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reasons for the increase of divorces today. In Apuleius’s novel the functions of the animus and the anima are still represented by semidivine figures. However, one could conclude from the “human� behavior of these figures that in reality they are aspects of the human soul.

While various commentators have not realized the profound relation of this tale in the whole context of the story of Lucius, others recognized, especially Merkelbach, the mystical connection with the initiation in the Isis mystery cult, which is described at the end of the novel. Immediately when Lucius sees Charite, a beautiful, innocent young girl, the ass in him is awakened with interest in her. Even the drunken old woman has pity for her. In Greek mythology, Charis is one of the three Graces, those semigoddesses who are usually shown in a group of three, and represent grace and beauty. They were the companions of Dionysos. In Greek, the word charis means charm, intangible beauty, like that of the trees whose leaves are still completely fresh, or like that of a flower which opens up. The name Charite, and that of Tlepolemus, will become very meaningful later. In this present condition the girl cries, not only because of the robbers, but because she had had a horrible dream in which she saw robbers kill her husband with a stone; she is therefore convinced that he is dead. We know that this is not true, because later he turns up, but is killed at the end by the

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Marie Louise Von Franz - The Golden Ass of Alpulius  

Marie Louise Von Franz - The Golden Ass of Alpulius