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entire career for. EVERYTHING.” The ad then goes on to say, “I’ve seen too many families destroyed, not from the disability, but the financial drain. Please, protect yourself. Protect your family . . . with HealthExtras.” A very touching ad run by Bayer for a home blood test (which uses just a tiny drop of blood) for people with diabetes shows a vulnerable-looking little blonde girl. The copy dares the reader to “Ask this diabetes patient to give even more blood for yet another test. Go ahead, ask her.” Of course, who could respond to this ad without wanting to make life a little more comfortable for the girl? The Caregiver’s fear includes a concern about neglecting those you love. Zomig painkillers shows a woman in bed, with her little boy standing by her side, looking sad and bored, holding a baseball and mitt, and saying, “Mama has another migraine.” Clearly, the mother is motivated to buy the product not to free herself from her own pain, but to make certain that she is a good mom and does not neglect her child. A less distressing ad for Health Source Soy Protein Shake shows a toddler with big brown eyes and says, “Just one little reason to take care of your heart.” An ad for Merrill Lynch shows a picture of a cute little girl, daughter of mezzo-soprano Vicky Hart and conductor Valery Ryvkin. Vicky is quoted as saying, The arts is [sic] not the most stable career; then, when you have a child, the uncertainty really hits home. But little by little, Leila [their financial consultant] taught us how to balance this sometimes-precarious life in the arts with the need for long-term financial well-being. She took the time to find out who we are . . . what’s important to us. . . . we couldn’t be doing this if we thought we were compromising Amanda’s future. Right in the middle of the page, in large letters, the key words tell us, “Amanda’s needs are not negotiable.” Nuveen Investments also appeals to parents’ love for their children. One ad shows a sweet and bright-looking boy with height marks on the wall, marking his growth. The copy reads,

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype