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mantic love; (4) the capacity for intimacy with family, friends, and colleagues; and (5) spiritual love for all of humankind or even all sentient beings. As we researched archetypes in ads and brands today, we discovered that the largest percentage of ads is designed as if this change had not taken place. In fact, they communicate with the reader at the lower stages of each archetype—the forms in which the archetype is expressed when a person is not self-actualized. For example, everywhere we looked, we found Explorer ads. Marketers clearly understand that this archetype speaks to people today. Yet, we were disappointed that so few of them tapped into the deeper and more interesting level of the archetype. The overwhelming majority of the Explorer ads we surveyed focused simply on either being out in nature or feelings of alienation. Few were designed to help people with the deeper learning task of the archetype—that of truly finding oneself. Ironically, when people do not develop the capacity to make meaningful choices in a society that offers practically an infinite number of options, they tend to blame society for their own defects. Consequently, they rail against the materialism of society and the corporations that produce consumer goods, instead of taking responsibility for their own purchasing decisions. Paradoxically, corporations that do not help consumers gain a capacity for self-definition and responsible choice will be prey to consumer backlash. Beyond Market Segmentation, Beyond Stereotyping Even more importantly, because most people in the field of marketing do not understand archetypes, and because they think in terms of market segmentation, they have an unfortunate tendency to reduce archetypes to stereotypes. For instance, imagine a high-achieving executive. She ordinarily might be attracted by ads for Ruler products, which reinforce her sense of status or power and help her make her mark on the world. Reading an airline magazine, she might perk up at an ad that offers her a more effective planning calendar, an innovative computer program, or a power suit. While a variety of products might help her achieve and maintain power (or just feel powerful), what will signal their appeal to her is the underlying

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Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype