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The Innocent


mentalists in any religion and in any society, and people who “drop out” of a high-pressure, achievement-driven culture to experience the joy of the simple life. On the other hand, all this rushing about and resultant depletion of their energy can make Innocents regress, so some of them may evidence the lower levels of the archetype. In a large number of consumers, innocence is associated with a certain narcissism and childishness. Many customers today are impatient and do not like to wait. They want things when they want them and the way they want them. Speed is therefore of the essence, as is superb customer service. Immature Innocents tend to dislike people who complain about or dwell on their problems. In fact, they dislike anyone who makes them see the negative potential in life (without providing a solution), which includes corporations that make excuses for their lack of responsiveness. The majority of Innocent consumers today expect to be the center of value for the corporation: Their wishes are the corporation’s command. There also may be the shadow of rage in the Innocent against whatever forces in the world they identify as being responsible for the breakdown of values and civility in modern life. Conservatives blame liberals. Liberals blame conservatives. Majority Innocents may blame minorities, while minorities blame racism. Innocents also have a tendency to go into denial about problems and not face them until they escalate, simply because they want life to be perfect—now. The most extreme example of this is Nazi Germany, where most good people were in denial about the Holocaust. In the United States, analogous situations would be the annihilation of the buffalo and the systematic destruction of American Indian civilization. How does this attitude influence commerce? What it means is that the Innocent is self-involved and may not empathize with your dilemma. For example, many consumers today expect perfection in their dealings with corporate America. If you do not fulfill this fantasy, they happily go elsewhere. But at the same time, customers who respond to the appeal of the Innocent archetype are likely to be loyal to your brand if their experience is positive, simply because, unlike Explorers, Innocents like predictability more than novelty. Innocents may, for example, remain loyal customers of L. L.

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Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype