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The Caregiver


of themselves. Sunsweet sells pitted prunes with the picture of a healthy-looking adult woman and the message “To your health . . . and happiness.” It goes on: “Get in shape with a personal trainer, learn to cook healthier, rejuvenate at a spa resort, take off on a photo adventure, or attend a professional driving school.” Lincoln Financial Group shows a picture of a man happily fishing in the ocean, overlaid with these words: “I’ve been devoted to my business. I’ve been devoted to my clients. And I’ve been devoted to my shareholders. Now all I want is to devote a little more time searching for bonefish.” Clearly, this man is saying that he has given a lot, and now it is his turn. Perhaps the most elegant and understated message today regarding self-care is being proclaimed by Concord Watch. The simple words “be late” overlay an uncluttered image of an adult’s arm rubbing up against a child’s or a photo of a woman serenely sleeping in her bed. Brands that care for the Caregiver do well, as they also provide a wonderful service to the world. Levels of the Caregiver Call: seeing someone in need Level One: caring for and nurturing one’s dependents Level Two: balancing self-care with care for others Level Three: altruism, concern for the larger world Shadow: martyrdom, enabling, guilt-tripping

Natural Caregiver Categories The concern of Caregivers for their children and other dependents makes this brand identity a natural consideration for medical care, health products, insurance, banks, and financial planning—so much so that it can lead to undifferentiated identities. Within the field of banking alone, for example, the following all have Caregiver identities: Sallie Mae, BankOne, Fleet, First Union, and Bank of America. Many ad campaigns speak to the responsibility people feel for their families and their fears of not being able to care for them properly. HealthExtras insurance ran an ad with a picture of Christopher Reeves and the copy, “You could lose everything you’ve worked your

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Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype