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is to this relationship that the symbol of the stone seems to point. But this is still a completely unresearched area of reality, which awaits the investigations of future generations of physicists and psychologists. The discussion of synchronicity may seem a digression from our theme, but synchronicity had to be mentioned briefly, because it is a theme full of creative possibilities for the future. Moreover, synchronicity phenomena almost always occur during the most important phases of the process of individuation. They are often paid no heed, because the individual of today has not learned to watch for such coincidences and make them meaningful in relation to the symbolism of his dreams.

The Relationship with the Self Today more and more people, especially those forced to stay in the cities because of their jobs, suffer from a sense of emptiness and boredom. It is like perpetually waiting for something that never comes. Movies, sports events, and political enthusiasms may distract us for a while, but time and again we come back from them to the wasteland of our own apartments, tired and disenchanted once more. The only worthwhile adventure for the people of today is the adventure within. Realizing this dimly, many are turning to yoga and other Eastern teachings; but that is really no adventure, for there we do no more than adopt the knowledge already acquired by the Indians and Chinese, without having a direct encounter with our own inner center.50 There is, it is true, the same concentration on the inner psyche that is found in Jungian psychology, with the difference that Jung has shown a way for us to come into contact with our own inner being alone and free, without preconceived rules. When one gives daily attention to the reality of the Self, it is as though one has to live on two levels. As before, one devotes one’s attention to one’s duties in the external world, but at the same time one heeds all the messages and signs in dreams and events through which the Self makes known its intentions and shows the direction in which the stream of life is tending. Old Chinese texts that depict this type of approach make use of the image of a cat waiting in front of a mousehole. Attention, it is said, must be neither too tense nor too slack. “When one practices in this manner . . . , with time it will bear fruit, and when the right moment comes, it is like a ripe melon falling— something happens that triggers the inner awakening of the individual. Then

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Marie - Louise Von Franz - Archetypal Dimensions of the Psyche -  

Marie - Louise Von Franz - Archetypal Dimensions of the Psyche -