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The Creator


expresses your own or your company’s vision. In research and development, the Creator provides the impetus to develop new products and services. At its best, the Creator archetype The Creator may also be fosters real innovation and beauty. At known as the artist, innoits worst, it provides an excuse for irvator, inventor, musician, responsibility and self-involvement. writer, or dreamer. The Creator tends to be intolerant of shoddy, mass-produced merchandise and the attendant lack of both imagination and attention to quality. Accordingly, purchases are a way that Creators demonstrate their taste and their values. The part of each of us that is drawn to the Creator archetype finds out who we are by what we create around us. Whether or not we have any artistic talent, our homes, our offices, and our lifestyles mirror back to us some core of who we are. The Creator therefore consumes, not to impress—but to express. The Creator within us is also drawn to other people’s artistry, so we enjoy not only art museums, but also consumer goods with excellent design. Re-Creating Yourself The fields of fitness, beauty, and education often present themselves as helping people to re-create themselves. EAS (“The Performance Nutrition Advantage”) fitness bars and shakes ran a two-page ad. The first page shows Michelangelo’s David, the second a handsome, contemporary man. The copy reads, “It took Michelangelo three years to sculpt a masterpiece. It took me only three short months (and I have better abs).” Nordstrom runs an ad for fitness clothes for women with a picture of a gorgeous woman, apparently nude and with attractive muscle definition. The copy says, “She always had a sense of inner strength. And now it showed.” Nordstrom also ran a very simple, plainspoken ad for red high-heeled boots with the simple injunction, “Reinvent yourself.” Cosmetics can be marketed as the tools to help you become a work of art. M•A•C Make-Up Art Cosmetics shows an arty picture of a lipstick case going off like a rocket. The copy says,

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype