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collective, exactly that is supportive and good that is diminishing and evil for the individual.27

What Schmid is really describing is a double pair of opposites:

Such a tension between opposites is resolved only through the spontaneous revelation of a new symbol that reconciles the opposites, a new middle term. It is always a case of using the ass’s horn—that is, the conquered but not suppressed wildness—to draw from the waters of the Styx that which, in accordance with a mysterious order, is thrusting its way toward the light out of the collective unconscious. The horn as the vessel has a unique double nature. As a horn it is phallic and masculine—penetrative thrusting power, directed energy. But for use as a vessel it must be turned over, that is, an enantiodromia or reversal is needed. So then as a vessel it is a feminine, receptive principle. Better known than the ass’s horn is the so-called unicorn cup, which Jung discussed in detail in Psychology and Alchemy.28 It is an alexipharmacon, that is, all poison that is poured into the cup becomes harmless. It also protects anyone who drinks from it from pain and sickness. Thus the unicorn cup is a “uniting symbol,”29 and as such it is the “vessel” or the means of harmlessly assimilating suprapersonal contents of the unconscious psyche instead of letting oneself be carried away into wildness and inflation. Only under this condition is the water of the Styx, that is, of the collective unconscious, not dangerous. The water of the Styx also has another property. This is the power that is sworn by and by which even gods are severely punished if they perjure their oaths. Thus it contains a kind of truth or ultimate justice that stands above

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Marie - Louise Von Franz - Archetypal Dimensions of the Psyche -  

Marie - Louise Von Franz - Archetypal Dimensions of the Psyche -