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Seminar with C. G. Jung.” We might also think of the dwarves in the parallel, “The Green Maiden,” who are an indication of the creative activity of the unconscious. In “The Green Maiden,” the father of the three boys is the king, but he also appears at the same time as the golden stag, cursed, at the side of the green maiden. He is an animus figure that recalls the “spirit Mercurius” as cervus fugitivus (fleeing stag). Cf. C. G. Jung, Alchemical Studies, CW 13, para. 259, p. 211. Professor B. Klopfer once pointed out to me in an oral communication that this archetypal constellation might well be behind postpartum psychoses, the course of which is different from and less dangerous than that of ordinary psychoses. It would be worthwhile to look into this more closely. On the sacrifice as a process of making conscious, cf. C. G. Jung, Psychology and Religion, CW 11, paras. 381ff., pp. 252ff. On this assimilation of the archetype, not through living out its instinctive aspect, but rather by making conscious its “spiritual” pole, cf. C. G. Jung, The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche, CW 8, paras. 415f. See also Jung’s essay “The Psychological Aspect of the Mother Archetype,” in CW 9/i, p. 98. Cf. B-P, vol. 1, p. 20. For example, in the Grimm’s Tale “Thousandfurs” (Allerleirauh). See also in this connection the parallels in B-P, vol. 2, pp. 45ff; also the Turkestani fairy tale “The Magic Steed,” where the nocturnal kidnapper is a div, that is, an animus figure. From Russische Märchen, same collection, no. 51. That the incredible brutality of the Virgin Mary was not regarded as repellent is astounding! In “The Green Maiden,” the motif is structured as in “Maryushka.” On this as precisely the living function of a genuine symbol, see C. G. Jung, Psychological Types, CW 6, para. 824, p. 478. B-P, vol. 1, pp. 13ff. In “The Green Maiden,” too, it is the denial that is the heroic deed. There the “maiden” says, “Because you were so discreet and did not let even a horrible death at the stake loosen your tongue, you

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Marie - Louise Von Franz - Archetypal Dimensions of the Psyche -  

Marie - Louise Von Franz - Archetypal Dimensions of the Psyche -