when I wanted – I never felt “organised by others” which helped me relax and be myself.”

New therapies The newly recruited complementary therapist is leading and developing our programme of therapies. She is already fully occupied and, along with our new physiotherapist, offers greater flexibility and choice to outpatients. Sessions can be booked as part of a day hospice visit or independently. New programme Our new contract with the NHS has been signed and our Autumn Programme of seminars and workshops has commenced with very positive feedback and engagement from a wide range of participants, widening the breadth and depth of our community. Life changing messages A new communications project for women to share supportive messages is under way with patients taking the lead in writing uplifting and supportive messages for other women. This simple but life changing project has already had a positive impact on those patients taking part and will extend beyond the hospice to the wider community. Opening bedrooms During Lung Cancer Awareness month in November our “breathe easy” work will be the focus for our first bedrooms opening to facilitate easier breathing through winter. These short stay bedrooms will be used to enable a residential programme for education and rehabilitation to get under way aimed at managing the stress and anxiety caused by poor lung function and breathing issues. Guests will take part in various workshops aimed at expanding lung capacity, reducing anxiety and managing the winter weather. 4

Organisational Strength The communications and brand values exercise has been completed with useful and interesting outcomes which enable a communications and branding strategy to be produced and the “hospice” brand evolved. The communications strategy will be adopted during the Autumn and reflects a modern, upbeat and hopeful model of care and support. Board recruitment continues with one new member having been recruited and a further member going through the appointment process. An open day in October will provide a recruitment platform for the inpatient team and interviews are already planned for the inpatient lead. Meanwhile, the bedrooms will open using our bank of existing staff and in collaboration with other hospices. “The important thing is to not let it get you down. I am very lucky to have the love and support of my family, which really helps, and I have learnt to not give up, not to rush things and to keep planning for the future.” Molly

Staff engagement is critical to us and the “Time to Care” staff away day in May was a resounding success and has helped to formulate the brand messages which the new LewisManning stands for. The image on the right reflects the words used by staff to describe the day. A further away day is planned for January 2014 to engage staff in promoting and supporting the organisation through its transition.


Next steps...


Holistic Care

Organisational strength

Secure project based funding to include capital and revenue items.

Recruit bank team for short term overnight stays

Adopt communications strategy

Open the first bedrooms

Adopt brand values

Develop collaborative funding with other charities. Secure grant for long term funding of inpatient lead


Recruit inpatient team

Continue Board recruitment Cement partnerships with other charities to provide services

Autumn update 2013  

Lewis-Manning Hospice is a charity in Poole, Dorset, that offers free specialist palliative nursing care to around 650 local people living w...

Autumn update 2013  

Lewis-Manning Hospice is a charity in Poole, Dorset, that offers free specialist palliative nursing care to around 650 local people living w...