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beach and, without ever formally deciding to do so, just keeps going and doesn’t come back.) The Explorer as Individualist The Explorer may be expressed in the desire for self-sufficiency. personnel services makes explicit the desire to flee from the corporate expectation of company spirit, advertising that the firm is “Saving the world from the indignities of the company picnic. One person at a time.” Libertarian politics are prevalent in Silicon Valley, where Explorer values emphasize laissez-faire attitudes and products that give enormous power to the individual. Computers and the World Wide Web not only have given the individual enormous power to access information; they also have equalized the playing field—at least among those affluent enough to own a computer and educated enough to know how to use it. Although not all Explorers are libertarians, they tend to be critical of the establishment. However, whereas the Hero may fight to change the world, the Explorer more typically simply lives by his or her own lights. This may mean setting up—or shopping at—a different kind of business. You might expect cosmetic companies to sell Lover brands, but not The Body Shop. Anita Roddick founded a cosmetic shop with no hype and no promises to transform her customers. Rather, she counted on finding customers who would share her global awareness, environmental consciousness, and concern with animal, as well as human, rights. Explorers tend to see themselves as—and often are—ahead of their time and definitely willing to take tough stands for something they believe in. The Body Shop combines this cutting-edge image with the Explorer’s fascination with all that is exotic and foreign. Organic products are made with ingredients from the Amazon rain forest. Roddick’s philosophy is “Trade, not aid,” so she helps create incomes for economically stressed communities while also working to stop the burning of the rain forest. The Body Shop reminds employees that “goals and values are as important as our products and profits” and that “the Body Shop has soul—don’t lose it.”

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype