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vidual. This does not mean, however, that people within these cultures do not have access to the Explorer archetype. Indeed, part of the appeal of American Explorer products may, in fact, be that they reinforce the validity of finding yourself, even if your primary culture undervalues this important developmental task. The simple assumption that the rights of the individual should be protected is one of America’s most compelling exports, a value that is often sold unconsciously along with U.S. products. (Of course, Americans also benefit from the value exports of other countries. For example, Asian cultures have exported meditation techniques to the United States and, in doing so, have encouraged the expression of a particularly peaceful aspect of the Sage archetype underdeveloped here.) Because the Explorer so loves to travel, virtually any imported products can have a bit of an Explorer brand’s allure, especially products from more primitive or exotic countries. Even domestic products with a global meaning have appeal. For example, long before Starbucks emerged on the scene, General Foods (now Kraft Foods) launched a line of flavored instant coffees called General Foods International Coffees. In the seventies and eighties, while most coffee brands were perceptually grounded in the kitchen of the homey housewife, these “international” coffees offered flavors such as “Orange Cappuccino” and “Swiss Mocha.” Their early spokesperson, a celebrity named Carol Lawrence, was featured in the ads breezing back from Europe with her latest “discovery.” The line used in the campaign was “General Foods International Coffees—as much a feeling as a flavor.” Not only was the brand successful, but it was able to sustain profit margins much higher than the norm for the category. Why? Partly because the Explorer archetype was able to powerfully differentiate the brand from those in the rest of the category. Also, because the brand tapped into—and perhaps even gently nurtured—the emerging Explorer archetype in its female customers. The Youthful Explorer Any archetype can be expressed in a person of any age. However, adolescents and twenty-somethings in virtually any culture are likely to have an Explorer side to them because it is their developmental

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype