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How Archetypes Affect Consciousness Not only conventional products and services, but also superstars, films, and public figures have achieved exceptional success by stumbling into archetypal territory. In fact, anyone associating meaning with a product already has moved onto archetypal terrain. The problem is that most marketing professionals have not been trained to understand the archetypal dimension. Consequently, they are dabbling in powerful material without fully comprehending it. But creating an archetypal identity, nourishing it, and managing it can and must become a deliberate, insight-based process. To use this theory, it is essential to understand what an archetype is and what it does. One way to begin is by examining the great story patterns we see repeated throughout literature and film. One such scenario might involve a sexual encounter. Another might be about rising on the corporate ladder. Still another might begin with a character skipping work and going to the beach. While these stories and the fantasies upon which they are based may or may not have literary merit, you can easily recognize the plot structure as variants of the romantic love story, the rags-to-riches tale, or the take-me-away-from-it-all escape narrative, respectively. Although Freud assumed that our fantasies resulted from our experiences and conditioning only, Jung noted that fantasies are quite predictable, following well-known narrative patterns. Jung’s perception was that all human beings share a common psychic heritage that undermines apparent differences of time, space, and culture. One measure of how deeply these myths express elemental human concerns is the extent to which they are both timeless and universal. Mythologists and anthropologists see the same themes, situations, and stories played out again and again, across the ages and around the globe. Perhaps the underlying reason that archetypes are so enduring is that, in essence, they reflect our inner realities and struggles. The external particulars may vary, but the essential journey is always the same. Joseph Campbell and other students of mythology maintain that the various myths and archetypes found all around the world are basically expressions of the inner human drama: We can understand

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Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype