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Make up Your mind. What inspires? Over the past 12 months flaunt and M•A•C have created a portfolio of images depicting the works of some of the world’s top photographers, stylists and makeup artists. Inspired by the colors, textures and the hip, self-expressive, nonconformity of M•A•C Cosmetics’ own creative attitude, this portfolio allowed top talents unlimited scope to use the tools, textures and impressionistic possibilities of cosmetics in nontraditional and far-out ways. Look. Think about it. Are cosmetics more than just beauty aids? M•A•C says: Makeup your mind. Levels of the Creator Call: daydreams, fantasies, flashes of inspiration Level One: being creative or innovative in imitative ways Level Two: giving form to your own vision Level Three: creating structures that influence culture and society Shadow: overly dramatizing your life, living a soap opera In a more down-home way, Color Me Beautiful offers consultations that help women and men determine what colors best suit them. The company promotes its line of cosmetics on its Web site, promising that “Beauty is always revealed . . . Never applied.” promises: “Bring out all your hidden talents. Whatever they may be.” By using Gateway’s computer equipment, you can “Nurture your inner .” The firm offers the following as choices to fill in the blank: “Rock Star, Master Photographer; Blockbuster Director; Gaming Warrior.” ISIM University of Denver, Colorado, says “eCreate yourself” by “earning your graduate degree online.” jewelry runs ads showing unconventional, creative women as so winning, that men want to buy them beautiful jewelry. One such ad pictures a woman laughing with a little girl, together with the words, “because she appreciates preschool finger painting more than postmodern sculpture,” give her “fine jewelry as unique as she is.”

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Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype