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The Lover


ticularly indulgent foods. Gevalia Kaffe pictures a woman who looks like she is about to bliss out smelling the coffee. Godiva chocolates branded the connection between sex and chocolate by utilizing the image of Lady Godiva riding naked, clothed only by her long, flowing hair. Washington Post staff writer Paul Richard shared with us in a phone interview his sense that the white tablecloths, flowers, and candles in virtually all good restaurants are unconscious invocations of a feminine goddess energy, as are filmy curtains and even Superman’s cape; if aliens were to land on Earth and study our civilization, they would undoubtedly conclude that humans were unable to eat well without honoring Her. He says that the goddess is all around us, from the woman in filmy clothes stroking the hood of a car in an ad to the luxurious quality of light and shape in a classic still life. For the lover, Eros is always present—manifest or potentially. Hennessy Cognac runs an ad of two lovers moving in toward the big kiss—that wonderfully erotic moment of anticipation. The caption says, “If you’ve ever been kissed, you already know the feeling of Cognac Hennessy,” thus associating the joy of kissing with drinking the company’s product. Uncle Ben’s Rice Bowl (“Uncle Ben’s. A Passion for Good Food.”) ran a picture of lovers. The woman is feeding the man as she leans suggestively against him, and the caption reads, “Meals so full of excitement, they almost heat themselves.” (But does the sensual gratification of the product live up to the promise? And is Uncle Ben’s a brand that can promise passion in the first place?) The Lover archetype is also a natural for spas of all kinds, promising a kind of indulgent, sensory, and healthy time out. C. D. Peacock positions the Concord gold diamond watch by picturing it on the wrist of a beautiful woman, lying naked on her stomach on a white sheet as if awaiting a massage. This image invokes pampering more than sex. An ad for Caress Moisturizing Bath Products pictures a woman in a towel, looking absolutely ecstatic, with a caption that reads, “You’ve never been caressed like this before.” Such ads evoke the erotic potential within nurturing experiences. Invoking the strip tease, Absolut Vodka encased its mandarinflavored vodka in an orange skin that is in the process of being peeled

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype