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Great mini-stories within ads can feature any of these elements of attachment and still trigger archetypal recognition. Instrumental and Societal Care Much of care, however, is not at all about direct, empathic nurturance, but rather, is instrumental. In Defending the Caveman, comic Dave Becker has a great skit about a couple visiting another couple who are going to have a baby. The two women talk very intimately about the baby and their feelings. The two men work quietly together, making a playhouse in the backyard. The women’s typical response is to think that the men are out of touch with their feelings. After all, the women seem to be really connecting, while the men are just playing with power tools. Becker reminds the audience in a poignant moment that that young father-to-be must have a great deal of love in him to be building a playhouse for a child who is not even born yet. The concept of the Caregiver as protector is evident in a commercial that helped launch Volvo’s reputation for safety and made it possible for the brand to have an identity so strong that it could translate from the company’s economy car to its compact, to its fullsize sedan and finally, to a real luxury car. The ad began with a worried father and mother on a stormy night, pacing around the living room. Their daughter is supposed to be going out on a date in horrible weather, and she really wants to go. The date shows up, the parents let him in, and Dad says, “Jeff, do me a favor, will you? Take my Volvo.” What a dad! What a car!2 Of course, much of parents’ caregiving is instrumental—cooking, cleaning, driving kids to lessons, doing all the things which create an environment that is nurturing and safe for children. Whether couples have traditional or nontraditional sex roles, ideally, both men and women bond with children, and both also do a lot of just plain work that is the result of a caring intentions. Products that help them with this work are naturals for a Caregiver identity. The Caregiver archetype is present in all the jobs related to taking care of people and the physical world—gardening; cleaning 2. Kanner, p. 204.

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Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype