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free spirit within each of us: “Do you still look for the prize in the cereal box? Have you ever taken a sick day due to spring fever? Does your first meeting seem longer on an empty stomach?” When the Jester archetype is active in an individual, he or she just wants to have fun. The core desire here is to be spontaneous, recapturing the playfulness we all had as little children. Laughter, joking, and even pranks seem appropriate. In this frame of mind, people who are too serious or responsible seem overly uptight. Indeed, the Jester’s worst fears are of being bored or boring to others. In addition, the Jester promises that life can be easy. Timex’s overall brand identity seems more Regular Guy/Gal, but one ad shows a contortionist with legs intertwined behind his head, whistling while he winds his watch. The caption is “ridiculously easy to use.” The Jester inhabits the egalitarian space of buddies being guys, or gals, together. As with the Regular Guy or Gal, the style is low key and earthy. The Jester has no interest in looking just so. However, instead of blending in, the Jester prefers to look a mite ridiculous. The Jester’s motley coat of Shakespeare’s time has been succeeded by suspenders, bow ties, and, more recently, baseball caps worn backwards. The overall message is, “You’ll want to hang out with me. You’ll have a good time.” Think of Miller Lite commercials. (Dick Butkus and Bubba Smith are pictured saying, “We’re in here drinking Lite because it’s less filling and tastes great. Besides, we can’t ski.”) Teva sporting goods shows a man in a kayak at the front door saying, “Come out and play.” The text of one ad goes on to say “Yesterday it was a water fight in the front yard. Today it’s your first attempt at ‘Brink of Disaster.’ Whatever games you play, play them in Teva sandals. Make your feet feel like a kid again.” The Zanier, the Better The Jester archetype is often a good attention grabber because Jesters like to be zany., for instance, ran an ad with a businessman sitting at his desk with an Olympic swimmer, in dive position, standing, facing him, on his laptop on the desk. The caption read, “Now the things you like find you.” The Jester seems to be a great archetypal identity for high-tech firms, because young people, especially, think of high-tech products as fun. also prom-

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype