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Jester—and sometimes presented a patchwork quilt of archetypal identities all at once, reflective of the confused management of both the parent and the subbrands (501, Five Pocket, Wide Leg). The company’s market share declined accordingly. Nike, one of the great Hero brands of all times, became clichéd and self-conscious in that role and publicly demonstrated a loss of confidence, changing advertising agencies and brand managers— when the real solution was to tap more deeply and surely into the Hero’s Journey, a never-ending source of inspiration for the Hero archetype. These companies had some of the most sophisticated and talented marketing professionals at their helms; nevertheless, they lost their way. The result was chaos, similar to what would happen if CFOs tried to manage money by making everything up as they went along, without any system of financial management or accounting, Meaning management is relevant not only to the for-profit world: In a somewhat more subtle way, nonprofit organizations and political candidates face the same dilemma as the one we have just described. While a particular cause may seem unique to its advocates, potential contributors are besieged with requests for money. Their decision on which good cause to support is based largely on some sense that the meaning of a particular organization is the best fit with their values. Similarly, most candidates from the same party have at least similar stands on the issues. To get nominated, they must connect with voters in a way that offers the meaning promise appropriate to the particular time. John F. Kennedy did this effectively by invoking Camelot. The meaning of a brand is its most precious and irreplaceable asset. Whether you’re selling a soft drink or a presidential candidate, what your brand means to people will be every bit as important as its function—if not more so—because it is meaning that tells us “this one feels right” or “this one’s for me.” Meaning speaks to the feeling or intuitive side of the public; it creates an emotional affinity, allowing the more rational arguments to be heard. North Star Marketing Marketing without a system for managing meaning is analogous to ancient navigators trying to find port in treacherous seas on a starless

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Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype