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Telling Your Brand Story


The Guides Psychological needs


Story patterns

Interdependence and Safety

Appreciate your world and your place in it

Paradise (Almost) Lost Paradise Visited

Wish for Adventure and Individuation

Maturation and growth are difficult, but achievable; you have it within yourself to change If you have the courage to grow, you can achieve true happiness in this life

Redemption Stories Foundling Stories The Ugly Duckling

Realizing Adventure and Individuation

The Journey Paradise Found

The Warnings Fear Conformity and Paralysis

Isolation and Paralysis

Anarchy and Isolation

Message/Warning You will lose yourself in an excessive desire for security and conformity Only the disciplined and courageous individual can restore order Without discipline and interdependence, destruction is inevitable

Story patterns Lemmings

The Lone Voice The Three Little Pigs Tristan & Isolde The Shadows The Vampire

Pepsi’s—and BBD&O’s—intuitive understanding of the spirit of the Jester archetype has successfully translated into a fairly steady image of the good-natured, puckish mischief maker poking fun at sanctimonious Coke. The stories never get old—from the original “Pepsi Challenge” to today’s campaign featuring the little girl with the Godfather voice, challenging people when they think they can trick her into drinking Coke. Other brands have successfully stayed true to their identity by telling stories that express the relationship their archetype has with other archetypes. For example, the deep equity of AT&T makes it a

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype