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The Lover


The Lover is a promising identity for a brand ● ●

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whose use helps people find love or friendship whose function fosters beauty, communication, or closeness between people or is associated with sexuality or romance with pricing that is moderate to high if it is produced or sold by a company with an intimate, elegant organizational culture, as opposed to a massive Ruler hierarchy that needs to differentiate itself in a positive way from lower priced brands

because those products are identical to what others are buying or wearing, Lovers prefer products that are one of a kind, unusual, or tailored especially for them. Marketing expert Keith McNamara claims that “segmentation as historically conducted by marketers is dead. The future of segmentation lies in the data already collected in organizations’ computer systems. The historic data of who buys individual products is the key to creating models that predict future behavior.” It is now possible to tailor marketing to the individual purchasing history of customers.”3 The Lover also expects quality, not as the Ruler does, for status, but for enhanced pleasure in life. A Lover brand like Jaguar can be sleek, beautiful, curvaceous, and sumptuous—but not so much for impressing others as to envelop the driver in a purely sensuous driving experience. Ideally, then, not only are Lover brands lovable themselves, but they also help the consumer feel special, adored, and doted on. If the attention to the consumer’s needs flags, however, he or she may sing, “You don’t bring me flowers any more” and seek out a more attentive competitor.

3. ICL internal white paper, 1998, quoted in David Lewis and Darren Bridger, The Soul of the New Consumer (London; Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2000), p. 73.

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Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype