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The Jester


has done this well by expanding from cigarettes to what is described in an ad as “exotic travel” and “pleasure goods.” However, while the Jester wants us all to lighten up, have fun, and stop worrying about consequences, this does not mean that the public will always buy in. For example, using a cartoon-image Joe Camel that people feared made smoking appealing to children was serious enough that even a Jester identity could not stave off popular outrage. Jesters dislike party poopers, people who are overly earnest, and those who are lacking in humor. A downside of the Jester, therefore, can be a tendency to play through life without grappling with issues or thinking things through. When the Jester archetype is your brand’s identity, parental guidance is suggested. Pepsi: A Jester Brand The Jester as rule-breaker has a long, honorable history. Medieval kings often had fools who not only lightened up the court, but also told the king truths others would be executed for telling. The Jester, therefore, acted as a kind of safety valve for the kingdom. In contemporary times, comedians from Will Rogers to Johnny Carson and Jay Leno poke continual fun at our political leaders in the same spirit that Shakespeare’s fools parodied the king. The whole genre of political satire expresses the Jester impulse. This archetype is also a good choice for a brand that is up against a more established one. The Jester (as court fool) has classically been charged with poking holes in the king’s pomposity. Therefore, any brand that is challenging another brand that reigns supreme in the marketplace can gain a competitive advantage by making fun of the established brand’s smugness—as Pepsi has done successfully with Coke. Although Pepsi has sometimes strayed into other archetypal territory, its best ads are always Jester ads. Be Here Now The Jester archetype helps us really live life in the present and allows us to be impulsive and spontaneous. For example, Hampton Inn advertises its free breakfast bar with questions designed to attract the

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Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype