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The Jester is a promising archetype to provide identity for brands ● ● ● ●

whose use helps people belong or feel that they belong whose function helps people have a good time with pricing that is moderate to low produced and/or sold by a company with a fun-loving, freewheeling organizational culture that need to be differentiated from a self-important, overconfident established brand

the company was launched.4 If the firm had been able to control the use of this trademarked image, it would have undermined its own success. Most of all, the Jester simply loves the fun of marketing. This archetype is not frightened by knowing we are in a new time. Rather, it helps us actually enjoy facing a new situation every day. In the process, the Jester helps keep advertising fresh enough to focus the attention of customers, so that their eyes do not glaze over—at least not when they see your ad.

4. Agnieszka M. Winkler, Warp Speed Branding: The Impact of Technology on Marketing (New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1999), p. 61.

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype