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H E F I R S T S I X P A R T S of The Hero and the Outlaw have focused on how to harness archetypes in order to maximize your brand’s power in the marketplace and successfully manage its meaning over time. Part 7 deepens the well of meaning from which you can draw. Chapter 19, “May the Force Be with You: Capturing Category Essence,” describes how product categories themselves can have a unique archetypal identity or essence and that this core meaning is both discoverable and the secret of the success of many brand icons. Within the chapter, we describe how consumers’ first encounter with a product or service can be a kind of “imprinting experience,” forever influencing how they relate to it, and how the role that a product or service plays within a culture can take on a significant meaning. We also describe innovative ways of understanding category essence and of capitalizing on it as a kind of “tailwind” that can give your brand added momentum. Chapter 20, “The Real McCoy: Branding and Organizational Congruence,” takes us further into exploring the ways that archetypes help us define the soul of an organization, providing a focal point to organize all its activities. Chapter 21, “Leaving a Legacy: The Ethics of Archetypal Marketing,” delves deeply into the ethical domain, providing technical assistance to professionals grappling with the thorny issues raised by the marketing of meaning. Ultimately, Part 7 explores issues concerning what it means to be 315

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Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype